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Occasional GOG version lockups on late game Military Advisor screen


Jun 12, 2013
I'm playing the GOG Complete version under Win 10 home edition, and I'm wodering whether anyone else has experienced this:

Lately, I've experienced two game lockups while on the Military Advisor screen. Both times it happened toward the latter part of the game, during the mid-Industrial Age.

I'd be looking at the Military Advisor screen and the game would simply freeze. Nothing to do but "End Task" with task manager, then re-load and resume the game using the autosave file. The resumed games ran fine, although something else happend a few turns later, earlier today, the details are as described below.
Additionally, after this happened today, a few turns later there was an immense roaring sound that started emenating from my speakers, which got progressively louder - and I mean, after a few seconds it got really loud, and I had to save and quit the game a second time. I don't know whether the earlier lockup and the subsequent loud sound a few turns later were related.

One thing that might have been related was that, while playing, I was also listening to an internet podcast. I often switch back and forth from playing the game to going back to websites to listen to podcasts, using the Windows key.

I suspect it's just a glitch unique to my computer. After all, the game is now, what, 23 years old?
It's not a game breaker, but I'm curious whether anyone else has experienced this.
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I've had the occasional hang or CTD when hitting an F-key to consult my Advisors (not just Colonel F3), or switch between them.

I don't think it's a problem with the GOG-installation specifically, though? Because I'm pretty sure it happened occasionally on the same (Win8.1) desktop, with my previous C3C installation (from GamersGate) as well -- but not on the WinXP laptop as far as I remember. It's an inconvenience, but only a minor one, since reloading the last autosave always seems to sort it.

Never had the sound-problem you describe on any installation, but I do know that some people have had sound-driver issues with C3C on Win10 + 11. There are several threads about it in this subforum.
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