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Help with a Game Server Build

Discussion in 'Computer Talk' started by GoodGame, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. GoodGame

    GoodGame Red, White, & Blue, baby!

    Dec 17, 2004
    I'm toying with the idea of building a dedicated gaming server and also using it perhaps as a firewall for my gaming (just for kicks, no real need for that). The server would be the main internet router (connected directly to the cable modem, or might just an onboard modem) for my PC.

    Anyone have experience pricing/building such a server? Is it possible to design one that is both simple, cheap, and inexpensive in terms of energy usuage?
    In terms of specs, it'd probably host an FPS game of specs like Bad Company 2.

    I'd think a budget about $200-$300 would be what I was aiming for. The goal is mostly entertainment (e.g. to turn on during the weekends), not to provide web-hosting, business, etc... I'd DIY to save money, so probably ordering parts from Newegg or other online supplier.

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