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  • The Core introduction and character formats are now up, with OOC OP and Wiki edits underway. The official thread will soon be posted.
    Awesome story...
    On getting players to your realm: They seem tied up at the moment, so why don't you go to them? I'm sure we can come up with something interesting...
    I was going to give bestshot a traveling lute gig. Maybe it can take him there eventually. :)

    Also, Luckymoose might end up there - he is traveling north and isn't far away, after all.
    Hey Nylan! Would you like me to respond to the story you posted a few days ago in Sekai, or were you going to develop it a little bit more? At any rate, I hope you can manage to write some more stories. I am rather intrigued by Tavastara-Zai. :)
    Need anyone murdered in Sekai? :p

    I am willing to provide a discount on any contracted killing done in Egholme.
    You have no idea how much fun he is to write, I've actually been working on a webcomic for him called Delusions, but I haven't posted any of it yet because I don't want to start posting until I'm five or so chapters in and I've only finished the frames for like the first two.
    Well, if you catch me online, I'll be able to brief you on the important stuff- keep in mind, if you create a new species, you'll realistically know nothing about your extrastellar neighbours.
    Well, if you like Sci-Fi Story NESes, I'll shamelessly plug GalaxyNES. MjMNES IV is the only traditional fresh start happening right now. Spryllino is running a Greek NES, while kkmo is doing a fantasy fresh start. I couldn't say a ton about some of the other NESes beyond SKILORD's Picking Up the Pieces, which is a post-apocalyptic future history. Dachs also appears to have an alternate history project coming down the pipes. Lots of NESers are communicating through http://nes-chat.tk/, which can be a good place to strike up a conversation, and a bad place to annoy the chatroom moderators. ;)
    Well, I've been through two years of University, and I'm now in UBC's faculty of Biology focusing on Entomology, Physiology, and Ecology. NESing has had its ups and downs, but it is going quite well right now and MjM is back and updating a healthy fresh start. Myself, I'm running a space-based NES that's been going on for a little over a year now.
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