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Sep 7, 2007
I need some help on Emp Level. Been playing for a few months, and Im relatively experienced. I can beat, and sometimes destroy the AI on Monarch. My 1st Emp game hasnt gone well though.

I got stuck on an island. Some green, and some desert. Not a great start, but after getting my cities up and running, and getting to MapMaking, I met the Germans.
They were 8 techs ahead of me, but pretty weak, with only 5-6 cities. I hit some of their cities with Immortals, and got techs for peace, then hit more cities, got more techs until they were extinct.
I then moved to Republic, and got some techs the other AI' s didnt have,traded for ones I didnt have, so I was only maybe 3 techs behind at that stage. The other civs around the Globe were pretty weak, apart from the Egyptians and French.

The problem was the pesky Egyptians who had rampaged across half the world, and were now at the border of my conquered German Land. They were 1200 points ahead of me in Score, and the Superpower of the World. They were getting far too powerful for my liking.
I wanted to extend my Borders, so I managed to get Military Tradition first, and upgraded my Knights to Cavalry. I then tried to hit two of their large frontier cities. I got them, but they're pushing me back now, and starting to threaten my conquered German cities.

My question is should I have settled for my small empire until such times as Artillery and Infantry came into play, and then hit them. By then though they could have been light years ahead of me, and unstoppable.
Artillery can be game-breaking. if you go straight for rep parts, it's unlikely they would have reached tanks or bombers before then, which would leave you well placed to do some damage.
Welcome to CFC :band:

I have some questions..How big are the other civs relative to Egypt? Are you in position to bribe the French into fighting Egypt with you? How about the other civs, would they likely be able to hold their lands in a global alliance against Egypt?

Do you have an army or two on their landmass? How fast is your researh rate?

A screenshot or two would be nice :)

I had two thoughts on your situation:

First is to end your war and run for Rep Parts and maximize artillery+rails. As Jokeslayer says, they can break the game in your favor as the AI can't utilize these effectively. Even with infantry defending Egyptian cities, you ought to be able to grind them slowly but sure through superior coordination. However, you'll have to wait some time and build up, during which time Egypt might run ahead.

Second, and is what I'm slightly more inclined to, is to sign everyone against Egypt and let them fight for a while. You'll only need to defend your own lands and build up while waiting for Egyptian forces to be spent. Unless the other civs are too weak and get overrun, after some time the Egyptian military would be weaker and your troops should be able to capture a sizable amount of Egyptian lands through concentrated effort. However, the downside is the possibility that Egypt's neighbours might not be strong enough to keep the occupied for long, or that Egypt might not be weakened significantly enough before your allies are destroyed.

if you have armies, they would best be used for pillaging Egyptian resources, then roads and improvements. That is, if they can be spared from your defense.

But of course, just my thoughts and opinions.
You don't say how many turns you are into the game, so it is hard to know if you have time or not. What victory conditions are available? Is there a chance that Cleo could culture win?

I am not a big fan of getting others into the war in the scenario you list. They are probably weak and Cleo could just bust them and get bigger still.

You should have some armies by now and they should let you kick some butt, if this is C3C.

I like RP as that lets you defend and use your attackers to punish the AI. I am not real fond of sending armies out to pillage, unless it is to cut off oil or rubber or alum.

I would rather use the armies to raze cities. Try to strike them in the core to hurt production.

As was mentioned a save is the only way to get real advice.
What a great first post, Spartic! Lots of drama in your game situation and you've asked some good questions about it, too.

But without a save or screenshot, the best you can get it generic advice. A save will let these guys give you down to earth stuff that you could use right away.
If you are the first to research Military Tradition, it is practically always a good time to attack, waiting for infantry is not what I would prefer to do. Did you ally every other nation against Egypt? That is what I find very helpful when dealing with a runaway AI.
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