1. N

    Improved Techs suggestion (Astronomy, Wheel, Rifling, Stealth Technology)

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, but old time Civ6 player with 1000+ game time, and during my playthroughs I noticed some techs that are very crucial and noteworthy have little impact on the gameplay itself. So I decided to fix that, but I have no modding or programming skills required to make these...
  2. F

    Increasing Trader Movement based on Tech

    I am trying to increase the movement that traders move based on the technology you have. I know this will not change turns it will take to finish, but I would like to see if I can have traders zooming across the screen every turn in late game, and its a good learning goal. Currently, my current...
  3. CppMaster

    Future Tech is lackluster

    Currently Future Tech gives +1 happiness for each city which is useful for couple of completions, but after that I had 100% happiness anyway and pretty permanent golden ages, so it was rather meaningless. What do you think if each Future Tech completion also would give +x% to combat strength of...
  4. C

    Maps that limit technology ages?

    Hey, I'm not sure how to find this so I thought I'd ask. Are there maps that I can download that limit tech? Example: the game only progresses to ancient era, medieval era, industrial era, etc. then that age is the final tech and now it's future tech, instead of progressing all the way to...
  5. King Phaedron

    Forbidden technology

    These would be secret technologies you can research. You must build a campus during the era for one to be available they are era specific. They are also erased when entering the industrial era although later ones could be available. This is based on the elimination of free energy and other...
  6. Pelo McSoy

    [TUTORIAL] How to Add New Advancement/Tech to Sid Meier's Civilization III Conquests v01

    /***Step 01 - Setting Up the .biq & Scenario Folder***/ Step 01-01: Make sure you save the .biq (editor file) to the Scenarios Folder, and create a corresponding folder with the same name. Step 01-02: Open your Scenario Folder, and create the following folders: Art Text /***Step 02 -...
  7. S

    multiple techs per turn

    Hi I read somewhere that it is possible to accomplish multiple techs per turn. I guess that if ex. 2 cities do 100% beakers of a tech each, then 2 techs will be discovered. But i thought this should be accomplished through trade, caravans / freights.
  8. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    Calculus as End of Renaissance technology ?

    Mod potential thread 1. Should Calculus appeared in the game as a technology that appeared by the closing stage of Renaissance Era? (Because Modern Calculus as we known today was developed in Europe in the 17th Century by two persons. Issac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz...
  9. M

    [G&K] Tech Tree Cycling

    In Civ 5, once you finish the tech tree, the science becomes basically worthless and your paying useless building costs and other bs. Instead of hitting an unrealistic scenario where you science doesn't matter, would it be possible for someone to create a mod or point me to an existing mod that...
  10. Silica_Pathways

    v40 clearly increases the challenge

    Look at this beaut, small Earth map, prince difficulty, historic start locations, barbarian and neanderthal cities on, current year 11418BC, the news popup says I am in the tech lead, meanwhile Paraguay already got wiped out by the barbs and this explains why: I guess I'll have to increase my...
  11. boogaboo

    Tech Tree Versions and discussion

    Hi, I have always been disappointed by the way the Tech Tree is presented in Civ4 (BTS). My goal is to introduce some more readable and accurate versions of the tech tree, for players to choose, use, print, edit and highlight as they wish :) I'll do this in this thread. This post is all about...
  12. Dark-Light

    [GS] Ideas for next DLC/game Civics, Policy cards, Religions, Religious beliefs, Techs, Buildings & Units

    New things can bring the longevity of a game to a height not for seen. Some of these ideas will play on other ideas I have had in other threads that I've started. To keep the thread "short" I will only discuss new policy card, religious beliefs, tech, buildings and unit ideas. I will make...
  13. T

    [BNW] Make spy steal speed faster with higher tech costs

    Ok so i'm playing in a custom gamespeed where research percent is 200%, BUT i put multipliers to the cost of techs increasing for each era, so Industrial Era Techs require 10000 Science, now i'd like it if spies were a little faster, as they are even slower than in marathon, taking 80 turns to...
  14. Stamson

    [GS] SV Discussion for Gathering Storm

    What things have changed from R&F to GS when it comes to SV? What tech tree path is optimal? What civic tree path is optimal? Which districts to focus on? Are there any must have great people or wonders like they've have been previously? (ie. Big Ben)
  15. I

    Merging BAT 4.1 with Tech Era Limit Mod

    Hello all, I am attempting to merge the Tech Era Limit Mod into the BAT 4.1 Mod. The Tech Era mod only has 2 asset files included with it: PythonCallbackDefines.xml. The instructions for merging the Tech Era mod with other mods, as per the ReadMe file included with the Tech...
  16. kirkham7

    Bridge Building

    What hexes do I change to remove the requirements for bridge building? I asked once a few years ago, but can't seem to find the answer. :)
  17. sman1975

    Legendary Headstart V3

    The Legendary Headstart Mod adds a variety of bonuses to all major civs at the start of the game. The intent is to provide a richer variety of playstyles, based on the sometimes legendary head starts these bonuses sometimes provide. There are 18 bonuses in all – some of which are much more...
  18. M

    Soft robotics

    Soft robotics is in its infancy but if we keep plugging away, what might scientists be able to do with soft robotics? What will the final end product?
  19. F

    [vanilla] Possible to get the players tech?

    Is it possible to get the players tech? I want to give the player the optics tech if the player has researched sailing! Thanks
  20. M

    What 25 inventions does humanity NEED to create?

    In order for humans to "live long and prosper", what 25 things do we have to invent?
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