High to Low game 1. (From 2nd Civ)

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Listing of Rules applied to all 3 in the High to Low of Civ's, unless stated otherwise.

1. 30 Units per tile Maximum.
2. Can't build workers.
3. Can't build siege, only 4 max of battering rams.
4. Have to settle a 'Grid to work every tile on continent' pattern, with over lap in 3rd ring to the North East (lower city) to South West corner (Upper city). (3rd civ only)
5. Must settle ALL great Generals, but can inherit a Great General unit. (3rd civ gave me one)
7. I must run a minimum 20% Culture slider for game post Music.
8. Coastal settlement – I’m allowed to vary the Grid to Gain coastal cities, but only up to 2 cities, including the coastal city. (3rd Civ only)
9. I must research by Columns, and not rows. Techs with 1 turn remaining from conquest are exceptions.
10. Base improvement allowed only, but I’m allowed to build the upgraded improvement where; the base improvement isn’t able to be built. I.E. Shaft mine for Uranium, on ice, Industry on tundra (can’t build workshop)
11. A spy/Agent/Hacker in every city.
12. I can only research bulb in current research column.
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High to Low, 3rd Civ, Victoria, September 1985

September 1985 – The riders are in starting blocks, Masinissa has a huge handicap advantage over the other riders in this race, but as always, its not how good a rider you are, but how dirty you can play. To this end I send 3 or 4 special agents to infiltrate the city of the Carthaginian.

In a Race of 41 lengths, its the Endurance that matters the most, not how big a handicap you needed to be competitive in the race.

As they round the turn at the 38 turn mark, its Leptis in front by 1 length from London, both riders are furiously whipping their mounts. 4 Stewards have been sighted in the Carthaginian camp. They seem to be looking over the records of Leptis, it will take them 5 lengths of the course, to complete their deliberations and render a decision. :popcorn:

Espionage’s odds have increased by 45%, and directed at the Carthage @ 11 to 1. The Stewards are narrowing down the investigation, pin pointing the area’s of concern. All the while, Carthage continues to take cities of Qin Shi Huang, and both launch nuclear weapons at each other.
Spoiler :

The results of the 1st Stewards inquiry are now in.
Spoiler :

2 more stewards inquiries that were ongoing concurrently with the 1st have now concluded, the net result being
Spoiler :
The disqualification of Leptis from the race, which has agitated the populous, and caused rioting in the streets for 79 turns over the Judges decisions.

Radio active dust continues to settle on the English lands, as fast as they are cleaned up, 3 more seem to appear to replace the one tile cleaned up.

October 1986 – It would seem that the endless war’s of Saladin, are starting to take an effect. Even though he’s been taking cities, on the opposite side of his empire
Spoiler :

the citizenry are still taking him to task on the conduct of the war, suppression of cultural identity, and bad mismanagement in general.

November 1986
– I research Mega corporations, I queue Hypermarkets in ALL cities. Only London, which is busy building the Universal translator is excused from this build. I’ve kept :espionage: at 11 to 1 on the Carthaginian, to enable the eventual stealing of Androids from them. So I change my research to Orbital flight @ 0%:science: for 8,048:science:/turn.

The English may be known as a nation of shop keepers, but they are a proud nation, a nation of destiny, of science and culture. They believe in their own manifest destiny to rule this world, and as such, will strive to remove the curse of nuclear weapons, and the radioactive dust they create about the world.

July 1987 – No radioactive dust settled in the English hegemony for that month, maybe the world is getting on top of its nuclear problems.

August 1987 – I’m able to steal the Androids technology from the Carthaginian
Spoiler :

Better then researching for 42 turns. I also aim to steal Nanotechnology once I build up enough espionage points. All cities go onto Android factories, to enable android workers, and gain :hammer:

September 1987
– Hatshepsut, comes on by and offers me a straight up swap of Environmental economics for fusion.
Spoiler :
, I check the other techs and see how I stand
Spoiler :
and it’s looking good. Two more tiles are subject to the Radioactive dust falling upon the English lands.

Those Hypermarkets are a powerful building, I’ve only built twelve of them, and I’ve gone from a -1.5K loss in:gold: to a loss of -43:gold:, and I still have sixty two of them queued up to be built. Granted those twelve are probably my highest income producing cities, and I am building the Anti Ballistic laser system for +15% Maintenance in both cities and number of cities.

January 1988 – I’ve just had 6 lots of Radioactive dust fall in 2 months, 4 fell in December ‘87 and 2 in January ‘88, but conversely I had none in November ‘87 and February ‘88, so average of 1.5/month. Still quicker than I can scrub and replace improvements. Gold per turn has now risen to 638 in the green, with more Hypermarkets coming on line. 3 Cities in the NE, of the old Assyrian empire are lagging behind at double the production time.
Spoiler :

A quick note on the mind control centre’s, they only eliminate the :mad: populous of the city, they do nothing to control the revolutionary sentiment. Even with mind control centre’s in your cities, revolution sentiment will continue to climb, you’ll need separate buildings to combat that.

August 1988 – I FINALLY decide to build Jails in ALL my cities. Why I haven’t before hand?? maybe because of the mind control centre’s. It gives 4:espionage: and -25% war, +25%:espionage:. War I’m not worried about, but the 4:espionage: +25% is a big boost. It’s only a 6 turn build in my slowest city and 1 turn in my best, London.

The war rages between Hatshepsut and Shaka, with Nuclear weapons being the choice.
Spoiler :
How Hatshepsut is tech leader, is beyond me, its only due the size of her empire, and the fact I’m playing at Immortal level, giving her discounts on tech. Also having built the Reich stag, that gives a golden age, every time she gets a vassal, certainly helps, as both Mansa Musa and Gandhi, are both going in and out of Vassalage.

They most likely have exhausted both of their own nuclear arsenals, and are tiring of the nuclear war. Its Saladin who’s the only hold out for the non proliferation treaty, as he’s now giving and not receiving nuclear war. He has 3 Uranium sources, but only 1 is active with a modern mine. Then again, you only need one to spam nuclear weapons in all cities.

Having had a glance at the Victory screen,
Spoiler :
, I’m leading most categories. The only real worry I have, is a dead planet through nuclear spoilage. My two allies are still pleased with me, and voting for the U.N. General Secretaryship my way, putting me over the line by 200 votes.

December 1988 – Gandhi comes on by, offering me a trade deal for Nanotechnology. He’s asking for 2 Tactical nukes, numerous cruise missiles, Stealth bombers, and a couple of Mini guns.
Spoiler :

Sure I’ll take it, I have excess numbers of troops anyway.

February 1989 – Another vote for a non Proliferation treaty came up the turn before, and I voted yes, to stop this eternal nuclear winter that’s descending.
Spoiler :

This time, again we have only one malcontent, voting against the treaty. :(

I had also accrued enough :espionage: points to steal a Technology, from my ‘ally’ in Masinissa
Spoiler :

August 1989
– The Universal translator is in,
"I do apologize, He's from Barcelona you know"
"Manwell, YOU take'm baggo to room'o' 13'o', comprende"
"Si Si, you follow, you follow"

I pick up;
  1. Super strong alloys.
  2. Artificial evolution.
  3. Nano medicine.
Not a bad haul, all for 43 Turns of building, much quicker than research, and I don’t benefit another AI via trading. Hatshepsut has the Internet, but she needs 5 civ's to know a tech, I only need 2.

October 1989 - I begin the production of the space elevator in my Capital city of Pasargadae, as its the highest production city, even without power, that is able to build the space elevator in my empire. Mind you, I can only build it along my Grid level 9 of settlement.

November 1989 – It would seem Hammurabi is finally getting his just desserts.

Spoiler :

After having to give away 2 cities to rebels in the Japanese, who I conquered in under my 1st Civ, he’s now lost 5 Cities to Barbarian revolts.

As well, Gandhi, has launched one of the nuclear weapons I traded him, looks like he launched it at one of the cities the Barbarians captured.

February 1990 – I now build Nano factories, empire wide, for the 50% Hammers, next turn I’ll put the Network nodes as build No 1, for the -40% maintenance costing, and the 10%:gold:.

As my revolutionary index is slowly creeping up, I’ve decided to run a few turns of zero:science:, to gain money, 27K/turn:gold: to bribe the highest cities.

A high revolution index listing
Spoiler :

and a bribed city index listing​

As I’ve just researched Orbital flight, I can also upgrade some of my Aurora Scramjets to Orbital fighters, and Stealth Bombers to Orbital bombers.

December 1990 - I decide to look at the Tech screen, just to see the effect of the Universal Translator.
Spoiler :

It would seem I have techs on everyone, and I’m researching at 0%:science:

Very powerful a building that. But some of these tech’s the A.I.’s have just bypassed on a beeline to a particular technology, they won’t trade with me 1 for 1, even 3 for 1, so they just fall behind.

March 1991 – After many turns of forgetting, I finally sort the build orders out to put the incomplete Androids factories to the top of the listing. [pissed]

September 1991
– The Arabian city of Matara revolted and went over to the Barbarians, but they had no troops in the city.
Spoiler :

So I used our open borders to rush forward and capture the city, just to pillage it to dust. That should help to quell the rebelliousness in my cities. I pillaged the city with;
  1. 4 Plasma tanks.
  2. 2 Hover tanks.
  3. 1 ACV SAM.
  4. 4 ACV’s.
  5. 6 N.L.O.S. cannons.
The city fell, due to the Arabian, denying the rebel requests, with half of his empire having fallen into 18 turns of Anarchy.

December 1991 – I upgrade all my stealth bombers to Orbital bombers. Total cost to the English hegemony was 85K:gold:, small price to pay to ensure air superiority on the battlefield. Once I have the cost of the Aurora Scramjets upgrade, they’ll be done as well. Even though I’m two generations ahead of most of the A.I.’s, I like to ensure I can dominate the skies. On the 2nd Continent, it seems they are almost exhausted from constant warfare. Most civ’s there only have one or two garrison troops, no improved tiles at all, and large stretches of nuclear waste land.


March 1992 – All of my Aurora Scramjets are upgraded to Orbital fighters. Now I have both the technological advantage and numerical advantage of the potential battlefield. The Nanite defuser is completed in London, and removes ALL nuclear weapons from the game.

:nono::cringe: "danger, danger, danger Will Robinson" :run:

With such an action in mind, I’ve sold off all my Tactical nuclear weapons:aargh:(All nukes ARE NOT REMOVED [pissed]. Now its only conventional weaponry, and I now have;
  1. 48 Orbital fighters.
  2. 35 Orbital bombers.
  3. 66 Hybrid gunships
  4. 9 Plasma Armour.
  5. 14 Fusion submarines.
  6. 86 N.L.O.S. Cannons.
  7. 2 Super carriers.
  8. 3 Fusion Transports.
  9. 6 Bolter infantry (promoted special forces, with commando).
Along with an assortment of other troops too numerous to mention.
Spoiler :

The strategy screen DOESN'T show the 'removed' weapons. I know for a fact, that Saladin had tactical nukes, as does Shaka

That would be my main offensive groups, I’m seriously considering invading the Arabian empire, if only to burn down cities and free up the last 4 spots of my Grid line 10 of settlement.

I’m waiting at the moment for either, them to fall apart, as Hammurabi certainly seems to be doing, or for my revolution index to rise too high, and I need some quick victories to settle them down.

I’ve just realised something with the Bribery mechanism, the greater your treasury balance, the greater the bribe the city will demand. Mind you, they still will demand a large enough bribe regardless of your treasury balance, but the more gold you have on hand, the larger the bribe.

I had 141K:gold: in the Treasury, London on Tyne, demanded a bribe of 19K+, spend the treasury balance down to 25K, on upgrading N.L.O.S. cannons to siege droids, and they drop the demand for a top bribe of 6K+, but the revolutionary sentiment has risen since.

March 1993 – I’ve just picked up Mega structure Engineering through the Universal Translator
Spoiler :

Also I got tired of waiting for an Arabian city, completely surrounded by Hittite culture to revolt, as I’ve given aide to the rebels numerous times, and just bribed the city away, then I ‘gifted’ it to Suppiluliuma for a paltry 7:gold: per turn.

June 1993 - It reverted straight back to Saladin again, so I bribed the city again, the next turn. However, Saladin declared war upon me this time.

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With such an action in mind, I’ve sold off all my Tactical nuclear weapons:aargh:. Now its only conventional weaponry, and I have;
Why did you sell your nukes? I thought the Nanite Diffuser doesn't work on your own ones :confused:

A note:
It seems a little pointless to put the links into spoiler tags.

Especially since you can insert the picture itself...
Spoiler :

...although it's a bit more complicated:

  1. left click on the uploaded pic to enlarge it
  2. right click: copy url of the picture
  3. than paste it the regular way here
(Sorry if you knew it just didn't care :) )

Are planning to conquer the whole world before the end of the game? Or at least your own continent?
1) I didn't know about the picture hack.:thanx:
2) I put in spoilers to make neater, and helps in my writing it off line, I know where to insert links.
3) I'm going to just conquer what I can digest in my empire. I don't want half of an empire needing development.
4) Only expanding as I need too, with taking city locations. (Remember its a grid game)
5) Nanite defuser, works on ALL nuclear weapons, or that's how I read it.
6) Do you mean copy image, and paste, I tried on the last spoiler. (I figured it out)
*Edit - Nanite defuser, has an error in counting the number of nuclear weapons, its only because Tactical nukes are so numerous in this game, 9/10, that they are only ones left.
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6) Do you mean copy image, and paste, I tried on the last spoiler.
That would insert it to CFC which you don't want AFAIK. There should be a "Copy url of image" or so. I have Hungarian Windows so I'm not sure of the exact phrase.
1st Month of the war:

I’ve shot down all of Saladin’s Air force within range of my Orbital fighters, I’ve also ‘shoot down’ all of his Tactical nukes, bar 1 which is located out of range of them, that I have vision upon.

I’ve assaulted and taken the city of Avignon,
Spoiler :

and pillage it into the ground.

Ha Ha, the next victim is Harar
Spoiler :
, its taken without any losses. The whole war has been conducted without any losses on my part as yet. Ha Ha - Harar is pillaged into the ground by my Hybrid Gunships.

Lalibela, is 1st bombarded from the Air, by my Orbital Bombers, next I send in my Hybrid Gunships, they all win at 92% and higher odds. Finally to claim the city, I send in my Bolter infantry special forces unit.
Spoiler :
Troops poor into Lalibela from all over the Front lines, not to defend against a counter attack, but to share in the spoils of pillaging the city to dust.

I still have 43 N.L.O.S. cannons, to be upgraded to siege droids, why they haven’t as yet, is because a Mech Assembly plant to be present, and not all cities, especially the front line ones, don’t have one.

The city of Ninevēh, might have existed for thousands of year, but it fell in one month, occupied and now pillaged by my victorious armed forces.
Spoiler :

Erbil, taken over the dead bodies of the two gallant defenders of that city, but with no escape, it was better to die in battle, then face internment by the English forces and prison rations of Black pudding, curried Eels and Tripe. :yumyum:
Spoiler :

Scheduled for demolition.

Terge, already rebelling under the heavy hand of Saladin, is assaulted by squadrons of Gunships, and taken by a lonely Bolter infantry.
Spoiler :
, non grid cities are burnt to the ground, the building demolished, scrap and rubble sold, the peoples enslaved.

Summation of the 1st month of the war;
  1. 14 Aurora scram jets shot down, no losses
  2. 8 Tactical nukes destroyed, no losses
  3. 6 Cities captured, 5 by force of Arms, one through :espionage:, loss of one Hybrid Gunship @ 43% odds, 4 cities were pillaged, 1 gifted to the Hittite empire,1 city still being pillaged.
  4. 5 Workers captured for the English empire.
  5. 3 Specialist relocated to, Chartres, Norwich and Iconium.
  6. 1 Great General produced from the war as well, settled in Londium.
2nd Month of the war:

The Air forces of the English Hegemony, shoot down;
  1. 4 Tactical nukes.
  2. 5 Drone bombers.
  3. 5 Cruise missiles
I capture a further 5 workers, Lose 4 to a counter attacks (Fallout damage 20%), finished the pillaging of Lalibela, Free up and settled the Grid level 10 city of Quirigua,
Spoiler :
This city will be a MONSTER, once its gets up and running. Just look at those hills, the farms, and the green green grass

Next I've captured the city of Aksum, no losses incurred.

Spoiler :

The English Juggernaut is rolling over Arabia. Raising cities and pillaging the country side.

I constantly have Hammurabi asking for a trade deal involving Aluminum, no Bauxite Hammurabi, and Shaka asking for Nanobots, both of which I don’t even consider.

On the two counter attacks, I’ve lost units, but nothing that can’t be replaced.

3rd Month of the war:

Arbel is captured, I gift it to the Hittites, as the city is virtually surrounded by their culture
Spoiler :

The Grid level 10 city of Uppsala is settled,
Spoiler :

Debre Berham is taken, and scheduled for immediate demolition.
Spoiler :

Troops are now all converging on the city just taken. Vast riches are to be had from that city, much booty will be taken, as the generals have declared it “an open city”, open for pillaging and destruction.

The bribed city of Kalhu, is gifted to the Hittite empire, as it was completely surrounded by Hittite culture, and a non grid position. 2 Hittite garrison troops were created, as the city WASN’T in rebellion.

One clone worker is captured, the early easy gains, now seem to have dried up. The main war objectives, of freeing up Grid level 10, line of Grid settlement, has mostly been achieved. Only the destruction of Baghdad, and the occupation of Marseilles, remains as unachieved objectives
Spoiler :

4th Month of the war:

I complete the Space Elevator wonder in Pasargadae.
Spoiler :
A Grid level 9 city, the fastest city, and the 1st Grid level available to build this wonder.

I find I can upgrade my drone bombers to Orbital bombers, I IMMEDIATELY DO SO.

I remove the defenders of Marseilles, Damscus, Adulis and Baghdad, via Orbital bombers.

Capture the city of Baghdad, with my commando bolter infantry (special infantry)
Spoiler :

Capture the city of Marseilles, with another commando bolter infantry
(special infantry)
Spoiler :

Upgrade 3 clones, and 5 workers to Androids, 1 worker was out of movement points.

Pillage size 43 Debre Berhan to dust, with my 25 * 6 movement Hybrid Gunship pillaging stack.

Occupy Adulis, size 25, move my pillaging stack No 2 in, and begin the raising of the city.
Spoiler :

Raising the city with only 2 movement points left in my stack of 16 * 3.5​

5th Month of the War:

Eliminate the defenders of Gondor, Damascus, Addis Ababa, Kufah Capturing;
  • Addis Ababa, set of destruction.
    Spoiler :
  • Baghdad, (lost back to an Arabian counter attack).
  • Gondor captured, pillaged, raised.
Where was Gondor, when the west fold fell?
Where was Gondor when our enemies closed in around us
Where was Gondor?....”

Spoiler :

Oh, here it is, with 2 Settled Great Generals.​

  1. Capture 1 worker.
  2. Send pillaging stacks of Hybrid Gunships to both Gondor and Addis Ababa. 2 more pillaging stacks are 1 tile outside of both cities respectively.
  3. Two more stacks of Hybrid Gunships are sent to Baghdad and Marceilles. One to pillage, one to garrison respectively.
Summation of war:
  • 5 Months of warfare.
  • 15 Cities captured.
  • 12 Cities are pillaged to the ground.
  • 2 Cities gifted to the Hittites.
  • 1 Grid level 11 city is occupied and garrisoned.
  • 2 Grid level 10 cities are settled upon vacated lands.
  • 1 Wonder was completed, Space Elevator in Pasargadae, in Grid level 9.
  • 6 Workers captured, Upgrade to Androids.
  • 1 Clone captured as well, Upgrade to Android.
  • 2 Troops each sent to final 2, Grid level 10 city sites, upgraded to ACV's as garrison troops.
  • 2 Pioneers are sent to complete Grid level 10 line of settlement, time of 2 months for travel.

Making a total of 5/7 Grid level 10 Cities founded, and 1/7 Grid Level 11 city sites captured.
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High to Low, 3rd Civ, Victoria. 1993 Onwards - Colonisation

November 1993 – Saladin is now willing to negotiate, bad luck Sim Salabin, I want to occupy up to the equatorial line.

Gondor is finally pillage into the ground.

Kufah’s 2 defenders are destroyed by Hybrid Gunships, and occupied, scheduled for demolition.

Spoiler :

Baghdad is pillaged to the ground, the citizenry enslaved and sold off. 2 Specialists are relocated to the cities of; Nottingham and Newcastle. Bjørgvin is Settled, garrisoned and production begun.
Spoiler :

Damascus, is captured, as Saladin declared it an open city and didn’t send in a garrison to hold, 7 Hybrid Gunships, 1 Bolter infantry and 1 Rover are sent to Pillage Damascus to the Ground.
Spoiler :

Grid level 10 city of Fez is commissioned.
Spoiler :

The Grid level 10 cities of Constance is founded, production commissioned.

Spoiler :

Grid level 11 city of Bibracte is founded, production commissioned.
Spoiler :

  1. As I’ve now run out of available pioneers, I commission 12 in 12 separate cities, with production levels over 600:hammers:.
  2. 5/7 Grid level 11 cities are founded and developing.
  3. 7/7 Grid level 12 Cities are mapped out, with 1 location available and garrison troops sent to hold the position.
  4. Groups of 5 Siege droids are moved up to the front line cities. How quickly cities fall behind the front lines,
Grid level 10 city of Uppsala, a new city, is already located in the 2nd level of front line cities, being a repository for Siege droids, for front line cities.

2 Grid Level 11 cities have been consumed by Hittite culture. I’ll either try fight culture battles to gain the cities, or destroy the Hittites, if I feel I need to fully gain control of Grid level 11 city sites.

I just had the overflow bug in a new city in Grid level 11, in December 1993, I have to reload and see if its repeatable.

*Reloaded from October 1993.

October 1993 - I commission the production of 23 Pioneers in 23 separate cities with production of greater than 600:hammers:,
Spoiler :

The only exception being London, which is building an Aerospace complex. (I added 11 pioneers to production, as only difference) Did a full inventory of all the cities, slipped in 9 Freight, where feasible, moved some 1 turns builds in front of Pioneers.

November 1993 - Upgraded the final 11 N.L.O.S. cannons for siege droids, actually, will cost over 25K, haven’t got the cash this turn, next turn. Upgrade all N.L.O.S. cannons to siege droids. Gondor pillaged as previously, 1 specialist sent to London.

I took the city of Kufah, off the Barbarian’s, new result, bombed down to 2 defenders then captured city, killed one other barbarian in the field. Baghdad is pillaged as previously, I couldn’t settle Fez, as I moved the pioneers to a central location.

Grid level 10 city of Constance founded, production begun.
Spoiler :

I couldn’t settle Bibracte, again as I moved pioneers to a central location. I have already commissioned 23 Pioneers, I Move siege droids up to the front line of settlement.

As before, I moved pillaging Hybrid Gunships from Baghdad’s pillage stack, to Marseilles, and Marseilles Hybrid Gunships to Damascus, pillaging as much as able.

Kufah, pillaged as much as possible.

All pioneers are sent to Pasargadae, as is on the central line of the continent, as they are finished in the various cities.

I haven’t played exactly as before, wasn’t entirely possible, but as close as I could with taking, pillaging and settling cities. That’s the main part I feel.

December 1993 – I didn’t get the :hammers: overflow bug again, and the barbarians have plunked a city, 2 tiles away from a grid city garrisoned position. I pillage the city, and destroy Saladin’s rover, who came on by to investigate the city.

I fly all pioneers, as they are produced, to my Capital city in Pasargadae, on Grid level 9, as its on the central line of settlement, and is able to receive multiple units/turn.

Grid level 11 city of Bibracte, is founded in the North East of the empire, along the Hittite empire’s borders.
Spoiler :

I take the city of Mediolanum, find nothing of interest.
Spoiler :

Complete the pillaging of Kufah, leaving only city ruins behind. All Hybrid Gunships are sent to Mediolanum for pillaging duties, Pillaged to size 4, scheduled to be pillaged it to dust.

Grid level 11 city of Yasodharapura is founded, production begun in the city.

Spoiler :

11 N.L.O.S. cannons are upgraded for 26,659:gold:

Grid level 11 city of Kunming is founded, (a most unfortunate name ;), troops assigned garrison duties.

Spoiler :

2 Bunkers, located in Arabian lands are occupied, the pillaging of Damascus continues into the next month. 4 Android groups are assigned to Manchester, to clean up the 7 irradiated tiles about that city. Fallout seems to propagate more fallout.

Having just realised that Damascus is the Holy city of Hellenism, I ponder if I can keep it on the grid, but alas, its one tile off Grid level 13 line of settlement, and I am very VICTORIAN (Double meaning) :) about settling along the grid. Having now pushed the Arabian back to the Equatorial line, I pause to take full vision of my empire.

January 1994 – In between turns I destroyed 5 of Saladin’s counter attacking units, losing the 6th to a Genetic solider. I had to send a Plasma tank, down to see and destroy the unit. The pillaging of Damascus is completed, all the booty collected is taken away and added to the English treasury.

Grid level 10 city of Heraclea is founded, production begun and garrison troops assigned.

Spoiler :

Here’s a pictorial vision of my 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Grid level lines of settlement.

Spoiler :

Grid levels 9 through to 12 West​

lines 9 through to 12 East​

The matter of Grid level 12 line of settlement, is being discussed in the halls of power of the English empire. As the now stated aim of this war is to settle up to the Equatorial line of the continent, 4 cities will be commissioned to meet this aim.

The Grid level 12 line cities of;

[*]Tacape is commissioned, garrisoned and production order is the standard order for a new city, with freight to rush the required Stadium.

Spoiler :

[*]Tadmekka is also commissioned, garrisoned and production order input into the city queue.

Spoiler :

That takes the city tally to 85, with 2 more Grid level 12 cities to be commissioned. This will require the remove of Mecca and Basra, to free up lands for settlement.

Spoiler :

As a comparison to what I’m doing,

Spoiler :


here’s a shot of what remains of the Arabian Empire, circa February 1994.​

As you can see, its greatly reduced in size and power. Notice the Irradiation
around the two size one Carthaginian cities on the Northern Arabian borders.​

As a special treat for my loyal subjects, I upgrade all my Mini gun units, to Bolter infantry for 60K+:gold: cost. Cities that don’t contain a bolter infantry, will have one produced. As is the Victorian motto, “A Bolter in every bolt hole of my people.”

Here’s one for the book’s, spineless ‘Pacal smackal’ :sad::whipped:, has gone and declared war upon me, cancelling our 12:gold: for steel deal. I’m really worried about Pacal, who’s gone a Biatch-a-lized to the Arabian punching bag.:deadhorse:

Spoiler :

Speaking of which, Sim Saladbin's gone and found another Air force now, I actually got attacked by an Aurora scramjet and a drone bomber. Just goes to show, what not actively patrolling the cities of your enemies can bring.
Spoiler :

Then the retribution, “Here comes the pain”.

My forces shoot down;
  1. 7 Scramjets.
  2. 1 Drone bomber.
  3. Bomb 2 Stealth Destroyers by the shores of Marseilles.

After sustained bombing by my dominate Air force, Basra is taken without a fight.
Spoiler :

Mecca is taken, both Mecca and Basra, are scheduled for demolition, as they are NON GRID CITIES

Spoiler :

This set up the final 2/4 in the Grid level 12 cities of Sparta and Theodosiopolis

Spoiler :

May 1994 – I had the :hammers: bug overflow AGAIN I can’t be bothered replying the turn, it just seems to keep happening. Must be something to do with my pillaging the cities. All 3 times I’ve been pillaging or have pillaged a city, and I’ve gotten it. Too bad, I have extra cash now, and Theodosiopolis got all its initial builds done 1st turn. I upgrade ALL troops to the top of the line unit.

I’ve also taken Justinianopolis off the Arab’s, freeing up the land fully.

Spoiler :

The city of Basra, is being pillaged over a period of 2 months, from a population of 56 to Zero. 16 of the 28 Hybrid Gunships then going on to pillage Justinianopolis. The city of Mecca, with 7*6 movement pillaging Hybrid Gunships, will take 3 months to fully pillage.

June 1994 – Both the cities of Justinianopolis and Mecca are pillaged to the ground, with only 1 specialist relocated to Chartres. :(

The English Hegemony is now at 87 Cities. :science: is set @ 55%, with a small profit. Troops have all been upgraded to the best quality unit available. Plans are being made for further conquests of the Arabian lands, Circie is looking like a nice candidate for taking, and giving back to the Romans.

One Arabian city seems to have fallen to the Barbarians, as its surrounded by Hittite culture, but 66% Arabian. Barbarians have been seen roaming about the Arabian lands, as Saladin's cities, grow tired of his heavy hand and poor management of the War.

I bribe the city of Rome, and gift it effectively to Caesar for the paltry sum of 8:gold: per turn. Julius baby, received 2 garrison troops, but as they were only Modern Infantry, and Saladin had ACV’s ejected form the city, so I destroyed them with my Air force bombers. I gift Caesar a couple of ACV’s, I have just too many to choose from, hopefully that will help him garrison his cities.

Summation of war:-
  • 3 Wars ALL Started by SALADIN, 1st in 1936, 2nd November 1972, June 1993 - current.
  • Last report from war front in June 1994
  • 2 Wars fought over 22 1/2 years, 1 war back in 1930's.
  • City count - expanded from 67 to 88, increase of 21 cities.
  • Technology - from behind 3-4 tech's, to a lead of 3-4 techs
  • Military - from position of equality, to generational lead.
  • 4/8 on Grid level 8 line of settlement to,
  • 4/7 on Grid level 12 line of settlement.
  • Worker units increased by 2 full groups of *6 workers.
  • Workers upgraded from Clones, 10 groups, to Androids, 12 Groups of *6 workers

    To be continued.
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2nd High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria, 1994 April onwards - Extermination by Victoria’s pest control

I’ve decided to replay the turns from BEFORE the overflow bug, to see if its repeatable, and hopefully to play on.

April 1994 - After sustained bombing from the Air, I take Basra without a fight.

I’ve set up the cities of Sparta and Theodosiopolis respectively, in the same order, same builds. The only difference, would be more bombing using Orbital bombers, and moving some of the fighters/bombers up to the front 2 lines of cities. I haven’t taken Justinianopolis, even though I have a commando tank that can do so.

May 1994 – I didn’t receive the :hammers: overflow bug again, ho hum.

How quickly the front line moves, I have 4 Orbital bombers in the Grid level 9 City of Eziqwaqweni, and that city has fallen to the 4th line of the border settlements. As I aim for 4 Bombers and 4 fighters per city (max without airports) I move them towards the front lines.
  • 29 Pillaging Hybrid Gunships are sent to Basra, to reduce that ex-Arabian city from 56 population to a city ruin.
  • 11 Pillaging Hybrid Gunships are sent to Mecca the task the same, population of only 36, city ruins the only acceptable result.
    Spoiler :
  • 5 Pillaging Hybrid Gunships are sent to Justinianopolis, same task, same expected results.

45 Hybrid Gunships, all assigned the task of the reduction of the Arabian empire into dust and history.

The city of Basra, I’ve only now realised how great a Military city it is,
Spoiler :

21 Military instructors have been merged into the city, for a total of 42 experience points out of the gate, for all three services. Such a pity, its one tile BELOW the 13th line of grid settlement. As its the 2nd city out from the coast, it is variable as it its position, but ONLY on the line of grid settlement, using ALL tiles.

To reiterate my point, warfare with the AI, and using its settled great generals, is a cheat really. You can effectively generate Great Generals at x 2 the rate, but constant warfare with the AI. The AI will also fight other opponents as well, boosting your rate of generation. I currently have 25 Great Generals, with some of them coming from AI settlement. Getting a boost of 21 from ONE city, effectively DOUBLES my Great General production, and that’s from ONE CITY!!!

June 1994 - As I need defensive troops, to hold my new conquests, while I’m pillaging them, I’ve commissioned production of ACV’s in all my cities that can produce 10 experience points or more. The razing to the ground of; Mecca, Justinianopolis and Basra is completed.

July 1994 – Arretium is captured after the sustained bombardment of its defences by the
English Imperial Air Force (E.I.A.F)
Spoiler :
Upon reflection, it was decided to return the city to the control of the Roman Empire. Upon further reflection, I pillaged the city to dust, it captured too much land for the Romans, just look at what Circei did for them.

Anjar Captured, as all defenders have been eliminated by the E.I.A.F.,
Spoiler :

29 Hybrid Gunships are flown into the city as the city is to be reduced to ashes.

Medina was captured by a commando enabled Rover unit.
Spoiler :
Upon seeing the English forces of General Caybaen Leatram Bryld of the 1st Army on the Horizon, the Arabian battle fleet of 5 Super carriers and 1 Littoral combat ship, was promptly scuttled and sent to the bottom the sea.

Its unfortunate, that BOTH Anjar and Medina, are 1 tile off the Grid line of settlement. Medina was a coastal city with 3 settled great Generals. Anjar was 2nd from the coast, where I have latitude to vary the grid position ALONG the grid line of settlement, using all tiles. 9 workers in total were collected from the Arabian empire, 7 in one group.

August 1994 – 3 Grid cities were settled along the Grid level 13 line of settlement;
Spoiler :

  • Kampvere
  • Taipei

  • Oea

    The 4th city on the grid line of settlement, was contaminated by fallout, and as such, is unavailable for settlement. A clean up crew of Androids, captured from the Arabian Empire, will need to be sent there to rehabilitate and enable settlement.

Ardea was captured, as a non grid city, it was subject to the fate of all non grid cities.
Spoiler :

As I have incomplete lines of settlement along the Grid level lines 11,12 and 13 of settlement, I have to enter into a period of consolidation, garrison troop production, and grid completion.

September 1994 - Rome was liberated from the :evil: troops of Saladin:evil:,
Spoiler :
Given as a token of the esteemed relationship between the English and Roman empires. Old alliances are not forgotten easily. 12 Settled Great Generals were contained in this city, It was held under English protection UNTIL it comes out of rebellion.

The destruction of Medina is completed, and a specialist is relocated to Liverpool.

The cities of Najran
Spoiler :

and Velitrae

are both captured by the victorious English Imperial Land Army. (E.I.L.A.) As non grid cities, their fate is to be reduced to dust. With the taking of these two cities, the 3rd Rings of my newest cities, in Oea and Taipei, have been freed up.

This will mark the line of furtherest settlement for new cities, as I have previous incomplete Grid levels lines of settlement to complete 1st. I will continue to prosecute the war against the Arabians
Spoiler :
The Arabian empire of dreams.

What remains of Saladin's 'Empire' of dreams​
This is all that remains of the once great and feared Arabian Empire, a rump of a dominion, awaiting the carving up by the remaining civ's of the game. Never let an enemy arise a 3rd time to attack you, is the axiom of the English empire.
  • Rise once, shame on me.
  • Arise twice, ashamed am I.
  • Arise thrice, shall never let be, by I.

October 1994 – Carib is taken,
Spoiler :
freeing up the verdant grasslands for settlement, but as I’ve exceeded my lines of complete settlement, I have to pillage the city. Not being on a grid line of settlement certainly wasn’t in Carib’s favour, when the decision was made. 15 Hybrid Gunships and the assaulting commando promoted bolter infantry, entered the city to bring about its demise, with the loss of Carib, Saladin's remaining cities are split into two separate homelands. The Coup de Grâce to Carib, was delivered by London’s 4th Regiment of Special Infantry. (Bolter) With the fall of this city, some of Saladin’s remaining empire is out of the reach of my bomber command. Moving of the E.I.A.F. to the front line cities, continues, even without the needed infrastructure to maintain and service them fully.

Hawulti is captured by my Commando promoted Plasma Armour.
Spoiler :
As this city contains a substantial Roman presence, it is decided to hold the city till it come out of rebellion, and pass it onto the Roman Empire.

Of the 28 Hybrid Gunships that entered Najran, all had multiple turns at picking over the carcass of the city, and partaking of the spoils of victory, only 1 was able to enter the city of Khurasan, exhausted from the journey, along with General Caybaen Leatram Bryld of the 1st Army.

November 1994 – Gaul has been recaptured by Pacal, who upon declaring his freedom from the vassalage of the Arabian, was promptly declared war up by Saladin.

The twin cities of; Oxhuitza is captured, along with 2 workers, cowering in the administrative quarter of the city and Khurasan are taken without resistance.
Spoiler :

The local populace has risen up and driven Saladin’s governor’s from the city, its troops bombarded from the Air, their gates thrown open, hoping for the mercy of the English conquerors. Alas, its all in vain, the fates of the two cities has been decided in the planning rooms long ago. Pillage and destruction is all that awaits those two cities.

December 1994 – Saladin’s hold on his lands, is now purely administrative. No troops of the Arabian Empire remain to hold the cities under the iron fist, E.I.A.F. fly unopposed over the skies of Arabia, Cities awaiting their fates.

Pacal now flexing his new found muscles, has sent in Modern infantry to roam the Arabian countryside, looking for opportunistic conquests of cities, long since held in Arabian chains. Flying unopposed now for months on end, the E.I.A.F. bomber command, pummels the city of Ligurian.
Spoiler :

Upon the destruction of its only defender, Saladin unleashed his Inquisitors upon the city, blaming the unseen ‘heretics’ of the empire for his fall from grace.

With the destruction of Oxhuitza, the capture of Lugurian was completed, it shall be held in trust awaiting its exit from rebellion to be given over to Pacal.
Spoiler :

Never does Saladin even consider the fact, that it was his unheralded warmongering and betrayal of friends that caused his downfall.

Better and more equitable treatment of his friends and vassals, and his empire would still be thriving. Not languishing in the shadows, awaiting its final dismembered by the carnivorous empires that inhabited this continent.

15 Hybrid Gunships make their way to Faust, taken by General Caybaen Leatram Bryld of the 1st Army. One lonely worker group was found wandering the street’s, no authority remaining to give directions to the helpless group. As now Khurasan, Lugurian and Faust, reside in the lands claimed by the Mayan’s. Victoria sees this as an opportune time to end the war with Pacal, once he resumes diplomatic relations with the English Empire.

The war was started by his previous master, will be ceased and then to gift the three cities as a gesture of good will.
Spoiler :

ON the Roman side of the front, Passau is taken, by London Regiment, 2nd Squad, Beta Company of Special Infantry (Bolter)
Spoiler :

Arpinum is then taken by the commando Plasma Armoured Tank Regiment of London

Completing the extermination of the Arabian Empire.

To celebrate the demise of the Arabian bug bear, the cities of; Rome, Arpinum, Passau and Hawulti were liberated to the Roman empire. All debts previously owed to the Roman’s are now considered repaid in full with interest.
Spoiler :
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High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria, 1994 December onwards

December 1994 – The war with Arabia is finished, as is Arabia. With Saladin caught and imprisoned, the war tribunals review the conduct of the war can now be under taken;
  • 18 Months of War, to destroy a mature empire.
  • Saladin had 41 cities at the start of the war, so captured cities, ~ 41 or so.
  • Worker numbers; from 72 Androids and 3 clones, to 92 Androids, 2 clones and 3 workers.
  • Number of settled cities, from 67 Grid cities, to 90 cities, increase of 23 Grid cities.
  • Base units from Redcoats/Grenadiers/Sam infantry to Bolter infantry/ACV’s
  • Victory screen September 1985
    Spoiler :

    Victory screen from May 1993

    To Victory December 1994
  • Population increased by 5.4%
  • Land area increased by over 4%, I control ~ 30% of the world, if 50/50 continents, mine longer skinnier, other fatter/wider.
  • Grid line settlement from
Spoiler :

  • 3/7 on Grid level 10,
  • 5/7 on Grid level 11
  • 4/7 on Grid level 12
  • 3/8 on Grid level 13

January 1995 – S.o.A.B. The Mayan’s are on the Offensive against me, and I lost 4 Hybrid Gunships to attacks by SAM ACV’s. Pacal Smakal, must have some fantasy running in his pea brained A.I. head, that his breaking free of vassalage, caused the destruction of the Arabian empire.

Holographics is in, and I reset the sliders to 55% science, 20% culture(steady) and zero espionage.

The Hittite city of Arbel, has fallen to the Barbarians, and as its one tile BELOW the grid line of settlement, I’ll build a fort on the grid spot, then capture the city and burn it down and settle a grid city on the Grid level 12.

I was able to upgrade 2 clones to Androids, that had been working in the fields. Giving me 94 Androids and 3 workers, coming back from the Mayan lands.

March 1995 – Pacal is willing to Negotiate with me
Spoiler :

Far too generous on your part Pacal, the war wasn’t YOUR fault.

Ahh that’s much better, lets be civilised about relations. Been having a toke[pimp] on the sly hey Pacal Smackal, or did I slap you about too much?

On the way back to my lands with my troops, they attacked a Barbarian city, and General Caybaen Leatram Bryld, got over excited, and was killed. The remaining troops levelled the city, and set up a memorial to the Generals stupidity, a city ruin. The Barbarians continue to try to establish new cities, in the vacated grasslands of the former Arabian empire, and I continue to raise them to the ground.

May 1995 – I don’t understand what’s happened here
Spoiler :

Damm, and I thought I was great, taking 41 cities in 18 turns, Warlord Gandhi, is creaming my record, he beats me in 3 TURNS

India seems to have made a sudden and dramatic come back to the game.

July 1995 – The Grid level 13 city of Shenyang is settled, production commissioned and troops domiciled within. 4/8 on Grid level 13. I cleaned up that Fallout polluting the tile
Spoiler :

Hammurabi has ‘lost’ 31 cities, over 3 turns. Revolutionaries caused Gandhi to re-declare war on Hammurabi, but how he lost 31 cities over 3 turns?? is beyond me.

India continues its phoenix like revival.

August 1995 – The Universal translator, the wonder that keeps on being wondrous.
Spoiler :

I capture the city of Arbel,
Spoiler :

but the Hittites, culturally claim the tile I was aiming to build a fort upon, so I raise the city.

November 1995 – I finally remember to build the Meeting of minds word wonder, it will take 22 turns in London. I continue to burn down Barbarian cities, getting nothing for them, and Gandhi continues to take Hammurabi’s cities off of him.

December 1995 - I decide to build a command post upon the ruins of Arbel. The cultural battles for the tile begin;
Spoiler :

January 1996 – I settle the Grid level 12 city of Lisbon on the culturally claimed tile.
Spoiler :
majority barbarian, but it will quickly join the English culture. I also commission a Command post to be built to claim another tile for a city, to the South west of Lisbon

February 1996 – I complete the computer centre, and gain the option to choose a free Technology, I choose Invisibility, as I gained a ‘free’ Great Spy, and it was in the next column of research.

Espionage is a powerful tool, I decide to plant a nuclear device in a Hittite city,
Spoiler :
do it again, :bounce: do it again :bounce: , Nuclear radiation continues to rain down upon my empire, an average of two tiles a turn.

July 1996 – All cities go onto to building a Security Centre.

August 1996 – I’ve received the hammer over flow bug AGAIN!!! I’m going to replay from July to see if its repeatable or not.


June 1996ALL cities go onto building a Security Centre, mainly for the extra :espionage: and the defense against espionage. Previously, Grid level 11 city of Bawating had put one turn into a spy, then all cities went onto building a security centre.
Spoiler :

August 1996 – I didn’t get the hammer overflow bug again, some random anomaly happening. I went through all 91 cities, and adjust the build queue’s, builds of 1 turn or Nanofactory that would greatly boost city production are brought to the front.
Radioactive fallout seems to be coming down now at the rate of 3 tiles/turn. A rate 3x what I can clear tiles at.

May 1997
– I received Artificial life
Spoiler :
From the Universal translator wonder.

June 1997 – Planetary Economics
Spoiler :
is given to me via the Universal translator. I plant a 2nd nuclear device in the city of Kahakh, not enough to destroy the city, might have to do it a 3rd time.

December 1997 - Meeting of the minds is completed in London
Spoiler :
I received a ‘free’ specialist of every type, merged into the city, not as a great person.

I’m building freight as much as I can, to rush the security centre in newer cities. Workers are building improvements and removing fallout as fast as they can, but the rate of new fallout is x3 what I can clear and improve at.

September 1998
– I finally wake up to the fact, that newer cities will build a security centre FASTER with a construction firm in place. Also, the ones on a river, are better off building the Levee 1st, as it gives a greater hammer boost, then the 40% of base hammers. Its only taken about 30 turns or so.

February 1999 – War Machines is in, I upgrade all my littoral combat ships to Fusion cruisers.
Spoiler :

All my Hybrid Gunships, get upgraded to Drop-ships as well, for a cost of $50,023:gold:, leaving me $20,186:gold: short of a full upgrade, so off goes :science: for 1 turn.

2 Barbarian cities were captured and destroyed as they were only size 1, anything to keep the revolution index down.

March 1999 – The Arabian nation has EMERGED IN GAUL?? WTF?? How can these idiotic AI’s let a nation emerge, I have Min city pop for barb evolution set at size 12. So some how an idiot has let Gaul revolt, size >12, and its quickly evolved into the Arabian state, who’s taken one other city already.

It seems it was Pacal, who lost the following cities as well,
Spoiler :

July 1999 - So once again, I’m DRAGGED INTO THE MUCK, MUD AND BLOOD OF WAR.

And to make things worse, rumours have been heard about the Hittite’s bad mouthing me in the Civ 4 diplomacy rooms. I think that deserves a declaration of war!!!!., well, not cleaning up your fallout is reason enough. Not my problem, some one setting off nuclear explosions in his cities. Occupying my Grid level 12 and 13 city sites as well, a genocidal war is whats needed.
:evil: :backstab: :evil:

I suppose I can forgive Pacal, Saladin has a stack of 27 Super soldiers at his disposal, as well, as other stacks of up to 5 roaming about. My border city garrison of the E.I.A.F. can barely reach them, but reach them they do, and damage them they shall.
Spoiler :
Here’s what’s left of that stack, AFTER the E.I.A.F. has dealt with them.

A tasty snack for my Drop-ships stacks deal with, lost one drop-ship @ 94.5%.

August 1999 – The Global stock exchange is in
Spoiler :
I now get 5% interest on my funds, up to a max of 250:gold: Meh

2nd turn of the Arabian Re-extermination.

Bombers fly and destroy the remaining units of Arabia.

*Edit - I actually missed 1 stack of 13 Super soldiers.
  • Calicut is occupied by a Bolter infantry and destroyed by a Drop-ship, size 1.
  • Mosul is occupied by a Bolter infantry and gifted to the Mayan's, I keep the 3 Androids.
  • Minoan is occupied by a Bolter infantry and gifted to the Mayan's.
  • Ligurian is occupied by a Bolter infantry, and gifted to the Mayan's.
  • Khurasan is occupied by a Bolter infantry, and gifted to the Mayan's.
  • Spoiler :

On the way back to my lands, my victorious troops, stop off at the newly settled Barbarian city of Gaul, for some R & R (Rampage and Ruination). The party got a bit out of hand, and the city was destroyed. All it really was is just a collection of wooden shacks.

A stack of another 13 Super soldiers was found, but as Saladin had been re-imprisoned, they were let go. With no leader, they just diminished to nothing. So ends the 4th Arabian war.

January 2000
– To celebrate the 2000th year of the current era, and the cumulation of the 20th century, I bribe the city of Izapa, out from the Assyrian’s, and gift it to the Chinese, just to set the cat amongst the pigeons.

I triggered a pact Ashurbanipal must have had with Hirohito, who’s gone and declared war, Oooooo I’m really scared of you, a spin off civ from the now given VASSALAGE of Hammurabi, who’s now biatch-a-lized to the Indian war god of Gandhi (48 cities).

Same civ time.
Same civ channel.
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2nd High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria, January 2000 onwards

January 2000 cont – I re-declare war on the Assyrian, Ashurbanipal, and gather up one worker for my troubles, capturing Ashurbanipal and throwing him into the Civ leaders dungeon.

The rumours of the Hittite, Suppiluliuma, bad mouthing ME in the rooms of Civ diplomacy. That and his wanting me to stop trade with my good friend, Masinissa of Carthage
Spoiler :
are just too much, I declare war.

Unfortunately, he’s a vassal of Darius, along with Julius and Pacal, so much for gifting cities back, again I looked a gift horse in the mouth. BUT Suppiluliuma said nasty things about me behind my back.

1st turn of War

  • I immediately capture 4 workers from the Hittite, removing fallout close to my border.
  • 1 Worker from Julius, working on fallout, near my border.
  • The E.I.A.F. shoots down 2 Hittite fighters, 1 Persian fighter and 1 Roman strategic bomber.
Having obtained Aerial dominance, the E.I.A.F. proceeds to eliminate the defenders of; Kummanni and Ravenna of Persia, Khalwan, Kalakh, Nice and Kalhu of the Hittites. Leaving on 2 lonely pioneers in the empire of Hittite.
  • Kalhu
    Spoiler :
    , to be pillaged to city ruins.
2nd turn of the war I capture;
  • Khalwan
    Spoiler :
    and pillaged into ruins.
  • Kalakh
    Spoiler :
    and pillaged into ruins.
  • Finish destroying the city of Kalhu.
  • Capture 2 bunkers, built for who knows what reason.
I didn’t think this war out too well, should have only taken 1 turn, not 3.Hmm :think:, I’ll continue against the Persians.

3rd Turn of the war;
  • I take the final Hittite city of Nice
    Spoiler :
    and imprison Suppiluliuma, for crimes of impersonating a competent civ leader.
  • 25 Dropships entered Nice, "N-ice". Pillage and destruction the only thing on their minds. Size 34 to dust in 1 turn.
  • I capture a worker of Darius, close to my new northern borders.
  • Capture 5 unoccupied bunkers, along the old border with the Hittites, occupying 4 and destroying one.
  • The Grid level 12 city of Susa is founded
    Spoiler :
  • 11 Drop ships move up to the outskirts of Carchemish, with no movement points remaining,
    Spoiler :
    only one defender to oppose them.
  • Grid level 11, 1 Pioneer is moved to be ready to settle a city, completing that grid,
  • Grid level 12. The last city site being contaminated with fallout, is rehabilitated.
  • Grid level 13, A 5th city is planned with a 2nd Pioneer.
April 2000 –

Masinissa joins on my war on Persia, and his cronies. I didn’t do a thing??? I didn’t ask him, invite him?? might just be a pure opportunistic attack.
  • Ghuzz is taken, for the glory of the English Imperial Empire
    Spoiler :
  • Grid level 13 city of Basle is founded, garrisons assigned and production begun.
    Spoiler :
  • Grid level 11 city of Khabarovsk is founded, production begun in the city, completing Grid level 11.
    Spoiler :
  • 2 Bombers and 4 fighters destroy the sole defender of Circie, allowing the cities capture.
    Spoiler :
    4 Settled military instructors, 1 Engineer, 1 Merchant, not too shabby, burnt to the ground.

  • Carchemish is taken, one tile off the coast, scheduled for Demolition.
    Spoiler :

  • Kummanni is occupied, scheduled for demolition.
    Spoiler :
    , the holy city of Islam, 3rd Holy city to be destroyed.
  • Planning for the Grid level 14 of settlement is completed.
    Spoiler :
  • 20 Pioneers are commissioned in city with production => 800:hammers:, I’ve only 2 left.
  • 4 Roman workers are captured out side of the city of Rome itself.
    Spoiler :
Grid level 11, 8/8 cities are completed.
Grid level 12, 7/8 cities with only 1 contaminated city site remaining, with workers moving to the grid site, as their current jobs are completed.
Grid level 13, 6/8 city have already been settled, with 1 more coming from the occupation of a Roman bunker and the last site coming from the destruction of Ghuzz.
Grid level 14, 6/9 city sites of settlement have been identified as being currently free. Awaiting the completion of some of the 20 Pioneers in production (2 turns) and assignment of garrison troops. Siege droids are moved up to garrison city sites, awaiting the arrival of the Pioneers to build new cities.

E.I.A.F. groups, that have fallen to the 3rd of 4th front Grid level lines of settlement, are re-based to the front Grid level line cities. Siege droid groups, long held in the interior in reserve, are moved to the new settlement city sites.

As well, I conduct a full review of all the cities, moving some reserves to the front line cities, excess bolter troops to the designated settlement depot, adding troops where needed, moving Siege droids to the front lines of settlement, and commissioning one freight, after another was used in a city, where it had been sitting idle.

May 2000 -

  • Grid level 13, city of Zaria is commissioned.
    Spoiler :
  • Grid level 14, city of Theodosiopolis is commissioned.
    Spoiler :

    As I’ve researched Organic cities, EVERY CITY builds a city creche.
  • Ghuzz is reduced to rubble, but the citizens rise up to combat the Engineering corps.
  • Grid level 13 city of Brundisium is commissioned
    Spoiler :
  • Rome is occupied, scheduled for demolition.
    Spoiler :
    City left as a ruin, partisan citizens fled to their capital to form resistance units.

    1 Specialist 'was sent to Coventry'. 1 Internet Credit, if you understand that cultural reference. May be redeemed for a round of :cheers:
  • Grid level 13 city of Roermond is commissioned, production started, garrisons assigned.
    Spoiler :
    Completing Grid level 13 of settlement.
  • Kummanni is raised, 1 specialist relocated to Gloucester, partisans eliminated.
  • Grid level 14, city of Caesaraugusta is settled in the face of the partisans from Kummanni
    Spoiler :
    , to demonstrate the TRUE rulers of this land.
  • Antium is captured, scheduled for demolition.
    Spoiler :
    Such is the fate of civ’s who align themselves with my enemies. 10 Settled great generals, 3 of Great Engineers and Scientists each, a great city, but alas, 1 tile NE of a grid position on Grid level 15.
  • Grid level 14 city of Addi Galamo is commissioned, troops assigned to the city
    Spoiler :
  • Ravenna,
    Spoiler :
    Declared an open city by Darius, its gates flung open wide at the approach of the Delta Armed corps, of the 1st Division of main battle tanks from London, of the armed forces of the English Empire (plasma armour). But its fate was long ago sealed, not being located on the grid.
  • Carchemish is brought to ruin, the citizen partisans destroyed. Specialists, relocated to Gloucester and Exeter.

I’m forced into the situation of asking Masinissa make peace with Darius,
Spoiler :
as I want to capture the 2 workers and occupy the Coastal Grid level 15 line of city of Hattusas. He had 4 ACV’s in range of the city, which has no defense at all.
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2nd High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria, June 2000 onwards

June 2000-

  • I capture the Grid level 15 city of Hattasus
    Spoiler :
    and capture 3 workers for the greater glory of the English Imperial Empire.
  • Saarbrucken is captured
    Spoiler :
    and being off the grid lines of settlement, is pillaged to city ruins. Partisans formed by the city residents were liquidated. One specialist was sent to London, to be fully integrated into English society.
  • Grid level 14 city of Izancanac is founded
    Spoiler :
  • Grid level 14 city of Tianan is founded,
    Spoiler :
    , by dissidents and political exiles from an interior English city.
  • Antium destruction is completed, with one specialist sent to Birmingham. The partisans formed from the raising of the city, were picked off by the E.I.A.F. Dropships.
  • 9 Grid Level 15 city sites are mapped out, groups of pioneers are readied for the arduous journey and the challenges of settlement of a new city.
  • 5 Grid Level 14 cities have been commissioned.
  • The war with the Persians is effectively over,
    Spoiler :
    as they have no cities remaining near my territory. The only cities they have are;Chichen Itza and Minoan.
  • So far the only losses have been one dropship @ 94.56% odds

Spies have reported a Crime against Civdom by the Persian pretender.
Spoiler :

A Biological missile has been discovered in the Roman city of Neapolis. This is further evidence of the complicity of the Roman, Julius Caesar in these crimes and the Persian’s guilt in holding such weapons. These weapons have been banned by the United Nations of Civdom. As such we hold our war upon the Persian to be true and just.

As such, the London regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company of Hybrid Gunships of the armed forces of the English Empire (Dropship) was dispatched to the city of Neapolis, to seek out and destroy this affront to Civdom. Support was provided by 3 other regiments of dropships formed in Ye olde London.

The task was completed with no casualties, but the crews of the Helicopter units were unable to secure the city. 5 other regiments of Dropship groups provided backup support, freed after the pillaging of Antium. Neapolis was captured, by a Commando enabled Bolter infantry regiment from London,
Spoiler :

vengeful pillaging of the city was immediately started.

I take this as an opportune time to go through all my cities, bringing Nano factories and 1 turn builds to the front, along with the freight and pioneers.

  • Grid Level 12, 6/7 cities completed, the 7th has fallout being cleared by 4 worker groups.
  • Grid Level 13, 8/8 cities founded, garrisoned and developing.
  • Grid Level 14, 5/8 Cities built, 1 Barbarian city and 1 Chinese city occupying a city sites with one pioneer on way to garrisoned Grid Level 14 site. (I’ve ran out of pioneers, AGAIN!!!!)
  • Grid level 15, 1/9 city sites are occupied, Hattusas comes with; a Military academy, 2 settled Great Generals, 3 Great scientists, 2 Engineers and 1 Artist.
  • 108 Android workers, broken up into 18 Working groups x 6 units.
  • 9 workers en route to London, for processing into android workers.
  • 106 Cities in existence.
  • Removal of the Persian menace from the home continent has been initiated in the strategy halls of the English Empire. Approved, status - ongoing.
  • Elimination of the Persian war criminal, via invasion of the 2nd continent homelands of Persia. Status - Being considered.
  • Elimination of the Roman traitor, who’s sided with the Persian war criminal. Approved, status - ongoing
  • Extermination of the Hittite menace, Suppiluliuma, who greedily occupied 2 of MY city sites. Approved, Result - Imprisonment in the Civ dungeons.
  • Extermination of Ashurbanipal, the Assyrian menace, for daring to deny my access to grid city sites. Approved, Result - Imprisonment in the Civ dungeons.
Pacal II, is the only one of the gang of five, who escapes punishment. He has been deemed to have been treated unfairly by the English empire and a victim of his previous masters warmongering. Having been punished enough previously, transit through his empire is the only requirement. Formation of a sea borne assault of Chichen Itza and Minoan is being considered, though aerial punishment may be enough.

Upon resumption, I queue the Moai Statues in Nicea, as it has the Myth of the sea, 1 of only 3 cities to have this. Wall street was also queued, needing a stock exchange building, but many in my mature cities have been obsoleted.

Both of these national wonder buildings highlights an error in requirements, as the prerequisite buildings maybe obsolete, by the time you may reach your 3rd civ in a high to low game. Or you may just omit to build them, yet these National wonders DON’T BECOME OBSOLETE.

July 2000 -

Neapolis is reduced to city ruins, its citizens either killed in the rampage or driven off.
Spoiler :

Local militias are formed upon the cities destruction, and eliminated by the dropships that destroyed their city.

As Pioneering groups are completed in the various cities, some are flown to the Capital in Pasargadae and other are flown to the front line cities in Grid level 14, to found Grid level 15 city sites that have been freed from Roman oppression.

August 2000 -

The Grid level 14 cities of;
Spoiler :

  • Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya are founded
    Garrison troops were awaiting the Pioneering group from the interior of the English Hegemony.
  • Tokonda
    , Garrison troops again were awaiting the Pioneering group for settlement.
  • Grid level 15 city of Vienne
    , this settlement was established by Pioneering group from the interior city of Luxembourg.

Various groups of Bolter Infantry are sent out, hunting down the Barbarian settlements established on the vacated lands, one to gain experience, two to destroy and free lands for settlement.

September 2000 -

Spoiler :
is captured by 2 hover tanks I forgot I was sending to the city, Quite the shock. I sent a pillaging stack of dropships to destroy the city. One Specialist was relocated to York, with the resulting Militia’s fleeing to the Roman Capital of Ostia.

Shaka is flexing his considerable muscles.
Spoiler :
How they can continue to make war on the 2nd Continent, is beyond me. It seems to be an irradiated waste land, with no production or improvements.

As well, the Arabians are trying to make a comeback again, at Pacal II’s expense. Rebellious terrorist groups banding together under the flag of Arabia, espousing support of the jailed Arabian leader, demanding his re-instatement to leadership.

Pioneering group from Londinium, completes the Grid level 12 with the city of Caesarea
Spoiler :
, the local android worker groups, work feverishly to rehabilitate the lands, having now rehabilitated the ground for the cities founding. Lands surrounding the city, will now be rehabilitated to allow the growing of crops, building of industry, and the construction of mines. For jobs and future prosperity for the populace.

Aggressively pushing the Grid level 15 line of settlement, the city of Nisibhin is founded.
Spoiler :
Garrison troops were awaiting the settlement group.

Taiyuan is captured, but as its not a grid city, its destroyed, by the garrison siege droids. Who are then sent on to garrison the Grid level 14 Coastal city of Bryansk, founded by the Pioneering group from the city of London. (Hey a City named after me, in Russian :lol: )

Centurion "All right, we have orders to release Brian of Nazareth, which one of you is Brian?"
The real Brian continues to argue with the people on the crosses about him.
"I'm Brian!!!" Say's the resident joker.
"No!!! I'm Brian" pipes up the 'real' Brian, realising now what's actually going on.
"No!!! I'm Brian." Say's a 3rd.
"No!!!, I'm Brian and so is my WIFE" Cries out the Samaritan.

Resuming again, lot of work, I needed a nights sleep. I find MANY cities didn’t have a AUGMENTATION CENTRE in the build queue. It’s all about the :hammer: baby cakes, :hammer: economy 1st. Any how (who?):confused:, I amended the build queue’s, removed a lot of Security centres, that were an urgent build awhile ago, but have fallen off in urgency now. Its all about the city Creche and the Augmentation centre’s, nano factories, Advanced Quality control (so old) etc. I moved Special agents, some of whom, were located in the Grid level 11, and I’m working on Grid level 15?? :faint: Say whaaaaa????

Androids, are being sent to Grid levels 12 to 14, to remove fallout. Build the farms and industry that maturing cities require. The interior cities, who suffer from fallout, can cope with a few missing tiles, its the new cities who need the infrastructure builds, and the network nodes for building of the Mind control centre's, to alleviate the unrest in the populace.

The front line of settlement moves so fast,
Spoiler :
I found one group of siege droids in Athens in Grid level 10, I’ve found others earlier in Grid levels 5 and below, in the interior, some droids are guarding coastal cities in lower grid levels. Most of Grid levels 11 onwards, are still in the process of building basic infrastructure of the cities, such as; agents, Butchers, Grain silos etc.

Most of those cities, will have to go straight from building a city creche/Agent to building a Network node and mind control centre, to stop the rampant unrest from massive levels of growth they experience. Enough, on with the reporting.

Two of my Grid level 15 city sites, are in Roman dominated culture, one is located in default Chinese culture that can be easily switched by a Command centre. Two other are denied by either; Khurasan, a revolting city of Pacal II’s, within 2 tiles, or Famagusta, a Barbarian city that has appeared on the vacant coast.
Spoiler :

It seems, an ex rebel in Alexander, Greek rebels of Mauryan, a city of no note has two infantry roaming about the neutral lands. I declare war in him, joining Darius I, Julius, Wilhelmina and Pacal II. Just to remove him from the game and throwing him into the Civ Dungeons along with;
  • Hirohito of Japan (From 1st High to low, 1st Civ)
  • Bismark, of Germany(from High to Low 2nd Civ).
  • Ragnar, of the Vikings.
  • Justinian of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Churchhill (for contesting elections against me) England.
  • Charles V, of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Lenin of Russia.
  • Mongut of Siam.
  • Napoleon of France.
  • Roosevelt of the United States of America.
  • Saladin of the Arabian Empire.
  • Suppiluliuma of the Hittite Empire.
  • Ashurbanipal of the Assyrian Empire.

Alexander continues to evade capture, having some troops located in the fog of war. I capture and raise the Barbarian city of Chandax, leaving only the city of Pacal II’s stopping a Grid level 15 city from being founded. As the city of Khurasan is currently in revolt, hopefully it will fall either to Rebels, another Civ or barbarians. I can move in, take and destroy Famagusta, and found a Grid level 15 city 1 tile to the north.

November 2000

I occupy the Roman city of Arpinum
Spoiler :
and reduce it to a city ruins with my Dropship pillaging squads. Four Dropships were able to earn commendations for meritorious duty in combat and pillaging the enemy.

The City ruin, reverted to Chinese cultural control even though it was surrounded by Roman culture, as such, my Pillaging dropships were put out of the range of some of the resulting partisans. The ones able to be reached, two, were summerally executed.

I destroy the barbarian city of Famagusta, and settle the Grid level 15 city of Zutphen 1 tile to the North.
Spoiler :

Ashurbanipal who had been released from the dungeons, feigning his full rehabilitation, he’s gone and incited revolt in the city of Izapa from the Chinese. A city I stole via :espionage: and gifted to the leader of Qin Shi Huang. This AFFRONT to my generosity, demands that I declare war IMMEDIATELY and remove this threat to my homelands. I was in the process of moving the E.I.A.F. to Grid level 15 bases, when I notice this affront.
Spoiler :
For my troubles, I capture 1 worker, find 3 settled Great Generals and a Great Spy settled in the city. So sad, too bad, its off the grid, and is destroyed. Ashurbanipal, showing he HASN’T been fully rehabilitated, is thrown back into the Civ dungeons, and put on half rations.

It would seem, the Arabian rebels of Pacal II, have done my work for me, they have taken the cities of; Khurasan and Mosul, greatly expanding the cultural borders.
Spoiler :
And is poised to take the Persian city of Minoan.

Saladin has once more escaped from the Civ dungeons of defeated leaders and Alexander continues to elude capture, with units located in the fog of war.

You really can’t blame Pacal II for the losses he’s suffered. Saladin has access to Super soldiers, as opposed to Pacal II only wielding modern infantry. As well, the shear weight of numbers, Saladin is able to field as a rebellious leader, could easily overwhelm Pacal II’s empire, if I let him exist.

To be Continued.

Same Civ place.
Same Civ time.
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2nd High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria, November 2000 onwards.

November 2000 Con’t -

I’ve been thinking, Saladin’s not such a bad guy, after all. I feel he’s been fully rehabilitated from his previous way’s, and that I should let him co-exist. Besides, he’s more focused on attacking Pacal and Darius at the moment, so why stop him.

I’m more focused on destroying the Roman remnants and removing them from consideration.

Grid level 15, if my main focus for the moment, I want to gain all the city sites I can. To that end, I’m building garrison troops, moving the Pioneering groups of settlement, and clearing the land of the cultural infestation of the other civ’s.

Upon resuming, I go through the cities, and change my new city builds to;
  • Village hall. - Free specialist.
  • Agent.
  • Butchery. (to get extra food into the city)
  • Levee (if available, for the :hammers:)
  • Grain Silo. (Save 50%, gain health/food) – Rush with a freight 1/city.
  • Town hall (if available) – Rush with freight, one extra specialist.
  • Citycreche. (75% building production)
  • Network node. (To allow mind control centre)
  • Mind control centre (No unhappy chappy)
Prioritise the Augmentation centre’s, and other hammer build. I have 25 Cities, building a Village hall 1st, as these are the newest cities I’ve settled.

December 2000 -

I capture the Roman city of Passau,
Spoiler :
right before Saladin could get his greedy hands on it. So sad, too bad, off the grid level lines of settlement. 1 East, as such its burnt down, with one Dropship regiment was able to gain a regimental citation for pillaging duties.

Izapa, was pillaged to city ruins, one Dropship regiment gaining a citation for meritorious pillaging and destruction, one specialist was moved to the city of Ye olde London. The whole group, then proceeded to move to one tile out side of Ostia which held no defenders, after the actions of the E.I.A.F.

Alexander has shown his hand, by attacking with a genetic soldier, but as he has no cities, it shouldn’t exist any more. Maybe surviving as a rebel of Mauryan?.

Ostia and Gallipolis
Spoiler :

were both occupied by a commando promoted Bolter regiment sequentially, followed up by the pillaging stack of Dropships, 3 of which, moved on from Ostia ruins to Gallipolis, so ends my previous Roman master. Looks like he choose the wrong horses to back in this race, both cities are reduced to city ruins, for archaeological studies.

With the destruction of the Roman Empire, two more city sites are freed in along Grid level 15;
Spoiler :
giving 6/9 Grid level 15 city sites settled. Of the remaining sites;
  • 1 is contaminated by fallout.
  • 1 is in Chinese default cultural lands.
  • 1 is in Arabian cultural thraldom.

Pacal lost both Minoan and Faust to the Arabian resurgence, with Napoleon, escaping from the civ leaders dungeons, has now gone and caused unrest and captured the city of Mutal from Pacal as well.

Poor ole Pacal smackal :cringe: :whipped: looks like he’s done for, I’m certainly not going to support him, I can only gift him so much support.

Going through my city grids, I realise that I’ve misplaced the City of Vienna,
Spoiler :
and caused 1 tile not to be used. As I must stick to my rules, the City of Vienna, is destroyed, and resettled 1 tile East to encompass all the tiles I must use.

Luckily I discovered this, while I was mapping out Grid level 16. Vienna hadn’t grown and I lost a few hammers, I have to be careful about the 2nd city out from the coast in future. I don’t have as much latitude as I thought I did in its placement.

Upon resuming, I get the standard ‘worst enemy updates
Spoiler :
Nothing new there.

December was a disastrous year for fallout, I had 6 of them fall down and contaminate my lands. I only removed 1 from a Grid level 15 city. The only good thing was the removal of the Roman Empire and throwing Julius into the Civ Dungeons.

January 2001

I continue my aggressive settling of Grid level city sites, with Grid Level 16 being commenced with the settling of Salzburg
Spoiler :
This city was founded upon a mountain top, and would seem to be the only available site in Grid level 16, for the moment :evil:.

February 2001 The wondrous wonder ‘Universal translator’ continues to provide benefits,
Spoiler :
so I get the benefits with no friends at all.

Four lots of Radio active dust fall on the English empire this turn. I’ll just have to work on the hot spots of multiple tiles first.

March 2001 Darius has lost his vassal in Pacal, and then gone and Biatch-a-lized to Saladin, the rising phoenix. At least Darius has been removed from this continent, via Saladin capturing Chichen Itza. I’ll let Saladin clean up Pacal, making diplomatic relations a bit easier. Napoleon is the only outstanding item, Saladin SHOULD?? remove him, if not another civ, as he’s only a 1 city state.

May 2001

The Grid level 15 city of Edirne is founded
Spoiler :
, This city was founded upon a tile that had been cleared of the radio active fallout that’s plaguing the English nation. With 3 existing industrial complexes, this city should be a productive one for the future. That brings my city tally up to 116 cities, missing one city on Grid level 15, and having started on Grid level 16 with Salzburg.

January 2002

I don’t think it was such a smart idea to set off those nuclear devices in the city, I seemed to have done so long ago. Cleaning up the tiles, and building the improvements, I seem to have so many tiles to improve, clean, etc.

I was able to build one command post, along the Chinese border, gaining another tile to build another command post, to gain a Grid level 15 city site. Its majority English culture, its just contained by the expansion of the Chinese city. I’ll have to try to claim it as quick as I can, as they are putting culture into the tiles, and I’m not.

Freight are being produced in my main production cities, to rush the building of City creches, or the Mind control centre to control the population.
Spoiler :

Hattusas should be a core city, claiming tiles culturally, and being a production powerhouse. As it stands now, it needs the basic infrastructure buildings for the :hammers:, then it can build the :culture:, next building to be rushed via freight, will be a network node, for +50%:culture:

April 2002

I was able to settle Grid level 15 city of Karakorum
Spoiler :
I crept up 2 tiles via building command posts, to finally enable the city site I built upon. I now only have 1 site left in Level 15 to complete, in the Arabian cultural thraldom.

As my revolutionary index is climbing upwards, I may have to declare a war upon either Arabia, or the Chinese. As Masinissa is currently at war with the Chinese, war ally points looks the way to go.

October 2002 -

(Heard in the strategy rooms of Napoleon)

“Sire, the Armed forces of the English have been spotted massing off our coast. 26 Dropships, along with a Fusion destroyer and a fusion transport, potentially containing up to eight regiments of troops.”
Spoiler :

Napoleon -

“Phah, what of it, we have the great Arabian shield and Sword to protect us from the South and East. To the North and North East, we have the eternal Chinese federation. England would never dare to attack them again.

Their combined might, with the mighty French forces, would sweep them from the field. Besides, Chichen Itza, resides 1 tile to the South of the vaunted English grid lines of settlement, what interest would they have in concurring us??,

nota bene,
non sequitur.

Begone with your endless old womanly whining.”

Heard in High command England -

“T-1, Drops ships in position, naval task force, positioned, all set to go for operation French cut.”

November 2002

Terra computer is completed
Spoiler :
From this tech I can build the the Technological capital World wonder, giving a free golden age. It will only take 12 turns in my 2nd greatest hammer city of Norwich, as the 1st, London, is building troops of 32/37 experience non stop.

Victoria - “Oh Nappy darling, I have a surprise for you”
Napoleon - “For Mwah, Ooo what could it be?”
Victoria – “Look up and you’ll see”

Victoria declares WAR!!!, and bludgeons Napoleon with her E.I.A.F. Bomber command.

In are sent the Bombers all along the Grid line 15 and 16 of Settlement, decimating the French forces before they know wars been declared. The defenders of Chichen Itza and Tlatelolco, are reduced to nothingness.
Spoiler :
Two workers of Napoleon, busily working on the cities tiles, are captured by a commando enabled Bolter infantry regiment.

2 more cities are spotted further up the coast, Xukpi and Mutal, both of the now defeated Mayan empire. It seems this war will take longer, all the better, all the more reduction in revolutionary index.

January 2003 -

Tlatelolco has been captured, for the loss of 1 Bolter infantry at 54% odds.
Spoiler :
S.o.A.B. I didn’t even check if a defender was there 1st. Pillaged into city ruins, by the Dropship pillaging stack, a 3rd worker was collected along the way.

Xukpi is also captured
Spoiler :
, with all its defenders removed by the Dropship’s off shore, and occupied by a bolter infantry, who proceeds to pillage the city.

March 2003 I capture Mutal Eliminating the French menace once again. This time Victoria THROWS NAPOLEON into the civ dungeons, making sure the door is securely bolted shut. 2 months were spent chasing 1 worker, without any commando’s, finally captured in the city of Mutal

I only realised two turns ago, I HAVE DROPSHIPS!!! DROPSHIPS. They can Drop out of the sky up to 20 tiles away, and still pillage. So to create ruins out of the cities I’ve captured, I use DROPSHIPS.

I finish pillaging Tlatelolco, and get back my 2 remaining garrison units. An ACV and a Bolter infantry with Commando. Mutal is Pillaged with no further problems, the garrisoned units being bounced out of the claimed culture by Arabia.

Upon resuming the game, I go through all the cities and adjust the builds.

May 2003 My whole attacking forces, having pillaged the remnants of the French cities to nothingness, were bounced back into my territory by the expansion of the Arabian culture. The sum of the war was;
  • 4 workers captured. Sent to London for processing into Androids.
  • 1 Commando regiment of Bolter infantry killed in action.
  • 4 Cities destroyed.
  • Napoleon thrown back into the Civ leaders dungeon, on half rations.
July 2003

Bismark, having been fully rehabilitated,
Spoiler :
and being a 2nd continent AI civ, was released from the Civ leaders dungeons. Immediately, he was lauded by 3 cities on the 2nd continent, as the leader they desired. As such, he was installed into those cities in the heart of the Indian empire.

Gandhi, who having such a rapid rise to power, is now suffering the growing pains that comes from digesting so much, so quickly. Gandhi’s vassal, Hammurabi, growing tired of the chaffing yoke of the Indian oppression, declared himself free, and was promptly declared that a state of war existed between him and the Indian empire.

I see little hope for Hammurabi, as he only has 9 cities, but they are all individual, surrounded by other civ’s culture. His capital, for instance, is completely surrounded by Malianese culture. Modern infantry against the Hi tech units of Gandhi, no resources, nothing.

As well, I’ve just had the Northern Eastern section of my Empire, declare an open revolt, as they wanted to join with Persia, but as Persia is a vassal of Arabia, I’d have to declare war on Saladin.
Spoiler :
I’m not ready for another war with Arabia. So the ‘rebels’ will now align themselves with the Hittites and Suppiluliuma. I have 4 or 5 stacks of Androids in the area, rehabilitating the land, all exposed to the opportunistic attacks the rebels are sure to launch.

Luckily I’d had moved 2 stacks of 14/15 Dropships into the area, so they, along with some Plasma Armour are used to guard those workers. I’ll crush them like the insects they are.

October 2003

I’ve received one great General out of this war, so far. I didn’t record how many units Suppiluliuma had, but I lost; 1 Siege droid, 1 Regiment of Bolter infantry, 2nd Defense of Edirne, 1 Dropship, defending Hattusas, one ACV – defending Hattusas. I destroyed at least 12+ Dropships, 4 Plasma tanks, 4 Bolter infantry regiments, 4 ACV’s and SAM ACV’s, 1 pioneer via a dropship.

Fully exterminating the rebellion, no losses of Androids, couple of tile improvements.

So much for the Hittite rebellion, its been crushed, like their hopes of a resurgence.


Just in time for my Building the Technological capital in Norwich.
Spoiler :


64 Turns of a golden age, time to look at civics.

I go through the cities, adjusting the builds to;
  • Omnifactory.
  • Park Arcology.
  • Transporter.
  • Voting link.
  • Adding other builds at the end
Crushing the rebellion, has caused the revolutionary sentiment in the revolting cities to fall, but no where near enough to combat it completely, they all are still fairly high in the city stakes.
Spoiler :

Most cities now have the Omnifactory as build No 1, unless, they haven’t built a City Creche, in which case, they are developing or newly founded, and just continue with those builds. ONLY the cities who have completed the City Creche, will be building the Omnifactory, for 8-13 turns, as the game would be over by the time they have a city creche.

March 2004

Shaka, has just had his pants pulled down, and received a grand paddling
Spoiler :
. Korea, has managed to capture 15 cities in 1 turn, only a couple of squares of culture, but Shaka can’t have any garrison troops at all??

Seems to be the way, Gandhi, hasn’t been able to crush Hammurabi, and all the other AI’s are having similar problems.

April 2004

Korea took anther 5 cities on Shaka, that makes 20 in two turns.

Radio active fallout continues to fall at a rate grater than I can clean the tiles up at.

June 2004

Shaka just lost another 7 cities to the Barbarian hordes, and word was received that the Sumerian nation had emerged in Breda.

January 2005

I’ve just researched Shielding.
Spoiler :
,I begin the National shield in Norwich, as this city has the greatest number of :hammers:/turn. It has only 3 to go on a Transporter for 20%:hammers:, and will take only 18 turns, without the Transporter.

All other cities are busy with the builds, be they;
  • Agent, 4
  • Butchery, 7
  • Levee, 4
  • Grain Silo, 8
  • City Creche, 14
  • Network node, 3
  • Regenerator, 2
  • Omnifactory, 24
  • Park arcology, 25
  • Transporter, 16
  • Voting link, 4
The others are one off builds, etc.

My main cities, would comprise of the;
  • Omnifactory (24), Tier 1
  • Park Arcology (25), Tier 1
  • Transporter (16), Tier 1
  • The Voting link (4), Tier 1
giving me 69 core Tier 1 Core cities of production, wealth and science. The other 51 or so, would be counted as developing cities.
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2nd High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria, January 2005 onwards

January 2005 –

I’ve just had to endure 2 turns of Anarchy, IN A GOLDEN AGE because some of my cities, wanted a change in civics. AWAY from slavery, WHICH I WASN’T RUNNING, into a better civic.

Well 2 turns of Anarchy is better than having a 80+ city revolts. So I accepted, and changed to Liberal, from Nationalist I think?? Any Hoo, its only 3 turns, and I’ll change to Hive, much better Transhuman era civic.
Spoiler :

July 2006 –

Disastrous year for Radio active dust fallout, 6 tiles were infected with the malaise. The monthly average is only 3, but that is still a 3x rate at what I can clear the tiles at.

March 2006 –

My invasion fleet of Japan, arrives at the city of Sippar. My dropships immediately begin the elimination of the defenders of the city, after my battleships have reduced defences to Zero and bombarded them as well.
Spoiler :

The city was taken with no losses, one cruiser was able to be upgraded to a Fusion cruiser, two Dropship units were able to earn citations for pillaging and warfare. The city was scheduled to be destroyed, the next month, as the troops had to have some R & R after the long sea voyage to reach the Japanese homelands.

June 2006 –

Nara, the last Japanese city is taken, with the loss of one dropship @ 92.5% odds of winning. The resident naval force of 1 destroyer, was scuttled, rather then be taken by the victorious English forces, along with the one Japanese fighter, that was destroyed on the ground. Nara was pillaged into city ruins by the vicious English Imperial Armed Forces, seeking to build a memorial for the lost squadron of Dropships. So ends the Imperial reign of the Japanese pretender.

My predatory fleet, now having received the taste of blood, assembles to attack the 3 Malianese cities on an off shore Island. I have a Fusion carrier en route to rendezvous with my attacking forces. I will rebase Orbital fighters as I produce them in London.

October 2006 –

Cryogenics technology has been researched
Spoiler :
Now I can build the SS cockpit of the space craft. Cyroprisons are also available, but not worth the hammers to build at this late stage.

December 2006 –

The National shield has been constructed, giving shielding II in every city in my Empire.

Rebellious elements in the North Eastern section of my Empire,
Spoiler :

have risen up and declared their allegiance to the previous master in the Persian Empire. This has forced my hand, I was sending a naval task force to eliminate the Malianese from the 3 city island off shore of the 2nd continent. But now, I’ve been dragged into war with Persian and Arabia.

As such, I divert my waiting task force to the Persian homelands, and proceed to sink; 3 Fast Battleships, 3 Littoral combat ships and 3 Stealth destroyers. For the loss of 2 of my own Fast Battleship’s.

As well, the city of Estruscan was taken, with 2 regiments of helicopter dropships gaining citations for meritorious pillaging and destruction of Estruscan. My units all retreat to the relative safety of the transports, leaving only the city ruins as evidence of their having been there.
Spoiler :

As the revolutionary movement is centred around the city of Tainan,
Spoiler :
I focus my initial reinforcements about this city. Flying in newly produced city defenders, covering the exposed workers, and trying to generally quarantine the area. I have 3 worker groups in the immediate area under threat, and cover them with troops.

Focusing the war now upon the Arabian front, I see why Saladin has been so successful,
Spoiler :
I send in my Bomber command to reduce the effectiveness of those units, BEFORE they can take to the field and cause damage to my empire.

2 Strategic Bombers and 1 Fighter were destroyed, on the ground by my hunting Orbital fighters, with another fighter being destroyed on trying to intercept my Orbital bombers. Having now been given free reign to fly the Arabian sky’s, my bomber command, proceeds to reduce the fighting effectiveness of the Super soldiers of Saladin.

Attacking with my North Western helicopter dropship forces, I fully eliminate the city of Super soldiers, with two regiments gaining a promotion in the field.

The Arabian city of Khurasan is once again taken by the English Imperial Land Army (E.I.L.A.)
Spoiler :

For the pillaging of Khurasan, two regiments of helicopter dropships were given citations for rapine and destruction of the city. 5 Regiments of siege droids were moved into the city, to garrison it for the extra turn of destruction required.

So much for the might of the Arabians, they just fell away, like the sands of the desert through my fingers. Saladin has been reduced to;
  1. 4 Super soldiers
  2. 5 Modern marines
  3. 3 Bolter infantry
  4. 2 workers
  5. 1 Pioneer
  6. 1 Mechanised infantry.
A long way from the 27 Super soldiers that he had prior to war, and 2 other cities still located in the Northern fog of war. So much for letting old foes exist. NEVER LET YOUR ENEMIES co-exist.

The only losses of the war, have been 1 regiment of helicopter dropships, who foolishly attacked a full strength regiment of Super soldiers upon a mountain peak, and damage to an Orbital bomber, from an antiquated fighter interception. 2 Fast Battleships, having been surpassed by the naval technology of the day, we also lost on the Persian front of the war.

5 Regiments of Bolter infantry, were lead astray by a faulty GPS unit, and ended up in the hills outside of Khurasan, instead of in the city and pillaging it to dust.

January 2007

Defending against the Persian insurrection, I lost;
  1. 2 Siege droids defending their cities
  2. 1 Helicopter dropship, defending its city as well.
Now I have rebels in the field to destroy.
Spoiler :

I have in my domestic territory
Spoiler :

60 Persian rebels, to be eliminated. Having destroyed 5 prior to taking the screen shot. I send in my bomber command to reduce the large stacks down, and the fighters to pick off the individual units.

Working my way up from Lisbon and Caesaraugusta, I eliminate the rebellious forces, reasserting my authority.

2 Plasma tanks destroy a column of;
1 ACV,
2 Hover tanks

4 Helicopter dropships intercept;
a column of 5 Persian Helicopter dropships.
1 siege droid and 2 of the withdrawing Persian helicopter dropships.
1 Hover tank, 1 single siege droid and 2 ACV’s outside of Edirne.

5 Helicopter dropships, intercept a Persian column of,
7 Bolter infantry and 2 siege droids. For the loss of 1 Dropship @ 90%+ odds of attack.
They then went on to attack, a ACV SAM and a 2 ACV’s, only to have one of each withdraw from combat, only to be chased down and destroyed.

1 Hover tank then singly handed destroyed;
2 hover tanks,
captured Darius’s great General, outside of Caesaraugusta.

A second hover tank, eliminates the remaining Persian forces in my homelands by destroying;
a siege droid.

Spoiler :

On the Persian home front, my task forces sinks; 1 Littoral combat ship and 1 Galleass. Pausing to conduct repairs on the ships and rest the embarked troops.

On the Arabian front;

Fustat is captured, to be pillaged and left in ruins.
Spoiler :

Destroyed by 3 ACV’s unable to reach Mosul.

Mosul is captured, by a commando regiment of Bolter infantry. Freeing up the last Grid line 15 city site :trophy:, and a Grid line 16 city site. 1 Hover tank and 1 Plasma tank were sent to reinforce the occupying forces.
Spoiler :

7 helicopter dropships pillaging Khurasan into ruins, moved onto Mosul. Only 6 had enough fuel to reach the city, pillaging was immediately begun.

Ligurian is captured with a commando enabled Bolter Infantry regiment, capturing 1 Pioneering group of Arabia, that was pressed into a worker battalion.
Spoiler :
5 Regiments of Bolter Infantry, were maneuvered to the walls of Minoan, awaiting the removal of the defenders by the E.I.A.F. bomber command. 3 more worker battalions of Arabia, were captured in the field.

Grid level 16 city of Aydab is founded,
Spoiler :

Garrisoned by a ACV and a plasma tank.

February 2007

Grid level 15 city of Cherbourg is founded.
Spoiler :
completing Grid level 15 of settlement. The 1st Defender was flown into the new city from Iconium.

Minoan is captured, completing the elimination of the lower portion of the Arabian Empire.
Spoiler :

Ligurian’s pillaging is completed, with the pillaging troops ejected by the Chinese, back into neutral lands and an abandoned Arabian bunker along the Chinese border was occupied by the English forces. Hoping to reserve a Grid level 17 Coastal site.

The E.I.A.F. completing the job on the Arabians, has reduced them to the following.
Spoiler :

March 2007

Grid level 16 city of Kubar is founded.
Spoiler :
Garrison troops were ready and awaiting the Pioneering group to arrive.

Grid level 16 city of Duisburg
Spoiler :
is founded along the coast, bring Grid level 16 to 4/9 cities.

Mosul is left in ruins, Chinese culture takes possession of the city ruins.

2 Persian fighters are shot down over the skies of Hoorn, marking the end of the Persian Air force.

The war seemed to be over so quickly, Arabia has no more troops. Persia is bottled up in two cities on the 2nd Continent.
Spoiler :

April 2007

Persepolis is captured by the Victorious English forces, using a combined Air, sea and amphibious assault, the city was taken with no losses.
Spoiler :

Pillaging of the city, to remove all knowledge of the Persian empire was begun immediately. A bunker, occupied by a Persian rocket artillery Division and a Mechanised Infantry brigade, was quickly neutralized and destroyed.

A Commando promoted Bolter infantry division, was rushed to the nearest city with an Airport, Parsegadae, in Grid level 9

May 2007

With the occupation of Hoorn
Spoiler :

the war with Persia is over. All that remains is the pillaging of the city of Hoorn, and sailing over to the remaining Arabian empire, if it still exists by then.

I’ve just finally woken up to the fact, I should be building settling groups; Pioneer, 2 ACV’s, 1 Bolter Infantry and 1 ACV SAM. Not just individual Pioneers and then trying to bring in Garrison troops. Its never too late to continue to refine your game plans. Trouble is, your always in a rush to get cities out, you want to build troops in a particular city, etc.

June 2007

Calakmul is captured, 1 Pioneering group is press ganged into a worker battalions, for processing into androids @ London.

Uxmal is captured, ending the tyrannical reign of Saladin. Summerally tried on the spot, he is sentenced to life in the Civ leaders dungeons. One worker in the field was captured by a commando enabled Bolter Infantry Division.

Destroying both Persia and Arabia, seems to have brought my rebellious cities out of rebellion. With the Revolutionary index falling, no new enemies on the horizon and having 2 cities to pillage into dust, I’ll call an end to this update, I'm up to 26 pictures, the posting limit anyways, and I'm tired.

Same civ Channel
Same Civ Time.
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2nd High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria, June 2007 onwards

June 2007 Con’t
Weather control is fully researched
Spoiler :

With this technology, I can now build Paradise gardens in my cities, well, the top 17 producing ACV’s, and open up the Ascension gate wonder to be built, with Sentient Earth technology.

The twin cities of Calakmul and Uxmal are both captured,
Spoiler :

with 2 worker battalion’s formed from the residents. So much for the Arabian rebellion.

Norwich, my 2nd top :hammers: producing city, builds the Eden project, taking 17 turns to do so.

June 2008

Advanced War Machines is researched.
Spoiler :

I NOW upgrade my fast Battleships to Fusion Battleships.

No further wars are planned, but as such, my revolutionary index is rapidly rising. As I’m looking at settling out Grid level 16 fully, I :think: I’ll may declare war upon the Chinese empire.

November 2008

The Eden project has been completed,
Spoiler :
Icy tundra lands are rehabilitated into Tundra, Tundra into plains, plains into Grasslands. Productivity of the English empire is increased, the only real problem, is the Radio active fallout. It continues to plague the land, some months, 6 districts can be affected, other months none or only 1 district is affected. No rhythm or rhyme to the fall out. 21 groups of 6 Android workers are working furiously to rehabilitate the lands, build the improvements of production and construct the farms to feed the populous.

Upon resuming, I go through all my cities, and set them up to have 5 Defenders;
3 ACV’s
1 Bolter Infantry

As well as the defense, I build Cryoprison’s in ALL cities, I go through and adjust builds for cities building the City creche, network nodes, mind control centre’s.

December 2008

I bulb Space Colonies with 3 Great Merchants,
Spoiler :
I had 6 of them just sitting in London spare, and I only need 1 for another golden age when I’m building the space ship or the Accession gate.
Spoiler :

I still have 23 Cities building a city Creche, a basic:hammers: building. I would classify those cities as developing cities, needing the base infrastructure.
Spoiler :

The majority are building the Cryoprison’s, with some others building Mind control centres, or other builds deemed needed.
Spoiler :

Gandhi, or Hammurabi has spun off Hirohito with 3 cities, and I’m instantly at war with him, or still are from previous elimination. This demands my Naval destructive forces, be sailed over for 9 months and capture the 3 cities, I think I’ll gift them back to Gandhi.

Here’s something strange, its jumped from January 2009, to Winter 2009 then straight into spring 2009 on the same turn. My golden age ended, and I built 18 Cryoprison's that turn? :think: I don’t understand it, maybe its to do with finishing at 2100, I’m 89.48% through the game.

Summer 2009

Stranger and Stranger, I’ve just incorporated Wall Mart and Safari Hunters corporations. I’m sure I destroyed both of the cities they were in previously, as well they had already spread to some of my cities. So it must be, if you destroy a city containing the corporation, it is refounded, using the same founding principles as before. It won’t happen instantly, or next turn, but when the conditions have been met, same as any other corporation founding.

Trouble is, the Religions, don’t follow the same rules.

Fall 2009

Shaka has been destroyed
Spoiler :
It would seem he’s been fully consumed by the Korean rebellion. Shaka was challenging for 2nd rung on the ladder, but lack of troops, too many wars/ Nuclear wars, was his undoing.

Will I miss Shaka, NO!!!! he was a pain when I was Gandhi, and a pain when I’m Victoria.

Fall 2010

Nagoya has been reached by my naval task force, defenses have been reduced to zero, and bombardment of the garrison has been conducted. Hirohito, has a LOT of super soldiers about, one stack of 16 and a few others here and there. As my fleet falls 1 tile short of reaching Nagoya, I’ll have to wait one month to attack. Actually, it was only the Carrier that fell 1 short, I move the remainder of the fleet, less some carrier defense, up to Nagoya.

Actually I don’t wait, I have 3 Transports that have 3 movement points. I take the city, fly in 6 Dropship’s and pillage the city as much as I can. Once I have evacuated my troops, I trade the city to Gandhi, as he’s not at war with Hirohito.
Spoiler :

I have effectively;
  1. Gained experience for my troops.
  2. Pillaged the city for experience.
  3. Captured 3 Android workers.
  4. Reduced the strength of my enemies, and strengthened my allies.
  5. Taken a city to reduce the revolutionary index.
*Resumption – I go through all my cities, adjusting the builds, maneuvering troops about.

Winter 2011

I move my pillaging fleet up to the coastal walls of Mari
Spoiler :
and bombard the defenders, even after bombardment, they are strong.
  1. 1 Dropship was able to attack at 67% odds, and had a Super Soldier withdraw from combat.
  2. Another was Successful at 74% odds.
  3. One attacks at 75% and losses.
  4. Another attacks at 72% and losses.
I can’t get any better odds then 55% for rest, so I pause attack for 1 month. I need a 2nd Carrier group with Bombers and fighters.

Spring 2011

I bombard Mari again with my ships, Air force and begin to attack Super Soldiers, unless stated .
  1. At 74% a dropship has a defender withdraw against it.
  2. The 2nd dropship wins at 87.4%
  3. A 3rd attacks a EMP infantry at 98.7% and wins.
  4. A 4th dropship wins at 82.7 %.
  5. A Bolter at 93.7% wins.
  6. A Bolter at 89.4% losses.
  7. A Bolter at 86.7% losses.
  8. A Bolter at 85.6% wins? Go figure.
  9. A Bolter at 85.2% wins?
  10. A Bolter at 97.2% wins. :faint:
  11. A Bolter at 99.3% wins.
  12. A Bolter at 98.75% wins, against an EMP Infantry.
  13. A Bolter at 98.75% wins, against an EMP Infantry.
  14. A Bolter at 91.5% wins. Against an EMP Infantry.
  15. A Bolter at 99.8% wins.
  16. A Dropship at 100% wins.
  17. The same Dropship at 100% wins.
  18. For a 3rd consecutive time, it wins at 100%.
I didn’t occupy Mari, but stood offshore for 1 turn.

Fall 2011

3 Drop ships attacked and won.

11 Bolter infantry attacked and all won, with the last Bolter occupying the city.
Spoiler :
All troops with movement points remaining now proceed to pillage the city of Mari.

Winter 2012

I finish the pillaging of Mari, as I messed up and loaded ALL troops onto the transports, and left no one behind to finish the pillaging the city.

I now move onto attack the last Japanese city of Kyoto, I bombard it from the Air, leaving only 1 injured Automaton as its only defense.
Spoiler :

Kyoto is captured and raised, using all the Bolter infantry, and finished off using the Drop ships.

Winter 2013

I bulb the remainder of Interstellar travel with a Great Scientist
Spoiler :

As that was the last Tech to build the space ship, I queue all the parts in my cities, and begin a golden age of production.
Spoiler :

It will take a Maximum of 24 Turns to build the space ship fully. With the slowest piece taking the 24 turns of 72K Hammers.
Spoiler :
*Nb: I've fixed the production schedule, it will take 23 Turns from Spring 2014 (SS Cockpit, had a thruster and casing stuck behind it. )

My nearest opponent, doesn’t even have the tech for 3 of the parts, and has only constructed the Cockpit with one piece of the casing in production.
Spoiler :

It will take me 25 turns to build the cockpit, but by then I’ll have ALL the other pieces built.

My biggest worry is my creeping revolutionary index. Even though I’ve taken 3 Japanese cities, it is still creeping up. The best that did, was drop it by 12, its back to rising again.
Spoiler :

Summer 2013

How’s this for good or what, I bulbed the remainder of Sentient Earth,
Spoiler :
with 2 surplus Great Scientists, and received it while in Anarchy due to a forced change of civics due to civil unrest in the North. (to Liberal)

Next its just future tech, but I have no upset, and very little illness in my empire. I just want the space ship or the Ascension gate.

Fall 2013

I declare war on the Korean upstart and his ‘little Biatch’ in Mansa Musa, who I’ll wipe out in full. That or 32 turns for the Ascension gate in London.

1st City I capture is Chinook
Spoiler :

Winter 2013

2nd city of 3 is Ngazargumu
Spoiler :

Fleet moves onto the 3rd city of Arpad, but as all are exhausted from the assault upon Ngazargumu, they have to wait 1 season.

Spring 2014

Arpad was taken, the defenders were bombarded to nothing, allowing a Bolter infantry to walk ashore to capture the city.
Spoiler :
  • 4 Workers
  • 1 Clone worker.

Arpad is raised, with 3/5 Partisans being destroyed, before the Bolter infantry boarded the awaiting fusion transport, to take them to the main land of Mali, and more destruction.

Summer 2014

The Grid line 16 city of Seneca is founded.
Spoiler :
The city was enabled through the heroic efforts of the Android workers, building a Command post 1 tile south to reclaim the city site from the predatory cultural expansion of the Carthaginian empire. A settlement group of;
  • 1 Pioneer
  • 1 Bolter infantry
  • 1 ACV SAM
  • 3 ACV’s

Was awaiting the freeing of the city site. All were commissioned in the city of Pasargadae, and sent to the frontier.

Fall 2014

After splitting the task force into two groups, one containing the captured workers of;
  • 3 Androids
  • 1 Clone
  • 4 Workers
Sent back to the city of Duisburg, so they could be processed into worker groups. An escort of;
  • 1 Fusion battleship
  • 2 Fusion Submarines
  • 2 Fusion missile destroyers
  • 1 Fusion transport (containing the workers)

The remaining task force of
Spoiler :
Was sent to the shores of Walata in the Empire of Malinese empire to fully prosecute the war. The defenders were reduced to nothing, by the Glorious Naval Air Arm of the Navy. Allowing a Bolter infantry to walk ashore and claim the city for the Glorious English Imperial Empire. 10 Regiments of Bolter infantry were unloaded at the city for some much needed R & R (Rampage and Ruination)

Unfortunately the celebrations got out of hand, and the city was destroyed, with the Harbour being made unusable by the English naval forces.

One specialist was relocated to Ipswich.

Next update;

Same civ place.
Same civ time.
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2nd High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria, Fall 2014 - Completion.

I go through all my cities. Adjusting builds so;
  • The Omnifactory is AFTER the Mind control centre.
  • Any cities that are short of food, have Food processing plants.
  • Any city with unhappy citizens;
    1. Is either stagnated from growth.
    2. Is about to build a Mind control centre.
    3. Has a Food processing plant in queue.
Some of my cities actually produce faster, when I emphasise commerce

2 of the Thrusters are behind a 1 turn build of an ACV, and will be quicker than the slowest part currently.

Hatshepsut, my only real challenger in the space ship race, doesn’t have the tech for 2 of the parts, and hasn’t even started the 2 biggest hammers parts of 2 Engines and the stasis chamber.

Spring 2014

Spoiler :
has been captured. Troops requiring experience are given 1st option for some R & R (Rampage and Ruination) Requiring the pillaging of the city over 2 seasons.

Spring 2016

Spoiler :
has been captured. All Bolter infantry disembark to partake in the R & R in Timbuktu.

Summer 2016

The Pillaging of Timbuktu was completed this season, with the resulting 6 Partisans dispatched by my Bolter infantry regiments.

Kumbi Saleh was also captured,
Spoiler :

by a commando promoted Bolter infantry. The city was declared to be an open city, but rather than pillage it, it was gifted to Gandhi, in memory of my 2nd Civ.

Spring 2017

Uruk of the Korean empire has been captured,
Spoiler :

some R & R is in order.

Lagash is captured, Pillaging of the city is conducted immediately, and conducted over 2 seasons till Summer 2017.

Spring 2019

A group for my cities, come forth and demand that I change to Secular,
Spoiler :

as they can’t practice their faith of Shinto. Meh, I agree, anything to forestall the revolutionary index.

Fall 2019

Due to my RAPIDLY rising revolutionary index
Spoiler :

I’m forced to declare war on the Chinese. That and the starch in my laundry, its just not on.
Spoiler :

The cities of;
  • Roskilde, taken with ALL troops foolishly rushing ashore to participate in R & R.
  • Dairen, taken and raised, allowing the building of the Grid level 17 city of
    Spoiler :
    A Pioneering group from the city of Haerbin.
  • Loyang, taken and levelled to the ground. The setting group from Fasil Ghebbi, gave the coup de grâce.
  • Lijiang, pillaged to one remaining population, to allow use of the dropship’s ability to jump 20 tiles from a city, next turn.
  • Nubian, taken by a Commando promoted Bolter infantry regiment. Dropship's were dropped into for some R & R. Pillaged down to one population, to allow the usage of the dropship's abilities.
  • Nacogdoches, captured by the same commando Bolter infantry regiment. Again dropship's were dropped in for some R & R.
  • Grid level 16 city of Cuzco,
    Spoiler :
    is founded, by a settling group from Fasil Ghebbi.
  • Santricum is taken by a Dreadnought armoured Tank (main battle tank). Pillaged to dust, with Lancaster’s settlement group capturing 1 clone worker, and 4 workers and 2 clones also captured.
Grid level 16 city of Tokyo,
Spoiler :

is founded, 2 districts to the West of the ruins of Santricum.

Check out this crazy Hybrid Gunship,
Spoiler :

It has
  • Combat 5, (2 x field promotions)
  • Blitz, (inherent promotion)
  • Pinch 1 (field promotion)
  • and City raider 1, (actual promotion)
    with only 19.24/26 experience points. Too many field promotions, oh yeah!!!.:eekdance:
Winter 2020
  • Hanghou is captured.
    Spoiler :

    11 Great Generals, what a cheat if I kept the city, pillaged as not on the grid.
  • Xian is captured, holy city of Taoism, off the grid, destroyed.
  • Shanghai is captured, off the grid, raised to the ground, contained 3 Great Generals.
  • Grid level 17 city of Izumo is founded,
    Spoiler :
    with aggressive settling of cities.
  • Grid level 17 city of Logrono
    Spoiler :
    , through aggressive settling is founded.
  • Beijing, off the grid, scheduled to be raised.
  • Grid level 17 city of Ecbatana
    Spoiler :
    , is founded, through aggressive city settling.
  • Macau is captured. Off the Grid, destroyed.
Spring 2020
  • Nanjing is taken, off the grid, demolished. Four great generals.
  • Tiajin is taken, off the grid, demolished. Two great generals.
  • Hull is captured, too far North, demolished.
  • Shandong is captured, too far North, demolished.
  • Ningbo is captured, too far North, demolished
Fall 2020

Bulgar falls and so ends the Chinese empire. The city is burnt to the ground, and forgotten about in the Icy Arctic of the North.

To Celebrate the victory over the Chinese, Grid level 17 city of Diyarbekr is commissioned.
Spoiler :

4 Seasons to destroy China fully. A long and drawn out war, one where no quarter was given, and my war weariness rose to quite a high level.

Nb: It took over an hour each to play each turn, pillaging, manoeuvring troops, builds, workers, etc.

Domination of the skies allowed the English Hegemony to bombard China at will, with no city out of reach.

Grid level 16 has 7/9 cities to be fully settled out. Of the remaining two;
  • One can be enabled via a fort.
  • The 2nd city is a Carthaginian city of Kanesh (coastal).
  • Grid level 17, has 5/9 City sites now occupied.
  • Worker groups have been increased, by 4, including the Malinese booty to 150 workers. (I can’t build workers!!!) :wallbash:
  • Revolutionary sentiment has been driven down to zero with victorious battles.
  • City count is now 129 Grid cities.
  • 1 Turn remains on the space ship build, with my nearest opponent, not even having all the required technologies to complete the ship. (Due to a Thruster 42240:hammers: and docking bay 70400:hammers:, being stuck behind a casing for 4/5 turns.)
  • Elimination of 2 more opponents. :assimilate:
Winter 2021

The space ship is completed
Spoiler :
it will take 160 turns for it to complete its journey. (I don’t think so, 5 for the Ascension gate is much better).

So much for my reducing revolutionary index, its back to creeping up again, in my CORE CITIES

Summer 2021

Sailing back from the icy Arctic oceans, my troops stopped off for some R & R in the barbarian city of Circassian. Unfortunately, the rowdy troops caused the cities destruction with their rampage.

Fall 2021

Grid level 16 now has 8/9 sites occupied with the founding of Breda.
Spoiler :

The settlement of Breda, was brought to you by the Political exiles and Malcontent’s of York.
Bringing the city tally up to 130.

The building of a fort, culturally flipped a 85% English tile under the default control of Carthage. Only one city remains in Grid level 16, the Carthaginian city of Kanesh.
Spoiler :

Summer 2022

:trophy: :w00t: I won a Scientific victory.
Spoiler :

Was it ever in doubt;
  • Score of over 10K, nearest opponent has 3827, less then what I lost building the Ascension gate.
  • With building the Ascension gate, I lost 3994 points.
  • 121 cities built.
  • 229 cities were raised.
  • Most killed unit was Grenadier (432),4 lost. Followed by Modern infantry (363), 6 lost.
    Spoiler :

    Going through the game history,
  • Saladin had internal problems with the French, he was never able to resolve, till it was too late.
  • My moving the Indians to the new area, was the only way out, pure genius. :old:
  • I took too long to take over the green lands of the Byzantine empire.
  • I should have fully eliminated the green lands of the Holy Romans 1st.
  • I should have eliminated the American’s much earlier, then I did.
  • The major turning point was Saladin declaring war in 1992, just after he had solved his internal French problem, but constant warring, left him with no army. I quickly rolled over his entire Empire. :ar15:[pissed]
  • Fighting short sharp wars, with a definite plan of attack and settlement. Extermination wars.
  • Having long periods of Consolidation, and not constantly jumping into war.
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I had a play of the save from when I took over the English.

This Time I decided to attack the Holy Romans 1st thing.

I was able to burn down one city, capture and occupy their capital in Aachen.

I'd captured 10 Bombards, but I lost the Warlord unit defending @ 85%, one attack only!!!!!

I was in the process of capturing another city to destroy, then I was going to occupy a 3rd city, and burn down another to join my lands/cities together.

I was going to spam out Settler groups of 3 Arquebuisers, Garrison 3 and a setter to found a Grid city.

Then it crashed to the desktop.

Would have been a much better result, as I would have had 4 cities in the Green grass lands, and still have a Tundra army to control the Tundra. Holy Rome could only barely defend his cities, and I would have controlled 3 horse resources as well.
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