How would you upgrade barbarians?

The proposal for future civ games is simply to have some sort of ‘unit line’ arrangement.

It'd be interesting if some civs could just switch between nomadism and sedentarism and whether barbarians could just settle in from the cold.
The Civ3 barbs are simple; aggressive, destructive, an obstacle to the human player or AI on their way to victory. For other games in the franchise, the developers have added new traits. In Civ4, I've seen barbs take over cities, make lots of units, and become a more difficult obstacle for the human player. Both Civ5 and Civ6 introduced city-states: small, single-city sendentary minor entities who are not trying to win the game. They can be interacted with, traded with, enlisted to help in wars. In Civ6 (I've stopped playing Civ5, so I can't say for certain), the city-states do have a technology path and improve their units. In the Civ6 base game, both human-led and AI-led major civs can pay a city-state to command their troops as a supplement to one's own in a war; the in-game term is "levy" their army, for 30 turns.
An optional Civ6 game mode is called "Barbarian Clans", where the player has even more options than simply killing the barb units and clearing their camp. One can buy a unit from a clan, or bribe them to be less aggressive or to harrass a neighbor.

Some of the ideas we mentioned here are already being tested.
Ah, yes. As I said, I'm waiting for Steam to de-brick itself so that I can play Civ6 and see what ideas to pilfer from it.

Civ3 already has one-city challenges so one-city civs should be viable. I sometimes think there should be scenarios where the player only has one city to face a bigger, multi-city empire and/or strengthened barbarians.
Takhisis, as posted, you can test the new Barbarian options for C3C in the Flintlock mod. It would be interesting to have here some more observations. I will do this myself, too, but at present, to finish the next version of CCM, for me has the priority.

You don´t need the bad (spoiled labels text) steam version of Civ 3 Complete. At present the Civ 3 Complete version of GOG is in the Chinese New Year Sale at GOG available for only € 1,29 - and to invest for Civ 6 (and its ... graphics) in my eyes is lost money, as in my eyes decisive is, what can be done with Civ 3.
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I think you're misunderstanding me. Civ6 is a game I already have on Steam as a gift from a friend. It runs on Linux.

Civ3 I have on disc and, as posted, it doesn't run on Linux, at least not natively. I'm unable to even run Flintlock's mod as things currently stand.
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