hard-drive.net: Is Civilization VI Better Than Civilization V? The Numbers in the Titles Say Yes


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Oct 22, 2008
The authors from hard-drive net have released an article, called "Is Civilization VI Better Than Civilization V? The Numbers in the Titles Say Yes".
Based on an in-depth analysis, with many hard facts and objective criteria underlying their endeavour, they have concluded that Civ6 is better than Civ5, because 6 > 5.
They compare it to the critically acclaimed movie series "The Godfather", where everyone agrees that higher numbered titles are the better movies. It's nearly like with the movie series Speed or Jaws, where later installments are definitely superior.

An excerpt from the article:
"One really cool thing about video games is that, with each new addition to a franchise, the game gets better. With each new franchise release, developers are able to use new technology to make graphics sharper, make gameplay tighter, remove or add features that make the game stronger, and all around improve every aspect of the game. That’s why it’s so helpful that games put the number in the title, because it helps you decide which to pick: whichever one has the highest number."

You can read the whole article here: https://hard-drive.net/hd/video-gam...lization-v-the-numbers-in-the-titles-say-yes/
Attention: Might contain traces of humour.
Twitter user Richard Abbot https://twitter.com/Catwhoorg has agreed with this article, citing the controversy around Godfather 3:
"The Godfather part 2 was square based, compared to the Godfather 3 being hex based.Its a massive change that divided the fans."

Satire, from 2021.
Satire, from 2021.
Aye, had not seen that, sorry. It just popped up on the CivFanatics Twitter feed, so I thought it was recent :dunno:.
Ah, so I had been looking at it wrong all along!

In truth, the answer to "What is the best Civ game?" lies in the strategy behind so much Civ:

big number go brrrrrr

In all seriousness, I don't care that it's from 2021. I hadn't seen it before either and appreciate you sharing it!
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