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Help- messed up graphics after update....


Feb 8, 2021
So I hadn't restarted my computer for some time, and came home today to find that it had rebooted somehow. When I opened the Epic Games Launcher to get back to my Civ6 game, it installed an update- which I think was mentioned on these forums some time ago but which I had apparently never downloaded.

After the update, I tried to resume my game but found it had very messed up graphics (thumbnail below).

Anyone have this problem, or know what's causing it? Or especially how I can fix it?

I've already tried relaunching the program and restarting the whole computer to no avail. I also loaded the previous turn autosave and had the same problem. The game is unplayable as it is and I don't want to lose this game/save- what can I do? I'm not very computer savvy about these things so any help would be much appreciated.


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    Germany messed up graphics.png
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