[BNW] How to diagnose Random Crashes because .lua format in a Custom Mod or Modpack?


Aug 6, 2023
Santiago de Chile
Good day or night everybody!
I hope you all be okay.
I am writing to you today to ask you if It's possible to detect or debug Random Crashes caused by the .lua format core file "lua51_Win32.dll" in a Mod or Modpack for the respective CvMiniDump.dmp generated by the Crash in cuestion (like the Visual Studio Debugger or some other method).
I'm recieving Random Crashes sometimes in a Mod even from Turn 0 via loading the savegame or even exiting the game, and the only file apparently responsible for it is "lua51_Win32.dll", maybe because an error, bad reference or missing dependency from one or more .lua files.
I will appreciate any solution, answer or recommendation from anybody of you, and I hope if is, could help anybody too if also have this problem.
Thank you in advance!
I m not sure if this will help but if you run the FireTuner moding app, you can see most of the things that dosnt work properly with scripts and others.
I have zero experience on modifying the dll but my guess would be that you broke something in the scripts.
I ve started to check the DLL modifications, is it possible you did update the tools from the original version 2008 ?
I have no clues if this would be a problem but when asked ( I installed VS2013 ) I did not update the tools just in case.
If you have upgrade the tools, I suggest you try your changes without upgrading tools.
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