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I'm back for one game at least

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by M60A3TTS, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    Very good. In reviewing things in the pre-turn, I moved mil academy to Detroit and HE to Philly.

    I also want to get embassies in everywhere (minus Zulu of course) now so we can stay current on any new conflicts.

    87g for Iroquois
    140g for Mongols
    62g for England
    130g for Celts
    57g for Scandanavia
    83g for Sumeria
    76g for Maya
    60g for Germany
    101g for Spain

    Poor Sumeria. Don't be this guy. Kuara the capital is defended by like 3 enkidu warriors.
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  2. tjs282

    tjs282 Stone cold fish

    May 19, 2009
    Planet Earth. Possibly.
    Silly Bismarck, building a Colosseum in Pop6 Berlin, instead of a 'Duct!!! Does he imagine he's going for 160K...? ;)

    And blimey, only 2 rRifles in Trondheim, where's Ragnar been putting all his shields? Has Hiawatha been hammering him, instead of everyone else in Africa?

    Alas, poor Gilgamesh, I knew him hardly at all...
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  3. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    In appreciation of the lurkers:

    North America

    Central America

    South America
  4. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    Unit count as of 1150AD
    Settler 3
    Worker 118
    Medieval Infantry 16
    Swordsman 10
    Infantry 64
    Rifleman 3
    Pikeman 3
    Spearman 3
    Warrior 1
    Scout 2
    Cavalry 16
    Knight 6
    Artillery 33
    Trebuchet 3
    Frigate 15
    Galleon 27
    Galley 1
    Curragh 1
    Army 2

    Power Graph

  5. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    Tech Race and gold in foreign treasuries

    We are #1 in tech and gold. 6525 in the bank. Combustion in 1 @ 41gpt.

    Iroquois down refining, steel 3415g

    England down refining, steel 0g

    Mongols down sci method, refining, steel RP 90g

    Ottomans down electricity, refining, steel 7g

    Aztecs down electricity, refining, steel 0g

    Scandanavia down refining, steel, electricity, communism 7g

    Celts down steam, communism 19g

    Spain down steam, communism 0g

    Maya down nationalism, steam, medicine 38g

    Sumeria down physics, mil trad 0g and are down to a 2-tile, pop 3 tundra island

    Germany down monotheism and gunpowder 1g
  6. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    T1 1060

    Lose a couple units at Hlobane as 4 Zulu arrive and are dispatched. News of our losses causes more restlessness and some core cities need entertainment to keep lux @ 10%. Have to build a temple in Omaha to keep it from starving.

    T2 1070

    Convoy EB-107 departs Boston with galleons Salem and Fall River. They contain infantry from United States 1st Army and are escorted by frigates Montreal and Brandywine.

    T3 1080

    Founded Porto Alegre.

    Soccrro riots

    Refining>steel in 4. We have a single source of oil.

    T4 1090

    Casper riots

    Convoy EB-109 departs Boston with galleons Mount Rainier and Lake Ontario to be escorted by Frigate Norfolk II. The convoy carries infantry from United States 1st Army and artillery.

    I short rush some settlers to push forward SA settlement. Jungle clearing teams clear 3-4 tiles now for settlement growth.

    T5 1100

    Founded Asuncion and San Carlos de Bariloche

    Frigate Bath II starts return trip to Hlobane, having completed essential repairs at Rek-Yer. Mongols and England sign MPP

    Convoy EB-110 departs Boston with galleons Orca and Pequod escorted by frigates USS Galivant and Olympia. They carry 4 infantry and 4 artillery

    T6 1110

    Steel>Combustion in 4

    T7 1120

    Founded Concordia and Montevideo.

    T8 1130

    Tenochtitlan completes Universal Sufferage.

    Convoy EB-113 departs Boston with galleons Roanoke, Lake Placid, Mount Vernon and Red River with 8 infantry, 4 artillery and Colonel Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.

    Founded Buenos Aires and Concepcion.

    T9 1140

    Founded Bahia Blanca

    Scandanavia declares war on the Iroquois. Alrighty then. Then the Ottomans join in.

    T10 1150. Founded Rosario and Las Grutas.

    Combustion in 1, so once again geeks to taxmen to put gpt net positive.

    We can probably expect this Iroquois War to expand to other parties as Hiawatha has the gold to bring in more friends like England or the Aztecs. Both Ottomans and Vikes are democracies although that probably won’t last against the communist Iroquois.

    For organizational purposes I have the following U.S. Armies associated with a number of infantry units

    1st Army deployed to fight the Zulu.

    2nd Army deploying to the Pacific for future operations

    4th Army for defense of the Western Hemisphere

    3rd Army no units but will be the cavalry and tank armies

    We have 4 infantry in Hawaii and 3 more with a settler will arrive in a couple turns. They then can head in the direction of Bremen (Philippines) in the off-chance Bismarck won’t give us the silk town for free. Alternatively, they can head west to take possession of the spices near Kuara (Java) but in either case both those luxes need to be on our short-mid term plan to take for the good of the American public.

    I did build temples in a couple large cities to keep them from starving as workers came off tiles to combat WW. The temple now building for Missoula is to secure a second source of oil.

    As soon as combustion comes in, we should upgrade all the galleons to transports. It is 7 turns by galleon from Boston to the Zulu beachhead and 5 by transport with of course additional capacity of 6 vs 4. We can’t use Hlobane to upgrade as the Zulu boundaries block the import of needed oil. So the ones already off the Zulu coast either need to upgrade back home or in Rek-Yer.

    Next tech should be flight so we can start cranking out lots of bombers. Then Mass Prod and I think Amphib War because we are going to need US Marines. Then lastly Mot Trans.

    Washington is building a bank in 3 as a pre-build for the Pentagon that can be built in 2 as soon as Detroit completes our 3rd army. Detroit can actually do 3-turn armies in its present configuration of 135spt. Boston’s bank is a pre-build for a destroyer.

    We need to get a rail line built between Albany and New Cattaraugus. Top Secret project in addition to the one below. :mischief:

    Galleon Thule Runner now in Bath after upgrading to transport needs to take settler and others to found Thule and work on railing to the east across the ice. You should probably take a second transport along to speed things up. Once the transports off-load they can remain there for later use.

    We are going to need about 18-20 transports to work the Atlantic. That means we are going to need about 5-7 more beyond what is (or what will be) there already. We should keep at least 1 or maybe 2 in Dyetona to protect Cuba.

    I had previously disposed of some obsolete units, but now I think what’s left should be saved for disbanding where we want to short-rush important harbors or barracks that may be needed, for Thule as an example.

    South America is now almost completely settled. Two settlers in place at the southern tip ready to go next turn. We can squeeze maybe a pair of other towns in, but otherwise complete so we can focus on other endeavors.

    The Aztec War is going to take a bit of time. In days harkening back to my early Incan battles, in one turn I traded three infantry for four impi. They have had millenia to crank out hordes of 16-shield vet impis. More help is coming via our trans-Atlantic convoys, and once we can add bombers to the mix, we should be able to quicken the demise of Shaka.

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  7. tjs282

    tjs282 Stone cold fish

    May 19, 2009
    Planet Earth. Possibly.
    Mid-set dispatches:

    It's 1200 AD. Does Shaka know where his kids are?

    Bapedi fell in 1170, and Shaka's followup was so weak, that I felt secure in sending the bulk of those troops to begin advancing on Zimbabwe (the injured are still healing in the Highlands, though). More troops (including Roosevelt) will shortly land outside Ulundi, which will be Arty-bombed from outside Hlobane. Until then, our Frigates are keeping both towns' defenders desperately dodging shot.

    In the meantime, our core-towns are now beginning to build a fleet of Bombers to nuke them from orbit finish off Isandlwhana's garrisons (and then man Airstrip One, once the Zulus have been expunged). We can/will do MassProd in 4T (at a profit, even!), and I will begin AmphibWar right after that as noted, so (even though the GA will be over by then) you should have plenty of towns available to build Marines for taking down Isandlhwana (and Shaka with it) -- plus any other 1-tile islands that take our fancy.

    South America now has very little Forest left (but still plenty of Jungle), so I have started sending Workers north again to develop our 3rd- and 4th-ring towns (many can become productive with Courthouses), and start building the rail-route to New Cat as requested.

    It's not all roses, though. Unfortunately the Iros beat us to the Thule-spot (by only a turn or two, I would guess) -- but if Hiawatha doesn't get his Temples up fast enough, we should still be able to Settle a couple of tiles south of that spot, if you want to do that? (Or were you hoping to snag some Uranium or something...?)
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  8. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    Well, while it is the only way to be sure. let's not get ahead of ourselves. We'll get to nukes at some point. ;)

    Damn, and I told the wife I'd find us a little place by the sea. I also heard that they had a great school system. :( ok, I'll settle for two tiles south please but I ain't paying a buck over 35k. The place needs a lot of work..
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  9. tjs282

    tjs282 Stone cold fish

    May 19, 2009
    Planet Earth. Possibly.
    Thank-you for your patience...
    You're not kiddin'...

    South Thule 1250 AD.png
    (the obsolete units are where they are so they wouldn't get booted if any/all of the neighbouring towns popped their borders)
    Spoiler TurnLogDR :
    T 230, 1150 AD (preturn)
    Usual quick scan: looks pretty good, although we can squeeze (a lot) more gold from (a lot of) our farms. Why work 1-FPT tiles, when we can run Taxmen/ Geeks...?
    Combustion --> Flight (4T at 90% SCI, -242 GPT)
    Use WTBP? to upgrade all Galleons currently in port
    Must have done something right, because WLTPDs break out all over the place

    T 231, 1160 AD
    Upgrade some more Galleons
    Send all the Taxmen back to their labs, allowing us to drop SCI% to 80% for not much more outlay
    Shuffle those Workers...
    Thule Runner sets off loaded with vSwords, Pikes and a Spear
    New Transport departs for Zululand with 4 Infs, 2 Arty
    Frigates bomb Iron-tile near London, but only manage to redline the Impi + LBM: tile remains uncratered; Galleons drop off units near Bapedi, head for Rek-yer-vik for upgrades
    Arty bombs, Army kills 4 defenders, Inf kills 1, Rifles kill 2, and the town is ours at last! All injured + 2 healthy vInfs garrisoned to quell resistance, governator switched on for 1T --> (Combat-)Settler (30T)
    With any luck, that will take away some of the WW...
    Hiawatha recruits Smoke vs. Ragnar, and Khan + Bismarck vs. Ozzie
    Detroit builds our 3rd Army, Washington switched to Pentagon (4T)
    Resistance quelled in Bapedi, as Zulu units pour out of Ulundi

    T 232, 1170 AD
    Forests chopped or roaded all across S.Am.
    Bapedi mostly evac'd: injured Infs + Cav-Army to Mountains, healthy vInfs (back) to Hills; 2 (injured) Rifles + vInf left as garrison
    Frigates bomb now-unoccupied Iron-tile near London, cutting it off
    Hawaii garrisoned and last Settler landed; Maces board Galleon for Hut-popping journey south
    Workers begin auto-(rail)road to New Cat
    Apparently Lizzie now hates Ozzie as well...

    T 233, 1180 AD
    Upgrade Galleons in Rey-yer-viktry (1200 g)
    Transports with Settler + vInfs + Arty aboard, depart from San Diego for Hawaii/points beyond
    Near Bapedi:
    Inured vInfs occupy all tiles north of town to prevent landings; Zulu units redlined, 1 Mace killed
    Near Zimbabwe:
    Mace + Impi on Coal also bombed
    Let's see how many more available units Shaka's got...
    Gil concedes PT to Brennus

    T 234, 1190 AD
    Thule Runner arrives to find that the Iros have already Settled that spot (near enough); passengers unloaded to the south
    Frigates near Hlobane succeed in unhooking Zimbabwe's Coal, then blockade Ulundi
    Shaka only managed a pathetic dribble of 4 units (including one LBM, which may be newly built): we easily kill 3 of them
    Infs + Arty + Army therefore begin advancing on Zimbabwe, which is also blockaded by USSs Brandywine and Bath II
    SCI% to 50%, Geeks -> Taxmen = Flight in 1T + 280(ish) GPT
    Monty joins Hiawatha's Crusade
    Shaka comes grovelling. We bar the door.
    Flight --> MassProd (4T at SCI%=60%, +135 GPT)
    Towns building Infs at significant overrun switched to Bombers

    T 235, 1200 AD
    Worker-shuffling in S.Am. is getting really tedious...
    Decide to split the stacks aboard the Galleons: some land near London, Arty will land near Hlobane, and bomb Ulundi from there
    Finish distributing Workers in the NW farming area
    Move Infs adjacent to exploring Aztecs...
    Ozzie wants a chat: he wants us to Ally vs. Bismarck, and give him an RoP into the bargain. Naaahhh... Instead I consider selling him Electricity (= Econ + Espi + WMap + 65 GPT); there are several Civs that don't have it yet, though, so I'll hold off for now...
    3 MWs appear near Great Falls!
    Monty's annoyed about our Workers near Coatepec. Yeah yeah...
    Washington --> 2T-Destroyers

    T 236, 1210 AD
    Aztec + Iro units beat a retreat
    The Zulus have somehow managed to Settle Alaska!
    Transports arrive in Hawaii, units are reshuffled, and 2 Settlers + 4 vInfs sent south to colonise... Samoa(?)
    After more Worker shuffling...
    Arty bombs most Pikes +Impi to redline, Cav-Army kills 2 Impi; Infs move adjacent to town
    Hlobane's Arty moves into position, Cav-Army + Infs land adjacent to town
    Lizzie adds Ragnar to her hit-parade
    And Hiawatha persuades Shaka to DoW Ozzie!
    JagW moves inside our borders, MWs move closer
    Zulu Mace promotes one of our vInfs

    T 237, 1220 AD
    Relentless bombardment redlines everything the Zulus have garrisoned:
    Cav-Army kills 3 Impi, giving us control of Ulundi and with it, the Zuluish Sea
    Cav-Army + Infs kill 3 Pikes, 3 Impi, 1 LBM, and Zimbabwe (+ Colossus) is ours!
    Shaka flees to Isandlhwana, but our unfired Arty is already heading north as well
    Ulundi (and Zim) are flip-risky (to Aztecs and Babs), so our ships anchor off Hlobane instead; Bombers also now rebase to Hlobane
    Monty is 'asked' to leave: he says he will...
    Iros will be inside our borders next turn (when Great Falls pops)
    Ragnar + Ozzie gang up on Khaaaaaaaan!
    We lose our Ivory! Izzie must be mining Gems for herself now, because we can't sell them to her anymore
    Ivory now = Salt + Dyes + Furs + 16 GPT
    Khan wishes us to sell him Refining for Printing. Yer 'avin' a larf, mate! He promptly cancels his Spice-export in retaliation
    Ah well, add another notch to LUX%, and note his name in our little book...
    Smoke and Gil sign a PT as well (Gil is OCC, in the southern Mongolian Ocean)
    Monty demands that our Workers leave (his Jag, of course, is still inside our borders). Bug off, dude
    Shaka is apparently tired of life: he signs MA with Lizz vs. Ragnar...
    Resistance quelled in Zim

    T 238, 1230 AD
    SCI% to 40%, Geeks -> Taxmen, for MassProd in 1T, +365 GPT
    Arty bomb: there are only 3 units in there! Our Bombers kill them all, and knock down the Library into the bargain. What a pity we haven't got Marines (yet)...
    Hammi offers to extend the PT, but without the MA vs. Shaka. OK then. His asking-price for Horses is extortionate, though: Dyes + Gems + Salt + 155 GPT (I don't take that deal!)
    Monty demands that we move our boats
    MassProd --> AmphWar (4T at SCI%=50%, +151 GPT)

    T 239, 1240 AD
    Transport arrives in Rek-yer to drop off obsolete units (+ vInf + 2 Arty) from the Hlobane campaign
    Transport departs for the South Pacific, with 2 (more) Settlers aboard
    Transport departs from Boston, with Settler for NotThule
    Our last tech trade to Hiawatha just ran out, and he has >5800g , so I offer Steel, for which he will pay 3960g, straight up, or 220 GPT -- I choose the latter (he'd better not backstab us!)
    Monty complains about our Workers near Caotepec. Paranoid much?
    Hammi signs PT with Shaka
    Our GA is over :(
    And Ulundi defects!
    And (dammit) riots break out everywhere, presumably because without the GA-commerce, 20% LUX% is now too low

    T 240, 1250 AD
    LUX% to 30%, rioting towns massaged back to happy
    Ulundi's lone Impi bombed and killed, victorious Inf retaking the town

    So, first I have to make profuse apologies for all the burning towns: it was late, I was tired, and I completely forgot that the end of our GA in 1240 AD would mean a loss of the +1 commerce/tile, and hence an effective 20-30% decrease in our absolute LUX%-spending. By the time I realised what had happened, it was too late to stop it. LUX% is now (back) up to 30%, so the riots should all be quelled this IBT, but at the cost of quite a few beakers' worth of research on AmphibWar (we should still get it in 4T, but our TAX%-windfall on Turn 4 will be lower than it otherwise might have been).

    In other news:

    Although I am assuming that Monty will be our next target(?), I have not started any additional wars, since I was not sure of your intended strategy.

    We built up a pretty good Bomber-force thanks to the GA, so I set our core-towns (back) to building Infs for now. Although Horses would be nice, to upgrade our Keniggits, and build Cavs (same A=6 as Infs, but M=3 means they can hit from our side of most borders, reducing WW), Hiawatha wanted a ridiculous amount of GPT + resources for them -- and I figured we were so close to MotorTransport at this point that it wasn't worth signing a deal (especially if we're going after the Aztecs anyway?).

    Our Bombers are now mostly (all?) in Hlobane, from where they can hit east Iceland and western Europe, while also remaining relatively safe from flippage (with the fall of Ulundi and Zimbabwe, Hlobane got access to our Luxes, and so could start growing good wholesome American citizens -- which will further reduce its flip-risk). Nevertheless, the Infs and Armies are in the Transports anchored in the Zuluish Sea, just in case...

    The Zulus are now on their last legs -- which is good, because we really need this war to be over soon. But although we own their towns, we don't fully control them yet: Ulundi still has multiple resistors and already back-flipped once (which is why our troops are mostly outside). So I just set those towns to build Temples for border-pops, to reduce Aztec/Bab pressure, while we wait for a Marine(s) to become available to attack Isandhlwana.

    Zululand 1250 AD.png

    With Arty in the former Zuluish Highlands to redline any new garrisons across the water, and the Bombers in Hlobane to kill them, we will only need 1 Marine to take Isandhlwana. However, finishing Shaka for good will take a little longer, because he also has 2 CrapTowns requiring demolition: Intombe (in Spitzbergen, which our troops can reach and land on from the Zuluish Isles), and Ngome...

    Zululand, part II 1250 AD.png

    ...so you might want to start a small force of Infs + Arty in that direction already, even before we have a road/rail-route from Anchorage to Homer (that's what the Workers are near Anchorage to do)

    Since we did not need any more troops to fight the Zulus on their mainland, I did not send any new troops across the Atlantic yet, so I have been stacking them around Bath, just so that they are all in one place (for embarkation, or for razing CrapTowns in North America). However, it also occurred to me (after returning most of our Transports to Bath, of course :wallbash: ) that -- now we have Flight -- rather than sailing new units over to Zululand, we could use some of our frankly huge Worker-force to build multiple Airfields across North America (one per core town?), and one Airfield in Zululand, and then fly over any/all units which are Airliftable, saving our Transport-capacity for those which aren't (can't remember if Arties are Airliftable, but Settlers aren't, I think?), and for short-range transport to beachheads on the Aztec mainland.

    Most of the time spent on my set has been devoted to Worker-shuffling (no automation!), continuing to de-Forest, rail and mine/irrigate the outlying regions of North and South America. (I'm thinking it might be time to go to 5T-sets...?). Most Forest is now gone in the Amazon basin, but I didn't start Jungle-clearing in earnest yet (only a few coastal tiles so far, mainly to deprive the AI of potential high defensive-bonus landing-spots).

    Amazon 1250 AD.png

    I have also sent more colonists towards the South Pacific. I figured, Settle the islands that were closest to us first, and occupy the more westerly ones (Kiribati, Guam) with troops until more Settlers can reach them. Although Eurasia is pretty much full, the AI is still Settling Australia, so we still have some time.

    South Pacific 1250 AD.png

    Finally, our last tech-sale to Hiawatha just expired, so I sold him Steel for 220 GPT (the best lump-sum I could get was ~3960g: so we stand to make more from him via GPT, provided we don't DoW him -- or vice versa!).

    Save is below.

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  10. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    Re: Burning towns. If I had never done it myself, might be worth commenting on. As it is, we'll let it go.

    Re: Monty as our next war target. Words were exchanged. Both sides claimed the other side fired the first shot. Film at 11.

    Re: Our bomber force. Not an amazing size, but since we have no air opposition, even modest will do nicely.

    Re: The Zulu war needs to end. Strongly agree. Two down, one to go. Our marines have the Spitzbergen mission.

    Re: Sailing to Zululand. I have an idea that is a little elaborate perhaps, but with a series of coastal chain stations, we can carry a dozen units of any type to the US, Zululand or points in between in zero turns. The pics below were from some earlier planning but should be almost ready to go with minor modifications when you get the turn back. We can still do a few supplemental airfields for the European theater when we get back.

    It is a different story in the Pacific. Here we can't do exactly the same thing obviously due to the greater distances involved. I think what we largely need to send over are settlers who can't be air transported and workers for creating additional airfields. Our base of operations will be the Solomon and Marshall Islands, mainly for the purpose of obtaining silks and spices that are a reasonable distance from these locations.

    Re: Air-liftable units. Armies, artillery and settlers cannot be airlifted.

    Re: Trades with Hiawatha. We are into the Modern Age now with Rocketry in 9 while generating a cash surplus. He has an obscene amount of cash, 9500-ish but I don't really see a need to keep feeding him techs that he just sells to England and Mongolia. We're only 3 techs from modern armor, so we really don't have to beat ourselves up in a tech race now. We're so far ahead on an industrial basis. He hasn't railed a single tile in his capital yet. I want to let the gpt deal expire and then kick him off the continent so we don't have to keep looking over our shoulder for stray Iro units lurking in the tundra.

    Re: Huge worker force. Yes, we're a bit overweight in that department now. We can bleed off some with airfield creation, but I don't think we need more worker builds at this stage beyond our Pacific islands. Let those other towns do settlers now.

    Re: 5-T set. I didn't see this until I was was already past 5. Feel free to do either 5 or 10 for your next set and I will drop to 5 thereafter.

    Re: More stuff. We need to secure the remaining luxes to keep the citizens of our Republic placated. I'm not talking trades either. First focus on the Aztec wines in Spain then the Pacific Command needs to get those German silks before Bismarck gets war-dec'd by a more powerful foe who gets to them first. Also see what we need to grab those unclaimed-at-the-moment spices in Java. Nearest settlers are on boats NE of Hawaii, so they will be a while.

    We're at 30% lux tax and 21% war weariness. We really don't want to be in a position of implementing a 40% tax if at all avoidable, ergo we push for those remaining luxes. I will have the turn set up tomorrow most likely.
  11. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    T1 1255AD Do some forest chops and tile redistribution to put Norfolk from 15 to 20spt to help navy builds. Philly has shields to spare. Same thing with Little Rock and St. Louis to put out 2-turn bombers. More chops north of the St. Lawrence Seaway NW of Montreal to help the factory build. Omoka Village founded.

    IBT Babs and Ottomans ally against Germany. With that, Germany ends her war against the Ottomans. Suckah!

    Finding her Ottoman partner leaving her at the alter, Babylon brings in the Scandanavians against Germany. As if Ragnar doesn’t have his hands full already.

    And since the Ottomans are no longer feuding with one party, the Iroquois bring in the Celts against them to even the score. Hmm, I don’t think Oz came out ahead in that deal. We’ll see.

    T2 1260AD More railroads in Newfoundland. The Aztecs don’t seem to mind. Ship more workers overseas

    IBT England and Ottomans make peace. And again, just to make things fair, the Iroquois bring the Babs into their Ottoman war. And Celts with Iroquois go against Vikes, because, why not? The Zulu attack our forted infantry in Homer. I don’t need to tell you how well that worked out for them. Celts land an MI in SA to attack the Ottomans. As in one. Should be fun.

    T3 1265AD AW in, Mot trans in 4. Marine builds kicked on. Erie and Tucumcari riot. Don’t know how I missed them. :(

    IBT Spain joins Iro against Oz.

    T4 1270

    2nd Army infantry land at Guadalcanal. Camp dispersed for 50g.

    IBT Sumeria joins with Iro against Oz. Yes, they will be bringing a lot to the table, eh?

    T5 1275

    Guadalcanal founded.

    T6 1280AD

    Settler arrives on Munda. 2nd Army Infantry land unopposed at Bougainville.

    Iroquois and Vikes make peace

    Found Cape Dyer

    T7 1285AD

    Babs and England ally against Scandanavia

    T8 1290AD

    Ngome razed by our infantry

    War declared on Aztecs

    North America

    Artillery bombs rifle at Coatepec. Bombers from USS Lexington take out the defenders.

    Tanks from 3rd Army autoraze Tultitlan and Coatepec

    Artillery and bombers from carrier Enterprise bomb defenders at Tlapanaloya.

    Coyotepec is hit with artillery and captured by cav army. Now Halifax.


    Marines land at Jilotzingo and autoraze the city.

    Bombers from Rek-Yer sink an Aztec frigate off Tequixquiac

    Bombers then take out spear defender there. Marines land there unopposed and city autorazes


    Arty takes down two rifle defenders and the Rough Riders kill them. One still redlined.

    Marines storm in to capture Zitlaltepec

    Artillery and bombers hit rifle defenders in Chalco and Hlobane Cavalry take the city.

    Marines storm into an empty Isandhlwana and raze the city.

    Two tanks and cav clean up Aztec units in our territory. Knight grabs a pair of his workers.

    T9 1295AD

    Destroyer USS Drayton takes out Aztec frigate after it and a second frigate and galleon are softened up with arty from Hlobane. Planes from the Lexington finish the job. A fighter squadron from Enterprise on a search patrol reports nothing to the northwest of Lexington.

    With the arrival of oil-powered destroyers and naval aviation, the Navy Department acknowledges that the Age of Sail has passed. Frigates Brandywine and Bath II are broken up in Zimbabwe. Temple in 1.

    With mixed emotions, our remaining curragh and galleon are given orders to abandon ship and are scuttled.

    Our first airfields are going in around Alaska and Yuma.

    Some build assignments are changed that eliminate long term infra builds. They are all in very low shield cities so no loss there.

    A transport in the Pacific on scout duty finds the Celts already pushing into what is to be our rear area with a settler + 2 cav. IBT they settle New Lugdunum. Zulu make peace with Ottomans, as does the Maya. Galveston gets her factory doubling spt from 22 and 44 putting the city as a major shipbuilder. Starts destroyer.


    Zitaltepec gets R&R. That’s Raze and Replace.

    Many more airfields in Alaska

    Lexington gets her fighter squadron. She is joined by Enterprise between Rek-Yer and Hlobane. Three destroyer escort and each fleet carrier with three bomber and one fighter squadron.

    US 8th Air Force with thirteen bombers to Hlobane, now Dublin.

    Infantry Army (1st Infantry Corps) for the invasion force as part of Operation Overlord arrives in Zululand.

    In order for Tucumcari to not waste a lot of shields for a fighter needing 1s, I switch to bomber in 1T by stripping off all workers from the irrigated tiles. After it comes in next turn, please replace the workers and let it produce fighters at 16spt. There’s just no way to get it to 20spt as corrupt as it is.

    Omaha has a factory in 2. May be worth adding a hospital after that comes in as it is at 39spt.

    Ottomans down to 2 cities. Capital of Sinop in the Azores and his one SA town of Urfa that all his enemies, namely Iroquois, Sumeria, Babylon, Mongolia, Aztecs and Spain are trying to get at. Trade them Sci Method for Sanitation, 49g and 45gpt. Good thing he had the cash that we need or we would have added our name to the enemies list. After it runs out, we’ll kill him anyways if he’s still around.

    Mongols down flight and Mass Prod w/700 in the bank. Sell WM to Mongols for their TM and 101g. Get 64g and TM from Brennus for our maps. Of course the Iroquois have even more gold, 10,234. And he’d give it all to us for flight. I just can’t do it. We’ll lay claim to some of his stash once we start cleaning out a number of his tundra towns. Still 9 turns to run on the previous deal, and that’s fine. He’s cautious now, down from polite a while ago. He has 5 units in our lands. I didn’t try to boot him and as long as that Ottoman town is in SA he’s heading in that direction. Any of our cities in range of his horsies are garrisoned.

    Science to 50% -54gpt with 977 in the treasury. Now Rocketry in 5 and done.

    I am strongly leaning towards mobilization in my next set. We have or will have factories in all key locations by then with maybe the exception of a couple.

    Duluth 20spt can now build a factory in 9

    Oklahoma City 23spt can build one in 11

    I think both of these could wait for later. Otherwise there are a full set of harbor builds in Hawaii that would be nice but again could probably wait. What we need a lot of right now is units. Let me know what you think.

    You should be able to finish off the Zulu next turn. Thule Runner with 3 marines and destroyer escort can hit Intombe.

    The North Atlantic chain stations are about done after I shoehorned in Port Inquit.

    Port Inquit 2 transports

    Cape Dyer 3 transports One needs to go to Thule next turn

    Thule 1 transport

    Camden 2 transports offshore

    Hellissandur 2 transports, 1 of them offshore

    Chalco, technically a flip risk, no transports.

    Edinburgh, 2 transports 1 of them offshore

    Transports Lake Placid and Roanoke are south of Greenland. You can send them to Camden and shift the others over I city to the east, or just send them straight there. Up to you.

    Now onto Overlord

    To invade Spain, next turn you can start the preliminaries by using our bombers in taking out the road improvements leading to Tlateloco. Then you can switch to the city itself to reduce the defenders. We have one infantry army in place and another army due next week. That should be infantry as well. We’re going to need them later so may as well do it now. Occupy the Pyrenees when you are in a position to invade to cut off Spain. Then you can focus on taking Tlateloco with whatever you need. We have 3 tank and 2 cavalry armies ready to be moved where needed. I shipped over extra workers to the UK to help finish roads and such there. Two transports can move from Dublin to Ulundi once the Zulu are gone, along with the flip risk. You may even want to move the bombers to Ulundi as well.

    We have carriers Hornet and Yorktown building. They can join Enterprise and Lexington to support marine assaults against Atzcapotzalco, Tzintuntzen, Malinalco and Tula. Meanwhile the army can be massed in Spain in preparation for the next mission, Operation Cobra.

    I’m anticipating the Iro war will be a quick one, similar to the first operation against the Aztecs. We’ll see where we are in a while for that.

    In the Pacific, let's get those back islands occupied ASAP, before Brennus causes us trouble. We have one airfield in Hilo and another one you can add next turn. Bougainville, Rabaul, New Caledonia, et al need airfields so we can fly stuff in to get our defense established. Workers are in queue there. The transports headed there can probably stay in the forward islands for future ops and we'll fly in everything else. If we need more settlers though, that will require more transports. Between transports Sea Skate and Lake Michigan around Hawaii we have 7 workers, a marine, an infantry and a settler.

    Finally as mentioned before, play 5 or 10 turns for your set as you like.

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  12. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    I didn't go into all the details on Alaska city builds. Basically looks like this now.
  13. tjs282

    tjs282 Stone cold fish

    May 19, 2009
    Planet Earth. Possibly.
    You may have intended to make this deal, but when I started my set, we didn't have Sanitation. When I remembered to do so, I swapped it for Steel with Brennus instead, along with Dyes for his Silks + WMap (all one deal). Washington, Boston and Omaha will finish Hospitals soon.

    Here's the nitty-gritty:
    Spoiler TurnLogDR :

    T 250, 1300 AD (preturn)
    Wow, there's a a lot to catch up on...
    Send the Pacific Worker-boat to build Airfields outside our FOBs in the western ocean
    Shuffle Workers
    MM the farms in S.Am so that wet ones can grow, and dry ones can Geek
    Shaka and Ragnar kiss and make up
    Hammi wants an MPP+RoP. Naaah...
    Haiwatha wants to trade MusicTheory for MassProd! Ah-hahahaha! No.
    Washington --> 2T Tanks (we will soon have Airfields in Europe )
    Ulundi riots but builds Worker --> Harbour (using CivEng)

    T 251, 1305 AD
    Armies loaded aboard Transports, and sent on their way
    Bombers begin pounding Tlatelolco
    Marine easily kills Intombe's lone Impi defender, but Shaka's not dead yet?!?
    But I can't find his last city(?) anywhere on the map???
    All available Workers sent to solo-road Jungle (for later stack-chops), so I don't have to deal with them every bloody turn
    GAME SAVED, just in case Shaka's onna-boat somewhere...
    Ozzie + Izzie are friends again, Khan joins in the love-party
    But then Ozzie signs a TE with Shaka vs us!
    Monty + Lizz gang up on Ragnar
    Duluth --> Factory (Workers are chopping 2 Forests nearby)
    Omaha --> 2T-Marines
    Rapid CIty --> 3T-Infs
    Denver --> 3T-Marines

    T 252, 1310 AD
    1st Infantry Corps (+ 5 Inf brigades) lands in the Pyrenees
    Need to get rid of Zulu WW, so I make peace with Shaka for his WMap (he has nothing else!), and find Swazi in Siberia -- an Embassy (43g) shows that it was founded in 1305 AD (dammit)...
    Thule Runner and USS Cummings set off east accordingly :trouble:
    Monty recruits Khan to fight us!
    Izzie + Lizzie agree to fight Ragnar

    T 253, 1315 AD
    2nd Infantry Corps lands in the Pyrenees
    1st moves SE to cut off the peninsula, Infs move SW to draw out any Aztec attackers
    Khan recruits Lizzie! Well we'll just have to take Hastings as well then...
    Smoke is Annoyed about our boats in his waters...
    Hammi + Monty sign TE vs us!
    Lizzie invites Gil to the beat-up-Lincoln party

    T 254, 1320 AD
    Carrier-groups near Hastings bomb + sink 5 Aztec ships for 2 Bomber-promotions
    Hlobane's Bombers reduce Tlat to Pop1, but the top Rifle is still at 3/4 HP
    Marines + eInfs loaded for Hastings
    Ragnar + Bismarck make peace
    Babs settle in Shetland -- and sign a TE wit Sumeria vs. us
    Hiawatha + Lizz sign MA vs. Ozzie
    ...and Lizz recruits Bismarck to fight us. EX-cellent...
    Inf-Army gets MoW-bombed, lone English vCav dies attacking vInfs

    T 255, 1325 AD
    Obsolete units near Yuma flown to Zululand for disbanding/resistance-quelling
    Destroyers bombard, Bombers finish off 4(?) injured defenders, Marine marches in unopposed, looting 72g. Market + Harbour + PolStn kept, Bank sold --> Settler (15T, Pop11 in 20T)
    Tank Army kills 2 vRifles
    Transports shuffled eastwards to land troops on our new beachhead
    Remaining Bombers dump their loads on Tenoch
    SCI% = 0% gets us Rockets + 559 GPT
    Monty + Ozzie sign PT
    Hanni signs another TE vs us, this time with Khan
    Transport fights off Mongol Frigate -- just
    Rocketry --> Ecology (9T at SCI%=40%), SynthFib queued

    T 256, 1330 AD
    Arty bomb, Bombers finish off all but 1 Rifle (redlined), vInf kills him to take the town (0g, 1 Slave, ShakesT, and Wines!)
    Bank + Factory sold (100g) --> Temple (for border-pop vs Tenochtitlan)
    Slave builds Airfield on Hill between Tlat and Hastings, eInf guards it
    Tanks sent to Texcoco, Tank-Army kills top vRifle
    Destroyers sink loose Aztec Frigates near Hastings, Bombers redline the stack: with any luck, they'll retreat to Texcoco, and we can burn them in port...
    With the new Lux hooked, we can reduce LUX% to 20% and raise SCI% to 50% for Ecology in 7T at -49 GPT
    Shaka + Monty sign TE vs. us
    Smoke + Monty sign TE vs. us
    Monty wants to beg for mercy. Nope

    T 257, 1335 AD
    Bombers rebased from Dohblane to the mainland
    Tank-Armies + vTank make short work of the c+r+2 vRifles, capturing the town. We burn down the redlined Frigates and loot the Bank + StockEx + Factory + CoalPlant (toatl = 190g) --> Settler (30T)
    Transports go to collect troops from Ulundi
    Destroyers move to blockade the Med, sinking one more Aztec Frigate on the way
    Now we have Horses, vKnights upgraded (150g) in Washington + Chalco
    Arty bombard, Bombers sink a couple of ships, and destroy a few buildings
    Aztec Frigate sunk, Galley redlined near Hellissandur
    Inf-Armies advance towards Tenoch and London, so as to force incoming onto Hills/Forests
    Ozzie + Bismarck sign TE

    T 258, 1340 AD
    Tank-Army + Tank-stack advance on Tenoch
    Arty bombard, Bombers sink a couple of ships, destroy multiple buildings, and kill all Rifles
    v+eInfs move NE off the Pyrenees, leaving 2 vInfs in place, to decoy some Aztec-attackers
    Brennus wants an MA vs. Ozzie. Nope., but (since we don't actually have Sani yet), I offer Steel + Dyes for Sani + Silks + WMap (he has no cash)
    Aztecs duly move past our In-Armies, taking some damage, Cav dies vs. 3/4 Inf on Mountain, and an Aztec Rifle dies attacking our full-health Tank-Army (outside Tenochtitlan)!
    Washington, Boston, Omaha --> Hospital

    T 259, 1345 AD
    Arty bombs incoming Aztec Cav- and Rifle-stacks, Marines and Bombers kill them
    Remaining Bombers drop their loads on Tenochtitlan
    Tank-Army flattens 2 vRifles
    v+eTanks mow down another dozen or so injured Rifles + 1 Cav, for 3 losses and 1 promotion, and Tenoch (Pyramids, SunTzu, Cops Obs, Uni Suff) is ours!
    (Monty escapes to Teotihuacan)
    Bank + Factory + CoalPlant sold (140g), all units with free MP garrisoned to quell resistance
    With that victory, and Brennus' Silks, LUX% can go down to 10%
    We could really do with building Ducts in the non-watered S.Am. towns, though...
    Ozzie complains about teh Destroyer near Sinop. Don't worry chum, it's not there for you (yet)
    Hiawatha recruits Shaka vs. Ozzie, ending their TE
    Massive stack of Aztec units approaches Tenoch

    T 260, 1350 AD
    Destroyers sink Aztec convoy near Hastings
    Damaged Destroyers + Tanks return to Hastings for repairs
    Marsay founded between Tenoch and London, garrisoned with mutiple vInfs
    Artillery + Bombers + Tanks + Marines expunge all incoming, for the loss of 1 Tank, but multiple promotions
    Ship-chaining gets an injured Marine to Xochicalco, capturing it as well


    I captured Isandhlwana on Turn 1 as expected, but Shaka didn't die. So I made peace with him for his WMap, to eliminate WW and find out where he was hiding: turned out he'd founded Swazi on the same turn as I captured Isand. I therefore sent 2 out of the 3 Marines on towards Swazi, so that if Shaka is stupid enough to MA against us (he's been gleefully signing MAs against others), you could kill him quickly. The Thule Runner is now just offshore (beyond the imminent border-pop), but unfortunately, I accidentally sentried the escorting Destroyer, USS Cummings, partway through the journey, and left it behind. When I realised what I'd done -- a couple of turns later -- I woke it up and sent it on, but by that time the Thule Runner was already well ahead, so it's currently undefended. And the Cummings just spotted a Privateer -- so you might want to land those Marines, just in case...

    Swazi-in-Siberia 1350 AD.png

    The Aztecs seem to be folding fast. We now hold Western Europe almost to the Rhine, and I just (this turn) killed a(nother) large stack of their units. We are also seeing incoming from England and Mongolia, but not in anything like the same numbers (at least not so far). Lizz has an RoP with Hammi though, so her Cavs can come in via Babylon.

    Western Europe 1350 AD.png

    You have a stack of vTanks and a Tank-Army healing in Hastings (which should now be relatively safe from flippage, especially if the resistance is quelled this interturn), and a stack of eTanks, courtesy of that aforementioned large Aztec stack, sheltering under the Inf-Army outside Tenochtitlan (along with Marines and Arty). The Bomber force from Dohblane is now stationed on the Airfield near Hastings, from where they can hit incoming near Tenoch, and also London and Warwick (your choice). (Although hidden by the mini-map in that screenie) our Atlantic Carrier-groups, also with 3 r+vBombers apiece aboard, are approaching/blocking the Strait of Gibraltar, along with some Transports.

    The first Pacific Carrier-group (USS Constellation) just set off from Panama towards Kiribati. No planes are aboard the Constellation yet, but there are several Bombers/F-15s being built, which can be rebased to that convoy en route. The Transports and Destroyers in the Caribbean are on their way to Panama, in preparation for moving large numbers of non-Airliftable units (Artillery, Armies, Settlers, SAMS[?]) west into the Pacific. Two Transports in Panama are already loaded, but had so few MP left, that I decided to wait for their escorts.

    What else...?

    There are 2 un-named, unfilled Armies waiting in Detroit, to be filled and dispatched as you see fit.

    I used the ship-chain via Thule for several turns, but it's been inactive for the last couple of turns, since I built an Airfield in the (formerly) Zuluish Isles. So I started Airlifting (Tanks + Marines) over instead, because until I could get sufficient Transports into play in Ulundi (now Plymouth!), and secure the Hastings beachhead, everything was piling up near Plymouth anyway. The ship-chain boats are still in place, though, and with the successful actions of the last 2 turns, and Transports now able to shuttle between Hastings and Plymouth in 1T, those Armies can now also be sent to Europe if you wish.

    I've also made a small start on Airlifting Marines over to Rabaul, and just Airlifted a small group of Workers + Slaves to New Caledonia (where a Transport is docked), for shipping to the nearby islands and turning into (more) Airfields. I think all the Airfields have been used, but you can build some more if you want to: there are still two small stacks of Workers + Slaves awaiting orders in South America, to be disposed of at your discretion (I wasn't sure what your plans/priorities were).

    I have done a lot of Jungle-chopping, railing and irrigating during my set, and watered farms in S.Am. have been allowed to grow to Pop7+, but those without access to freshwater are already topping out at Pop6 (I've set most to slow-building Settlers). I (hate ICS, so I) think we should aim to get all the South American farms to at least Pop7, though: even though each (needed) 'Duct in a dry farm will cost us 1 GPT, growing them all into Cities will save us 4 GPT on unit-maintenance (we currently have >500 units, but only ~300 free-slots, so we're paying 400 GPT). If we use e.g. CivEngs and build Cavs-to-disband (we now have Horsies!), we should be able to get the Ducts up reasonably fast. I haven't started doing this yet, again because I wasn't sure what your preferences were.

    The Pacific islands are a different matter: my philosophy here is that we don't really want these near-useless 1-tile island-towns for ourselves, we just don't want the AI-Civs to occupy them! So my preferred strategy here would be 'Fish-and-Forget': i.e. if they have a Fish, build a Harbour, get them to Pop3, and let 1 citizen go fishing, while the other 2 become Geeks (=marine biologists?). If no Fish, leave them at Pop1, and turn that citizen into a lone-Geek. Until the AI-Civs also have Marines and the boats to move them (and only Hiawatha is close to AmphibWar, but he still lacks MassProd), we don't even need to garrison these towns.

    Save is below (and thank you for your patience). Now, go get 'em! :hammer:

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  14. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    What, did Homer Simpson move to Ireland and get elected Lord Mayor? :lol:
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  15. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    Thanks for taking care of that. I may have made the deal and saved it under a generic "Lincoln of the Americas" save, rather than the SG save I would normally do.

    Unfortunately the LZ is just too hot with all the wars on and there is an Aztec frigate that redlined our escorting DD, so I withdrew the group to relative safety. At least that's the hope. In any case, Shaka just left at the right time and will live on a while longer. I think we have largely mitigated the flip risk in their lands as the American civil population significantly outnumbers the few natives remaining.

    The English and Aztecs are largely gassed. It's all onesies and twosies now outside Tenochtitlan, now Paris. We have had fierce resistance from the Parisians who threw our garrison out but has since been brought back under control. To be clear though, they aren't going away any time soon as they have quite a few cities farther east.

    Hastings, now Lisbon has been quiet. I decided to found Lorient in the NW portion of the French coast to cut travel time from England in half.

    The Pacific started heating up, but will now settle down a bit as the Mongols have found a new friend and will be focusing their attention in a new direction.

    The armies remain empty along with a new one just arrived to await modern armor. But we should get them overseas.

    As above, the Pacific is now going to be a bit more settled, though I still want the German silks in the Philippines.

    We should clarify that now. We hadn't nailed ourselves to a victory condition, but let's focus on domination, with conquest and space as ones to be kept in our back pocket as it were. Both are viable but conquest may become rather tedious and space rather easy. If we decide on either of the latter two, it wouldn't be a bad thing per se, but if we at least focus on one condition, some decisions will perhaps make more sense.

    In light of that, if we were going space race, I'd agree we should squeeze out every beaker we can from South America. That would make aqueducts the order of the day where they are needed. But with domination, we need settlers and more settlers to cover a map that is still largely the AIs. As far as the tech race goes, it really isn't much of a race. There's us, the Iroquois, and everyone else well behind. We will only be half way through the 540 turn game when we're pulling in modern armor. With what we have, running the board all the way to future tech will hardly be an issue if things go that far. In terms of saving unit cost, this is also true, but we're positioning ourselves to occupy a lot of new lands that likewise will reduce our expenses. And to occupy the new lands we are once again back to needing settlers. Unless there is a real value in a place going forward, raze and replace is going to be the new order of the day. We largely have the important great wonders in our possession, and the most valuable is easily within reach. What isn't? Well Smith's, MoM, SoZ...you get the picture.

    I agree, we're committing too much to these places as it is, but that was in part to keep our conquest victory option more viable. I want to reinforce the Pacific to keep these isles from becoming easy pickings for the AI and stirring up unnecessary WW. Otherwise, get the carriers in the Pacific to watch over areas not easily covered by land. Hawaii's two airfields have been instrumental in forwarding troops to these bases as the air transport range is inadequate from the mainland. Likewise shuttling fighters off the Constellation helped us get air defenses in place though there is not quite the need for them as of now. So CINCPAC has one mission now, get those German silks!
  16. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004

    Admin stuff

    Tenochtitlan now Paris

    Hastings now Lisbon

    Tlateloco now Toulouse

    Xochicalco now Malta

    Texcoco now Gibraltar

    Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral King, requested an increase in aircraft carriers, mainly to be sent to the Pacific Fleet under Admiral Nimitz.

    Galveston, New Orleans, Norfolk, Bath stop destroyer construction. Carriers Leyte, Oriskany, Antietam, and Shangri-La now on the slipways. Tank builds swapped to F-15s in anticipation of equipping the carriers.

    IBT we lose a couple infantry in exchange for a Mongol cav. Not what we’re looking for.

    1355AD (1) DDs O’Bannon and Stump into the Pacific.

    Artillery hit Mongols and English rifle. Bomber take out rifle and we set tank against Mongol cav. Win that and get General Sherman.

    Bombers from Yorktown take out two Man-O-War

    3rd and 4th Tank Corps advance on London/Rome

    Bomber from Lexington drops Mongol cav


    Aztecs and Vikes make peace

    Albany starts Battlefield Medicine.

    1360AD (2)

    Make MA with Iroquois vs Ottomans for 606 gold.

    Bombard Urfa and take it with a single cav vs redlined rifle. Grab a settler pair close by after killing rifle.

    Move to within two tiles of Ottoman’s capital island of Sinop. Scary spearmen are redlined and left for the moment.

    England now has infantry.

    Tank assault with tank corps and our troops take London, now Rome with Sistine’s. The road to York is blocked, so we send two transports to Rome, offload them and take York, now Messina.

    Zimbabwe now London, Bapedi now York. I know, you need a scorecard to keep up.

    Pacific Theater

    Constellation air patrol spots English galley northwest of Kiribati. Her F-14s make quick work of it.


    Babylon and Germany make peace

    Vikes and Aztecs do TE on us

    Ecology>Synthetic fibers in 9 to stay positive in gold. 1832 in the bank. Saving up to convert our tanks to Modern Armor

    Among units approaching Paris are the ever-dangerous Ancient Cavalry of the Mongols.

    Paris resistance ends.

    1365AD (3)

    2 marines storm Sinop and the Ottomans are gone.

    War-Time Mobilization is enacted.

    3 tank corps attack Teotihuacan but riflemen hold.

    IBT Mongols and Maya do TE against us.

    Mongol bombers attack at Bougainville.

    Paris flips! :cry:

    In the Med, a number of Iroquois frigates are scuttled by their crews. Quite a sight to see.

    1370AD (4)

    Paris is recovered with a single tank. Teotihuacan is captured with JS Bachs. Now Zagreb.

    F-15s from Constellation transferred to our forward Pacific bases. More reinforcements flown into Hawaii.

    IBT we take 5 Mongol air attacks in the Solomons

    1375AD (5)

    Warwick is bombed and a marine unit takes and razes the city.

    5 Aztec cannons upgraded to artillery in Zagreb.

    Destroyers Bainbridge, Shaw and Tucker take out a frigate and two galleons by Atzcapotzalco

    To deal with the Mongolian bombers, our fighter defenses begin going active in the Solomons. A stack of their cav in Albania are hit by our artillery. I check and they are willing to make peace for 60 gold so I take it. That puts us on a peacetime footing once again, and I decide to re-mobilize. Now to deal with the real threat.

    All of their units wandering about the homeland are eradicated.

    New Cattaraugus razed for 116g

    New Khanawake razed for 117g

    New Oil Springs razed for 118g

    New Mauch Chunk razed for 119g. Lose a marine vs rifle. Iro lose at least a destroyer there.

    New Tonawanda razed for 120g. Lose a tank to a red infantry.

    That leaves the Iroquois with 8 possessions in NA and 1 in Greenland.

    Now for a bit of fun:

    And it is time to find some gainful employment of the Celtic army.

    That should keep Hiawatha suitably entertained as we go about our work. :devil:

    Trivial info-

    Scandanavia Monarchy
    Iroquois Communist
    England, Celts Fascist
    Zulu, Germany Republic
    Aztec, Maya, Sumeria, Babylon, Mongols, Spain Democracy

    Synthetic fibers now in 6.

    To do list:

    The first phase of Operation Overlord was successful. Our troops are ashore in numbers and have moved inland. But a major reinforcement is needed. Focus should be on tank production and getting them to Europe in preparation of getting to Modern Armor.

    We need to get Zagreb linked by rail next turn which should not be an issue. Workers are standing by, protected by an infantry corps. Babylon is next on our list. The capital has Leo's which will get us all sorts of really nice unit discounts and will put an end to the Babylonian tacit complicity in allowing our enemies to attack us from their lands. With Modern Armor and the armies to go with it, we're heading for Poland and first the Ukraine, then the Caucasus.

    Then it will be the Mayans turn and it's a race to the Urals.

    Save is not quite ready yet, but will be along at some point.
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  17. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    Save attached.

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  18. tjs282

    tjs282 Stone cold fish

    May 19, 2009
    Planet Earth. Possibly.
    OK, I've got the save, and your invasion-plan looks impressive.

    At least until we have SynthFib/Modern Armor, how do you feel about using combat-Settlement (whether using homegrown Settlers shipped via Thule, or Settlers(Foreign) spun off our European conquests)?

    I like to use it to shorten the distances that my/our units have to travel on foreign soil between my/our target-towns (keeps WW lower), and keep my/our expanding borders more coherent (prevents the AI from sneaking into/through the Cultural gaps), but it can also result in a slower advance (and cash-rushing Settlers will obviously be expensive).

    Were you thinking to turn off SCI% once we have SynthFib, or also go for Computers/MechInf? If we're going for Domination, I don't think we need any more techs than those two (and maybe not even the latter, since we already have TOWs)...?
  19. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    I don't use combat settlers myself, but I've been in a number of SGs with Northern Pike who used to do it quite a bit. If it's not blatant, like you're using four of them in a chain to drill into a civ, I'm ok with it.

    We'll have adequate gold unless WW gets put of hand, so I don't think we need to turn off science entirely. There are so many settlers building in SA that I actually did rush buy a number of them that cost 48g or less each. If you do the same, that should be fine. If we do get to the point where we're needing a 40% lux tax, that would be the time to consider turning science off.
  20. M60A3TTS

    M60A3TTS Ex-treadhead

    Mar 2, 2004
    To continue the line on future strategy, once Barbarossa is over we'll make a hard right turn and head for the Sinai, while leaving a suitable group to clean out Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc. Hopefully at that stage Hiawatha will have been so weakened by our new-found friends that our MA armies et al can storm in and start collecting some real prize money compared to the paltry handouts from the Iroquois treasury thus far.

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