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PCGamesN: Firaxis job advert for position with “wealth of knowledge about the Firaxis portfolio of titles, especially Civilization."

I'd say major design decisions were made years ago. The time consuming things are art, programming, and polishing. Marketing is the sort of thing that kicks in late, after most of the other stuff is done.

My job in RL is kicking in here... backfill. When I have someone on my team leave, I need to backfill that person.
They may have had a person in charge of player relations, giving input to decisions about business models and marketing plans for 1-year, 3-year, 5-year horizons after release. They may be backfilling that person, not creating a brand new position and filling it for the first time.

The key decisions about business models -- how to release DLC, how often, when to do expansions -- can be made or changed while development continues. The key decisions about gameplay -- how to build cities, how to wage war, which yields are used for which purposes -- those should be made already and locked in.
Hope you guys are right...
Looking at the comment from @vorlon_mi , and looking at the leader pass... it could very well be that the person who was responsible for the leader pass used this as a trial for Civ7, but that they now unexpectedly quit, and that Firaxis has to fill in that position again.

Because the leader pass came rather unexpected, I don't think that had been in the long-term planning of Firaxis for Civ6. It seemed more like it was an afterthought. Or a test balloon.
I remember reading that the design/creation of Civ 6 started around the time when last expansion for Civ 5 was released, which would mean that it took around 3 years to make Civ 6.

Last proper expansion for Civ 6 was in 2019 so I think its very possible we get the game next year.
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