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Hotseat High

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by Tribute, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Mewtarthio

    Mewtarthio Emperor

    Apr 14, 2004
    Very nice. Reminds me of Faulkner.
  2. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Chapter Two: Off the hook?

    Current Cast:
    Principal Tribute
    Bully The Lone Man
    Gamer Sanctum
    Contraband Trader 502nd PR
    Class President Mewtarthio
    Cheerleader pneuma
    Library Loner soulwarrior
    Plain Jane Experiment626
    Snitch D'artagnan59

    Monday, September 11, 7:50 AM; Front Loading Zone in the morning

    Trader: (sadly) I can’t believe I actually came….

    Contraband Trader 502nd PR noted a shifty figure in the distance. Its short shadow slinked across the school grounds towards what seemed to be Dobbin Hall. The figure was dragging behind a large, sinister-looking rolling backpack. Or at least, the backpack appeared to be being dragged, but the mysterious figure was not holding the handle. 502nd PR noticed with a surprised intake of breath that the backpack possessed a small electric motor and a sinister looking blood-red sensor. Dispelling the mysterious figure from his mind, he closed his eyes and shifted his heavy backpack to his other shoulder.

    Trader: Well, time is of essence. *starts to walk towards Shash Hall* And I’m off! But what’s this? *takes a piece of bloody paper* Huh.


    Snitch: (bored) *sighs*

    *shortly before*

    Hyperion: Hee hee! *holds out a piece of homework* and leaves it on the bench.

    Monday, September 11, 8:05 AM; Shash Hall in first period free

    Jane: Oh…. *clutches his head in his hands*
    President: *walks over* Hello, 626! How are you this fine day?
    Jane: Ugh…. Homework. Cannot finish homework….
    President: I see….
    Jane: …
    President: …
    Jane: I want to sleep….
    President: …
    Jane: …
    President: *realizes* Ah! Okay, sorry. Goodbye.

    Monday, September 11, 8:30 AM; Near the far plugs of Shash Hall

    Gamer: Okay, Cormag. Kill! … Critical hit! Yes! *chants* Valter’s dead! Valter’s de-ad!
    Cheerleader: *walks by*

    Cheerleader pneuma rolled her eyes at the site of Gamer Sanctum. Not only could he not cheer, but he was antisocial! Ewww!

    Cheerleader: Like ewww! Stop that!
    Gamer: Huh? What?
    Cheerleader: Noooo! Don’t talk to me!
    Gamer: *looks up*
    Cheerleader: Ah! Don’t look at me!
    Gamer: Sorry.
    Cheerleader: Zip it!
    Gamer: …
    Cheerleader: Now then. Say ‘like.’
    Gamer: Like.
    Cheerleader: Oh.
    Gamer: Oh.
    Cheerleader: Hem.
    Gamer: Hem.
    Cheerleader: Gee!
    Gamer: Gee!
    Cheerleader: Good. Now think about that for a moment. *walks off*
    Gamer: Uh…. (pause) Oh. Like ohhemgee! I said ‘like ohhemgee!’ Noooooooo!!!!!

    *meanwhile at the near entrance couches*

    Jane: (covering his ears) Please shut up….
    Cheerleader: *rushes over* Oh poor baby! So unfashionable!
    Jane: *sits up* Now I don’t I’m that-
    Cheerleader: Wow! Here I am talking to a commoner. Who would have thought?
    Jane: Err…. Yes.
    Cheerleader: It’s nice talking to another girl. You see. There aren’t many around.
    Jane: Um, yes, there are. And I’m not a-
    Cheerleader: Oh, but they’re so boring. In fact, they’re just like you. Goodbye.
    Jane: No wait-.
    Cheerleader: Nuh uh. What would people think if they saw me with you? *leaves*
    Jane: Don’t go. I’m not a girl, but don’t go!

    Monday, September 11, 8:40 AM; Classroom Period 1

    Teacher: Now class, I want you to read-
    Loner: Woohoo! Yeah!
    Teacher: *sighs* Soulwarrior, at least allow me to tell them what to read….
    Generic Student: Ugh! He’s practically wet himself with excitement! *moves away from soulwarrior*
    Teacher: (resignedly) Go to the bathroom, soulwarrior.
    Loner: But, but! The reading….

    Monday, September 11, 9:20 AM; Classroom Period 2

    Bully: (defensively) I actually did the homework!
    Teacher: Then where is it? Hmm? I know you couldn’t have….
    Bully: (angrily) Oh yeah? Well, then. Go on? Send me to detention! Just try it!
    Trader: (in the distance) Homework for sale! Anyone want it?
    Snitch: Well that’s odd…. Hey, the Lone Man?
    Bully: Yeah?
    Snitch: *points*
    Bully: Ah! (approaching 502nd PR) Is that? That- that’s…. *grabs 502nd PR* That’s mine!
    Trader: Hey! *swipes the Bully’s arms off* What was that for?
    Bully: *takes the homework and leaves* I will utterly destroy you…. *snorts in amusement*
    Trader: Oh, shut that ugly trap of yours, you thief!
    Teacher: (oblivious) Oh! So you found it, after all. I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. Congratulations.
    Bully: *scowls*

    Monday, September 11, 10:00 AM; School Meeting in the Gym

    Computer Director: And after that rather happy story, I come to you with both bad tidings *raises his arm*
    Students: Yay!
    Computer Director: and good ones. *lowers his arm*
    Students: Aww….
    Computer Director: First, the bad news. *raises arm*
    Students: Yay!
    Jane: *whispers to soulwarrior* Why are they saying ‘Yay!’ when it’s a bad thing?
    Loner: Ssh! I’m reading. *points to a stack of printer paper.
    Jane: Huh? What’re you-?
    Computer Director: (continuing) Unfortunately, most of you have not had your laptops checked and if not checked by Thursday, you’ll get a detention. Now then, the good news.
    Students: Aww….
    Jane: ???
    Computer Director: You are all lucky enough to have multiple places where you can have your laptop checked. For instance, in the book store, Room 10 in the Main Hall, and in my office in the Quad.
    Jane: Soulwarrior, have you gotten your laptop checked?
    Loner: …
    Jane: I haven’t.


    Cheerleader: I’m so lonely. The Lone Man hasn’t even said ‘hi’ to me all day! How dare he! Am I that worthless to him?! I am starting to hate him….

    Cheerleader pneuma turned to her right and saw the most adorable thing! It was little baby imp straining to see the speaker as he droned on and on about laptop computers. Just look at him! So cute! Pneuma grabbed the little child and hugged him dearly. Hyperion, however, was not glad at all about this. He began to flail around in pneuma’s arms, failing to actually release himself from her grip. He made strangling noises and odd ‘wah’ sounds. Pneuma, of course, thought the child was crying and hugged tighter and tighter, trying to soothe the young prodigy.

    Monday, September 11, 11:30 AM; 5th lunch in the Edges

    President: I still don’t think that it was nice that you thought about games instead of the meeting, Sanctum.
    Gamer: … *continues gaming*
    President: What if you miss a crucial announcement? Like the laptop check one?
    Gamer: …
    President: *waves his hand in front of the Gamer* Hello? *inhales and groans annoyedly* (twitching and reaching for Gamer’s throat) Oh. Hey, the Lone Man!
    Bully: *stops fuming* What are you-? (pause) And what do you want, Mewtarthio?
    President: Well….
    Bully: Well?
    President: (offering tentatively) I’d like to help you?
    Bully: Correct. Help me out in the game. If you do, I won’t kill you so soon. *leers*
    President: *gulps* Right. Well, I’ll see what I can do.
    Bully: I’ll be waiting, Mewtarthio….
    President: Righto. *gets up and leaves for the kitchen* (Bully demands BW)
    Snitch: *walks up to the Lone Man* Well, then. What are you doing out of class, the Lone Man?
    Bully: The teacher let me out.
    Snitch: (disbelievingly) Suuuure.
    Bully: I’d like to make you a deal…. If you like spying, you’ll agree.
    Snitch: I’m all ears….
    Gamer: *mutters* No doubt about that.

    *meanwhile in the library*

    Loner: Yes. I agree that your orange soda is good. I also agree that Principal Tribute is abusive. Now then, what is your point? I’m eating here! *picks up a book*
    Trader: I appreciate your multitasking skills as well as your timesaving nature. But I digress. What I want is a union of students against Principal Tribute. Or at least a petition to end these senseless detentions. (hysterically) My profit margins are falling drastically. I’ll never be able to show my face at the trade meetings again! *kneels* Please! You gotta help me!
    Loner: Okay.
    Trader: Oh. Thank goodness. *hugs soulwarrior*
    Loner: …
    Trader: (shocked) I am so sorry….
    Loner: (explodes) LET GO OF ME!

    After Trader 502nd PR left the library, Library Loner soulwarrior contemplated the problems. First, Principal Tribute was holding them for an almost limitless amount of time for detention. Second, this led to different problems per individual. The Lone Man had less money since he lacked the time to take any. Sanctum couldn’t finish Fire Emblem, that weird game everyone has already finished. 502nd PR wouldn’t be able to sell him any more soda at that rate with his profit margins falling. Mewtarthio couldn’t campaign for reelection nor spread his good will throughout the school. Pneuma couldn’t cheer and would be cranky otherwise. He himself would be unable to use these people for his own ends. 626 would be late all the time due to her lack of sleep due to the detentions eating into her homework time. And of course, D’art well…. He didn’t care about D’art.

    But what would he do to stop Principal Tribute’s madness? Library Loner soulwarrior thought about using force, but what force did he have? Certainly that would force him to hire ‘mercenaries’ for muscle, but who would do that for free? Ah. He did not want to encounter the Lone Man. No, bad idea.

    Surrounding and shouting at Principal Tribute was a better plan by far, Library Loner soulwarrior believed. And if the shouters were integral to Principal Tribute’s power all the better. Soulwarrior considered the possibilities. It looked to him that he and 502nd PR would need to enlist the teachers.

    *later in sixth lunch*

    Plain Jane 626 moved closer towards the door, uncertain, for the laptop checking rules had been changed. No longer was one able to passively stand by as the computer technicians invaded one’s computer, running command prompt and searching for serial numbers. No. Nowadays, it was much, much more complicated. Now, not only could they do that, but they could look at everything you were working on. But that wasn’t all. You had to fill out a form, the same one they used to fill in for you. Yet, still, was someone looking at him?

    There were some improvements, 626 considered; the stylish minty green colored ticket was your reward for completing the check. Then again, 626 wasn’t so sure that a tracking device wasn’t in that ticket….

    626 tapped his feet on the ground, knee shaking uncontrollably. Of course, that was out of boredom. He knew something was wrong, clearly, for what work would have to be done after the student had already completed the form? What was going on? Hmm? Was that a file downloading window? Weird computer guy….

    So this was it, huh? 626 taped on his minty green ticket onto his laptop, wondering if it was worth it. Oh dear, he realized, seventh period is next. Oh, what’s that ringing noise? That sounds like the bell. Ah, I love that bell….

    626 slowly exited the room. Stuffing his laptop into his name-tagged case, he yelled forcefully, “Poop!” Then he ran off.

    *at the same time*

    Snitch: *stares at 626* I wonder where he’s going….
    Cheerleader: *sneaks up behind him* (loudly) Hey!
    Snitch: *jumps* I knew you were there.
    Cheerleader: Well? Where is he?!
    Snitch: 626? I don’t-
    Cheerleader: 626 is a girl! I said ‘he’!
    Snitch: Who?
    Cheerleader: Him! The Lone Man, who else?
    Snitch: (truthfully) I don’t think he’d want to see you like this.
    Cheerleader: *pulls on her hair* Ya think?! *stops* I mean, (enraged) what?!
    Snitch: I don’t actually know where he is. But I think he’s beating up 502nd PR.
    Cheerleader: Uh huh. And why do you think he’s doing that?!
    Snitch: Usual bully stuff (quietly), and I tipped him off….
    Cheerleader: What did you say?!
    Snitch: Nothing.
    Cheerleader: *cries softly and punches D’art weakly* This is your fault! Get him back! He’s been ignoring me far too long!
    Snitch: I don’t think I can-.
    Cheerleader: Do it! Oh! How I hate him!
    Snitch: But really, I don’t even know where-.
    Cheerleader: I could kill him! But if you don’t find him, I’ll settle with killing you! *leaps to tackle D’art*
    Snitch: Aah! *moves to the side and still gets knocked over*


    “Gotta pee! Gotta pee!” Contraband Trader 502nd PR rushed towards the bathroom when he heard the loudest shouting match ever. Cheerleader pneuma was certainly shrieking her head off to Snitch D’art. But upon coming closer he heard D’art say, “I think he’s beating up 502nd PR” in a high pitched, scared voice. Snickering to himself, 502nd PR realized the implications of the statement. It was soon followed with, “and I tipped him off….” 502nd PR cackled madly until he wet himself, only to be chastised by a revolted looking pneuma.

    Monday, September 11, 2:45 PM; Extra Help in Room 10

    Gamer: Yes, I am here to have my laptop checked. Er…. Hello? Why are you pretending that you can’t hear me? Ooh! Is that Fire Emblem?
    Laptop Checker: How does everybody know?!
    Gamer: That’s how I feel!
    Laptop Checker: O rly?
    Gamer: Ya rly!
    Laptop Checker: Oh dear! Well, do you have your form?
    Gamer: Yup. *hands it to the laptop checker*
    Laptop Checker: Excellent. Here you go! *hands him a green ticket* Just fill that out and tape it on your laptop.
    Gamer: That’s it? What about ClientKey?
    Laptop Checker: That spying software?! Don’t be ridiculous, you wouldn’t want it!
    Gamer: Well thanks, then. *leaves*
    Laptop Checker: Heh. GG noob.

    Gamer Sanctum turned to the right and walked a bit further down the Main Hall, turning right to face a long hall. Striding purposefully, he entered the library at the far end of that hall and saw a few things he expected and another which he did not. Sitting by a round table was the expected soulwarrior. However, curled up in the fiction section was none other than a certain new child. Sanctum felt rather attracted towards the new kid, hopefully, they would have some fun adventures together. Sanctum had no idea how wrong that thought was.

    Moving to the other side of the library, Gamer Sanctum unpacked his newly checked and ClientKey free laptop to an afternoon of quiet, uninterrupted gaming. But he soon noticed the small figure waddling towards him. “Aha!”, he said. “I have not seen you before! I am the mighty Hyperion and may all bow down before me.” Sanctum laughed inwardly at the odd nature of this new student. “Hello, Hyperion,” responded Santum quietly. “Are you by any chance aware of how loud you are?” yelled Library Loner soulwarrior from the other side of the library.

    Library Loner soulwarrior as quite agitated. Gazing enviously at Gamer Sanctum’s laptop, he sighed. What a shame that laptops were required. He did not have one just yet. In fact, why not rely on previous technologies. Computers were unreliable, unlike printing presses and typewriters. What nonsense. No. As long as he was going to make a stand against Principal Tribute, he may as well not check a laptop.

    *meanwhile in Shash Hall*

    President: Please, desist. I cannot tolerate any more!
    Snitch: *invades Mewtarthio’s space* Well? Do you know where 502nd PR or the Lone Man are? Hmm? Hmm?!
    President: *pushes* Go away! I’m going to turn claustrophobic!
    Snitch: *makes funny faces at Mewtarthio* A-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh. De-bleh-
    President: (extremely annoyed) SHUT UP!

    *meanwhile in Dobbin Hall*

    Trader: And it was really, D’art who took your homework.
    Bully: I don’t get it. Can we go again?
    Trader: *sighs* Okay. So. I found your homework.
    Bully: So it was you! *grabs 502nd PR’s throat*
    Trader: (calmly) No. It was D’art.
    Bully: Huh?
    Trader: Okay. I may have found your homework, but it was D’art who took it from you.
    Bully: I don’t get it. So who do I kill then?
    Trader: You kill D’art.
    Bully: And you’re sure about this?
    Trader: Yes. Now run along.
    Bully: Okay, mother. *leaves*
    Trader: *rolls his eyes* Stupidhead….

    Monday, September 11th, 3:45 PM; Start of Detention in Principal Tribute’s Shash Hall Office

    Tribute: Why hello my advisees! I have sorely missed you over our very long weekend.
    Bully: It’s been two days.
    Tribute: Nevertheless, it is time for me to unveil the computer-
    Gamer: -which has already been shown to us multiple times-
    Tribute: -but in a way never seen before by the human-
    Trader: -but rather alien-
    Tribute: -eyes. Today we will embark on a journey that-
    President: -wastes good campaigning time and-
    Tribute: -will determine everyone’s futures-
    Cheerleader: -though some of us already are predestined for success.-
    Tribute: -Thus, I reveal to you-
    Loner: -what I could probably read in a book somewhere-
    Tribute: -a prodigy so complete-
    Jane: -that he’ll annoy the heck out of us-
    Tribute: -Hyperion,
    Snitch: -the most annoying-
    Tribute: -one who will surely play a large role in your lives, heh-
    Hyperion: -heehee hahahahaha *snort* *cough* *cough*
    Tribute: Yes, well, evil geniuses aside, Hyperion does not plan to take over the world. He’ll simply be making repairs on the computer we’re using. You may notice a slight format change.
    Gamer: Like all the “l”s are switched for “r”s, and all the “j”s are switched for “y”s?
    Tribute: Exactly. (excited) So instead of Sanctum, you’ll be… (disappointed) Sanctum.
    Cheerleader: So the Lone Man will be the Rone Man? I feel so Japanese!
    Gamer: Ugh… I think I’m going to be ill….
    Tribute: What? Don’t like raw fish surrounded by dried sea growth and sticky grains that may or may not have rocks in them still?
    Gamer: *cringes* Yes. Thank you for detailing everything I hate so much.
    President: Well, I, for one, think it’s natural that you of all people would discriminate that way.
    Tribute: *clears throat* The game….

    Tuesday, September 12th, 7:50 AM; Shash Hall before school

    Snitch: Hello.
    Jane: (coldly) Hello. *turns away*
    Snitch: I thought you might enjoy my company.
    Jane: *falsely smiles* (cheerfully) No company is better!
    Snitch: You’re dead tired, aren’t you?
    Jane: (moaning) Shut up already. *takes out his laptop*
    Snitch: Ooh! Hey! Green….
    Jane: (sarcastically) Yes, a green ‘magic’ ticket.
    Snitch: Magical….
    Jane: Go away!
    Snitch: … antilaws!
    Jane: What?!
    Snitch: I haven’t checked my laptop. And they have a new procedure. I don’t get it. (hysterically) Oh help me please!
    Jane: Hmm, okay.
    Snitch: *moves really close to 626* (innocently with watering eyes) Really?!
    Jane: Yeah okay. Lunchtime. Go to room 10, and I’ll meet you there.
    Snitch: 6th lunch, right? Great. I can get in some spying in the library.
    Jane: Don’t wanna know. And, by the way, shouldn’t be going to class?
    Snitch: Now, I want you to shut up for some reason…. *leaves in a rush*
    Jane: *laughs and collapses asleep on the couch*
    President: *walks by* Note to self. The student body wants more couches. *notes the laptop precariously balanced on 626* And some fire extinguishers. *takes the laptop and sets it next to 626*

    Tuesday, September 12th, 10:50 AM; Shash Hall Class Meeting

    Tribute: Many of you may have noticed, but your class dean has retired.
    Students: Yay!
    Tribute: So now, I will be taking care of the class of 2008, you juniors, you (quietly) make me laugh.
    Students: Cheers for Principal Tribute!
    Cheerleader: Yes! Cheers! Who’s the one that will lead our class? Principal Tribute can kiss my-.
    Tribute: (innocently with watering eyes) Really?!
    Students: Yay!
    Bully: No!
    President: No!
    Jane: My eyes!
    Loner: You should watch those fingers of yours, they don’t belong near eyes, you know.
    Tribute: Just kidding. Now, then, I am quite sure our class can beat the seniors….
    Gamer: (monotonously) If I had class spirit. I’m like, the antispirit. I said ‘like’ again. Whoopee.
    Tribute: And don’t forget to nominate some class princes and princesses. Homecoming is in about a month or 5 weeks.

    Tuesday, September 12th, 12:00 PM; Start of 5th lunch in the Edges

    Trader: So you see, we’ll be taking action!
    President: I suppose that is one way to get rid of tyrannical rule. Though, surrounding and shouting at someone is a bit unusual. How about the more normal tarring and feathering? Or the public denunciation speeches? Or even suing?
    Trader: Geez, those cost time and money! You see, you’ve got to pay for the tar and feathers. The public speeches require you to set up the time and location, and suing, well, I don’t have to explain, do I?
    President: I agree, lawsuits are such a waste of time.
    Trader: Saying that won’t get me to vote for you, you know.
    President: But I wanna be a prince!

    *later in 6th lunch near room 10*

    Snitch: Okay. Ah, there you are 626!
    Jane: Let’s just get this over with.
    Hyperion: *jumps up to them* Aha! A cute couple! Kissing, are we? Plotting to commit acts that I cannot even think about yet, eh?
    Jane and Snitch: Ew! With him!
    Jane and Snitch: Hey!
    Jane and Snitch: Not that there’s anything wrong with that!
    Hyperion: Look there! An angry bull approaches! I’m happy!
    Bully: *breathes in and out loudly* Target found. Must kill…. *tries to hit D’art but misses wildly*
    Snitch: Woah!
    Jane: Yeah, I’m outta here. Boolean. Lunch greater than weird people. Boolean. Boolean equals true. This.go lunch.
    Hyperion: She’s turned Java.
    Snitch: She’s male.
    Hyperion: Trying to trick me, eh? ‘She’s male!’ I don’t think that makes sense. (to nobody in particular) Does that make sense to you? That makes no sense to anyone.
    Bully: *still swinging wildly* Kill homework stealer!
    Hyperion: My, my. Rather violent over a piece of homework. I should go.
    Snitch: I didn’t take it!
    Hyperion: (to self) So he thinks you took it…. (loudly) Well, bull looking person.
    Snitch: His name is the Lone Man. *dodges a swing*
    Hyperion: The Lone Man? What a weird name. D’art didn’t take it.
    Snitch and Bully: What?
    Hyperion: Yeah. He didn’t take it. I’ve been watching him all yesterday. He didn’t take it. But he may have been wrong about 502nd PR taking it.
    Snitch: Creepy as that is, I didn’t.
    Bully: Huh? So confused. 502nd PR lied? Kill! *runs off*
    Snitch: But that’s not a proper conclu-
    Hyperion: (cheerfully) No need to worry; you’re safe now. *goes off to the library*
    Snitch: Did he mean to … save me? *enters room 10*
    Hyperion: Step 1 to conquering the world. Gain people’s trust….

    *meanwhile in the Edges*

    Loner: So this is where people eat lunch. Disgusting. The filthy freshman fail at putting their plates away. And why are the chairs so dirty? Ugh. Can’t eat here. Hmm….

    Library Loner soulwarrior turned left into the Faculty Dining Hall. Wow, it was clean in there. And so much space! How nice. But he also had a mission to complete. With many minutes of convincing, most teachers had joined soulwarrior’s protest campaign. And they would rebel afterschool. Funny, how all the teachers readily accepted the idea they’d lose their jobs if they didn’t help.

    Tuesday, September 12th, 3:00 PM; 8th free in Shash Hall

    Bully: There you are! Me kill! *leaps at 502nd PR*
    Trader: Hold it! *sticks hand out*
    Bully: *collapses on the floor* Ouch.
    Trader: You’re coming with me.
    Bully: (dazed) Oh?
    Trader: We’re off to gather teacher recruits and our detention group.
    Bully: But kill?
    Trader: No time for that! Come on now. Come on. *leads the Lone Man out of Shash Hall*

    *later after school ended*

    President: I am so sorry, Sanctum. I didn’t respect your beliefs enough and judged you harshly.
    Gamer: … *continues playing*
    President: I promise in the future that I will keep an open mind.
    Gamer: I’m not voting for you.
    President: Darn it.

    *even later near Principal Tribute’s Shash Hall office*

    President: So I got annoyed.
    Snitch: Okay. Sure.
    President: And I’m sorry I shouted.
    Snitch: Everyone does.
    President: So will you vote for me?
    Snitch: Yes!
    President: (excited) Really?!
    Snitch: *smiles* No!

    Tuesday, Septemer 12th, 3:40 PM; Right before detention, the confrontation

    Group: Cease the detentions!
    Tribute: Okay, I acquiesce. Now what did you want?
    Group: Cease the detentions!
    Tribute: My, my. What a delegation. And you all seem to be shouting the same thing. What’s that?
    Group: Cease the detentions! Cease the detentions!
    Tribute: Ah right. Oh dear. What was that again?
    Group: Cease the detentions!
    Tribute: I’m sorry, you mustn’t shout. Just like when you smell things, if the odor is too strong, you can’t smell it! But whatever it is, I’m sure I agree.
    Group: Yay!
    Teachers: We keep our jobs!
    Students: Yay, we get our afternoons back!
    Hyperion: *enters the office* Yay! What are we talking about?
    Tribute: I appear to have agreed to cancel all future detentions.
    Hyperion: *wacks Principal Tribute over the head* Don’t be silly. This’ll be fun!
    Tribute: True, we’ll have to go a hunting.


    Cheerleader: There you are!
    Bully: So confused.
    Cheerleader: Oh dear. You’re hurt. Where?
    Bully: My brain.
    Cheerleader: We can fix that. *slaps him* That’s for ignoring me.
    Bully: Kill!
    Cheerleader: Wah!
    Bully: Gotcha.


    Plain Jane 626 reflected on the extreme luck they had received. She really had to thank soulwarrior. No more detentions! Hurrah. That meant more homework finished earlier. Longer rest periods. Higher grades. No more lateness. Well, maybe not the lateness….

    Tuesday, September 12th, 4:45 PM; Principal Tribute’s Shash Hall Office

    Tribute sighed happily at the days events. Simply having detention every day was boring and hard work (for me, as the writer too). It would also be a great challenge to catch everyone for detention sessions. And with Hyperion helping to fix the computer, things couldn’t be better. They now had more time for repairs, and he could always get them later. Besides, the goal wasn’t finishing the game; it was finishing the experiment.
  3. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    10 page long update. Not so bad.

    Who's Faulkener? Am I that unoriginal?

    And really, players, please PM me and reply to this thread. It made me sad last week. :lol:
  4. soul_warrior

    soul_warrior Termite!

    Oct 25, 2004
    Sydney, NSW
    very nice update. doesnt feel like 10 pages (which is good)

    faulkner > linky thingees ONE and the wikipedia entry
    all in all, its VERY high praise.
    if youre into that kind of literature that is...
    waiting for updated pix so i can PM you some stuff.
    no need to spam out your PM box unnessesarily, is it?
  5. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Odd. I thought I sent you your picture already. We're still on turn 40, if you've forgotten.

    And thank you for the praise. :blush: I feel that I am not deserving, for I will still not do very well on a certain reading comprehension portion of a national exam that is coming up (*cough* PSAT's).
  6. soul_warrior

    soul_warrior Termite!

    Oct 25, 2004
    Sydney, NSW
  7. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Very few people have sent me a thing. With the huge loss of interest, the Civ part goes away, leaving me with only, nonciv aspects. Which I suppose, don't belong in this forum section.

    So until people show interest, (maybe I'll have to replace some players), I can't continue.
  8. Experiment 626

    Experiment 626 Prince

    Oct 12, 2005
    Escaped from Jumba's lab
    Sorry, Tribute, but I did warn you that my Role-Playing skills were minimal at best. If I'm one of the players that you are considering to replace, by all means, go ahead. I won't be offended. RL has been really hectic lately.

    I apologize for my lack of interaction. :(
  9. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Everyone but you, soulwarrior, and pneuma, 626. This is rather bad....
  10. Sashie VII

    Sashie VII Balance of Power

    Apr 11, 2004
    Where people build cat statues
    I hope this story gets continued soon..kinda like to know what's next..

    Good Luck Tribute! :hammer:
  11. D'Artagnan59

    D'Artagnan59 The Gascon

    Mar 4, 2006
    New England
    You can play me however you like.
  12. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Sorry, I think the story is dead. Besides, I feel like I'll never catch up to the current events of school at this rate. At least the Fiery French won't be going so soon.
  13. Sashie VII

    Sashie VII Balance of Power

    Apr 11, 2004
    Where people build cat statues
    Too bad Tribute :sad:


    No, seriously.

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