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Jul 3, 2006

I was regularly winning on prince on vanilla civ 4 but I've simultaneous;ly updated to warlords and bts and frankly finding it a bit difficult to assimilate all the new features.

I thought I'd drop a couple of levels to get the hang of the changes and am now playing warlord, however I have now found I suck hugely at warmongerig (my strength in vanilla)

ANy ideas on how to improve. Basically I'm ;looking for hints on very earlywars/ axe/swordman rushes....

I usually research bronze working improvement techs ...

I am ahead on score but I'd expect that to be honest given that I can usually beat prince and I'm getting lots o benefits....

Any help appreciated.

bts and warlords look good tho...
BTS levels are more difficult than those in Vanilla Civ,researching bronze working is fondamental for the expand of your empire and if you don't have bronze research iron working.
Still i always try to found Hinduism first before Bronze working because controling a religion now is even more important,you earn the chance of winning in other ways(Diplomacy Victory,either with the Apostolic Palace or the United Nations,since you gain ''friends'' by spreading your religion,and you earn a lot of gold with the UB that priest can construct).
Also don't expand too much,i mean don't build right from the begining a lot of cities because you will have to reduse significally your science,better build a small army and wait until your opponents build their cities,then take those that have more resourses and are nearer to your capital,the only problem is that if you spread your religion to your neighbours and become friends then declaring a war wouldn't be a nice thing to do if you want to win by diplomacy as i said before.
Also try to build early Great Wonders,they give a great boost in time.
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