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How to extract UNITS from ROR and AOE

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Tutorials, Reference, & Guides' started by thegreats, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. thegreats

    thegreats Cat Lord

    Jan 28, 2006
    In a hamburger
    This tutorial is for extracting only units from ROR and AOE.
    First you need to download these programs:

    ROR SLP List by Joey Hazlett
    SLP Descriptions (for AOE) by Wildfire
    SLP Studio V1.7
    SBB by Steph

    Download here(Except SBB and Flicster)

    All the programs in the first page

    Step 1:Select the unit and convert it to bmp

    Open SLP Studio and the open the graphics.drs of AOE, if you have gold version is in the data, not data2. Find 202 and double click it, this is Chariot Archer, now create a folder named Chariot Archer and create folders named S,SW,SE,W,E,NW,NE,N, RETURN TO SLP Studio and select file>extract file and extract it to your Chariot Archer folder, this is a SLP file. Open that SLP file (with SLP Studio), and go to the edit menu now select ``Convert all frames´´ and save it to your Chariot Archer, now to open the chariot archer folder and delete the text files but not the bmps.

    Step 2:Transfering the bmps to the folders

    This is quiet simple, renaming the bmps to 0001,0002,etc and using a default frame count , because the chariot archer bmps are not hte same number in each direction, i used 4 frames by copying (or deleting) the ultimate bmp of the direction that doesn´t have 4 frames. This means you have to have 4 bmps in each folder named 0001,0002,0003,0004.
    TIP:The bmps only have 5 directions so this means you have to edit the images and use mirror images.

    Note that you have a duplicated of the bmps with more or less frames, these duplications will be added and the blank images will be deleted.

    Step 3:Using SBB

    Now we open SBB (Found on the Civ3 Utility Programs) and select Single unit storyboard, we select our Chariot Archer like the Main Source folder and open ``E´´ and select one of the bmps, you should view the width and the height. Now open the bmp SBB created in Chariot Archer, you need to change the black background sorrounding the unit to magneta, with the color replacer.

    Step 3:Flicster

    We open flicster and create a storyboard 4 frames long, 87 width and 80 height, the name is AttackA and we save it in Chariot Archer. Now we open the pcx of the AttackA storyboard and the bmp sbb created copy all the unit and paste it in the pcx now edit the palette and when finished save the pcx. With flicster we open the AttackA storyboard and export as a flc.

    You will see that the animation is pretty horrible but you can do any other unit from ROR, well that was the tutorial, remember this is only the attack or the fidget i dont know but when you extract a unit from ROR you need to extract all the animations default,attack,etc.

    Credits go for the creators of all the program and for me because this tutorial is mine.

    Dont try to open an AOK drs with SLP Studio the colors will mix and you might get some errors.

    This is my finished work, although its not perfect due to some palette and frame errors an experienced
    unit creator can do this better.

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