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[GS] If I wanted to say slow down the game between eras, can I just add a command line to the relevant files? Then could I package it with my map?


Sep 26, 2023
So recently, been creating just simple maps in worldbuilder and playing my recent map (yet to be released) it struck me quite quickly, just how fast the eras and speed of things goes when you cut out alot of the mod dependencies in the map file.

But although I have cut down on what the map requires to run, I still want myself and others to enjoy the map at a slower pace. So can I add a command line to the Civic.xml that increases the cost of civics without manually changing them and guessing the math?

And can I package it as part of the map, or should I just suggest people add the change to their files when I upload map to Steam?

Sorry in advance if people feel like this has already been covered well.
There are mods out there for this. Extended Eras or, what i prefer, Take your Time Ultimate, in TyT you can adjust the pace at the game setup screen to your liking. Lets say 200% Tech and Civic cost. I cannot recommend this enough. The original game pace is too fast for me as well.
That sounds pretty good. Particularly that Take Your Time Ultimate mod. Cheers for that might download it from Steam.

Yeah the game goes way too fast. I want to spend more time particularly in the Ancient era and Medieval era. Renaissance was short so not too bothered about that.
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