High to Low game 1. (From 2nd Civ)

Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Listing of Rules applied to all 3 in the High to Low of Civ's, unless stated otherwise.

1. 30 Units per tile Maximum. :trouble:
2. Can't build workers. :cringe:
3. Can't build siege, only 4 max of battering rams. :nono:
4. Have to settle a 'Grid to work every tile on continent' pattern, with over lap in 3rd ring to the North East (lower city) to South West corner (Upper city). (3rd civ only)
5. Must settle ALL great Generals, but can inherit a Great General unit. (3rd civ gave me one)
7. I must run a minimum 20% Culture slider for game post Music. :grouphug:
8. Coastal settlement – I’m allowed to vary the Grid to Gain coastal cities, but only up to 2 cities, including the coastal city. (3rd Civ only)
9. I must research by Columns, and not rows. Techs with 1 turn remaining from conquest are exceptions.
10. Base improvement allowed only, but I’m allowed to build the upgraded improvement where; the base improvement isn’t able to be built. I.E. Shaft mine for Uranium, on ice, Industry on tundra (can’t build workshop):shifty:
11. A spy/Agent/Hacker in every city.:borg:
12. I can only research bulb in current research column.:goodjob:

List of postings.

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When the war is over, the spoils are counted

The Radioactive lands
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Worst enemies and no friends
Golden age of discovery
Run to Paradise

Game High to Low,

1st Civ, Babylon, nothing special, built up starting city, moved out, concurred the Japanese, partly destroyed the Germans, fought mainly in the North West of Continent.
2nd Civ - Indian rebels aaarrggghhh!!!! :mad: WTF, Talk about getting screwed over.
Spoiler :

Situation - 1 city, 2 spears, 1 mounted infantry, 2 archers in wilderness, AWAY from my city.​

Prognosis - LONG uphill battle ahead,if I don't get CRUSHED by the No 2 Civ, whom I seem to be rebelling AGAINST!!! Other cities are going to a 3rd Civ, in Jayavarayaman II
I just got switched, as rebellion and losing city, dropped them to No 2 score.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
More on my 'screw over' with my 2nd Civ.

I managed to take 3 Barbarian cities, all within 5 tiles of each other, to the NW of my 1st city. Location was 20-30 tiles away.
Spoiler :

As this city is completely surrounded by culture of the Khmer (revolts all the time to them), the Zulu's, (Declares war on my master all the time).

I decided to just make archers in Yasodharapura, and trade carts, to send to my NEW CORE EMPIRE.

As a result, I completely abandoned the city, after the revolts had ceased, due to bribes, and sent in total 8 archers and 3 trade carts.

It seemed I was in a war with Shaka, must have happened BEFORE I was able to break vassalage. Shaka, kept sending catapults to bombard the city, but wouldn't take it, a long bow would walk out, look about and scoot back home.

FINALLY Shaka, decides its not a TRAP!!!, and takes the city.

Well, BOOM!!!!!. I was running Republic, and had to reduce slider to 15% science to be in green. NOW, its 100% 39 :gold: in green, and the AI's still love gifting me techs. Vassalage, Feudalism, Smithing and a few others.

*Edit* I now realize I could have just gifted the city back to Suryavarman II

I now have 3 cities, all are building a settler, to settle 3 more cities, I have plenty of green fields space to expand into. A couple of AI's have settled an 'orphan' city, so ripe and juicy. Also my previous fellow vassal, having also broken free, has 2 'orphaned' cities way from his core Empire, and they are just dripping with juice. Longbows and Catapults only as defense.
Spoiler :

Once I settle cities for Stone, lead, and 3rd yet to be determined, I'll start to spam out swords to take whats rightfully mine.

On my previous civ, the Babylonians, they just kept going from strength to strength. But has fallen on the Military strength from DOUBLE every one else on the continent, to 8th Position, with the top 2 on THIS continent, next 5 on 2nd continent. The previous 2nd placed civ, was Shaka, he's fallen to the Bottom of the Table, but now has risen to 4th last on continent. Probably due to taking Yasodharapura off me certainly helped him out.

I did have a 2nd option, I could have stayed with the 1 city, but it was constrained, and I'd have to have taken land off Shaka. Trouble is, Gilgamesh, was also declaring war on my master and me, and he's to the North, in reach of the Shaka cities, then I'd have to have dealt with Sumerian troops constantly invading my new cities, not nice.

I feel I've made the right decision, even though I lost a great city. I lost a settled great general, city with barracks, archery range, Tannery, great production, was gaining tiles with culture, but bordered Suryavarman II's capital city.

All in all, looking great for my 2nd civ, much better then when I 1st took over. Gaining a great spy from the 'Assassin' event and launching a golden age made all the difference. Though I made a HUGE ERROR in taking 20 turns of anarchy to switch to Republic, Caste and Public works (for the Hammers) which caused all my rebellions in capital. I had to switch back to Monarchy to stop it and gain the tiles. Later in Golden age, I was able to swap to Pacifism and Divine cult, once I picked up a religion. (though I've lost it now, having lost Yasodharapura).

ALL the AI's on this continent, bar 2, no guesses who, either are Friendly (3) or are pleased (4) with me. Shaka and Gilgamesh both :mad: me lolol I'm their worst enemy :cry: . But the really funny thing is, I'm currently GANDHI, the favorite biatch of the AI's.

All in all, a fun and challenging game so far, now I await the 3rd civ screw over. last 3 tries I've;
1. Been exiled to a 3 tile Island, off shore from the Russian capital, losing 1 tile culturally to the Russians.
Spoiler :

2. Vassaled with 1 city, completely surrounded by Culture, with virtually no free tiles to settle and only 3 tiles in my culture.
3. Stuck in Green pocket of Tundra, with 10 tiles of Ice to traverse to get out, only room for 4 cities.

Also, I've been chasing a stack of 8 or so Barbarian workers, that keep moving from city to city as I take them, I really want that worker stack, and need to take a city in one turn to get them. The AI's just let them roam about past their borders all the time.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
High to Low 2nd Civ Gandhi of India.

I've now improved to 22 Cities.

I just finished eliminating Bismark of the German Empire.

A Bolt on addition of 9 cities to my empire, and I'm STILL LAST on the scores.

Spoiler :

2nd part of bolt on addition.​

Bismark, went and biatch vassaled to Isobela, and also spun off rebels in the Celtic empire, who I also had to clean up.

I was also fighting a border war with Shaka, who didn't do anything, as my border city had High walls, a castle and longbows, pikemen/Heavy pikemen, Elephants and Crossbows.
Spoiler :

Thing is, Suryavarman II, who declared war on Shaka, ended up Biatch vassaled to Hammurabi, who hasn't done jack with what I left him. Is only on top score, due to having a vassal.

Think I'll hunker down, develop my cities with Universities, build up defences and think about who to attack next.

Push into Isobela?? Nah, I'll take one orphan city by my borders, then make peace, as she's willing to give me gold/gold per turn. I've just been fighting a holding pattern with her, as she sends troops to attack my city of Kassite, High walls and a castle, I just kill them off and capture her bombards, 4 now, lost 2 to counter attack.

Suryavarman II has 4 orphaned cities, with his Empire split in 2, so bolt on those 4, as surrounded on 3 sides by myself,
Spoiler :

and fight a war with Hammurabi?? could take a couple of cities on his far left flank, that I've now driven into curtsy of the German empire.

Van Orange is an option, but best to keep as ally on right flank. I have a string of mountains to separate us, Others are too far away, Hatshepsut has one orphaned city, that I can and will bolt onto my empire, I'm 0.9 of her strength, so what she sends against me won't matter.

Decisions decisions decisions, what's a despot to do??

1st thing is to wipe out Suryavarman II, I don't want to inherit his empire as my 3rd civ, as Shaka despises him, and they share a long common border.

More reports :

Van Orange declared war on me,
Spoiler :
and I've taken 1 city already. Isobela, continues to send in single bombards, and I continue to capture them.

Suryavarman II, had broken free of Hammurabi, and is looking tasty for a bolt on acquisition. Take 3 cities of Van Orange, declare peace for 40 turns and turn on Suryavarman II.
Spoiler :

Odds are killing me, 2 losses, in 4 turns. One at 98.5%, Van Orange, and one at 99.3% Isobela, and nearly lost a 3rd at 96.5%, enemy bombard had last 3 hits on me, then I won!! combat 3 with Charge, rider!!!!!!!:mad:

All this, when the Volcano event has just happened, and I'm building Grocers all over my empire, no replacement troops.
Spoiler :

*Edit* lol just made contact with the 2nd Continent, bought contact with one civ, then bought contact with all others from them, and then sold them to my continent, and sold my continent to the 2nd continent. Traded rudder, obsolete tech, the AI's refuse to research?? I received Clockworks??? WTF?? :gold: and :gold:per turn.

On Score board, all civs bar 4 are going BACKWARDS. 3 including me are going forward, and leader, who is Julius Caesar, with a vassal, is steady.

Ahh fun and games ahead, but 2 lowest civs are on 2nd continent, and only have 2 cities, with various monster civ's there??? Rut Roh.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An up date on my High to Low game.

I've now moved on to my 3rd and last Civ, the English (Victoria)
Listing of rules for 3rd Civ
1. 30 Units per tile Maximum. - Alway's
2. Can't build workers. - All Civs applied too.
3. Can't build siege, only 4 max of battering rams.
4. Have to settle a 'Grid to work every tile on continent' pattern, with over lap in 3rd ring to the North East (lower city) to South West corner (Upper city). - Only 3rd Civ is restricted so
5. Must settle ALL great Generals, but can inherit a Great General unit. (3rd civ gave me one)
7. I must run a minimum 20% Culture slider for game post Music.
8. Coastal settlement – I’m allowed to vary the Grid to Gain coastal cities, but only up to 2 cities, including the coastal city.
9. I must research by Columns, and not rows. Techs with 1 turn remaining from conquest are exceptions.
10. Base improvement allowed only, but I’m allowed to build the upgraded improvement where; the base improvement isn’t able to be built. I.E. Shaft mine for Uranium, on ice, Industry on tundra (can’t build workshop)
11. A spy/Agent/Hacker in every city.
12. I can only research bulb in current research column.

It would seem they spawned as rebels to the Vikings, took one city, Vassaled to the leader on this Continent, Julius Caesar, and have just stagnated in the Tundra.
Spoiler :

Now I've dropped in, only 1 worker for Civ, I was able to trade a tech for a 2nd worker, but can't trade for any others.

When I left Gandhi, I noticed that I hit top score, so I declared war on 3 bordering civs, but unfortunately, that didn't last long.

Now that I'm Victoria, I see the only way out, is to declare war on the Vikings, but they have vassaled to my Neighbour in Justinian, and he has Cataphracts available. 18 strength Cuirassiers with flanking against siege up to Trebuchets (I believe its an error here, should go up to Bombards).

I may just have to hunker down, settle a couple of tundra cities and see how the diplomatic landscape unfolds.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Update on High to Low

On my 3rd Civ, the English under Victoria

I have expanded my Empire to 7 cities now.

Having fought my 1st war against Justinian, I eliminated the Vikings from 3 cities, I then proceeded to remove all Justinian's Tundra cities with my 'Army of the Tundra', all with Tundra 1 and 2 promotions.

Spoiler :

In the 2nd War with Justinian, I've lost all my "Army of the Tundra' through war attrition. I've captured numerous cities, which all have been raised, as I have a 'Use every tile' city settlement plan/map. If they don't correspond to my planned cities, they are raised.
Spoiler :

Actually, Nicaea was retained under the rule of 2 city adjustment rule for coastal cities.​

Also I fighting the Americans, an Ex Byzantine vassal and the French at the request of Caesar or Charles the 5th, who borders my right flank, and is a Friendly ally.

Current plan is to Eliminate Justinian completely, settle his Ex lands, and then to Remove the American threat to English domination.

I have Continued on my trading of captured Trebuchets for Cannons, and trading for workers, as I cannot build both under my self imposed rules.

Shaka has risen up in the score rankings, so has gone from a position of weakness to strength now.

I'm still last on Score, with just over 1/2 of the next lowest, Justinian.

Behind in Tech's, but once I gain some grassland for cities, and not Tundra/Ice only, I should be able to start to build cities to ramp up production/science.

My Capital city, London, is my only real production city, with 18 promotion point units produced.

Fun fun fun game.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
More on the High to Low game.

3rd Civilization, Victoria of England.

Restrictions imposed

1. Can't build workers.
2. Can't build offensive siege, only 4 max of battering rams.
3. Have to settle as to 'work every tile on continent' So settle in a grid pattern, with over lap in 3rd ring to the North East (lower city) to South West corner (Upper city).
4. Must settle ALL great Generals, but can inherit a Great General unit. (3rd civ gave me one)
6. I must run a minimum 20% Culture slider for game post Music.

Initially, I was just taking orphaned cities from the AI, that were in my grid area of settlement.

Justinian, war of extinction, settled his ex lands.
Shaka, 1 city. raised, Orphan city on continent.
Gilgamesh 1 city. raised, Orphan city on continent.
Couple of Barbarian cites, taken and raised.

Couple of Grid cities put in place to take me to 11 cities.
Arctic section
Spoiler :

Northern green section

I had a previously friendly Charles V, turn to Annoyed, as he went 'free religion' even though he had the Hindu holy city, and I was Hindu. He declared war on me, after an initial holding/border war with Charles V, as I was fighting Roosevelt and Napoleon at the same time, and settling Grid cities in Tundra/Ice of Antarctic.

I was then able to launch a total war of Extermination against Charles. Of the Cities I took, over 10, I kept only 2, as they matched my 'Work every tile' city pattern. Leaving 2 cities in the North
Spoiler :

I was able to cut his Empire into two, and raise most of his Core cities, leaving only 9 Tundra

I then Turned on Napoleon,
Spoiler :

Raising 4 cities, keeping none on the Grid, and leaving him with 1 lonely, orphan city, surrounded by Arabian Culture. As I don't have any French Culture problems, I've decided to leave him as is.

Not my problem of having French culture in my cities. Arabians sucked up most of vacated land with Culture pressure.

I finished my 'border' war with Roosevelt, with a truce, settled a new city, Warwick, on the reclaimed grasslands, its now grown to size 17 and capped out at happy, so needs to build happy buildings. Production is over 200:hammers: /turn, a great city, 30+:food: surplus.

Now I just want to settle my gaps along my borders, settle the Tundra in Full, to stop other AI's from planting cities there. Develop these cities further, and resume the war with Charles, as he has 2 Cities on the Grid, and is occupying the land of many more grid cities, all others in Tundra/Ice region of South.

Situation of map is, I'm in the South West of Continent, I've fought up north to the Arabian empire, the score leader, who's friendly with me, as a buffer.

South I just have Tundra and Ice, a couple of orphan cities of the AI that's messing up my grid settlement. To the South East, I have Charles's V remaining empire in Tundra and Ice, with 2, East, bordering the Russians. The Russians either captured or flipped a 3rd city of Charles, on my Eastern border, making a straight line border with Russia.

The West of London, were the lands of Justinian. I've fully settled out these lands, bar 2 grid cities, that severely impose on two coastal cities I've settled. North West, along the coast and a bump out west from main body of continent, I have the remaining American lands, only 10 tile deep, and 20 wide.

Plan is to;
Dually settle more cities, develop them.

Charles as I haven't made peace as yet, press home the war with. I have captured 31 Cannons from him, and still counting. Thats apart from the ones I received in trade from him.

Napoleon, I was able to gather up 8 workers from him, with 1 remaining in American lands, but held out by Arabian lands from French lands. Captured 3 cannons only, but 7 workers (Cha Ching) in last city taken.

Roosevelt, is weak, with only 4 or 5 cities in a small cluster to my North West, bounded by Arabia to the North and Myself to the East, South, and Ocean to the West. A tasty morsel to snack on :yumyum: when I have my settlers ready to claim that land.
Spoiler :

Further East of Charles V, are the Russians. Nothing to be concerned about. Further east is Mongkut of Siam.
Lenin is warring with Charles and Mongkut has a war going on as well, so they are occupied for now.

To the North past Arabia, I have;
Julius baby, who's friendly with me.
Masinissa, friendly as well, as I supplied copper for his war.
A few others, but I have an Arabian shield, so not worried about them.

Tech wise, I'm falling behind the leader, but in front of the lessor civs, but only 3 off the bottom score.

Now plan is to develop cities with science/production.

Military situation, I have 25-26 Experience units coming out of London, 2 other providing 9-10 Experience units due to civics.

Running a 20% Culture rate, and 35/40% science rating in the green.

I was just gifted Rifling by Arabia, and have upgraded all my muskets to Red Coats, researched most of it.

Fun and challenging game, very enjoyable.

I'm currently sitting at 18 cities.
21 Workers, 5 groups of 4 and 1 in capital.
60+ siege, from trading and war capturing.
Red coats, main garrison forces.
Commando promoted light and heavy calvary.
Inherited Great general unit, who's 100% against a 130+% culture city, that was as a musket,now a redcoat. Commando promoted, city raider 3, fury 3, combat 6, City garrison 2 (inherited as that??), Trying to get Raider 4 as field promotion.
18 Cities, plan to settle 2 more to even out borders,
Finish of Charles V, and settle those freed lands.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
:evil:More on that High to Low game.

3rd Civ Victoria. (last civ)

I've been fighting the 'good fight' in the Antarctica area of the Map.

I've taken 7 cities off Charles V,
  • 5 have been raised to the ground,
  • 2 fitted into my grid and were kept.
  • 4 Have been settled by myself for the English hegemony,
  • 5 Other cities have been settled to back fill, and bolster up my borders.
I've only been fighting a defensive border war with Charles V in the North East (2 Cities).

His other half of the Empire, I've been slowly dismantling in the Antarctic section of the map.

Currently all that is left in the Antarctic is two orphaned cities, along with 1 Barbarian city, and 2 from Suryavarman II of Khmer empire from the 2nd continent.

Plan is;

1) Remove the Barbarian city, raise it to the ground, re-settle as is a grid city. (Will have virtually nothing in it, and I have Pioneers available.)
2) Piece meal remove the two remaining Holy Roman cities in the Antarctic area.
3) Push Suryavarman II off of my continent.

With this accomplished,
  • I would have successfully settled the Antarctic area of the map to my grid settlement pattern.
  • Left no room for 2nd continent AI's to drop cities onto.
  • Straightened up my Borders. A virtual straight line with Russia.
  • Pursue the final push into the remaining Holy Roman heart lands, enabling the settling of a couple of grid CORE cities in the verdant grasslands of Holy Roman empire. All the while holding off the Russian cultural encroachment.
Once they are gone, I'll turn on Roosevelt, whom I only have a Truce for last 500+ years. 5 Cities. Tasty. Time to :backstab::assimilate:

  • 1270 Score
  • 27 Cities.
  • 35% :science: rate, 1297/turn, TD 1247 (1st time in front)
  • 20% :culture: rate (Minimum)
  • 44 :gold: in Credit/turn.
  • 6864 Treasury balance.
  • 94 Artillery pieces, all from war capture, trading and upgrading. NO builds allowed.
  • 12 Pioneers ready to settle new cities for the greater glory of the English Hegemony.
  • 8 Cities over 20 Population, Counted as Core cities.
  • 7 in the Teens, Developing Core cities.
  • 12 Below teens (< 12 pop), developing fillers, pubescent developing cities.
  • 1 City, London, has already build a Metropolitan Administration, next best is only 38K:culture: (need 75K:culture:)
All cities have been recently set the task of Building a Construction Firm, Skyscraper and a Bunker in that order as a priority build.:think:

16 out of 24 in Scoring, moving on up :eekdance:
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
High to Low, 3rd Civ Victoria of England.

Additional rules (forgot to mention)

Coastal settlement – I’m allowed to vary the Grid to Gain coastal cities, but only up to 2 cities, including the coastal city.

Just had the Volcano eruption event, 2nd time now I think, other was a meteor strike.

Every one is going backwards on score setting, mass starvation in cities. The AI would be doing much worse then me, with its ridiculous populations. No farm production above 3:food:, sea tiles all produce -1:food: from base.

Cities are starving, at the rate of -15:food:/ turn. Building food bonus buildings where I can.

Suryvaraman II, I declared war upon him, once he freed himself from the :evil:overlord-ship of Hatshepsut of Egypt, too good an opportunity, especially as he’s bottom of scores.

I don’t understand how he got those two cities, its all ice around them, can’t have sailed in, must have walked across the ice and taken one or both?? Only reason I can think of, he made peace, and with a Pioneer and some troops, was banished to the other continent, and ended up in the Ice wastes of the south. Built a 2nd city and stayed out of sight/ out of mind. Dead now though.

He was Gandhi’s master on the 2nd continent (Me in 2nd Civ), how he ended up here??? I've no idea. 2 cities, already lost 1, and 2nd has one infantry remaining.

Spoiler :

Basket case AI’s. I no sooner burn down a city, then they settle one on the vacated land. The Chinese, must have run down a Pioneer, and dropped a city, going for the fish resource. I’ve just had to drop down 2 cities, with a 3rd going where a barbarian city is going to be destroyed.

I’ve ended up Buying the Chinese city of Yangzou, that opportunistic settlement, I’ll raise it and settle a grid city now. I have war ally bonuses going, not wanting to throw that away, I traded for some resources, one Iron frigate and steamers I got off Arabia in a trade. Never even used them, just costing me income to hold.

Never ceases to amaze me, I’ve dropped down 4 cities in the Ice/Tundra, with the Volcano eruption event, and I’ve gone to 113:gold: in the green. Going to back fill two more cities, just have to build the garrison troops to watch over. Cities will either starve to 3 points immediately, or will grow in fortunate in surrounding bonuses.

Most of my cities have stopped starvation now, settled down to base food populations. Can now go back to building the Bunkers and skyscrapers. Then onto Troops for WAR!!!!!

Settled out the Southern Antarctic area, just dropped my 34th city, still in the green and still growing. I only have to remove the last of Charles V'ths last city in the South East, settle my Grid city and then I can move onto his ‘Green core’.

Fall 1866 - ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. Lincoln, has DECLARED WAR UPON ME!!!!! He’s sent his troops, gibbering and streaming south.
Spoiler :

Into my two Border cities, both of which have Bunkers, Artillery on sentry and Garrison troops to hold. True to form, it pillages any improvements it comes across.

It looks like a lot of troops, spread out, pillaging every tile, but really, its nothing. One turn stopped out the front of my Bunkered cities, and the Massed Artillery, will decimate them. I’ll then pick off the rest with my Calvary troops and build an offensive army to take and destroy his lands. :goodjob:
Spoiler :

True to form, the AI insists in splitting off into single units to pillage the lands, so I just go about picking off the 2 movement horse units with my anti-horse promoted Redcoats. My 1st English warlord (an inherited Great General unit), runs about picking off Modern Grenadiers. I left it parked on a hill top, next to a stack of motorised infantry (8), after killing off one of them, and then Lincoln proceeds to throw them all away at 0% odds (Guerrilla II promotion)

Lincoln is now spent with attacking forces, now I just roll up his cities (8), and burn them all down. Darned Arabian empire, sucked up one grid city spot with Culture.

As well, I just received a request from the Arabian, to join them in their fight against the Russians. I had to decline, sending him to Pleased, as I don’t want to fight the Russians as yet. I’m still in the process of cleaning up the Americans. Just had another lock up, probably due to AI path finding.

Rut Roh, Charles just Biatch-a-lized to Julius baby, :hmm: I also have Saladin at war with Lincoln (3 cities), but I don’t think he’s going to take any cities, at least I hope not, as he’s also at war with; Zara Yaqob of Ethiopia, Mongkut of Siam and Lenin of Russia.

Fall 1893 and the war is OVER!!! Kept only one city, Philadelphia, burnt down 6 and had one flip to the Arabians, 6 workers were captured.

The Arabians have either eliminated the French, or they gave up independence. The one city to revolt, Mansura, was 84% English, I received 3 rebel units from that revolt, 1 modern Grenadier and 2 Infantry, which I can’t build as yet. Arabians sucked up another grid city with Culture from Mansura.

I’ve settled 4 Grid cities in the reclaimed lands of America, with one more grid city to settle upon the coast.

Time now to consolidate my new lands, and turn my attention to Charles and his Biatch-a-Lation to Julius Caesar.

  • 40 Cities in existence.
  • Building Pioneers, existing 7 (from zero), building 3 more, I used up 10 of them!!!.
  • Freight, have built out to the limit of 9, with existing/building.
  • Lessor cities are building Construction firms, with Freight help.
  • Mature cities are building Stadiums, for the +6:), or tax offices/courthouses if lacking.
  • Other cites are building either town halls, town clocks, village halls for the :hammers: and free specialists.
Winter 1900 – The Holy Romans have gone to Heaven and are no more.

Settler Depots, I have 2.

One in the South East, for the Tundra lands of Charles (1 city), and 1 Barbarian city below the Russian empire.
Spoiler :

The second Depot is in Liverpool, in the East, bordering Charles V’ths ‘Core’ empire (2 cities)
Spoiler :

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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
:thanx: for offer, but easy enough for me to do, besides this thread is what its designed for. I just like to write and show off.

High to Low, 3rd Civ, Victoria of England.

Rules I forgot;

1) I must research by Columns, and not rows. Techs with 1 turn remaining from conquest are exceptions.
2) I’m allowed to build the upgraded improvement where; the base improvement isn’t able to be built. I.E. Shaft mine for Uranium, on ice, Industry on tundra (can’t build workshop)
3) A spy/Agent in every city.
4) I can only research bulb in current research column.

I changed religion to Hellenism, as I was graciously asked by my former friendly ally, who’d fallen to pleased, and was about to fall further. Saladin controls the Holy city of Hellenism, but doesn’t seem to have built the Statue of Zeus as yet. 8 turns of Anarchy to keep him happy, I hope he’s grateful.

As well, he asked me to join his war against Russia. I would but I’m back filling cities, building infrastructure and trying to recover my research rates, dropped to 15% due to expenses.

I’ve achieved a Coast to coast empire, with the settling of my 43th City, I’ve an empire that stretches across the continent, be it the lower southern icy/tundra section. The only way from now on is Northwards.
Spoiler :

Just got the ‘Ape’vertiser news from Gibbon, I’m the largest Civ in the World.

November 1912 – Lenin, declares himself free from the :evil:overlord-ship of Julius Caesar, dumb mistake, I IMMEDIATELY declare war on Lenin.

Fighting my way up from the South, I’m taking and burning down cities if they aren’t on the Grid of my settlements. Moscow, has 8 settled Great Generals, 2 Great Engineers and a Great Profit. Not on the Grid, not to be kept. Rostov had 1 settled Great General, gone as well. St Petersburg 2 more settled Great Generals, Burnt down.
Spoiler :

Yakutsk, 2 Great Generals, burnt down, Samut Sakhon it the last city taken, burnt down as well. So much for Lenin and Russia. Picked up another 6 workers, lost 1 to an attack by another AI I’m at war with.

Shaka has fallen down the listing of score???, next rung above me by 161 points. But Hatshepsut has risen to the top of the ladder, mind you, she has Isabella, William Van Orange and Mansa Musa as Vassals. She’s just lost 2 Vassals, Mansa Musa, who’s gone independent, and William Van Orange, who’s gone and Biatch-a-lized to Gilgamesh, who they were at war with.

War with Zara Yaqob, 1 city only, 11 Gatling guns as defense, sent out all the riflemen to attack a group of 4 Motorised infantry, killed 5 for the loss of 3 units. I’ve had to send in 10 of my artillery to reduce the Gatling guns down to 4.5 :strength:, now I can reap my rewards with my tanks.

10 Settled Great Generals, 1 Great Engineer, 1 Great Scientist. Cities not on the Grid, it HAS to be burnt down. City is reduced to nothing, Such is Victorian stubbornness. Might not have been such a good idea, as Saladin invited me to join in the war, I wonder who he’ll attack next, I’m friendly, so won’t be me.

Major item of note;

Saladin, bowed to rebel pressure, and gave independence Napoleon with; Shiraz, Scythian and Bukhara, right along my borders. I ponder for 2 turns, don’t ask me why? :dunno: and declare war on Napoleon BEFORE he can be Biatch-a-lized to another civ.

In 1 turn, I’m at the borders of Shiraz, as its on my cultural borders, take the city and raise it to the ground.

Same turn, I move up to the walls of Scythian (size 42) and bombard and assault it, burning it to the ground as well, over two turns. Picked up 3 workers from Napoleon as well, very tasty, Hopefully, I build another grid city out of this.
Spoiler :

Taken earlier than independence​

I actually settled the city of Lancaster​

My stack of doom, has;
  • 31 Artillery (no siege build rules, all from capture/trading/upgrading)
  • 1 heavy tank (Built)
  • 3 Early tanks (built and upgraded from trades)
  • 5 Light tanks (built and upgraded from trades)
  • 4 Motorized infantry (Built and upgraded from trades)
  • 5 Modern Grenadiers (Built and upgraded)
  • 3 Infantry (Built and upgraded, including my inherited Great General)
  • 1 Motorcycle (promoted to Medic II, aiming for Medic III)
  • 1 Adventurer ( “ “ “ “ “ “ )
54 Units (had set to 100/tile, reset to 50), I’ll go back to 30 now. (had set higher due to a couple lockup’s)

I received a Great spy from the Milanese espionage in my capital, and launched a golden age. I’m now at 35%:science: and 25%:culture: and still in the green.

Now just looking to consolidate my Empire, I switched civics to;
  • Federation – Lower city maintenance costs, from Democracy, and build a Provincial hall in every city (-15% maintenance)
  • Single party – Its all about the 25%:hammers: from Bureaucracy 10%.
  • Corporate – Its all about the chamber of commerce (1 Free merchant), being mass built around empire now!!! from slavery. (No slave revolts, same gold %, lose 10% :hammers:)
  • Pacifism – Its all about the 25% :culture:, making up from loss of Democracy(5%), from standing army.
Looking at 24 turns of Anarchy without a golden age.

After struggling to get over 1K :science:, I now have 4.4K:science: with a small loss of wealth.

Just had to pay through the nose to secure Iron, for my Iron works and Railroads.
Masinissa had 2 Iron to trade, and I can’t pop any at all, or take in my conquests.


Having just conducted a review of my empire, 49 Cities, all bar 16 have built manufacturing plants, couple others have couple turn builds in front so max 20 all up. After that they go onto normal infrastructure builds.

I back fill in 2 Grid cities, that severely impinge upon other grid cities on the coast.

Situation militarily is;

104 Artillery pieces. (I not allowed to build any siege)

Long Northern border with Saladin, who’s pleased. Currently at war with; Hammurabi, Julius Caesar, Darius I, Qin Shi Huang, master of Pacal II & Sitting Bull, Ashurbanipal, master of Suppiluliuma.

I could :backstab: Saladin, but why??

Attack Mongkut of Siam, would only conquer only a few tundra tiles, then all green grasslands, 10 Grid cities, they have 10 cities, spaced out much as settling a grid, no overlap, and I’m 2.6 of power. Most likely course of action. Would then bring my Borders up to Ashurbanipal, more or less a straight line across continent. (sounds better and better the more I write)

  • 1st in Manufactured Goods, and land area.
  • 2nd in Crop yield, dammed tundra.
  • 3rd in GDP Gold production.
  • 6th in Soldiers and approval rating.
  • 11th in Population. (Building food manufacturing plants in major cities) 9.63% V’s 11% for leader.
  • 35 City ruins. Many more farmed or built over.
Plan at moment, is to build infrastructure, await 8 remaining turns of golden age, and then to re-access. Keep Saladin Happy/Pleased as buffer and attack along exposed flank of rival civ.

Considering half my empire is Tundra and Ice, I’m doing reasonably well. Behind in tech, 4.8K research with 3K diffusion.

July 1928 - Joy of joy’s, I was able to build a Bunker, and flip a Siamese tile to allow the settlement of ANOTHER grid city. That makes;
53 Grid cities,
And still in the green.

Saladin, my last religious ally, has gone secular, and fallen to cautious in relations. No matter, I’m culture bombing a Grid blocking city, spreading my culture with spies. I’d change, to secular, but its a 16 turn anarchy penalty for doing so.

I’ve moved up to Position 5 in Scores :trophy2:, 1.6 :strength: of Mongkut, but he has Modern infantry. Application of forces at critical points is what matters, not strength. He has a couple of stacks of Modern infantry about, and is dropping tactical nuclear weapons on Saladin, along with Shaka doing the same on 2nd continent.

Here’s a Huge turn-a-round, Julius Caesar, the previously No 1 Civ in the world, has just become the vassal of Masinissa. Previously it was the other way around, it seems Qin Shi Huang is making great inroads.

April 1931 - Looks like Arabia is on the way out as well, Saladin, has just released 10 cities to Napoleon, 3 are on my border, war declaration and razing of those cities.

Same Civ time, Same Civ update, for further updates. :coffee:
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
High to Low, Victoria, 3rd Civ May 1931 onwards.

Saladin has fallen to No 7 on the score list, with his release of cities, I’m now No 3. :eekdance:

I immediately declare war on Napoleon, as I’m his worst enemy anyway. Doh!!! I forgot to do it before turn end, he Biatch-a-lized to Ashurbanipal, now I’m at war with;

Ashurbanipal, Pacal II, Suppiluliuma and Napoleon.

No matter, only 1 Helicopter in a bunker near me, and its trapped by Saladin’s culture. Thanks to my open borders with Saladin, I can reach these cities in one turn. I capture Thanjavur, a Grid city, size 46, and pillage it down till its happy and making food, no use having them starve for no reason.
Spoiler :

*Edit* I stupidly stopped pillaging, its now constantly revolting and starved down from 43 to 13​

I have to give it to Saladin, even with losing half of his empire, he still takes it up to the Siamese, troops are moving through my lands to attack Mongkut. Mostly to avoid tactical nukes, he’s dropping.

:lol: Napoleon is ‘counter attacking’ with Mechanised infantry, one per city x 3 cities. Oooohhhhh I’m really scared of this counter attack. 2nd Turn, I take the city of Yamama, defended by only 1 unit. Burn this one down, and onto Mansura, Capture 1 worker, that grid blocking city. Same turn as I raise Yamama, I take Mansura, time to raise it as well, then build a grid city.

2 tiles above Yamama, I have a Grid city location, and 2 above that I have size 51 Paris, completely surrounded by Arabian culture. It has to :devil:

Same turn as I raise Mansura, I’m at the gates of Paris, my 1st English warlord, (Inherited unit), attacks at 93% and wins easily. 3 Bombers of Ashurbanipal are stationed there, bombing my improvements. Can’t reach me otherwise, apart from a bunker I have to destroy they currently occupy. Paris is only defended by 2 Mechanised infantry, well, one now.

S.O.a B. THE SIAMESE HAVE TARGETED BLACKPOOL WITH A NUKE!!!!!! :hmm: I may have to rethink attacking them. Looked like an ICBM, but probably only a tactical nuke. Now I realise ALL cities need bomb shelters, completely oblivious to this fact until I was targeted.

Next turn, I take Paris, 3 Great Generals and a Great Engineer and one worker. A non grid city, burnt to the ground, relieves a bit of cultural pressure from the French upstart. Just hit over 6K in research @ 40%:science: :goodjob:

After I pillage Paris in 3 turns, I heal for another turn, and next turn I’m at the gate of Cuman, 10 tiles away. Time to wipe out the Assyrian bomber command. With the capture of Cuman, I relieve all the cultural pressure the French were putting on my lands. Time now to hit Ashurbanipal, or make peace?? Might have some fun 1st. 2 workers picked up for my troubles.

Update April 1932
  • 2nd Score :trophy2: only 8 point behind leader, Gilgamesh.
  • 54 Cities, (1 Cuman being pillaged)
New stack of Doom (30 Units/tile limit)
  • 4 Main battle tanks
  • 1 Special forces (building 6 others)
  • 1 Great General modern infantry (city killer)
  • 1 Helicopter unit (building more)
  • 10 Mobile Artillery (Upgraded, highest promoted in stack)
  • 5 Modern Grenadiers (Just to round out stack/defense)
  • 1 Motorcycle (Promoted to Medic 3)
22 Units, :)hmm room for 8 more)

City builds – Fall out shelters, I WAS TARGETED BY A SIAMESE NUKE!!!!!! S.O.a B. Cities that have build fallout shelters, default to Research laboratories or other builds.
  • Research is 40% 6015:science: per turn
  • Culture is 25% at 5400 per turn
  • Gold is 35% at a loss of 515 per turn, due to taking Cuman, as non grid city, is pillaged over 2 turns, size 41, but in outer 8th Grid line, with only 1 city in 9th Grid line, then filled core rings.

French cultural pressure is Zero now, with the taking of Cuman, Arabian cultural pressure was also lessoned with the loss of this city.

Summer palace, has been built in Norwich, right central to empire, once I take Siam, it would be centre. Grid Lines of settlement are 9 cities wide max, with Norwich being the 5th in Grid line. I have 8 Grid lines of completed settlement, with 1 city in 9th Grid line, not counting the filler coastal cities, also in 1st Grid line.

Palace has been moved from London, only 13 tiles West from Norwich, to Charters in the top most Grid line (8th) of completed settlement line, only 1 city in Next Grid line of cities, 9th (Chartres). Palace is now purely administrative for costs, and will be moved north as I settle more Grid lines northwards.

All civs bar 1 either are Furious or Cautious with me, only Masinissa is pleased with me. :goodjob:

Tech wise, they only have the next Column of research on me, so I’ve nearly caught up again.

Ashurbanipal won’t make peace, asking for Aachen for peace, I could give him some gold, but nah!! stay at war, only 5 turns from jet propulsion, then I have Jets and equal with him.

Using Special agents to cause troubles amongst the bordering civs, Arabia and Siam.

Just plan on building out the nuclear shelters and the research laboratories. Fight a holding war with Ashurbanipal and his crew of cronies. Look to attack Siam once they are beaten down in war with Arabia.

June 1932 - I received the fossil fuel event, build 25 Hydro and Nuclear plants, existing counted.

July 1932 - I received the reward for doing this event, ?? but I have only 23 Hydro plants, 0 Nuclear plants, and 24 Oil power stations, 14 Coal plants. Error here, counting Oil as Nuclear
*Edit* I now realise, that I must have taken Hydro plants in cities I burnt down, so counted those as having been in existence for the reward, that or the city I lost @ 12.5% cultural flip pressure.*/Edit*

May 1935 - I had a rebellion event in my Northern most city, I could have declared war on Arabia, but I declined, they've declared war on me anyway. Thing is, they are falling apart, lost one city to the Ethiopian rebels, from a previous rebellion I had, that freed up land around Thanjavur (my northern city). I’ve managed to shoot down 4 or 5 Arabian jets, for the loss of 2 of my own. I’ve taken a couple of Bunkers, one was 1 tile away from a city, one of which bombed by Arabian bombers, :goodjob: Arabia.

I’ve sent my stack of doom to destroy one grid blocking city, and they to burn down the 2nd grid blocking city. This will free up the upper left of my grid pattern along the west coast. Arabia needs to be destroyed now, they have Cultural pressure from France, Ethiopian rebels, and Siamese have taken one city and made Peace.

September 1935 – Mongkut, decides to take an opportunistic chance and declares war upon me. Meh, I’ll just fight a holding border war with him, while I clean up the Arabian in my North West of my Empire. He’s a straight line border, with a couple of bumps, along my East, 10 Grid cities. Once I’m finished building my Communication towers all over my empire, I’ll build an army and attack. I decide to rush bunkers on my eastern flank, but will only cash rush if city is threatened. I’ve lost most of my traded Air-force, from the Siamese, in attacking the Arabian fighters. Going at about 50/50, as equal jet fighters.

I take the City of Orleans, for the loss of one main battle tank @ 68% odds:mad:, pillage the city as its not a grid city, picked up 2 missiles for my troubles. AI should have used them?? Then on to Fez, and I’ve cleaned out the North West.

I plan to raise another 3 or 4 cities, make peace, then concentrate upon the Siamese, war of extermination against them. I’m still fighting Ashurbanipal and his crew of cronies as well. They can come through Siam to hit me, but only seen one Helicopter.

As I’ve just researched Conglomerates, through war, I queue Industrial parks in all cities as No 1 build, 50% building production.

In one turn, I take and I raise Orleans, move up to the walls of Fez as its bordered by my culture. Bombard the city, revolt it with a spy and destroy its one defender, taking out 4 Arabian Jet fighters. I pillage this city, as its blocking another grid position.

The Grid city of Seoul goes up on the North Western Western border, cash rushing an agent 1st, freed by the raising of Fez and Orleans. On to Tours and pillaging of that city.

April 1936 – The Russians are back!! they’ve taken the city of Yaroslav’l off the Siamese, and I have Zero cultural pressure from the Russians.
Spoiler :

My espionage efforts are paying dividends finally. That will distract the Siamese from bothering me for a while.

I take Tours on the same turn, 2 settled great Generals, 1 Great Engineer, 1 Great Profit, destroy 1 jet fighter on the ground and capture 2 missiles. Tours is scheduled to be burnt to the ground. With another grid city site available, I settle the city of Dia, my 56th city.
  • :science:45%
  • :culture: 25%
  • :gold: 748/turn in the green.

I take the City of Balkh, learn nothing of worth, destroy 2 jet fighters on the ground. Burnt to the ground.

Pasargadae, my 57th Grid city it settled on reclaimed Arabian lands. Now I need to build some defenders for these new border cities.

February 1937 – Mongkut’s chickens have come home to roost. Ashurbanipal and his crew of cronies, have declared war upon him. 1st turn they capture the city of Nakhon Pathom. Revolutionaries of the same said city, joined the Assyrian republic. They either captured the city themselves, or the Assyrian republic, joined in an opportunistic attack and claimed the city. Its on Mongkut’s northern borders with Assyria, so would be one of the last cities I’d burn down anyway.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
High to Low, Victoria, 3rd Civ December 1937 onwards.

Items of note, Meteor strike near Plymouth, created a creator lake and wiped out all improvements around the city.

Next turn, I have a Volcano eruption near Londinium a CORE CITY. :aargh:, fortunately its one of my worker depots, and they can repair the lands quickly.

That Bustard of a Siamese leader, he’s gone and NUKED my stack of doom. It seems he has multiple tactical nukes in all the cities I come across. I only have my inherited Great general left, as he has commando, and can move up to city in one turn and kill a defender. I’ve captured 2 cities and have burnt down 1 city so far, in process of pillaging the 2nd city. I’ve been able to settle 1 grid city out of all this, Indrapura, right on the Russian cultural borders, as I had to build a bunker to gain the tile to settle upon. 34% English, 66% Siamese, culture battles, but I’ll win. Russian culture is just default residual culture. One more Grid city, once I pillage Nakhon Ratchasima in to dust.

I’ve only just realised something, Mongkut can’t make Nuclear weapons WITHOUT URANIUM. I can’t do much about the ones he already has, but new ones I can stop...DUH!@!!! Mongkut has only 1 tactical nuke left, it seems he won’t nuke near its own city, so if I keep attacking with my 1st English warlord unit, I can remove that from the game. :hmm: seems he had more then one tactical nuke left, he nuked a city I took, and was pillaging anyway, nuking his own people, what a despot he is.

Yeah, no more nukes at all, 3 cities, no Uranium, no nukes. NOW I can fully remove him from the game.

June 1940 I take the city of Nonthaburi, I lost 1 Mechanized infantry at 90% to the last defender. City is not on the Grid, to be burnt down, contains;
  • 8 Settled great Generals.
  • 2 Settled great Engineers
  • 4 Settled great Scientists
  • 1 Settled great Prophet.
  • All the usual buildings you’d expect to see in a mature city.
Too bad, taking Great generals from the AI is a cheat anyway, as you’d effectively generate them at the rate of x2 if you constantly war with that AI.

A couple of turns earlier, I build the Silicon valley national wonder, and was able to mass produce Industrial robots for +25% :hammers:, for +2:mad:

It would seem Ashurbanipal is losing control of his many vassals, 3 of them just broke free on the one turn, and he launched 3 Tactical nukes in response to this. Caesar, Pacal II and Sitting Bull all broke free, only Suppiluliuma remains.

December 1940 – I take the city of Pak Kret, its not on the grid, and is scheduled to be demolished.
1 Settled great general
The usual building from a mature city.

September 1941 – I take the City of Bangkok, the Siamese are no more.
Spoiler :

I pillage the city, as its NOT ON THE GRID. I’ve now freed up 2 more grid city sites, with a third, contained in the Russian rebels lands. I’ll move my stack around to Blackpool, which has the closest border to the Russians, only 1 city, but have master of Qin Shi Huang troops in the city, too bad, so sad. :sad:

With the Elimination of the Siamese, my crippling war weariness, has now disappeared completely. As well, I settle 2 Grid cities, send a pioneer for a 3rd, right along the borders with Assyria, who’s taken an ex Siamese city for their own.

May 1942 – I take the city of Samut Prakan off the Assyrians, it was a Siamese city after all, and I did destroy them, plus its a
:trophy:COASTAL GRID CITY!!!! :trophy:
Spoiler :

With the taking of Khon Kaen, I make peace with Ashurbanipal, he has a lot of tactical nukes, and this city is in range, as was Samut Prakan, but I haven’t been nuked yet.?? I establish embassy with him and open borders as well. I have my North Eastern border secure now, time to eliminate the Russian menace.

  • 65 Cities, Cities to be settled In a ‘use every land tile grid’
  • 64 Workers, No workers units allowed to be built.
  • 4 - Pioneers, For future grid cities, as they are freed up.
  • 34 Mobile Artillery, I’m not allowed to build Siege.
  • 18 Howitzer, I’m not allowed to build Siege.
  • 39 Artillery, I’m not allowed to build Siege.
Demographics – I’m 1st in the four most important classes;
  • GNP :gold: 17,355 V’s best opponent of 14,836
  • Manufactured goods produced:hammers: 14,565 V’s “ “ of 6,054
  • Crop yield :food: 5,557 V’s “ “ of 3,943
  • Land area 1,600,000 V’s “ “ of 40,000

I have Supersonic flight of them all, but they have Hydroponics (½) 37 turns, Networking (½) 27 turns, 2 have composites 39 Turns.

Sliders are set at;
  • 25% Culture - 7,800:culture:
  • 45% Science - 9,272:science:
  • 0% Espionage - 1,382:espionage: (still getting the random setting of levels etc)
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Trouble is, Photobucket has decided to Monetize themselves.

Not sure about other 'free' photo hosting sites. I do agree, and usually I have lots of photo shots.

Not enough room on Civ fanatics, prefer to keep that for games uploading.

Have to look into it.

*Edit, Looked into it, now updated with Embedded photo's.

Trouble is, I could only get photos from the loaded save, I didn't want to play on and change events, so some shots are out of date.
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communism will win.
Feb 20, 2013
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Have you tried Imgur?
Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Just a quick note, I haven't forgotten about this story line.

I'm in the process of taking screen shots from my saved games, and trying to weave them into the previous posts.

I'm still looking into an online photo hosting site.

*Edit - Google photo's was best, and I was instructed on how to embed them into posts.

see this posting and the one following.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
High to Low, Victoria, 3rd Civ December 1942 onwards.

December 1942 – The Russian enclave threat.

Counting from my most Southerly settlement as level ‘0’ with 4/4 sites filled, I have 9 levels of settlement, with Level 9 being 4/8 sites filled.

I’ve decided to remove the Russian enclave threat from my lands, I have them surrounded on 3 sides now, and their lands contain 3 GRID CITIES. 2 northern ones, of which I’ll possibly lose to cultural pressure from the Assyrian’s to the north.

The Single civ Russian Menace, has 25 Mechanized infantry, 2 missiles, 2 mobile Artillery, and 2 Jet Aircraft. :think: Me thinks I need Nukes.

I just received a list of the most advanced civilisations in the world, I hold 3 of the top 5, well, 2 of my ex civ’s in my high to low rampage hold positions No 1 and 2, with Victoria, Civ No 3 holding position 5. Lenin, my next victim, holding only 1 city, is position No 3!!!!!! THREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • No 1 :trophy: in score count, I’m 330 greater in score now
  • City count, I have 63, with my nearest rival having 36.
  • Military, all bar 5 I’m in the green, Hatshepsut, I’m 0.8, the others I’m 0.7 with 3, and 0.5 with last. All are on 2nd Continent, must be something to do with my previous 2 Civ’s I controlled, bar Masinissa, who I’m 0.7, and if not for error with M.A.D. civic, I’d be Pleased with.
  • Masinissa, my previously only pleased ally, has fallen to cautious, due to the fact, that he has adopted the M.A.D. civic, and is INCORRECTLY applying the -4 “your military policies threaten the world”
I don’t know what’s going on with some civ’s, but they have;

-78:mad: “Past events have drawn our people apart”

-91:mad: “Past events have have proven you bad nature to us”

September 1943 – I was able to build a bunker on some vacant land border, and flip the one tile I needed to settle my 65th City, Ellasar

I tell you what, those AI’s on the 2nd Continent, are Nuke happy or what.

Gilgamesh has just launched 5 A bombs, 4 Tactical nukes and 1 Nuclear missile.

Shaka, who declared war on Gilgamesh, has launched; 2 Nuclear missiles and 1 tactical nuke.

February 1945 – Lenin frees himself from the Vassalage of Qin Shi Huang, I IMMEDIATELY declare war upon Lenin, letting him throw his troops against my cities. I was building tactical nukes anyway to bombard him. I destroy 8 Mechanized infantry outside his city, leaving another 11 inside Yaroslavl’, along with a missile, a jet fighter and a Pioneer.

June 1945 – I take Yaroslavl’, 2 of the last 3 battles were fought at 40% and 37%, both of which I won :trophy:, the city has;
  • 1 Settled Great General
  • 1 Settled Great Engineer
  • 4 Settled Great Scientists
  • All the usual buildings you’d expect from a mature city.
As its not on the Grid, it gets Burnt down to the ground.

I settle my 66th city of Cumae, a northern grid city, now to take the last Russian city of Orenburg, and remove the Russian enclave.

September 1945 – Fasil Ghebbi is my 67th and LAST grid city. Now I can just settle back and tech, build and expand culturally. I have my 9th row Northern border partially settled out, I still have 4 more cites to settle on my North Eastern most border, but I choose not to pursue war with Ashurbanipal, he didn’t nuke me when he had the opportunity, and his cities are all within tactical nuke range of each other.

My other lands have been fully settled, according to the ‘use every land tile’ rules of settlement I have to follow. :culture: will be set to 30%, so as to forestall any rebellions. I estimate I control about 40% of my Continent, I certainly can’t do what I usually do, and control 100%, well not until I get Networking nodes, and virtual voting booths.

Qin Shi Huang, has a -256:mad: modifier against Saladin, for “Past events have proved your bad nature to us” What has gone on?? I don’t know what Saladin's done, but he has 5 worst enemies, and they aren’t going away any time soon.

Shaka and Gilgamesh, continue their war, with Gilgamesh setting off tactical nukes as soon as he builds them. Gilgamesh has Mansa Musa as his worst enemy, even with the war against Shaka, who despises Gilgamesh, for dropping nukes on him.

August 1946 – I do a full review of my cities production. Starting with a review of my Summer palace, not movable, and my palace, a purely administrative centre. I could move the Palace to the 9th Northern ring, but I don’t plan any wars of expansion, as I can’t afford the new cities. 5%:culture: is costing me 800-900:gold: per turn. I need to grow organically now with what I have, and develop those cities.
  • City count is 67, next best AI is 35,
  • 35%:science: @ 9,259
  • 30%:culture: @ 1,064
  • 0%:espionage: @ 1,413
  • 7 Full levels of cities, with 8 in the 1st/9th levels, from South to North. 2 levels partially complete, 4/8 cities in the North, and 4/4 cities in the South. Summer palace being level 5.
With my review completed, some cities taken off no grow, changed a few builds, its onwards.

Just been going through the units the AI has, F5, Masinissa has 38!!!!TACTICAL NUKES. M.A.D. by civic :crazyeye: by nature.

I still have 11 cities without any power generation, due to;
  1. not enough population,
  2. still building a construction firm,
  3. in process of building power station.
These are all in the North Eastern section of the Empire, in reclaimed Russian lands or Siamese lands.

Upon review of my lands, I’ve messed up the 8th line of settlement, they are 1 tile to far south. Not going to change, as 9th line is back on track. So I just double over a bit more, meh!!!, not like I missed a tile, is it.
*[Edit] - Actually I haven't. It was my looking at the coastal cities, or 2nd off the coast. Which due to their nature of settlement, makes it look like I'm out. But you trace it inland, and Its all fine. All coastal cities will only be 5 tiles apart, to maintain the grid. Normally they'd be double that @ 10 tiles, for cities in same vertical line.[/Edit]

After pushing Convention centre’s to the top, +2 :) & 25%:culture:, I go through an add Hotels where they can’t build the convention centre, slower cities get manufacturing plants or Industrial robots. Its all about the :hammers:

I build the SDI national wonder, 10% for both Maintenance and city maintenance costs. That caused a drop of 10% in my research rates to stay in the green. 15% interception chance, better than 0%. I then can create Anti-Ballistic missiles for another 15% with Artificial intelligence.

August 1951 – Having conducted a review of the builds, most cities are on commerce boosting builds or :hammers: multiplying builds. I have a culture corridor up to the wall of Suru,
Spoiler :
which is 21% English. 2 Tactical nukes, 4 Bombers, 4 Mechanized infantry, 1 Jet fighter and 7 Howitzers. City sits one tile BELOW my grid line of settlement, with its sister city of Jute, 4 tiles to the East and on the coast, being a GRID CITY.

A 3rd Assyrian city in Nakhom Pathom is located 1 tile to the South East of a grid position. Trouble is, all 3 of this 1st line of Assyrian cities, have a 2nd Assyrian city within 4 tile range, probably holding more Tactical nukes, or launching pads for transference of such weapons from other cities. War with Assyria is out of the question.

Saladin, has the city of Aden, culturally holding a grid position in my 9th line of settlement. The city of Yeha, 3 Tiles to the North East, also probably holds that grid city in its cultural thralldom. Got to give credit to Saladin, he’s Empire is fairly stable in the North, its just where he had to release the cities to the French, that He’s lost lots of land. He’s currently warring with 2 one city Civ’s, but I can’t see where they are, and trading a couple of maps didn’t help.

No wars are possible as yet, I wait the unfolding of diplomacy.

March 1953 – Having just done a review of my cities, I took one off of no growth (Pisa), put a few onto no growth, due to my lowering of the :culture: slider by 10%. Changed a few builds, but otherwise, happy as is. Made a trade of 123:gold: per turn to Qin Shi Huang, who seems to be rehearsing a role for Hamlet, for a couple of resources I have in abundance.

Sliders are;
  • 40% :science: giving 13,509/turn
  • 30% :culture: giving 15,645/turn
  • 0% :espionage: giving 2,048/turn
  • 365 :gold:/turn in the green.
Venerable Berde, has just given out the power ratings, I’m No 4, thing is, Masinissa, who’s 7th, took 3 cities off Qin Shi Huang, who’s No2, and Hammurabi, has risen to No 1 again. Looks like those wars I started, got some civ’s going.

September 1956 - I was able to trade for 3 workers with Mansa Musa
Spoiler :

‘The Meteor event’ Well, its struck AGAIN!!!! 2 all for Meteor’s and Volcano’s.

The only saving grace is that, corporations still work at full capacity, the A.I. suffers more then me, and its all part of the game.
Spoiler :

As well, I’m mass spamming E-banks where available. I think its time to launch a golden age, and change some civics. Specifically;
  • Single party, causing too much revolt unrest, back to President, loss of 10% :hammers: (16 Turns, no golden age)
  • Free church, good civic, to Personality cult, better :) with, Communication tower, tv station, Advertising agency (16 Turns, no golden age) 20 Turns all up without golden age.
  • Corporate – No good alternative to what I have, as most disable corporations are foreign corporations, and I need them.
  • Imperium – Redevelopment, cost me 2,675:gold: per turn generated, but improves relations with all weaker civs and opens trade connections with them, and +25%:culture: In all cities.
I am trying to get Elected to the United Nations general consulship. I want to ban Nuclear weapons, and build the Nanite diffuser. I’ll probably go Cosmopolitan at end of golden age, or in 5 turns?.

I launch a golden age with 5 Great people, I had stored up;
  • Great Spy
  • Great Engineer
  • Great Scientist
  • Great Merchant (the last one to get)
  • Great Profit (no religion holy city), I burnt down Hinduism, as was off grid city.
July 1957 – I’m asked by various cities to face an election against Churchhill. I decided to ‘Buy’ the election, and the result was
Spoiler :

November 1957 – I bite the bullet so to speak, and change from
  • Corporate, causing nationwide unrest, to Green, mostly for the health and ability to build recycled good factory.
  • Cosmopolitan, as I want the +3 relations with ALL civs. Plus it saved some cash.
As well, I’m more powerful then most civ's, apart from Qin Shi Huang, 0.7 and Hammurabi, 0.8, with being equal with Masinissa at 1.0. Its gotten a few civ's to pleased status.

January 1962 – Gandhi, becomes the Biatch of Hatshepsut, who gets another golden age. I left that fool, top of the tree, military, score, land, but did declare war on Babylon, Egypt, Shaka, did I do bad :confused:

June 1962 – I made a trade with Hatshepsut, for 3 technologies, that are in the next column of research. She actually offered me more in beakers than I gave up??? Trouble is no one else will trade me for the same techs. I offer 2 for 1 but no go. Two civ's can trade a tech, but won’t even trade 3 techs for Mesh networks.

December 1962, the Sunshine returns again
Spoiler :

All my cities are growing, I have 1 city, Aachen, growing at 101:food: per turn surplus. I have to stagnate that city.

December 1963 – I just received the Nuclear weapons protest event, I didn’t get a screen shot, but you can get rid of all Nuclear weapons, for +3:) in all cities. As I didn’t have many nuclear weapons, and can easily build more, I took it. Solves the unhappy in a few cities, and lightens the load on the treasury as well, win/win.

*Edit - Actually, I've been informed, that there is a counting error with this event, and the Nanite defuser wonder. I didn't check numbers, so ??, but if you have enough nukes, some will be left behind.

June 1964 – Talk about being Nuke happy, the Barbarians, who were rebels in Gilgamesh’s state, captured 3 cities, and launched 1 tactical nuke back at Gilgamesh. Hammurabi, who’s declared war on William Van Orange, launched 3 tactical nukes himself, and sent in 1 A-bomber. The 2nd Continent seems to be an irradiated wasteland. Masinissa and Qin Shi Huang, who are at war with each other, in October, in total launched 9 tactical nukes, 6/3 against each other. Of course, I’ve been targeted by various 2nd Continent AI’s with ICBM’s. Probably because I’m score leader/city x 2 leader, and 1.2 :strength: of other AI’s minimum. No matter, they are busy with each other, nuking, attacking etc. I just suffer the fallout across my lands.

The problem here is that the AI’s are too nuke happy. M.A.D. civic, just makes them more inclined to build nukes, with no regard for MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION. Its more the “What damage can I do, I’m not worried about the damage to me”.

March 1965 - I lost a lucrative trade deal with Gilgamesh
Spoiler :

February 1967 – Masinissa had just set off 3 HYDROGEN MISSILES against Qin Shi Huang. Its just an irradiated wasteland. I remove fallout as fast as it appears, but I think, this will end in a dead world. Oh yes, I didn’t get elected to the U.N. secretaryship, as I had most single votes, and many abstained. Next time, I’ll vote out Nuclear weapons, if I can.

October 1967 – I’ve just researched Mesh networks, and I MASS BUILD ADVANCED QUALITY CONTROL in all cities that are able too.
Spoiler :

Wooo booy, these AI’s are NUCLEAR HAPPY!!!
Spoiler :

April 1971
– It would seem the ‘Eternal nuclear war’ is finally catching up with the AI’s research
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
None of these photo hosting sites, allows you to create subfolders, like Photobucket did, but I'm not paying $/month to post game screen shots. Trouble is, you can't embed them in your posting, as you could with Photobucket.

Google seem to be best so far.
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
High to Low, 3rd Civ, Victoria, October 1972.

Having to resume from a crash out of memory, I do a full review of my empire. Ye olde London, just gave me an announcement of citizens getting rebellious, so I send a newly produced Modern infantry there as a garrison.

Having done a full review of my cities, some have been put onto stagnation, some taken off, builds altered. One city was bribed, Ye Olde London, as its a major military city, and I don’t want it going off-line for 18 turns or so.

November 1972 – Saladin, declares war upon ME!!!!!,
Spoiler :

I’m EQUAL with Shaka in strength, through just building some troops in select cities, mainly focusing on infrastructure, and cleaning up fallout.

I immediately take 3 Vacant Bunkers, built along the border or internally. Destroy 2 NLOS cannons, for the loss of 1 Gunship @ 75% :mad: I have Aurora scram jets v’s Strike fighters, not many offensive troops I can see in this cities. A few have Tactical nukes, but are back from the front lines, the one tactical nuke in range, was in a bunker I captured. A-bombs seem fairly prevalent in his cities, but I should shoot them all down.

I think having a vassal has gone to his head, I was ONLY sending in Agents to constantly destabilize his empire, but all had hide nationality as first promotion.

As I’ve decided NOT to expand through war beyond the next line of settlement, I’m quite happy to take the bunkers, free up land, and burn down some border cities of Saladin. I had my main air-forces, facing off against Ashurbanipal, as I did fight the last war with him, but he’s busy fighting Pacal and Suppiluliuma, the later a rebel civ spun off, and Pacal, has only 2 cities.

I’ve also been busy building anti missile batteries in ALL my cities, for the 15% nuke defense.

Not going to be much of a war, as I’m busy cleaning up fallout, from these idiot AI’s and their nuke happy nature. I clean 1, and 2 more descend. I have Advanced Quality control in all cities, bar Pasargadae, which has had the power turned off. My capital city, which I moved to the top most line of settlement along the Arabian borders.

December 1972 - I launch a tactical nuke at a city in range, Aden, and it brings them down to half strength.
Spoiler :
I then assault the city with my troops.

I take the city with no losses, and pillage it to nothing as its not a grid city, but it has freed up another grid city position, by the bunker I took in the 1st round of the war.
Spoiler :

I also assault the city of Yeha, and take it with a special infantry unit, A size 43 city to be pillaged over a number of turns. I shot down 4 A-bombs, 1 strike fighter, and destroyed 1 strike fighter on the ground.
Spoiler :
all for the loss of 1 strategic bomber.

It takes 2 turns at least to pillage size 43 Yeha, down to rubble. At least I’m out of range of the tactical nukes Saladin has. I try to pillage a Town, in range of tactical nukes and I get hit.

As the other AI cities are all covered by Tactical nukes, I don’t want to press the attack any further. As well, I just lost my inherited warlord unit, as I was trying to grab 3 workers on a fall out tile. So sad, too bad, I don’t need it any more anyway.

Ashurbanipal is at war with Saladin, don’t know when that happened?? he’s at war with the Hittite rebels as well, having just lost 2 cities to them. Must have been when Caesar vassalled to the Assyrian. Hopefully the Assyrian gets taken out by the Hittites, then I can push into them with no threat of Nuclear weapons raining down on my head.

June 1973 – I do a full review of my cities, I have crippling war weariness in all of them. Not such a good idea any more to be; a pacifist, at war, and having build peace monuments in some of my cities. The 5% CUMULATIVE bonus (Penalty) certainly does add up. I could mass build security Bureaus, but that’s only a -25% :mad: or -5, against a -20~30 in my cities due to war. For a cost or 10% maintenance, no thanks. I already have :culture: @ 40%, :science: @ 10% to stay in the green.

My worst city is Blackpool, with -38 from war weariness, -49 overall, at size 49. So you can see now why I chose not to pursue war as a way of expanding my empire, that and tactical nuke proliferation.

I could push further into Arabia, along the line of the 2 Ethiopian cities,
Spoiler :
but I don’t really want to start another line of settlement. I can barely pay for my current cities now at a reasonable research rate, and I don’t want to be trying to catch up another large group of cites. I’m still doing that with ten cities in the Ex Siamese lands.

Next turn, Saladin is willing to negotiate with me, I’m getting out of this war HE declared. I was able to make peace with Saladin
Spoiler :
I did get one Grid city settled out of it, for the loss of 1 strategic bomber, my inherited great general unit, 6 special infantry, curtsy of drone bombers and ACV attacks and some other units lost to 1 tactical nuke or an A-bomber. I lost a number of units, but I burnt down 2 Arabian cities, and settled 1 Grid city, overall I’m happy, I’m producing units on a regular basis, but I can’t replace the lost siege, as you can’t capture Rocket and NLOS cannons.

I really don’t want to fight wars, due to my restrictions on builds, I can’t afford to replace siege and workers.

Ho!!! BANG!!! I’m suddenly over 5K in the green on gold, nearly all cities are out of unrest, I adjust a few cities that need it, bribe a couple to get below -2 unrest levels, set builds and continue onwards.

April 1974 – I’ve had to set Culture at 50%, to combat the unrest in my cities. Some of them have just grown too far too fast. I can’t build anything to keep them happy, seems the easiest solution to combat unrest. I really need network nodes, for which I need Nanobots, for which I need Nanotechnology. That’s in the 5th Column, according to my research rules.

Mind control centre’s, -10%:hammers:, -25%:science:, -10%:food:, for the larger cities, in trouble, yes, only a couple, that could handle losing bonuses. I have to research Automated vehicles, then Fusion, then I’ll make a decision, I probably will do this, just to lower the :culture: rate down a couple of notches, down to 40%.

July 1974 – The AI’s are still just as crazy as ever with the nuclear weapons.
Spoiler :
The only way for fight a modern war, is either to vote out nuclear weapons, or to build the one time effect nanite diffuser. I have enough :espionage: on the Assyrian, to bribe a grid city, which is what I’ll do, when its available again. I may even set off a nuclear device in one city?? 100K points, will take a few infiltrations to build that up.

November 1975 – I decide to declare war on Ashurbanipal, he’s spent all or most of his tactical nuclear weapons, and I only really want to take the next line of settlement off of him. The City of Jute is a Grid city, Suru has a grid city above it, Nakhon Pathom a grid city 1 tile to the NE and Arbhela borders my lands by one tile. I may have to advance further, but I’ll burn them down.
Spoiler :

I take the city of Arbhela, its scheduled to be burnt down and raised the same turn. The citizens formed resistance units, 5 Guerrilla units to spawn about, they were attacked by my stealth bombers, Aurora fighters and cleaned up by Modern Armour.

I take the city of Suru, its scheduled to be burnt down and raised same turn.

I take the city of Nakhon Pathom, its scheduled to be burnt down, I capture five workers, working on some fall out on my borders
Spoiler :

Pillaging down to 1 population, so I can further promote units next turn, before destroying the city.

One commando promoted tank, pushes 4 tiles deep into Assyrian territory, and assaults the city of Ubon Ratchathani, and I take the city, with no losses.

Those helicopter gunships are pillagers par excellance. They can move into cities, behind enemy culture, and still pillage, or if they get there in a short enough distance, they can pillage 5 times. The taking of those cities, certainly has helped with my creeping unrest in all my cities, they all have a band of green in the Revolt status bar. :goodjob:

1st turn of the war, and this
Spoiler :

Is all that remains of the “mighty Assyrian empire”. Fighting all those war’s certainly doesn’t help.

On the counter attack, next turn, 1 Modern infantry gets lucky against my ACV @ 44% :think: ok fair enough, I did win a battle at 37%.

2nd Turn of the war, I take Karkhemish, I then take Akhad, and remove the only tactical nukes that Ashurbanipal had left in the area.

I raise Nakhom Pathom, and spawn rebels, they are eliminated by the NLOS cannons, I have in the tile next to the city, holding the captured workers, hardly a fair fight at 99.37%. After they reduce the rebels down to a manageable level, they are sent to the walls of Jute, that Grid city, I have chosen to take last.

I take the Grid city of Jute
Spoiler :
Garrison it with 3 ACV’s and other troops who still had movement points to reach the city. I also picked up Thought Scanning and Wireless Electricity through my war efforts, even though my war weariness has started to raise its head.

I’ve now decided to fully eliminate the Assyrian scourge from the game. The Ottoman rebels, are aligned to the Arabian, through vassalage, and are mortal enemies of the Assyrian’s. Actually, on reloading, they gave up independence to the Arabian empire.

I have 2 pillaging stacks of 14 and 9 Gunships, with 5 pillage turns each, that’s 5x23=115 turns of pillage. Enough to destroy a size 40+ city, even with 1/3 pillage rates.

Julius Caesar broke free of his vassalage to Ashurbanipal, who then promptly declares war upon him??? say what????, you can’t even defend you own cities, let alone assault another civ, even a 1 city one.

I first take the city of Dur Shakkukin with 2 Special forces infantry, and raise the city with my Gunship squadron. The citizens form Partisan units and flee towards the capital city.
Spoiler :

After bombing Tur Abdin with my strategic bombers x 4 and reducing the lone surviving modern infantry to 28 health, I take the city with a commando tank.
Spoiler :

I now move my Gunships from the ruins of Karkhemism, to Akhad, to pillage that city, with 17 Gunships as much as they can, as they left 7 behind on the road to Tur Abdin. I raise Akhad, relocating a specialist to Iconium, using up 11 Gunships movement points, leaving 6 to move onto Tur Abdin, and more pillaging.

The Ottomans, in giving up their independence, have given Arabia, some default culture in tiles, they never really have had any input into. I still have 14 turns of peace treaty remaining, and the Arabians have inherited some 4 Tactical nukes in Nineveh, placing Tur Abdin in range of them.

It nearly takes a full stack of 28 two movement units to pillage size 29 Dur Shakkukin down to nothingness, and I dispatch 1 specialist to Warwick as a reward. They manage to do it with 1 movement left in the entire stack of 58.

Six Modern infantry are spawned due to the raising of the city, and are dispatched by stack of 5 Modern Armour, 5 NLOS cannons, 3 Howitzers, 4 Artillery and one Mechanised Infantry unit, awaiting OUTSIDE the city they can’t enter. The rebel partisans are quickly dispatched, then more troops are moved up to Tur Adbin.

That city is pillaged to nothingness, generating 8 Partisan’s, where were they when the city was under attack , no matter, they are eliminated where possible,as 6 spawned in Arabian cultural lands.

I also settle the Grid city of Aden
Spoiler :

With a 2nd Pioneer going to the grid position, between Aden and Jute.

Having reduced Assyria, down to 1 garrisoned city, and 1 city with no garrison, I now review my own lands and builds. I’ve put a mind control centre as the Top build in all possible cities, but review the turns needed and builds queued for each city.
1st page
Spoiler :

This is what taking all those cities has done to my creeping revolution index.
Spoiler :

Arbel, is the last of the Assyrian cities I wish to take.
Spoiler :
My modern marine wins the only battle, a squadron of pillaging Gunships flies into the city, and begins to destroy it brick by brick, Once the gunships get there.

Its size 63, even with 23 Gunships, with 2.5-3.5 movement points, it will take at least 2 turns to dismantle this city.

There are 2 more cities after that one, but I’ll leave it up to Saladin, Qin Shi Huang or another to take them out. I make peace with the Assyrian, after I wipe out his remaining troops in the field.

To celebrate my victory over Assyria, I commission a new city in KasKase
Spoiler :

I'll occupy two bunkers, that are north of my line of settlement, facing into the lands of the Hittites and Arabians. Qin Shi Huang, has taken the Hittites under his wing, and has moved troops into those same cities. He’s currently at war with Saladin, who, give him credit, is warring with;
Qin Shi Huang and his vassal Suppiluliuma of Hatti.
Julius Caesar, of the Roman 4 city empire. (Also warring with me) :(
Ashurbanipal, who has 2 ex Roman cities.
Spoiler :

I try to make peace with Ashurbanipal, who has war weariness of 306, but he wants LIVERPOOL WTF , I tried to offer 500 :gold: but :nope:

Not wanting to pillage the cities I've taken, I gift two cities to Suppiluliuma, 1st is Arbel
Spoiler :
Hmm, looking moderately pee'd off,or maybe a hard night of civ'ing with that Arabian master of his.

I could see that Arbel would be of great use to the Hittite, and the 2nd being Erbil,
Spoiler :
Calmed down now,have you.
Erbil was nearly fully consumed by his culture as well. It did give me some positive diplomacy points, but I did declare war on him?? When I’ve forgotten, oh yes as a vassal of Ashurbanipal, when I declared war upon Napoleon, so he’s still furious, but, meh!! :shifty:

I do a quick check of that statistics, No cottage line improvements. :thumbsup: My cities are all in the Green for rebelliousness, mind control centre’s are going up in majority of cities, I’ve fully settled my 9th line of settlement, and have scope to start on the 10th line. Tiring of war, I end the turn, 3 turns to virtually eliminate the Assyrian Empire, leaving it as a rump with 2 cities, the larger of which is in 8 turns of revolt.:hide::pat:
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Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
High to Low, 3rd Civ, Victoria, June 1976.

June 1976 – Upon resuming, I do a full review of all my cities. They are all building Mind control centre’s, with London having completed its first. This is a REALLY POWERFUL BUILDING
Spoiler :
London has gone, from a city having 20+ unhappy population, creeping revolutionary sentiment (solved through short successful war) to a compliant and calm city.

Cities that were building a Freight, have them put behind the Mind control centre, its just too powerful. The only real penalty is the -25%:science:, which in my case, would have been eaten up by war weariness. Production should actually increase, and building a Mech Assembly plant will only boost military production further.

The War with Assyria is effectively over. They have two cities, bordered by Arabian, Roman and Chinese culture, and they are at war with Saladin only. All I can really do now is send in special agents to cause unrest, and try to get them to rebel.

Settlement wise, I’ve managed to fill in the 9th layer of cities in full, and I have access to nearly the compete 10th layer, but my costs are too much at the moment, and I don’t want to have border cities trying to catch up. I have four of them at moment, with some cities not having power, due to spies, or requiring the computer network to enable the mind control centre.

The North East of my empire, that bordered the previous Assyrian empire, has the 4 developing cities, and I’ve also occupied two bunkers, above the line of settlement, to reserve some of my 10th line of settlement.

The new Hittite Empire, created out of rebellious cities of the Assyrian empire, and gifting of two cities I captured, that I couldn’t be bothered pillaging. The City of Nineveh, a former rebel city of Ottomans, has given up its independence to the Arabian empire, and have gifted them about 4 or 5 tactical nukes, they were able to gain from being released by the Assyrian empire.

34 Turns to go on researching of Fusion, its dark out side, and I’m wearing sunglasses :cool:

I’ve just plotted out my 10th line of settlement, but as I’m barely in the green @ 60% tax rates, I think I’ll wait till I get over half of the mind control centre’s built in my cities. That would comprise the majority if not all of my main income cities. I can then fully gauge the effectiveness of them being built.

July 1976 – Saladin come on by asking to open up Embassy, I agree, and to sweeten the deal I pay war reparations,
Spoiler :

for the war I caused by being so belligerent a southern neighbour. After all, my having such a stable and prosperous empire is just an open invitation to be attacked, and Saladin’s forgiven me for nuking his city of Aden with a tactical nuke, no demerit for that action.

Since Saladin is willing to ‘open borders’ I make the offer, have it accepted, and launch my invasion of the Assyrian empire. It will take 3 turns to reach them in full strength, I’ll either pillage the cities, or gift them to Rome. Most likely I’ll just gift them, as Julius will now negotiate with me.
Spoiler :
, making peace has sweetened him up some, he’s now only annoyed with me. Ashurbanipal is still asking ridiculous peace terms in my giving up Liverpool.

July 1976 – With the construction of roughly 10 or so mind control centre’s, I saw my gold per turn jump to over 2K, so I decide to lower the :culture: rate back down to 20%, the minimum I can have under my self imposed rules, and ratchet up the :science: rate to 45%. I’m now making 17k worth of beakers a turn. The unrest, already at +10 or more in most cities, won’t matter too much, as the Mind control centre’s will eliminate that problem. I have built 37 of them with 28 more in production and eight of so cities that aren’t able to build them as yet, over half way point!!!! :cool:.

Here’s a snap shot of the effect of these mind control centre’s
Spoiler :
As you can see, they go from +20:mad: over my happiness to zero unhappiness altogether. The economic effect of this building is enormous.

The war with Assyria, seems to have ground to a halt. I’m only waiting on the 2nd city of theirs to come out of revolt, then I’ll assault both Neapolis and Antium together. 2 workers are on offer in Neapolis, and I wants ‘em.

September 1977 – I begin to settle my 10th line of settlement, with the City of Mohawk.
Spoiler :
Its located on the North East coast of my 10th line of settlement. A Uranium deposit is located 1 tile to the North West of the city.

November 1977 – I capture Antium, as Neapolis, completely enveloped by Chinese culture, has just revolted again and I’m sick of waiting.
Spoiler :
It has 10 Settled great Generals, and 3 of Great Engineers and Scientists. Shame to pillage such a beautiful city, I’ll gift it back to the Romans.

Note: I had the :hammers: overflow bug, and had to reload from July 1977, just to see if its repeatable, it wasn’t, I’ve played the same for the 2 turns. Apart from Masinissa, who I made some trade deals I should have the other time around, and declared war on Pacal at his request.

Having played the same, and gifted Antium to Rome, I now settle the 10th line of my grid pattern cities with the city of Dordrecht
Spoiler :

and the grid city of Athens As the two cities locations were reserved by a Command posts, I pillage those now.

I’m now researching at 45%:science: and 20%:culture: and still 675:gold: in the green, even after settling 2 new cities. The two new cities I just settled, were IMMEDIATELY targeted by the Arabian with Nukes. MAD civic, MAD by nature.

My two lovely, shiny new cities, unspoiled and pristine from war and death. Those jewels in the crown of the English empire. My 10th Grid level of settlement and cultural encroachment, targeted unjustly by NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Oh the injustice, the inhumanity of it all.

"Oh, Camilero, its an injustice it is"

May 1978 – Ashurbanipal has returned to his previous lands. It all came about from a revolt in an Arabian city. The rebels were able to capture the city of Zeila,
Spoiler :
which must have previous been a Assyrian city, as its completely swamped my two 10th level Grid city builds. Further to this, Ashurbanipal has gone and Biatch-a-lized to the Chinese in Qin Shi Huang.

So unfortunately, the Pacifist English Empire is once again dragged into the blood and mud of war. I am forced to declare war upon the Chinese, who are warring currently with Arabia. Hopefully this will have a two fold effect.
  1. I will gain war ally bonuses from Arabia, by fighting the Chinese/Assyrian enemy.
  2. I’ll eliminate an ‘Arabian city’, that’s now Assyrian, freeing up lands for settlement and cultural envelopment.
I actually do a strategic check, BEFORE I declare war;
  1. Of the near by cities of the vassals, no tactical nukes in range of my cities.
  2. I check Qin Shi Huang’s diplomatic screen of troops, no ICBM’s or other nukes available.
  3. Lastly F5 screen, O.M.G. I’m so far ahead of him, I have nothing to worry about.
Also, he’s willing to make peace with Arabia, or “I’d love to, but you’d have to contact them” is the response, so the war’s not going so well.

I effectively have the Arabian as a shield, from China, the two vassals, apart from that one city, which I’ll
:devil: BURN TO THE GROUND :evil:
so “I pull the tail of the Chinese dragon.”

A squadron of 9 Strategic bombers, who have been idling since the Last Assyrian war, bombard the city, and reduce the already injured rebels, down to one badly injured modern infantry. My force of Tanks/Helicopters now easily takes the city, capturing;
  • 5 Cruise missiles,
  • 2 settled great diplomats
  • 1 Great General
  • 1 Great Scientist.
The city is of course TORCHED. :devil:

As I’ve just researched fusion, I build the National fusion power plant in the city of Salisbury, which borders the grassland/tundra boundary, in the central area of my empire for 32 turns to build a continental power source.

August 1979 – The Death of Assyria.

I managed to bribe the city of Neapolis to come over to my side, the dark side:evil: I then immediately gift the city to Julius Caesar, who, as grateful as ever. Declares that I’d have to take the city from his cold dead hand. Ashurbanipal, not fully realizing his power base has been undermined, continues to conduct diplomacy, to no avail.

With this one action, I’ve effectively, freed up my new cities, undermined the Arabian, and strengthened his enemies. Unfortunately, the city of Antium, that I gifted to the Roman, has fallen to the Arabian war machine. Antium was a premier military city, with 10 settled great Generals, and other great people. Trouble is, its on the opposite side of Arabia to my Empire.

My three 10th level grid cities, Athens, Dordrecht and Mohawk, have gone from 2-5% English, to 60% to 99% English. Levels of happiness have jumped into double figures, but I have been rushing Opera houses and Stadiums in these cities, to boost the culture level and the happiness rates of the population. All three are now size 8, and still building the 1st order build of an Agent.
Spoiler :

March 1980 – Rebirth of the Assyrian scourge

The Assyrian menace has made a return, as rebels to the Arabian empire. They managed to take the city of Terge, which is to the North of Athens and Adulis (further north again), causing cultural pressure. Next turn, I managed to bribe the city to come over to the dark side of Civ :evil:,
Spoiler :

pity I have to gift it away to the Ethiopians.​

Since I have no further cultural pressure upon me, I decline to declare war, but erect an S.E.P. field around Assyria. They have set up a capital in Adulis, some 10 tiles to the North of Athens, and far enough away not to be of bother to me.

Having just researched Skyroads, I set a zero research rate to fund the upgrades. Good thing I have 67 mind control centre’s for 74 cities. At 0% science I’m making 6,944 base:science:, $17K+:gold: per turn. I decide to run many turns of this to fully upgrade all my;
  1. $36,642:gold: for 36 Gunships to Hybrid Gunships.
  2. $? Sam missile batteries to ACV SAM’s
  3. $47,090:gold: for Mechanized infantry @ $565 to ACV’s,
  4. $ 1,000:gold: per Hybrid tanks to Hover tanks x 3.
  5. Mobile Artillery to N.L.O.S. siege, didn’t record cost.
  6. Howitzers to N.L.O.S. siege, didn’t record cost.
  7. $72K:gold: for Artillery @ $4,250 to N.L.O.S. siege,
  8. $38K:gold: for Motor infantry to ACV’s,
$255K:gold: Total cost, roughly could have been more, might have been less, 15 turns approx

April 1981 – I finish construction the Fusion Power Plant in Salisbury, giving me continental power.

Julius Caesar, has now improved to pleased with me, due to the city liberation I’ve conducted, and I found Wonka’s confectioneries in Ipswich, hidden in a back alley, in a obscure shop.
Spoiler :

Power receivers obsoletes the various power plants I’ve built, freeing up one citizen/city.

After I’ve done all my upgrades of Garrison troops, above the two legged level, I set science to 45%, 18,970:science:, 20%:culture: with 1,098:gold: in the green.

March 1982 – I just checked the victory screen, for U.N. General Secretary, and I’d be elected if a vote was held now, 3 more votes and then the election. Got to keep Masinissa and Caesar on side, as they pushed me over threshold level.

November 1982 – The last of 74 Power receivers has been installed in my cities. Every one in my Empire is now able to receive power from a clean, renewable source. An Empire wide task completed in only 17 months.

December 1982 – I’ve now researched Railgun. Looking through Saladins cities, there are a lot of tactical nukes, either in range of my cities, or covering his border cities, but very few troops. I’m only looking to settle the 10th level of settlement, but my cash surplus has virtually disappeared on me. I make a few trades with Saladin, but no war declaration, and look how I can increase my foreign income with other civ’s.

Here’s a screen shot of one of my cities, both the N.E. American and the English audience will relate to.
Spoiler :

its located to the south of that famed summer vacation spot of the wealthy and well to do.

June 1983 – An AI U.N. General Secretary, has put forward a non proliferation resolution, :woohoo:
I vote YES!!!, result of which was
Spoiler :

Looks like we have a malcontent to deal with

I realize I can upgrade all my special infantry to Bolter infantry, and do so for 11K+ gold cost. Saladin is on the offensive against the Persian empire, taking Addis Adaba.

February 1984 – Saladin comes on by, asking for Uranium deal, he’s willing to give up a lot for it
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I turn him down. He’s got plenty of Nukes as is, 15 that I can see in his cities.

March 1985 – Rome has re-taken Antium off of Saladin. Who’s now decided to war against Pacal. He has only 2 cities in reach, so would seem a tasty snack. The others are cut off by China, who has a peace treaty with Saladin, currently.
Spoiler :

Further, I just traded for Bio-metics, to allow research in the next column. But it seems the Carthaginian and the Iroquois both have the technology, I hope they don’t build the Universal translator wonder, I really need it now. Any tech know by two civilisations is automatically given.

I bulb two great Scientists into Quantum computing, leaving only 6 turns of research. I have 5 Great Engineers to use to rush it, if its still available. I was saving them for another golden age, but needing 6 great people, and all I seem to get is 75% Engineers, 15% Scientists, 10% Merchants. I also need;
  1. A great Spy
  2. A great Profit
  3. A great Diplomat
  4. A great Artist
They are all under 10% chances.

September 1985 – I have researched Quantum computing, I queue the Universal translator in my best city, which happens to be London, Merge 7 Great Engineers into the city, as I can’t use them on a project and adjust the used tiles, reducing the time taken by 4 turns, to 43 (I adjusted the used tiles and gained another turn), and just hope that it is enough to win the race.

I decide to check on my opponent in this race, of two horses. I locate the city of Leptis where Masinissa is building the Universal translator
Spoiler :
Leptis -
& London -

So It’s “Off to the races with us all.”
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