High Score formula doesn't Add Up!!!


Jan 24, 2002
I read somewhere that the formula for calculating your score is :

(Happies x 2) + (content x 1) + (tiles in Cult boundary) x difficulty level (1 - 6) = per turn score.

Total score = aggragate of all per turn scores DIVIDED BY total number of turns.

I played 2 games on the exact same map and I got a completely different result. It also dawned on me that if you had just your first city then assume after 10 turns its borders expand. You now have a content citizen with 21 squares . If you are playing on Deity that city alone would give you: (1 + 21) x 6 (deity) per turn. There is no way this formula is correct, because as you can see if you had anything close to 120 points per turn you would be off the Richter Scale!
Maybe someone could explain this to me?
As far as I know, Civ3 takes your per turn score every turn and builds the average of it. So if you get a score of 120 each turn, your overall score will only be 120.
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