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Improvements are lost after capturing city


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Dec 9, 2001

I got a question. After a city is captured it sometimes loses improvements, but sometimes there are still improvements after the capture. Does somebody know when improvements are lost this way and how many.

Cultural buildings are lost, while commercial buildings, such as harbours, airports, marketplaces stay.
Commercial buildings don't always stay. There seems to be some sort of random factor as to whether they are destroyed when a city is captured. It seems when I'm really counting on capturing a harbor is when it gets destroyed when I capture the city.
And for exmaple a barracks and other military buildings. I noted that sometimes a barracks often isn't destroyed.
I have read that it does, and I didnt read that on this forum...it may have been in the manual or the readme, I cant recall.....

So I think it does.

Bet it never gets it wrong though eh....bet the AI never goes:

"Eeeek he's attacking my city with a TANK!! and my city is only guarded by a Spearman...QUICK, sell the courthouse, the barracks, and the cathedral, NOW!!"


"Oh, the Spearman killed the tank? Well who would have thought that? Damn shame we sold all those buildings....wait a minute, no way that Human could KNOW we sold anything in our moment of doubting the Spearman's tank killing abilities....QUICK, put them back, he he, snigger..."
Yes Jim I think you got it right there. And a good example,

but is your signature supposed to be grammatically inferior to everyone elses, because if not, I don't get it.
History_Buff it is an adaptation of the now slightly passe (spelling) "All your base are belong to us" phenomenon

This is a craze that swept the internet and it comes from a Japanese to English translation of an old console game where the translation, obvioulsy by a Japanese person was utterly dire. I have seen it referenced elsewhere on this forum, but I cant for the life of me think of a URL to direct you to that would explain it better than I can :)

Sorry to confuse you, thought the All your base thing was more widespread than that :)
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