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Sep 18, 2007

I am trying to do a modular version of Hirohito. I am using the modular version of Joan d arc as a base, I renamed everything, put all of the files ... the mod is loading without any crash, errors, Hirohito is in the civlopedia/leaders but I get no interaction when I click on it and it doesn t appear with Tokugawa in the civlopedia/japan window.

What is a bit wried is that when I just replace data without renaming jeanofarc by hirohito everywhere it s working perfectly...:confused:

Can you help me ? If you can t figured out just by reading I can upload it.
If you take a look at all of the other leaderheads in this forum you will notice that they too have not renamed the files. How does it work (SHRUG!) I am only a XML guy not an art guy
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