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Hotseat High

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by Tribute, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Oh dear. Sorry, to do this to you guys, but updates are going to be postponed (for a probable day). :eek: due to unplanned RL events. On the plus side, though, I am on turn 20 of the 30. And the story is doing well. In fact, I'll just have 1 huge update for you. Early overall.
  2. Mewtarthio

    Mewtarthio Emperor

    Apr 14, 2004
    You mentioned needing a replacement? I'm afraid I'm not quite sure I understand how this works: Do you simply roll the RNG and give us categories for building, then we only choose what in each category we build? In essence, we only do smaller details and RP the characters, and never actually play the game? If so, then I guess I understand, and I'm in. If anything's different, though, I'd rather know about it before giving my word.
  3. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Yes. That is correct. I didn't really explain that enough, but yes, in essence, that is what will occur.

    I guess you'll be playing as the Class President. It's lucky I can switch the names in my story in a flash. Thanks!

    And BTW, the last 10 turns haven't been played yet. You can still send your PM'd orders. (Only soulwarrior has so far.)
  4. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Current Cast:
    Principal Tribute
    Bully The Lone Man
    Gamer Sanctum
    Contraband Trader 502nd PR
    Class President Mewtarthio
    Cheerleader pneuma
    Library Loner soulwarrior
    Plain Jane Experiment626
    Snitch D'artagnan59

    Monday, August 28, 10:00 AM; Orientation Day in the Dobbin Field

    Tribute: Well, well, what have we here.

    Principal Tribute looked happily at the host of students he saw lurking around the campus.

    Tribute: It's time to give out some detentions....

    Tuesday, August 29, 2:00 PM; First Day of School in Principal Tribute’s Office inside Shash Hall

    Tribute: Hello, kids. Do you know-
    Bully: You're a kid, you know.

    Principal Tribute considered this for a moment. Then he sighed and turned to Bully the Lone Man and roared.

    Tribute: SILENCE!

    Bully the Lone Man immediately turned into a frozen statue of his former self. Smiling, Principal Tribute turned to the other students.

    Tribute: Anyone else have anything to say? ... Excellent! Well, then. Do you children realize the gravity of the situation. None of you went to matriculation. What do you all plead?

    Various murmurs of guilty were heard. Everyone was looking rather down. Except for one boy.

    Tribute: And you, the snitchy one.
    Snitch: Me?
    Tribute: Yeah, you. What's your name?
    Snitch: Uh, D'art.
    Tribute: (mocking) D'art is it? Ha! You too will suffer the consequences of missing matriculation.
    Snitch: Huh, what?
    Tribute: Yup! You obviously weren't there.

    Tribute smiled. Everyone else turned to glower at the Snitch. Bully the Lone Man even unfroze from his shocked position to glare and crack his knuckles. Snitch D'art whimpered until Principal Tribute picked another student to focus on.

    Tribute: You there, with the book!

    Nobody answered. The student still was looking down. Still reading.

    Tribute: The one who's pretending he can't hear me!

    Still, there was no response. Principal Tribute started to crack.

    Tribute: You, the deaf mute!

    Another pause. It was too much. Everyone else burst out into laughter. Bully the Lone Man especially, fell on the floor. Luckily, this was just what Library Loner soulwarrior couldn't stand.


    The shocked silence that followed bought Principal Tribute enough time to recover himself from exploding. Taking deep breaths, he strode towards Library Loner soulwarrior, snatched the book, and hit him over the head with it.

    Tribute: No reading in my office!

    The rant that followed was so disturbing. Principal Tribute shouted and shouted, all of his words lacking profanity, but still managing to come up with a sort of meaningful nonsense. Meanwhile, Contraband Trader 502nd PR turned to his neighbor Plain Jane 626. He tapped her on the shoulder.

    Trader: Hey, 625! You're a girl, right? So would you-
    Jane: I'm 626. And I'm male.
    Trader: Right, well anyways, would you care to buy some of these?

    Contraband Trader 502nd PR took out a pair of pink fluffy earmuffs. Plain Jane 626 sighed and turned away. Suddenly, Principal Tribute noticed the scene before him.

    Tribute: What the-? What are those?! You, 502nd PR! What are those abominations?
    Trader: What? Oh, these? These? I don't know.
    Tribute: I don't know, sir.
    Trader: (raising an eyebrow) Okay.
    Tribute: Okay, sir.
    Trader: I'm not that high in the army yet!
    Tribute: ...

    Tribute sighed and looked at the other offending student. He could've sworn she wasn't there in the first place. But bam! She was there, sitting down, right in front of his face.

    Tribute: Uh, sorry, I didn't see you there, uh?
    Jane: (quietly) I'm 626.
    Tribute: (curious) What was that?
    Jane: 626!
    Tribute: Okay, six hundred twentysix. Alright then. Now, there's one student here who really shouldn't be. You, Mewtarthio! ... Um, hello.

    The other students glanced at each other oddly before looking at the blank chair Principal Tribute was talking to. Then they looked at each other again. Library Loner soulwarrior turned back to his reading. Cheerleader pneuma started to giggle quietly. Principal Tribute paced in front of his desk wondering what had happened.

    Tribute: Well, that's just not right. I was so sure, he was.... Okay. I guess he's not here yet. Honestly, the students you vote into power.... Hmmm.... (looking up) What? Is someone giggling? Aha! You, the shivering one!
    Cheerleader: Oh! You, like, finally noticed me! Well, I suppose you'd like a date or something! (cruelly) Ha, as if!

    With her voice, all the other males, even the Library Loner turned towards her and sighed. Principal Tribute, however, continued.

    Tribute: No giggling in the office! Anyways, what I have planned for you all will be a torture like no other.
    Gamer: Like missing class so that I can't play games in them?
    Tribute: Yes, exactly. Your punishment will be to miss class so you can't play games in them. You'll be missing class so you can play (slowing down with realization).... You play games in class?!
    Gamer: Yeah.
    Tribute: Great, then you better win this! What's your name anyways?
    Gamer: I'm Sanctum.
    Tribute: Like the Byzantine settlement?

    A long pause followed. Everyone else just stared at Principal Tribute.

    Tribute: What? It's part of the game. Look. Whatever. Moving along, your punishment-
    Cheerleader: Can I, like, go now? I've got Cheerleading practice and we've been at this for like an hour!
    Tribute: (seriously) It's been 10 minutes.
    Cheerleader: Like, whatever!
    Tribute: Yes, well as punishment you will play this game of Civilization III by Sid Meier. The winner will not be punished. But the losers will receive a fate worse than death. Or as bad as it gets. Maybe expulsion.

    The students all gasped and looked at each other in horror. Bully the Lone Man nonchalantly smiled and Library Loner soulwarrior started to sweat as he continued reading. Tribute was pleased with their reaction.

    Tribute: That's right. And so nobody gets too much of a head start, Gamer Guy.
    Gamer: It's Sanctum.
    Tribute: Right, Sanctum. You said that already.
    Gamer: ...
    Tribute: Yes, well, so nobody gets a head start, I'll guide you all in how to play for the first 30 turns. I think that's fair, no? DISMISSED!

    The door flew open, and the chairs all fell over. Most were quick enough to stand, but the Snitch D'art ended up being the only one to fall over. The others snickered at him as they passed him by on their way out. Principal Tribute wondered how this would all turn out, and how he would 'inform' Class President Mewtarthio of his punishment.

    Friday, September 1, 8:00 AM; Start of school in the Main Hall

    President: Hey, your name is Sanctum, right?
    Gamer: Yeah. (annoyed) Oh, and right, you're that guy I didn't vote for!
    President: Oh, sorry to hear that. Why did you feel that I wasn't right for the job?
    Gamer: (turning away) I don't know.
    President: (following) Well, is there anything you want changed?
    Gamer: (suddenly turning to the president) Hmm....
    (President makes contact with Gamer)

    Friday, September 1, 12:00 PM; D’art’s Lunchtime and Free Period on Shash Field

    Snitch D'art jumped effortlessly from tree to tree trying to find a nice listening niche for himself. Spying a nice location on a rather tall tree, he propped the piece of colored would he had with him and jumped down. Gazing upward at the tree, he barely could make out the color difference from the wood block. Moving back a few steps, he noticed the overhang from the branches was like an excellent screen door for his espionage exploits. Too bad he had that detention Principal Tribute had given him. He'd easily miss out on a weeks worth of blackmail. D'art sighed and climbed back up the tree. Yes, it was an excellent spying location. The Listening Niche.

    Friday, September 1, 12:50 PM End of Plain Jane’s Lunch Period; Shash Hall upstairs lockers

    The bell rang in the Main Hall. Five minutes remained until the start of class. "Oh, no! I'm gonna be late!" Plain Jane 626 ran off to his locker and quickly twisted the knob. Expertly turning it to the correct numbers, he pulled up on the metal handle, but the handle wouldn't budge. "No!" He slammed the locker with a fist and tried again. Still, the locker wouldn't open. "Not now, not now. Oh!" He quickly tried to the combination again, but when it open, 626's heart stopped as the bell beeped the signal for the start of class. 626 slumped against his locker and sighed. "Late." There had to be a way to fix this.

    Friday, September 1, 2:30 PM; Second half of Bully’s Fourth Period

    This was the hard period. In fact, all the periods were hard. Luckily, it didn't matter to the bully. He could simply force out any answer he needed to any test any quiz, whatever. And his 'workers' weren't really just his minions. They were the smart people of the school gone rogue. Unsatisfied with the lack of power they received in Principal Tribute's silly high school, they had turned to plaguing the school and terrorizing the freshman. Bully the Lone Man snickered. They had made quite the pretty profit at lunch that day.

    Teacher: Lone Man! Pay attention!
    Bully: Yeah, yeah.

    The bully promptly fell asleep and snored his way through the rest of the class.

    Friday, September 1, 3:00 PM; Afterschool in the Front Loading Zone parking lot

    Cheerleader: Well, like, school's finally out!

    Falsely, giggling, she turned to her other friends. The Cheer Club sure were her posse, but they had one thing they lacked. Or rather two. Boys. And with them, transportation. A girl has more to spend her money on than petty cars, anyways.

    Cheerleader: Wanna get an ice cream?

    Her suggestion was met with many cheers and laughs. And the giggling group of girls walked off campus to the nearest Baskin Robbins. For some reason, their gossip was less enjoyable than she had supposed. Cheerleaders don't get detention!

    Friday, September 1, 3:30 PM; Principal Tribute’s Office in Shash Hall at the start of Detention

    President: You called, Principal Tribute.
    Tribute: Ah, Mewtarthio. Very important, very important. You're here.
    President: Yes?
    Tribute: (triumphantly) For detention!
    President: (girlishly) Oh my gosh!
    Tribute: ...
    President: (with a much lower voice) I mean, oh my gosh.
    Tribute: Here's everyone else.

    The door opened. But nobody entered the room. In fact, nobody was there.

    President: Uh-
    Tribute: SILENCE! Nope, wrong one. Uh... oh, right. GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!

    President Mewtarthio was still frozen as he watched the students around him being warped into the chairs around him. After seven of them landed inside the room, the door closed, the chairs erected, and everyone was forced down into them. Even Principal Tribute fell into his chair.

    Tribute: Ahem. It's time to begin detention. So, this is a copy of the game Civilization III. As you can see, I only have 1 CD and 1 computer. Unfortunately, you'll all have to take turns playing, and didn't I tell you to stop reading?!
    Loner: (looking up)Ah, yes sorry, sir.
    Tribute: (smiling) That's okay then. As I was saying, while you await your turn, you can talk to each other or do whatever you want. You may find (he winked) that there are many ways to victory. So, first, the one that keeps clinking.
    Bully: (stupidly) Me?
    Tribute: No, her (pointing towards 626)
    Bully: 626 isn't a-
    Tribute: Geez! I meant you. Are you that idiotic? I mean compared to your friends, but really?
    Bully: ...
    Tribute: You're first up. Now, this is a settler....

    Friday, September 1, 4:30 PM; End of Detention

    Tribute: Well, you've all played your official 0th turn. That took quite a while, and, of course, we'll continue tomorrow.
    Snitch: Tomorrow, sir?
    Tribute: Yes.
    Snitch: But isn't that Sun-
    Tribute: Alright.
    President: Are you sure?
    Tribute: Yes.
    Cheerleader: Mmm! This ice cream tastes so much better after that bor-ing lesson.
    Tribute: (nods) You'll come.
    Gamer: I'm in, sir, even if you may mean Mon-
    Tribute: Good. And you, soulwarrior?
    Loner: (looking up) Okay, sir. (whispers to self) Excellent, Labor Day.
    Tribute: And you 626, my girl?
    Jane: Yes, and I'm sorry for trying to correct you, but I'm actually a-
    Tribute: Not necessary! I assume the rest of you will come. And I've kept you long! So you are all DISMISSED!

    Everyone immediately jumped up and filed out the door, the Snitch, however, unluckily fell over with his chair, yet again. After they left, the door closed, and Principal Tribute packed up his things. Humming to himself, he chuckled at his delicious experiment. A sign on his door, flipped. Tomorrow: Tuesday, September 5, 2006. Thank the laborers for Labor Day.

    Tribute: What they don’t know….

    Friday, September 1, 4:50 PM; Back Loading Zone

    Trader: Oh, what a day. I practically sold out already. These ridiculous trading cards sell so well to those stupid freshmen. Heh heh. Well, better call it a day.

    502nd PR zipped up his rolling backpack of ‘goods’ and rolled off to Shash Hall to pick up his backpack. There, he noticed that gamer boy playing a seemingly fun game on his Windows PC.

    Trader: (coming closer) Hey, what game is that?
    Gamer: …
    Trader: Ooh, I used to play that!
    Gamer: …
    Trader: Wait, don’t tell me. (pause)It’s Fire Emblem!
    Gamer: (dully) Yes, that’s right! (annoyed) How does everybody know that? Oh my gosh. Geez. Go away now. Go away.
    Trader: Ah, yes. We both seem to be in detention together, so I’ll make you this deal-
    Gamer: Sorry.

    502nd PR gave up. What an antisocial freak. Then again, his dealings didn’t really have honest social feelings in them. Ha! They were all suckers. Maybe this gamer wasn’t so dumb after all.

    Friday, Septermber 1, 5:40 PM; Plain Jane’s House

    Jane: It was horrible, mom! Our principal is a total control freak, and he making us suffer so much!
    Jane’s mother: I don’t know, 626. A game doesn’t seem too bad.
    Jane: (insisting) But he said if we lose, we’ll suffer a fate worse than death!
    Jane’s mother: I’m sure you can do it, 626. Don’t give up.
    Jane: (sadly) I don’t know.
    Jane’s mother: It’ll be fine. Don’t worry. You can do it. Believe in yourself.
    Jane: (glumly) I guess you’re right. I have to try, anyways.
    Jane’s mother: That’s a good girl.
    Jane: (turns red) …
  5. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Tuesday, September 5, 8:25 AM; Middle of First Period Free in Shash Hall

    President: (sleepily) Oh, hi there, Sanctum. I asked student council about your request for more wireless Ethernet capabilities, but they say they’ll have to ask administration.
    Gamer: And will they do the upgrade?
    President: Probably not. I’m sorry.
    Gamer: Eh. Here take this. (turns back to Fire Emblem) Yes! Go Harken!
    President: The hero?
    Gamer: (hysterically) How does everybody know?!
    President: This is a flash drive….
    (Got bronzeworking from a hut)


    Cheerleader: Oh my gosh! Like hey, you!
    Jane: Me?
    Cheerleader: Yeah. Like look at my boy’s ride! I mean seriously, isn’t that like so hot?
    Jane: … yes.
    Cheerleader: Yeah! I feel so sorry for you though. None of the boys want you. *leaves cackling*
    Jane: (wrinkles brow) I’d hope so. Not that there’s anything wrong if they did.
    (Cheerleader’s curragh makes contact with Jane’s land)

    Tuesday, September 5, 12:50 PM; Snitch’s and Library Loner’s Fifth and Sixth Lunch and Free Periods in the Library

    Snitch: So bored…. *enters library and walks over to the Library Loner soulwarrior* Hey, watcha doing?
    Loner: … reading… Must… read…. More…. Before class….
    Snitch: Not doing anything suspicious are you.
    Loner: Cannot concentrate…. Must destroy annoyance…. *looks up and raises arms like a zombie*
    Snitch: Huh? Uh. Ahhhhh! *runs from the library*
    Loner: *snorts* That’ll teach him.
    (Loner and Snitch meet via warrior.)

    Tuesday, September 5, 2:55 PM; Middle of Eighth Free Period in Dobbins Hall

    Bully: Hey! You! Give me your money. *approaches the Contraband Trader 502nd PR*
    Trader: I don’t lend money to people. *turns away* (loudly) Anyone else want this ultra rare Dragon Ball Z card? Look, shiny foil!
    Generic Freshman: Ooh! Fifty bucks.
    Trader: Sold.
    Bully: (shocked) … (with awe) How do you do that?
    Trader: Easy. Scammin’s part of my blood it is. (demanding) Now, are you here to buy or not?
    Bully: Er, no…. *leaves*
    Trader: I’ve got no time to waste, for you then. Next, this mint condition pack of gummi bears! Anyone?
    (Bully meets Contraband Trader using a scout)

    Tuesday, September 5, 3:50 PM; Start of the Second Detention

    Tribute: … can really hurt them. So that is why you should focus on both military and culture. On another note-. Yes, Sanctum?
    Sanctum: Sir, aren’t their other ways to win?
    Tribute: Yes.
    Sanctum: …
    Tribute: Anyone else?
    Trader: Sir, can anyone win by trading?
    Tribute: No.
    Trader: …
    Tribute: But you can win by diplomacy if that’s what you mean.
    Trader: Oh, goody….
    Tribute: Anyways, as I was saying, you can also win by your trading skills or your science skills. You can even win by your city management skills by building Great Wonders. But take note, Great Wonders do take time and can take away from city improvements or settler expansion. Always be aware of building Great Wonders too soon. When in doubt, don’t. And trust me, you’ll know when you want one.
    Jane: What about workers? They seem to make the land better and better. You told me so little about them last time. So what do they do again?


    Cheerleader: This game is so hard! I like just keep clicking and stuff. Nothing’s really happening! It’s so boring.
    Tribute: It is at first, yes. But that’s only because you’re beginning. Soon you’ll see you’re gonna have a great variety of choices to make.
    Cheerleader: Like one turn can make such a big difference.
    Tribute: It can. Now, you, bookreader. Your turn.

    *even later*

    President: Like this? Oh wow! And they gave me Bronze Working.
    Tribute: Well, well. Lucky you. You got a tech.
    President: But what does it do? I clicked the Civilopedia link, but it doesn’t say much. Just that I can build a unit and this Colossus thingy.
    Tribute: Look closer at that spearman. The unit has 1/2/1, right?
    President: Yeah, but what-
    Tribute: *sighs* I guess I have to tell you all about combat now.


    Tribute: Okay, great. You can go now. That was excellent. We got to right where I wanted you guys to be. Those first 10 turns go by fast. But now, it’ll be much harder…. Oh, and you, that trader boy.
    Trader: Yes, sir?
    Tribute: You can’t sell these weird cards anymore. The freshman are getting more loserish than normal, if you know what I mean. *winks at Snitch D’art*
    Snitch: Yeah, no more lousy games for them.
    Gamer: What do you mean no games?
    Tribute: Didn’t you know? In addition to not buying the upgrades to our wireless internet server, we’re banning games.
    Gamer: *gapes*
    Tribute: And we’re also banning t-shirts in exchange for wearing jeans. Something someone will be happy to hear.
    Cheerleader: I wear a skirt, child.
    Tribute: *scowls* I meant her. *points*
    Jane: Me? But I wore them Friday. Not today.
    Tribute: And now you can wear them everyday. It’s really the common folks’ fault. But hey! No T-shirts. Okay. DISMISSED!

    Wednesday, September 6, 9:25 AM; Shash Hall, Extra Help
    Cheerleader: Oh my gosh! Like I have to read this book before advisory!
    President: You mean the summer reading free choice book.
    Cheerleader: Yeah? Did you read this one?
    President: No, sorry. But I believe that soulwarrior may know.
    Cheerleader: Ew! That book kid? Okay. Yeah, you can go now. *brushes him off*


    Jane: Hey, um, did you get the Bio homework? Uh, Sanctum?
    Gamer: *sighs exasperatedly* Yeah, it’s easy.
    Jane: Ooh, no. If you do that, Lloyd’ll leave the throne and start killing everyone.
    Gamer: (loudly and slowly) How does everybody know.
    Jane: Yes, well, I didn’t get this one. What’s a pedigree anyways?

    *in the Edges cafeteria*

    Bully: Hey, you, the tattle-tale! It’s your fault, I’m in this mess. So it’s you who’s gonna get me out!
    Snitch: Whattaya mean?
    Bully: You, rotten punk, I’m in detention ‘cause of you. And if I don’t win…. Well, you’re gonna help me win.
    Snitch: No way! I’m not gonna lose!
    Bully: You will. *grabbing D’art*
    Snitch: (suggestively) You do know I could have you expelled for this.
    Bully: *growls and drops D’art* Hmph. *strides off*
    Snitch: Hee hee. *runs off*

    Wednesday, September 6, 12:30 PM; Library

    Loner: Hmm…. According to this article, Civilization IV has already been realeased. I wonder why Principal Tribute wants us to play Civilization III then. Civilization IV seems so much better. Look at all these cool-
    Tribute: *grabs soulwarrior from behind* Why hello there. Did you say you wanted to play Civ IV?
    Loner: (sweating) Uh, no sir. I’d like to go read some Civ III gaming articles instead, sir. (quietly and pleading) Please don’t hurt me, sir.
    Tribute: … Bah, Civ IV is too complicated for your puny minds. Besides, I don’t want to buy it. *sniffs and walks off*
    Loner: Miser….

    Wednesday, September 6, 3:00 PM; Back Loading Zone

    Trader: My, my. What to sell, what to sell…. I can’t sell those trading cards anymore. Hmm….

    Contraband Trader 502nd PR caught sight of a vending machine in an alcove ahead in the parking lot. Striding past the windows of the Main Hall classrooms, 502nd PR made his way towards the soda machine. The machine sold generic Pepsi soda brands. This was nothing new. Or was it?

    Trader: 75 cents? Why, that’s… 50 cents cheaper. What are the administration playing at?

    But looking closer, 502nd PR noticed that these were the canned version of Pepsi sodas. However, that was not the only difference.

    Trader: They sell orange soda here. I know who like orange soda….

    The world seemed to hang still as the boy had a miraculous moment.

    Trader: (shouting at the top of his lungs) FRESHMEN!

    Wednesday, September 6, 3:45 PM; Principal Tribute’s Office in Shash Hall

    Tribute: I’m still waiting. Let’s see, that’s everyone except for 502nd PR. Wait, wait. Nobody sits! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!

    The door flew open as Principal Tribute uttered these words. The boy, 502nd PR flew in, with cases of orange soda flying out of his arms, hitting the Snitch D’art in the stomach, causing him to fly into the Bully the Lone Man. The Lone Man promptly turned around to choke the life out of D’art until the situation was mediated by President Mewtarthio. Cheerleader pneuma, however, was lucky enough to grab hold of one can of orange soda that happened to be flying in her general direction. The office, on the other hand, was a mess.

    Tribute: Mmm, orange soda. But, 502nd PR, this is no party. So I’m afraid, you’re going to have to clean this all up. In fact, you’ll be cleaning it between turns. Isn’t it so lucky, there’s a private bathroom right next door? *giggles* Children, sugar high is not something you want to see me in. Okay, the Lone Man, it’s your turn.


    Trader: Ah, darn it. I got barbarians.
    Tribute: Ha. Sucker. Then again, it isn’t too bad.
    Trader: How come? My warrior’s gonna die.
    Tribute: Well, if it doesn’t, you’ll get promoted pretty well. And do you know what promotions lead too? Great Leaders! *twitches and laughs*
    Trader: Okay…. They still suck though. I’ve got no time for losers like them. *stands up for Mewtarthio*
    President: So it’s my turn. Darn it! My scout stepped next to a barbarian.
    Trader: *chuckles*
    President: Oh, no….


    Jane: How come I’m losing so much money?
    Tribute: Ah, that’s because you have so many units. See, the more units you have the more you have to pay.
    Jane: I guess that makes sense.
    Tribute: Yeah, but also, the more cities you have, the less you’ll have to pay overall.
    Jane: Ooh, that sounds good. Settlers build cities, right?
    Tribute: Exactly. Good job. *pats 626’s shoulder*
    Jane: *smiles awkwardly* (shakily) Thank you, sir. (extremely quietly) I’m a boy, darn it!


    Loner: After, pottery, I should research Masonry….
    Tribute: What’s that?
    Loner: Nothing….


    Trader: That’s the last of the barbarians. Now, I can contact other people, rig-
    Tribute: NO!
    Trader: I don’t want to contact other people.
    President: So it’s my turn then. Hmm, after alphabet, I choose Writing.
    Tribute: That’s taking your life a bit far….


    Cheerleader: And that makes me the best!
    Tribute: *rushing over* What?
    Cheerleader: I built a temple, duh?!
    Tribute: Hmm, not a bad, but not really a good idea. What about expansion?
    Cheerleader: Well, I am the most cultured of them all now. I suppose another settlement means another temple. (pause) Extreme makeover! I shall paint the land, like blue!
    Tribute: Light blue.
    Cheerleader: Whatever!

    *later at random times*

    Snitch: Yes! Another settler. Another spying post….
    Bully: My archer can kill anything…. Give me everything you’ve got….
    Gamer: I own you all with my duel worker rush.
    Trader: Road the land, and rake in the goods.
    President: Finally, I’ve met everyone. Embassies must be established. Everyone will love me!
    Cheerleader: Haha! Cities, towns, flip to me! Bow to your queen!
    Loner: Area secure. No barbarians. A place to myself, for myself….
    Jane: So if my worker, chops here, my town’ll grow faster and speed my settler to completion 2 turns earlier!
    Tribute: *sighs to himself* If only it were that easy…. Well, we don’t have time for more. Sorry D’art. But your ‘punishment’ has ended for the day. DISMISSED!
    Snitch: But I was gonna be the first with a second ci- AAGH! *falls*
    Tribute: You aren’t that dumb are you? That’s like the third time already. *eyes bulge* AAGH! I’m turning into her! *points at Cheerleader pneuma*
    Cheerleader: Told ya temples were good. *sticks out her tongue*
    Tribute: Well, that’s turn 20 for you, except for D’art. Goodbye, kids.

    *after they leave*

    Tribute: Wow, D’art may win after all. Second town already, huh?
  6. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Thursday, September 7, 9:15 AM; Advisory in Dobbin Hall

    President: Hey, Sanctum. Did you also get the notice?
    Gamer: Yeah. We’re switching advisories. I hope it’s the librarian. I can game all day….
    President: It’s surprising you always can play the same game and not get bored.
    Gamer: It’s surprising you always say the same things and we elect you. *pulls out a DS Lite*
    President: … *turns to Plain Jane 626* Hey, 626. Looks like we’re gonna be in the same advisory.
    Jane: Yeah. I hope the teacher’s nice. I’m just so tired. I stayed up all night.
    President: IM’ing?
    Jane: No, I was studying.
    President: (curious) For what?
    Jane: The free choice book presentation. What if I don’t do well. They’ll think I didn’t-
    President: Hey, relax. It’ll be fine.
    Trader: *passing by* Get your puke bags! Puke bags! Five bucks a pop! Gag all you want after it’s over.
    Jane: (hysterically) See! See!


    Snitch: Hey! I saw that!
    Cheerleader: Talk to the hand, loser!
    Snitch: No gum in Dobbin Hall! In fact, no gum anywhere!
    Trader: *passing by* Puke bags! Hello, there soulwarrior, want a puke bag?
    Snitch: Are you even listening?
    Cheerleader: Is the wind talking? *turns to Snitch D’art* Nope, I don’t see anyone. Ah well.


    Loner: No.
    Trader: It’s a great deal. Look, you can have 2 for 5 bucks. Everyone else is paying double.
    Loner: I’m fine. Go away now.
    Trader: Okay, for you, I’ll lower it down to a dollar each. Yeah! How about-
    Loner: (exploding with anger) I SAID GO AWAY!!!
    Tribute: *opens the door* Ah, children. You’re here. You could have knocked you know.
    Bully: (already inside) You’re not a teacher, you know.
    Tribute: (sweetly) Now, remember what happened last time? (gravely) I can make that permanent.
    Bully: *gasps* …
    Tribute: Well, come in! It’s time to discuss our free choice summer reading books.
    Jane: (to the Snitch) Why do I feel that’s not the only reason he switched our advisors…?

    Thursday, September 7, 11:25 AM; The Library at 5th Lunch

    Snitch: No eating in the library. Don’t make me use this against you. I will, of course.
    Loner: *continues reading*
    Snitch: I could bring Mewtarthio here and show him how rotten you really are.
    Loner: Eh. Do what you will.
    Snitch: (taken aback) Uh, okay. *leaves*
    Loner: *cracks a smile* He will be embarrassed.

    *meanwhile in the Edges cafeteria*

    President: So Sanctum, have you beaten Fire Emblem yet?
    Gamer: Of course, Mewtarthio. What am I, a noob?! Geez.
    President: It really isn’t polite to play games at lunch, you know.
    Gamer: Gonna tell on me?
    President: Well, no. You are allowed to do it in the Edges anyways.
    Gamer: Uh oh. Running out of battery. *flips the DS shut* So why do you talk to me so much?
    President: Just being friendly.
    Gamer: Not trying to get a vote, are you?
    President: The thought has not occurred to me.
    Snitch: *enters* Mewtarthio! Soulwarrior’s eating in the library.
    President: So?
    Snitch: You can’t have food in the library.
    Gamer: What’s it to you anyways?
    President: Soulwarrior has already agreed to not make a mess in the library with the administration. Also, his, um, well, influence in the library’s future is too great to be denied.
    Snitch: *turns red* Ah.
    Gamer: So his parents donate a lot.
    President: Eh, probably.
    Gamer: Our principal’s a miser.
    Snitch: You got that right…. *leaves*
    Trader: Hey, mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full, I have little time.
    Gamer: Oh, you’re the guy I haven’t met in the game yet.
    President: Yeah, how come you didn’t send any exploring units out?
    Trader: I built another worker.
    President: Ah.
    Gamer: I did too. I assumed others would be searching for me already…. Hmm, competition….
    Trader: Right, so, did you guys know about the canned sodas that the school has?
    President: Canned sodas? I thought all we had were bottled-
    Trader: No, trust me, they have canned sodas. And orange soda.
    President: But that means….


    Tribute: I love orange soda!

    Thursday, September 7, 12:10 PM 6th lunch in the Edges

    Bully: I can get you anything you want, you know.
    Cheerleader: Psh. Not interested. But then again, do you have a car?
    Bully: I just said I could get you anything you wanted….
    Cheerleader: Well?
    Bully: … That means I have a car, if you want me to have one.
    Cheerleader: Oh, wow. You’re so attractive all of a sudden. I must have missed something big. Like your face, for instance.
    Bully: (eager) Gee, thanks!

    Nearby, Plain Jane 626 watched the scene unfold. He really couldn’t understand why Bully the Lone Man would try to get a date. Or even why pneuma would want to date such a bully. He didn’t understand. Then again, he didn’t understand much. 626 looked sadly at the unfinished geometry homework. Stupid triangles. SOH CAH TOA! And what were radians and degrees? So weird…. And all these postulates and theorems. He memorized them, yes, but what the heck did they mean? Suddenly, 626 noticed a presence behind him.

    Jane: Do you want anything, D’art?
    Snitch: Ah! You caught me. Well, I couldn’t help but notice you’re not done with your math homework.
    Jane: I don’t see why you’re not in class.
    Snitch: (casually) Well, you know, sixth free and all.
    Jane: I like first free more; I can sleep at school if I need to. I’m so tired after staying up all night.
    Snitch: IM’ing?
    Jane: No! Why does everybody think that?!


    Teacher: Sanctum, are you playing Fire Emblem again? In class.
    Gamer: Nooooo…. Wait, what? Why does everybody think that?!
    Teacher: You are the only one with your laptop open. And we’re watching a movie.
    Gamer: I can see that. I’m taking notes.
    Teacher: Oh! Okay…, well if you’re not playing games….

    *back to Jane*

    Jane: So why are you talking to me?
    Snitch: Well, you seemed lonely. Unlike some other people….
    Jane: You mean that bookworm.
    Snitch: Yea-
    Jane: Isn’t it weird how he never talks to anyone?
    Snitch: Yes. I think so. He could at least be friendlier.
    Jane: (angry) Well, nobody talks to him either. And you should already know how that feels too. Sorry, but I don’t like you. Goodbye. *leaves*

    Thursday, September 7, 1:20 PM; 8th Period Free

    Trader: Now, to find a market for orange soda…. Hello, there, the Lone Man, would you like to try some of my orange soda? (enticing) It’s free.
    Bully: No. Orange soda is a baby drink.
    Trader: Then how about you get your baby freshman ‘friends’ to try some?
    Bully: What’s in it for me?
    Trader: A cut of the profits, of course.
    Bully: *crosses his arms* I’m listening….

    Thursday, September 7, 2:35 PM; Start of 7th Period

    Loner: Last class today. And then I can read again. Not to mention, defeating everybody else in Civ III….
    Jane: Hi there, soulwarrior!
    Loner: (coldly) Hello.
    Jane: I’m 626. And I’m male.
    Loner: (surprised) Oh? (unenthusiastically) Yes. That’s great.
    Jane: I just wanted to say that not everybody is like D’art. Some people are nice!
    Loner: And others are just plain annoying. Good day. *leaves*
    Jane: … I’m annoying?

    Thursday, September 7, 3:45 PM; start of 4th detention in Principal Tribute’s Shash Hall office

    Tribute: Yes, 626, you’re a very annoying girl.
    Jane: Boy.
    Tribute: Okay, children. It’s time for another 10 turns. You may have noticed that you have a lot of time left over after you finish your turn. Be wary, for as you expand further, the time left to manage your empire may not be sufficient. Especially for those who like to trade….
    Trader: (innocently)What?
    Tribute: Before we left, I believe D’art was going to be the first to have a second settlement.
    Snitch: I was!

    At this, Plain Jane 626 gapes. He too was about to build a second town. And that little rascal had beaten him to it.

    Tribute: But we mustn’t forget, 626. The girl has also completed a settler. I believe you were going to settle on your 21st turn?
    Jane: Yes. And I’m male.
    Tribute: You really shouldn’t mumble, 626. I can’t understand what you’re saying sometimes. Quite a lot, actually.
    Loner: She said she’s not a girl. *realizes his mistake* I mean he-
    Tribute: She’s not a girl?! Really, soulwarrior, you’ll have to lie better than that. That doesn’t even make any sense! Anyways, D’art, you’re up.


    Jane: Good, Private Diary will make a warrior. Oh! Principal Tribute, sir!
    Tribute: Yes?
    Jane: I’m making lot’s of money now!
    Tribute: Like I said earlier, more settlements means you pay less for units.
    Bully: (to himself) Really? Looks like I have some expansion to do….
    Snitch: My turn! Ooh. The people want to give me a palace expansion!
    Tribute: You know, that’s the most worthless feature of the game. But if you’re really self-centered and want to waste the time, go ahead. Arrange your castle.
    Snitch: Heh heh.


    Cheerleader: Hey! Hey! Who’s that dame? The only one who isn’t lame? That’s right! It’s me, pneuma!
    Tribute: No singing. Just because you got your first settler out, doesn’t mean nobody else has. And you seriously need a granary or somethin’, cause your growth ain’t gonna cut it.
    Cheerleader: Hmph! *points to some flood plains*
    Tribute: Did I mention that despotism mitigates the impact of irrigation a lot? You’re gonna have to be REALLY lucky to survive. *giggles*
    Cheerleader: *glares*
    Tribute: Eh heh. (slower) Eh heh. *starts to sweat* Huh. *stares back*
    Cheerleader: *glares even more*
    Tribute: Aah! *runs off*

    *even later*

    Tribute: The Lone Man, congratulations, that’s the biggest town anyone has thus far!
    Bully: Shouldn’t that be private information?
    Tribute: Not really. You see, at the beginning of the game, everyone has about the same culture, and if you press F11, you’ll see….
    Bully: Oh. And if I press F8, I can find the weaklings to exploit.
    Tribute: Erm, yes. You can.
    Bully: The Babylonians are the weakest. Hey! What’s up with this? Why am I so weak? I have archers!
    Tribute: The number of tiles under your control matters a lot too. Don’t pay so much attention to that. As far as I know, your civilization is the strongest.
    Bully: Are you indulging my ego?
    Tribute: Duh.


    Gamer: 1 more turn till settler.
    Tribute: That’s really great. But, oh dear, time’s up! Looks like we’ll have to finish tomorrow.
    Everyone: *groans*
    Tribute: But, hey, if you had finished earlier, this wouldn’t have been a problem.
    Bully: We hate you, you know that?
    Tribute: Of course. Now, then, DISMISSED!

    Friday, September 8, 9:50 AM; Extra Help at Plain Jane’s Locker

    Jane: Donut day! The best day of the whole week. Oh, but it’s so far away, all the good donut’s will be taken, by the silly freshmen. Ah well.

    Plain Jane 626 tore through the hall and turned the corner, running into a teacher on the way. Apologizing swiftly, he jumped down the stairs and ran out of Shash Hall past the art rooms and College Counseling Offices. Turning right, next to some brown, rotting cubbies, he sighed at the lack of maintenance the school was receiving. 626 entered the Main Hall and ran past the legs, which seemingly stuck out to try and trip him up as he passed. Many, he noted, were taking the opportunity to take a nice nap. On donut day? Blasphemous. And with so much homework too. Sadly, 626 cursed his lack of mental capabilities, hoping the work he had put into his homework would pay off some day. Finally, reaching the end of the hall, he passed some of the gamers at the laptop lockers and exited the Main Hall. To his dismay, when he arrived in the Edges, all of the good donuts were taken, only jam remained. Setting down his backpack, 626 enjoyed (as best he could) the randomly flavored, artificial jelly inside the glazed donut before turning to other homework matters.

    *meanwhile at the laptop lockers*

    Gamer: Did she just trip over my power cable? Now it’s unplugged, and she’s run off! Great!
    Generic Gamer: That wasn’t a girl….
    Gamer: *standing up* This is ridiculous; if people don’t know how to walk, maybe they should learn or just not walk at all!
    Generic Gamer: I suppose. Hey! You done with Fire Emblem yet?
    Gamer: Yeah, but I found the sequel, and it seems rather intriguing.
    Generic Gamer: Yuck. The Sacred Stones sucked.
    Gamer: What?! Why?
    Generic Gamer: Too easy.
    Gamer: No doubt about that….

    *meanwhile in the Quad*

    President: These meetings in the Rose Garden are just too weird. I feel all itchy after it’s over.
    Vice President: I sneeze a lot after it’s over.
    Treasurer: (in a Yoda voice) Allergies, you have.
    President: Anyways, the first item to my attention has been the lack of order in the lunch line. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can reduce the clogging? I mean, you know how it is. It’s a stampede!
    Vice President: I think it’s fine.
    President: But the administration doesn’t think so. So we have to do something to calm them down. But we also don’t want to annoy any of the potential voter- I mean, students out there. Can we strike that from the record?
    Secretary: Of course. Now which part did you want removed? The ‘potential voter’ part or the ‘students out there’ part?
    President: Both, if possible.
    Secretary: So you don’t want to ‘annoy any’
    President: Right.
    Secretary: Any who?
    President: Anyone.
    Secretary: Any ones?
    President: *sighs*
    Treasury: (Jar Jar Binks voice) You, sah! Are a los-ah!

    *meanwhile in Shash Hall*

    Cheerleader: (demanding) Donut.
    Bully: Here it is. *hands her a glazed donut wrapped in a tissue*
    Cheerleader: Mm! Glazed. That’s so nice, of you! I love you! *jumps and pecks him on the cheek*
    Bully: *turns red with pleasure*
    Cheerleader: I wrote you a cheer. Wanna hear it?
    Bully: That’s alright, I-
    Cheerleader: (sternly) *snaps* Do you want to hear it, or not?!
    Bully: (reluctantly) Okay, then….
    Cheerleader: (sing song) Who’s Queen Bee? (beat) Yup, that’s me! (beat) I’m the Queen Bee of the tree! (beat) Everybody worships me! (beat) Never we, always me! (opera finish) For I’m the Queen (beat) Bee (beat) of (beat) the (beat) treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Tribute: *peeks out of his office door* No singing outside of my office! Or inside it for that matter, I’ll have to speak to Mewtarthio then.

    Friday, September 8, 11:30 AM; library at 5th lunch

    Trader: Excellent, a prospective customer. *sidles up to soulwarrior* Hi, there. Would you be interested- Oh. It’s you again.
    Loner: Yup, it’s me. It always has been. (darkly) It always will be.
    Trader: Want to buy some orange soda?
    Loner: I guess….
    Snitch: Hey, no food in the library. Oh, it’s you.
    Loner: *smiles wryly* (sarcastically) Yeah.
    Snitch: Ooh, orange soda! Give me one, please!
    Trader: 80 cents.
    Snitch: But-!
    Loner: I’ll take one. *hands some money to the 502nd PR*
    Trader: *turns to D’art* Well?
    Loner: *smiles evilly* You may have permission to eat in here, soulwarrior, but I believe 502nd PR doesn’t. So if you don’t-
    Trader: Is this a threat?
    Snitch: So smart of you to notice. Now hand one over.
    Trader: Pah! *gives D’art a soda*
    Snitch: Mmm! Orange….

    Friday, September 8, 1:50 PM; Start of 4th period, last class of the day.

    Cheerleader pneuma sat down in class and sighed. She really wasn’t dumb. But she couldn’t help herself. Everyone thought she was. But she was just trying to get attention. Her bossy front. Her rude and sometimes oblivious actions. She had to ignore the pain of the insults thrown at her, thinking her too dull to notice. But it hurt. It still did. So she tried to surround herself with money and clothes, distancing herself from the others. Yet it led to more misunderstandings. And the vicious cycle continued.

    Friday, September 8, 3:45 PM; 5th detention in Principal Tribute’s Shash Hall Office

    Tribute: (slyly) Wow! All on time. I wonder why…. (seriously) As you know, we really only have about 2 turns for you to finish. Many of you have completed a settler, and about half of you have settled them in rather good locations. Now, you may be wondering why I didn’t allow you to declare war or talk to each other for the first 30 turns. This was to prevent you from unfairly crushing anybody else, or getting too much of a headstart in the game. Well, after the next few turns, you can go crazy. Do anything you like. Even amass settlers and plant them right next to your opponent’s borders. I don’t care. Just remember, if you choose to do that, they’re allowed to kill you. Literally.
    Jane: That means we’re not allowed to do that, right?
    President: Yes, 626. Precisely. Now, I believe we should all have some sort of etiquette. Like no ganging up on anybody else when a war starts, and such.
    Tribute: Oh, please do! Backstabbing will be most important then. I suspect you really can’t trust anybody here.
    President: But-
    Tribute: Nobody is trustworthy.
    President: Then-
    Tribute: Nobody.
    President: However-
    Tribute: *twitches* SILENCE! *calms down* That’s better. 502nd PR is up, I believe. (to himself) It’s almost time….

    Status Report:
    Settlements: Everyone has two towns except for the Bully, the Contraband Trader, and the Gamer.
    The Bully will build his turn 31, the other two will have them turn 32. I also would like a submission of city names, all related to the character you’re playing as. Lurkers may do this as well.
    Techwise: The leader is Spain(going for polytheism) and Netherlands (going for philosophy) and the Gamer is about to finish Iron Working. Everyone will attempt to get basic techs for next round. With gold being transferred to equalize the costs when trading. I will try to use CAII to estimate costs of techs.
    Diplomacy: Everyone has just about met everyone else. I think all contacts have been made, of course. And all huts should have been popped by now.
    Miltary: Biggest military goes to Plain Jane with about 6 warriors. Strongest military goes to the Bully with two veteran archers and a conscript warrior. Scouts are being disbanded as soon as they return
    PM’d orders: Only two people sent me them. Try to follow the format. If you can’t find it, go to the first page of the thread, and look for the link in the first post.
    Workers: Some have one, others have two.
    Wonders: If you want a wonder and don’t tell me, and if the randomization gets a wonder, you don’t build one. So pick a city(s) and a wonder(s).
    Settling Style: Very important. But I picked what seemed best to me. With the lack of information from anyone. I’ll also try to have no land tiles wasted at the end. Also, you may have noticed CXC is disallowed in the plot. But you can still use combat settlers, if you know what they are.
    Improvements: Snitch has a granary. Cheerleader has a temple. Bully has a rax. You should’ve told me if you wanted one.
  7. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    And many pictures to come.

    Bully Base

    Gaming Central

    The Trading Post

    Student Council and Judicial Committee

    Club Cheer and Boy Toys

    The Library and Dewey Decimal System

    Jane's Locker and Private Diary

    Listening Niche and Blackmail Bonds
  8. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Honestly, I spoil you all with my 45000 character update. Seriously, though, PM me those orders, and you will win much more easily. Also, you can add other things too, like how you'd like to make peace, or where you want your units positioned, etc.
  9. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Okay, so trading. As far as deals will go. You'll only be able to trade one for one. Or one for gold. Just so that nobody gets too far ahead. Later, it'll be okay.

    And don't be afraid to reply to this thread. I'm getting saddened; or would be, had it not been for the many PM's I have received thus far. And it would be even better if you lurkers out there would suggest tips to our 'players' here.
  10. 502nd PIR

    502nd PIR Rise to Empire

    Feb 20, 2006
    Goodjob. i'm enjoying it
  11. Lord_Iggy

    Lord_Iggy Tsesk'ihe

    Jun 7, 2005
    Nice writing Trib!
  12. soul_warrior

    soul_warrior Termite!

    Oct 25, 2004
    Sydney, NSW
    very nice update!

    city names: Beowofgrad, Alexandria, Good Book, Bibliotekno
    that should do for now.

    plans are secret and will be PMd later today.

    Oh, and if anyone, and i mean ANYONE, dares bring food into the library i will have to report him to Mr Principal.
    * unless you're a cute girl. i might even be willing to do some home work for you. maybe.
  13. pneuma

    pneuma Its not made by MGLs

    Feb 19, 2006

    I'm confused as to what we do about trading? Do you mean work it out amongst ourselves right now?

    If so, I have alphabet, ceremonal burial, mysticism, and 10g. I'll trade any 1st tier tech for another, and I wan't to keep my monopoly on mysticism for the moment, but I will consider any reasonable offers.
  14. 502nd PIR

    502nd PIR Rise to Empire

    Feb 20, 2006
    I have no idea what i have.
  15. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    You pick what you want in the future. I'll choose how you get there.
    Oh yes, and I will try to respect monopolies. And if you happen to trade one away, I'll try to remember that you still have priority in selling that to other characters.

    502nd PR, you have BW, WC, Alpha and Masonry. Working on Maths in 18. (Pic says 17, but that would be for turn 31, not 30).
  16. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Also, now that it matters more, I will post a CAII pic of the current tech situation. Anyone who's tech research doesn't seem to implicating will be the 'victim.' Probably someone who min sci's. Many of you might be doing that.... ;)
  17. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone
    Oh, and not that this is of major significance yet, but if Library Loner soulwarrior is the only thing left between you and a conquest victory, only then can you declare war on him. Unfortunately, people would easily figure out they'd need to build up military after seeing countless other civs fall.... So I'm sure this is of no consequence thus far, soulwarrior.
  18. soul_warrior

    soul_warrior Termite!

    Oct 25, 2004
    Sydney, NSW
    long live treasure island! where ican roamfreely tasting the honey, the fish and the roast!

    keep my builds as is for now (over riding my PMd orders)

    more details to follow
  19. D'Artagnan59

    D'Artagnan59 The Gascon

    Mar 4, 2006
    New England
    That tech situation. Where is it?

    Cities: Secret Hideout, Nosey Parkerton, I'll have more later.
  20. Tribute

    Tribute Not Sarcastic

    May 4, 2005
    Pacific Time Zone

    BTW, this is 'yours' D'art. So the highlighted things on the left are yours.

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