[TUTORIAL] How to Add New Advancement/Tech to Sid Meier's Civilization III Conquests v01

Pelo McSoy

Feb 5, 2021
/***Step 01 - Setting Up the .biq & Scenario Folder***/

Step 01-01: Make sure you save the .biq (editor file) to the Scenarios Folder, and create a corresponding folder with the same name.

Step 01-02: Open your Scenario Folder, and create the following folders:


/***Step 02 - Adding Tech to Editor***/

Step 02-01: Open your .biq file.

Enable Custom Rules.

Step 02-02: Edit Civilization Advances...

Step 02-03: Create your Advancement of interest. In this example, we'll be adding in Architecture.

In the Civilopedia Entry box, give it the name TECH_Architecture (we will use this name later).

Also, make note of the order the tech is in the Advance List. Currently, it is the 84th Advance.

Step 02-04: Assign an Era, Prerequisites, a Cost, and Flags.

It is possible to assign Tech to No Era. See image for potential uses.

For this example, we will place Architecture in the Middle Ages, require Engineering, and will not be required to advance to the Industrial Ages.

/***Step 03 - Adding Civilopedia Icons***/

Step 03-01: In the Art Folder, create a tech chooser folder.

Step 03-02: In the tech chooser Folder, create an Icons folder.

Step 03-03: Save the Large and Small Icon images that you have chosen or created.

The file name format does not matter, but make sure naming is at least consistent in this folder so you know which file is which.

/***Step 04 - Adding Text Files***/

Step 04-01: Return to your Scenario Folder, and open the Text Folder. Copy and Paste the original files from the vanilla game:


The path to the original file locations are highlighted in Blue.

Step 04-02: Open the Civilopedia.txt file in your scenario folder.

Locate the beginning of the Advance Entries.

Step 04-03: Add your Advance Entry to Civilopedia.

See the image for full details on syntax, formatting, linking, and other information.

Note: Unlike the other entries, the TECH_ is not required, but the DESC_TECH_ is required. See image for more details.

Save and close the Civilopedia.

Step 04-04: Open the PediaIcons in your scenario folder.

Locate the Small Tech Icons.

Step 04-05: Add your TECH_ (Civilopedia Icon) for the small image.

Step 04-06: Locate the Large Tech Icons.

These are normally placed after the Small Tech Icons.

Step 04-07: Add your TECH_[name]_Large (Civilopedia Icon) for the large image.

Save and close the PediaIcons.

Step 04-08: Open the script in your scenario folder.

Locate the Tech Blurbs. These are the things the Science Advisor will say when you hover over available tech with your mouse.

CAUTION: Due to the complexity of this section, it is recommended you edit these last after you have your tech tree finalized.

Step 04-09a: Add your SCIENCEADVICETECH entry.

Unlike the Civilopedia or PediaIcons, the blurbs are not based on the Civilopedia Entry, but rather the List Order in the Editor. Please see image for full details.

Step 04-09b: Review and Edit the other SCIENCEADVICETECH codes. Please see attached image for full details.

Save and close the script.

/***Step 05 - Updating Science Advisor Screen***/

Step 05-01: Open your scenario in Civ III Conquests.

Notice the tech has been added to the Middle Ages, but is currently stuck in the corner. This happened because we never gave it any coordinates.

Close the game.

Step 05-02: In the Advances Editor, add the coordinates.

The X Coordinate is Horizontal Positioning.
The Y Coordinate is Vertical Positioning.

For this example, we will align its X Coordinate with Education, and its Y Coordinate with Engineering.

Step 05-03: Open the Scenario in Civ III Conquests. You must start a new game for the changes to take effect.

Check the position and see if it is where you want it to be. Once you are satisfied with its position, close the game, then save and close the Editor.

The Prerequisite Arrows are not based on position and prerequisites, but rather is a separate art file. These will be added next.

Step 05-04: In the Art folder, create an Advisors folder.

Step 05-05: In the Advisors folder, Copy and Paste the original files from the vanilla game (based on the Era you wish to modify):


The path to the original file locations are highlighted in Blue.

Step 05-06a: Using your program of choice, open the science_[era].pcx file in your scenario folder.

If you need to find a program, I recommend using GIMP as it can export to .pcx with no issue.

Step 05-06b: Update the tech tree paths.

You can review by opening your scenario in Civ III Conquests. You must start a new game for changes to take effect.

You may have to go back and change the tech's coordinates.

Once you are happy with the changes, save/export and close the program.

/***Final Views***/

When you open the game, the Small Icon will look like this!

The Large Icon and Civilopedia Effects will be displayed here!

This is what the Civilopedia Description entry will look like!

This is what the Tech Tree looks like with your new tech!

Discovering the secrets of your new tech!

Attempting to relearn your new tech!

This is remarkably detailed and thorough. I like how it covers every aspect needed to make a fully polished addition. I also learned some things, such as that the science advisor blurb is from the script.txt file.

One of my side projects is a scenario editor for Civ III, and these days one of its main goals is making some modding tasks easier. This is a good reference, both for me (I now know how to display science blurbs for techs in the editor, which will help scenario creators make them line up with the tech, a fairly frequent thing to be out of alignment in scenarios), and as a thread I can add to the editor help files for modders' reference.

Good job, and welcome to CFC! :band:
Thank you for those kind words! I'm happy that I could help someone with this. =)

If there are any other tutorials (aside from animating units and movies), let me know!
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