Help find Spaceship construction screen.


Feb 4, 2002

Please help to find Spaceship construction screen. I have build all modules but can`t launch spaceship.
Is anybody know answer ????

Thanks a lot.
you can look at your spaceship with the [ f10 ] but I don't believe it will launch from there.

I never get to space stuff - usually dead, dying or have won before then.
If you have not realised, there is actually small buttons on the small window at the bottom right hand corner of the screen where you see a pic of your current unit in command. Click the 'S' button to go to the spaceship screen for launching !
Hello Guys,

I have a same problem I tried the s button and the F10 button, but it wont work.

I have 1 espionage on a city, and my apollo program (shuttle) is completed, only what I can't find is the screen where I can launch it.

And by the way, does somebody know how I can create an ambessy in a city?

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