Himeji Castle Building Bug


Jan 4, 2011
There was a odd bug that I noticed while playing the celts.

Himeji Castle gives a free castle in the city that it is built.

However, castle requires walls to be built. But Himeji castle does not have walls requirement.

Consequently, you will find cities with castle but without walls.

I am not sure whether this is intended behavior or its a bug. I would expect walls to be a prerequisite to build Himeji Castle.

Hyper Nova

Jan 26, 2007
This is intended it always has worked this way since the patch it gave it the ability to provide a free castle. It's just like all other freebies from wonders not requiring the prerequisite buildings/situation.

ie Hanging gardens give free gardens with or without a river/lake or Theology researched.
Alhambra also gives a free Castle without needing walls and CN Tower gives all Cities (even those without Museums) a free Broadcast tower.

It's part of what makes it a Wonder and not another building.
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