I may resign....


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Oct 24, 2001
Charlottetown PEI, Canada
my computer is really old. you dont understand the frustration it causes me. every day it quits on me atleast once. that means a little box comes up, telling me I made an illigal operation, and it closes netscape {explorer quits 2X as often} and beyond that, little bozes appear every 5 minutes telling me that there is an error, and I have to lcick ignore like 10 times. add to that the age of my modem...
it just took 10 minutes to load the info thread, and then my netscape quit. I've asked, repeadetley, for the screenshots, or the saved game to be sent to me. I do not want to make this a threat of blackmail, but if I cant get my hands on eathier one of these, I will have to resign ALL my government positions. I await 48 hours for a responce.
you could try reformating your HD, that should get rid of those program errors. computers are pretty cheap these days, you can get a decent one for under 1000USD:goodjob:
Pel, netscape doesn't work well with vBB, it is the route of all your problems.

You can DL Internet explorer 5.5 for free, and run the site through that, it should solve all your problems.

Give that a try, and if it doesn't work, we will think of some other way to help your problem.
no, its not netscape. my computer just sux. even while playing Civ sometimes I get these boxes, and it closes, but not once a day, maybe once a week... as for netscape not being compatable with the board, I'd have to agree. I'll look for explorer and try to download it. but you have to understand, if it takes me 10 minutes to load the game info thread, it may simpaly take too long to download the file. I have had my computer quit out on me before files have been downloaded. I downloaded some files that make downloading of the net easier, but they always seem to add to my computer's troubles rather then take away from them.
I dont want to make this a threat, and have no hate towards this. but its a rather simple fact that I cant do my job. I will do some PMing to appoint a deputy gov of deimos in the event I have to leave {I've never appointed anyone before :)} if I do "leave" I'll still stick around the forum and post just as much as I usta *everyone says "damn" now :)* but I simpaly wont be able to view the info thread, meaning, I wont be able to take a position in the government.

in our house, we have 2 computers. this one, P2 200, which still isent paied off since we bought it in 1997. its a clone too.
and mine, the one I own, in my room *3 words that mean "not and never will be hooked up to the net"* that is an IBM, P2 350, I bought to paly Civ III. {Yes, I spent $750 canadian to play civ III, what a waste... but now I have a computer in my room :)} so when I move out to go to university in september, I'll be able to return with a better hook-up, etc, but for now...
Actually, I will resign. I need to for technical reasons. I herby resign as deputy military leader and as deputy expansion leader. I also resign as deputy govoner of luna, incase that wasent clear from a while back. I'll keep my job as gov of deimos untill I get soemone to replace me. or 24 hours, whichever happens first. thank all for your help, but I think we are just trying to revive a man thats already dead... stupid computer
Too bad we are loosing you Pel. Though you didn't have posted a lot of things as the Expansion deputy, it was nice to know I had some backup in case anything happened.

To our president, or anyone willing to answer... Do I have to find a replacer or I ask someone to do it when I'm not here? Or the president ask someone to become deputy, or there is election? :confused: Thanks
your leaving after more than 6 months of posting because of technical problems? please. if it was that difficult for you to get online before, why'd you stick with it?
Well, I think the department leader can name their own deputy if someone leaves.

If people don't like that, I'll go with the majority, as always ;)
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