[TUTORIAL] How to Add a Unit to Sid Meier's Civilization III Conquests v01 (Simplified)

Pelo McSoy

Feb 5, 2021
Note: This is a somewhat simplified tutorial made in 90 minutes for Discord. In time, I hope to create a more in depth tutorial (including adding custom icons, upgrading info, etc.).

/***Step 01 - Setting Up the .biq & Scenario Folder***

Step 01-01: Make sure you save the .biq (editor file) to the Scenarios Folder, and create a corresponding folder with the same name.

Step 01-02: Open your Scenario Folder, and create the following folders:


/***Step 02 - Adding Unit to Editor***/

Step 02-01: Open your .biq file.

Enable Custom Rules.

Step 02-02: Edit Units...

Step 02-03: Create your unit of interest. In this example, we'll be making a Flamer.

In the Civilopedia Entry box, give it the name PRTO_Flamer (we will use this name later).

Once finished editing your unit, Save and Close the Editor.

Please note I have not assigned any properties to this unit at this time, nor will I during this tutorial.

/***Step 03 - Adding Unit Files***/

Step 03-01: In the Art Folder, create a Units folder.

Step 03-02: In the Units Folder, create a folder specifically for your unit.

In this example, the folder name will be Flamer.

Step 03-03a: Copy Paste the guts of an existing unit into this folder (or, if you're amazing and can make your own units from scratch, save them here).

Step 03-03b: In this example, I'm "borrowing" the files from the Combat Engineer unit from the WWII Conquest. The link to the file folder is highlighted above.

/***Step 04 - Adding Unit Icons***/

Step 04-01: In the Art Folder, create a Civilopedia folder.

Step 04-02: In the Civilopedia Folder, create an Icons folder.

Step 04-03: In the Icons Folder, create a Units folder.

Step 04-04: Save the Large and Small Icon images that you have chosen or created.

The file name format does not matter, but make sure naming is at least consistent in this folder so you know which file is which.

/***Step 05 - Adding Text Files***/

Step 05-01: Return to your Scenario Folder, and open the Text Folder. Copy and Paste the original files from the vanilla game:


The path to the original file locations are highlighted in Blue.

Step 05-02: Open the Civilopedia.txt file in your scenario folder.

Locate the beginning of the Unit Entries.

Step 05-03: Add your Unit Entry to the Civilopedia.

See the image for full details on syntax, formatting, linking, and other information.

Save and close the Civilopedia.

Step 05-04: Open the PediaIcons in your scenario folder.

Locate the Unit Icons.

Step 05-05: Add your ICON_PRTO_[unit] images.

The Large Icon must be first, and the Small Icon must be second.

Note: If you are using icons from the vanilla game, PediaIcons is smart enough to look in the game's original files. You do not need to copy and paste over every icon from the game.

Step 05-06: Locate the Unit Animation section.

Step 05-07: Add the ANIMNAME_PRTO (Unit Animation) Name. See image for full details.

The name you choose MUST match the Configuration file. In this example, the Configuration file name is "Combat Engineer". You do not need to the file suffix (.txt, .ini, etc).

Save and close the PediaIcons.

/***Final Views***/

When you open the game, the Small Icon will look like this!

The Large Icon and Civilopedia Effects entry will be displayed here!

This is what the Civilopedia Description entry will look like!

Here is an error I encountered when putting this together. I didn't have a directory set up properly. It is kind enough to tell you what is missing! Make sure your directory names folders and names match what you put in the Civilopedia and PediaIcons files!

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