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How to fix unique building and unique units being available to other civilisations?

So each building is brought in by a building class like you suggested.

The civ specific/unique building per civ are also added this same way.

So you can have a temple/tomb for instant from the Egypt civ.
It's building class is still a temple then in the civilization coding it you allows it to be assigned to a civ.
Assuming the building code is set up correctly for a unique version.
I assume you have done all that.

Are you adding an all new building type to the game then adding a unique version of it for a civ?

If so set it to -1 production to build the original then set the real production value for the unique replacement.
This will make it impossible to build the standard version making only the civ specific unique building buildable and for that civ only.

From my understanding it seems like the building was added but then they set it up to be unique. But since an all new building class was added. Then the building class was set up to have a unique replacement. But since since a new class was added. One you do not want other civs to be able build set production value needed to -1 this will disable the base class building stopping other civs from being able to build it.

Hope this helps I can come back on my PC and show the coding examples and how to do it.
Hello. I have a problem with modding. Can you help please?
There is an Azerbaijan civ mod. Carpet school is a unique building for Azerbaijan civ. I downloaded it, but i edited the mod, changing some features of buildings for personal use and the civ itself. But now there is a glitch in game, when any civilization completes tradition policy tree, the unique carpet school building is being automatically added to any civ that completed tradition policy tree. I don't know why it happens... There is nothing about tradition policy in the mod folder. Only Aesthetic policy alteration in mod folder. Can you help me please? I really don't know what to do and i can't find any solution or help related to this weird issue.
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