Helicopters and heroes


Feb 5, 2002
Hi, new to this so here are 2 I presume easy questions

What do I click to get my helicopter to pick up land units and drop em off else where, can I have the work on this pls.

How do I hurry production with a hero, do I have to click something special or just have him in the city and click hurry production the normal way u do it

load units into the helicopter in a city. Only foot units though. If the unit can be carried u will see a load Icon

move the hero into the city with the wonder / improvement and select "Rush Improvement"
If you have a Great Leader in a city that is building a Wonder, there is a "rush build" option to click on, to complete the wonder in one turn.
When a hero/GL is in a city and is the 'active' unit:
There are a number of action buttons at the bottom-center of the screen. Place your mouse pointer above one button at a time and text will show up to indicate actions such as, 'build army' or, 'hurry improvement' etc.
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