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Hey, cool! A Great Leader!


Dec 30, 2001
Tanasi, USA
While playing as the Romans, I received a GL from a battle where I was attacked. I never even considered this being possible. I assumed one had to attack to earn a GL. Has anyone else experienced this?

Version 1.16f
Yes, you get leaders from defensive battles too. All of your battles won by elite units against other civs (not barbarians) have a chance to create GL:s. :)
I've gotten them too but never in a city and I've never gotten to use one. They always get killed before my turn.

Has anyone ever gotten a GL from defending a city?
No, but then I rarely let my enemies reach my cities. ;)
It happens. I got the Great Leader, R.E. Lee, on defense, but before I had a turn, he got destroyed. He never had a chance!

Yes, I got a GL playing GOTM defending a City! Even got to use it. Let me see if there's any saves around...
I've won a great leader defending a city too. Never lost one though -> I tend to defend my units pretty carefully.
yea ... ive had great leader appear on on the enemys turn when they attack my citys .... my defending elete unit wins a few combats ... gets a great leader but the AI keeps attacking with the rest of its units .... takes the city and kills my great leader

so sparrowhawk doesnt ever lose citys? :rolleyes:
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