How to install civ 3 on win 11


Nov 27, 2022
I met civilization 3 many years ago, and now that I have my own completly new computer (with windows 11) I wish to install it. I don't have the CDs, and I know nothing about gameing markets, so I want a help. What scould I install? Where can I find it?and so on. Treat me as I am your granpa, thanks
I got mine on They have it for $1.49. Once purchased, it sits in your Library (part of your account) and you can download it as often as you like, which is an easy process.

Steam also has it, but for $4.99.
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As with Steam, you'd need to set up an account with them, and give them an email address, but the only 'spam' I get from them is notifications about sales of items on my wishlist, which I agreed to allow. The company's based in Poland, so is subject to EU legislative and consumer-protection standards.

All due respect to WJ, but the price he quoted is a sale price. Gog's standard price is the same as Steam's.

But (as of this edit, 12:39 CET, November 28th 2022) it is on sale right now, at €1.29 (or your LocalCurrencyEquivalent)!

The advantage of Gog over Steam is that the game can be installed and will run independent of Gog's client software. Gog is also compatible with @Flintlock's patches, and nearly all Civ3 mods made between about 2004 and 2018, out of the box.

The "advantage" of Steam is the ability to join online multiplayer games. The downside is that Steam users will need to tweak most mods' labels.txt file, to make the mod compatible with the multiplayer-capable executable that Steam provides.
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All due respect to WJ, but the price he quoted is a sale price. Gog's standard price is the same as Steam's.
Yes, sorry, should have mentioned that.
The key insight you need is that the old CDs won't install on Win11, even if you have a drive to read them.
You *will* need to buy the game again from one of two online services: Good Old Games (GOG) or Steam.
Both of those services have a web page and an online marketplace. People have different preferences for each.

I chose Steam, because it also offers other games that I want to play. The later games in the Civ franchise (Civ5, Beyond Earth, Civ6) are available through Steam and use Steam for their activation. I don't find the Steam client to be too much of a burden, though others do. GOG is great for older games and for Civ3.
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