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In-Depth Guide to Offensive Wars (in progress)

Discussion in 'Strategy Section' started by amateurgamer88, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Emperor

    Aug 24, 2018
    That can work but I don't know when this guide will finish. I'm basically working at a snail's pace. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. amateurgamer88

    amateurgamer88 Emperor

    Aug 24, 2018
    Unique Units (UUs)

    We will discuss about the UU that help you in wars. Most can directly assist you in wars but some have other functions other than wars. Since we've covered UAs, I might refer to them if the two are tied closely together. UU should be stronger than the unit they replace with extra :c5strength: CS, more promotions and/or other buffs. Sadly, some of the UUs aren't that good and I'll explain why when I get to them. I will go down the list alphabetically based on the civ and their associated UUs.

    America (Minuteman)

    +3 :c5strength: CS and +1 :c5rangedstrength: RCS compared to Musketman it replaces

    Starts with Accuracy I promotion. Gets a promotions that allow Minutemen to ignore terrain costs and another promotion that gives the civ GAP after killing an enemy unit.

    The Minuteman is a slightly improved version of Musketman in terms of overall combat strength. It does start with Accuracy I promotion so, when you have Armories, you can get a Medic II units instantly. These free promotions are usually quite helpful and this one really helps you get those important promotions faster. The ignore terrain costs makes the units more maneuverable which makes them very dangerous in certain terrains when the enemy is hindered by those same terrain. The GAP from kills is just icing that might result in an extra GA. Overall, this units is solid.

    Tier: A

    Arabia (Camel Archer)

    +2 :c5strength: CS and +4 :c5rangedstrength: RCS compared to Heavy Skirmisher it replaces.

    Starts with a promotion that's like the Splash I promotion of siege units where you can deal an extra 5 damage to all enemies both adjacent to your targeted enemy and the Camel Archer. This unit also doesn't require Horses to build.

    Given how hard a Heavy Skirmisher can hit, the Camel Archer can do even better with its extra RCS which is higher than a Crossbowman. Therefore, the Camel Archer can literally hit like a truck and even Knights won't like being kited by this unit. The splash damage is just icing on top since it can potentially whittle down the enemy forces faster and force them to withdraw to heal up. Not requiring horses means that you can turn a situation where you lack horses into a situation where you do by using your Camel Archer to conquer cities with horses.

    Tier: A

    Assyria (Siege Tower)

    Doesn't replace any units.

    Starts with Medic I, Medic II and extra sight promotions. Has 4 :c5moves: Movements. When adjacent to a city, gives +40% :c5strength: CS versus cities. When two tiles away from a city, gives +20% :c5strength: versus cities. The bonus against cities don't stack. Only two can be built at a time. Cannot attack or defend like a Great General unit.

    The Siege Tower is what makes Assyria very dangerous when it comes to taking cities. Not only do they provide Medic II healing but they also make all your units hit cities that much harder. They do require protection but, once you break through enemy ranks, then it's only a matter of time before you take cities since Siege Tower allow you to do so very easily.

    Tier: S

    Austria (Hussar)

    +4 :c5strength: CS and +4 :c5rangedstrength: RCS compared to the Curaissier it replaces.

    Starts with extra sight promotion and Lightning warfare promotion (+15% :c5strength: CS when attacking, +1 :c5moves: Movements and can ignore ZoC).

    The Hussar has gone through many ups and downs due to the constant balance of mounted ranged units. As of the recent beta version (1-11), Hussar is at a really good spot. They have their niche and are difficult to chase down with their extra movement and the ability to ignore ZoC. This is a solid unit to chase down enemy wounded units or kite the enemy until you whittle down their numbers. The Hussar can hit hard enough to deter the enemy from pushing very aggressively.

    Tier: A

    Babylon (Bowman)

    +1 :c5strength: CS and +2 :c5rangedstrength: RCS compared to the Composite Bowman it replaces.

    Starts with the Indirect Fire promotion that allows the unit to fire over obstacles at enemies you have sight on.

    At first glance, the Bowman doesn't seem that impressive. It's only slightly stronger than the Composite Bowman and has a Indirect Fire promotion. However, this promotion can be quite useful in the early when terrain like hills, forests and jungles and prevent a ranged units from being too useful. Indirect Fire allows the unit to contribute in situations other ranged units cannot until Industrial Era or has plenty of promotions. In addition, it allows you plan your promotions better like getting that extra range and still be able to hit any enemies within your range.

    Tier: B

    Brazil (Bandeirante)

    +2 :c5strength: CS and +1 :c5moves: Movement compared to the Explorer it replaces.

    Starts with the Flag Bearers promotion (grant your nearest owned City :c5gold: Gold, :c5science: Science, and :c5culture: Culture whenever you reveal tiles with the unit). Can build Mines, Quarries, Brazilwood Camps, and Forts in owned territory like a Worker.

    This UU is certainly not a military unit as it's outclassed in combat. However, its strength lies in its mobility and scouting. 4 :c5moves: Movement is quite a bit to work with, especially when you get the Trailblazers promotions to move around even faster. Intel on your enemies is very important and this unit can get it done. There can even be situations where you pillage roads with this UU and still escape with impunity. Another nice side benefit is the ability to build Forts where you do a little scouting and keep building up those Forts to ensure the strongest defenses against enemy hostilities or simply push forward towards the enemy's core cities.

    Tier: A

    Byzantine (Cataphract)

    +5 :c5strength: CS and -1 :c5moves: Movement compared to the Knight it replaces.

    Starts with Cover I promotion. Can benefit from defensive terrain bonuses. Has a promotion that gives +30% :c5strength: when fighting in open terrain. Has a lower city penalty (-25% :c5strength: CS against cities as opposed to -33% :c5strength:).

    This UU is an absolute beast. Despite losing one movements, it's still a terror to deal with as it hits really hard (30 :c5strength: CS) when it becomes available with few counters other than other UU (except the trash ones like Maori Warriors which we'll discuss later). Unlike other mounted units, the Cataphract can actually enjoy defensive terrain bonuses which, combined with Cover I, means it can be an absolute pain pain to kill. In addition, it's combat bonus in open terrain means that it's a threat regardless of the terrain as long as it's not not water like Coasts, Lakes or Oceans. While this unit can hit cities a bit better, that's still not where it shines unless your foes don't have Walls. Overall, this unit is a complete beast that can turn the tide of war with itself.

    Tier: S

    Carthage (Quinquereme)

    Same :c5strength: CS as the Trireme it replaces.

    Unlocked on Fishing instead of Sailing. Starts with Reconnaissance promotion (gain experience from revealing tiles) and Heavy Assault promotion (+25% :c5strength: CS when attacking and +25% :c5strength: when attacking cities).

    This UU is amazing in a number of aspects. First, it's make you very dangerous in the early games when cities lack walls and these UU can hit very hard. Secondly, they get experience for revealing tiles like Pathfinders so you can either get very tanky ships early on or scouting ones that can find the other continents to get discount regarding techs. Thirdly, this UU lets you get tribute very reliably and, regardless which ancient era tree you go for, those tributes can help you snowball faster. Overall, this unit arrives at a good time and quite dominant in certain situations.

    Tier: S

    China (Cho-Ko-Nu)

    +1 :c5rangedstrength: RCS compared to the Crossbowman it replaces.

    Starts with the Siege Volley promotion that gives this UU the ability to splash damage enemy like Splash I of siege units and +25% :c5strength:/:c5rangedstrength: CS/RCS when adjacent to a city.

    This UU was absolute incredible when it had Logistics. Now, it's pretty average overall. The splash damage is kind of nice but it only does 5 damage which isn't very noticeable most of the time. The extra combat bonus makes this unit quite a defensive unit which makes it fairly bad as a offensive unit given that it needs to stay behind melee units and cannot use its new splash ability very well. Its base :c5rangedstrength: RCS isn't that much higher than its counterpart making it fairly weak. Overall, this unit has went from too OP to alright defensively and not that much better offensively.

    Tier: C

    Denmark (Berserker)

    -1 :c5strength: CS and +1 :c5moves: Movement compared to the Longswordman it replaces.

    Unlocked at Metal Casting instead of Steel. Starts with Amphibious promotion (No attack penalty when attacking across River or attacking when embarked and movement bonus across rivers) and Charge I promotion (+10% :c5strength: CS when attacking in open terrain and +25% :c5strength: CS against wounded units).

    This UU is basically all offense with its kit of gaining quite a few modifier when attacking. Its extra movement makes it very versatile in getting to the front lines and withdrawing when necessary. Since it's available earlier, then it can be timed for a major war against a neighbor. The only odd thing is the reduction in :c5strength: CS. While it's true that it's available a bit earlier, the UU won't be overpowered if it shared the same :c5strength: CS as the unit it replaces.

    Tier: A

    Egypt (War Chariots)

    +1 :c5strength: CS compared to the Chariot it replaces.

    Unlocked at The Wheel instead of Animal Husbandry. Starts with Gift of the Pharaoh promotion (receive :c5production: Production in capital when an enemy unit is killed). Doesn't require Horses to build.

    This UU was actually decent before all the crazy changes to the skirmisher line. With only 1 extra :c5strength: CS compared to the Chariot, it's not even that much better than the unit it replace when it comes to combat. Its promotion works well with the UA where it excels the most. Not needing horses means you can get this unit sooner and spam more of it if you want. However, possible changes could make this unit garbage at taking cities when Archers are still the better alternative. Overall, this UU is decent for snatching Wonders by fighting barbarians and not so good in other departments.

    Tier: B

    England (Ship of the Line)

    +4 :c5strength: CS and +4 :c5rangedstrength: RCS compared to the Frigate it replaces.

    Start with Logistics promotion and extra sight promotion.

    This UU is arguably the one of the best, if not the best, UU available. Being the two remaining units with Logistics, this Frigate replacement dominates the seas. Their :c5strength: CS is quite high making them somewhat tough to kill while higher :c5rangedstrength: RCS with logistics is the most ridiculous. You must remember that, when Slingers and Chu-ko-nus had logistics, their RCS was lowered to make them more balanced. The SotL got to get more :c5rangedstrength: RCS to ensure that their damage isn't as weakened by Logistics (the -30% :c5rangedstrength: RCS aspect). The extra sight also meant that these units didn't need melee ships for scouting since they can do it alright, though it's ideal to have some screens. Of course, the Logistics is most powerful where you can attack and withdraw without using the other attack. This could potentially make SotL impossible to hit with cities until Arsenals are built.

    Tier: S+

    Ethiopia (Mahal Sefari)

    +5 :c5strength: CS compared to the Fusilier it replaces.

    Starts with Homeland Guardian promotion (+25% :c5strength: CS when fighting in Ethiopian territory) and a promotion that gives additional defensive combat bonus the closer you are to the capital.

    This UU was once garbage but it's been buffed indirectly through the buffs to the Fusilier. Defensively, this unit is extremely hard to kill with its extra HP, defenses against ranged attacks and extra :c5strength: CS when fighting in your own territory. Ideally, you wouldn't be using the other promotion too much as that means your capital is threatened. However, it's possible that you settled your cities in a way so your capital would hold back all attacks to which the second promotion can be quite useful. Overall, this UU is alright and has some offensive uses with its higher :c5strength: CS.

    Tier: A

    France (Musketeer)

    +5 :c5strength: CS compared to the Tercio it replaces.

    Starts with Lightning Warfare promotion (+15% :c5strength: Combat boost when attacking, +1 :c5moves: Movement, and the ability to ignore ZoC).

    This UU is actually pretty solid and, from what I've seen on the forums, fairly underrated. While it's true that melee units aren't generally known for their offensive capabilities, the Musketeer can really change the situation since their promotion stays when they are promoted. Even without being promoted, this UU can pack a punch and just requires some promotions to really shine. For example, Blitz is amazing since you can attack an enemy and withdraw when other units would be bogged down by ZoC. While it's true that this UU doesn't work extremely well with the French UA, it's a really good unit and that extra mobility alone can improve various situations when other units suffer drastically.

    Tier: A

    Germany (Panzer)

    +5 :c5strength: CS and +1 :c5moves: Movement compared to the Tank it replaces.

    Unlocked through Ballistics instead of Combined Arms. Starts with Armor Plating II (+25% Defensive :c5strength: CS boost when defending).

    This UU comes quite late and is simply alright. The :c5strength: CS isn't that much higher to make it significantly better than its tank counterpart. The extra defensive :c5strength: CS bonus would be decent if the unit wasn't built more for offenses. The extra movement can add some versatility but, at a time when you air units and Artillery in play, that ability to hit and run just isn't as strong before, especially with melee units getting fairly significant buffs at this point of the game. Being available earlier is certainly useful but any civ that's focusing on war will go for Combined Arms regardless to get a strong front line unit in the form of Infantry. Overall, the Panzer is just okay and comes a little late to have a huge impact on the game.

    Tier: B

    Greece (Hoplite)

    +2 :c5strength: CS compared to the Spearman it replaces.

    Starts with Great General II promotion (+100% contribution to Great General generation) and Discipline promotion (+5% :c5strength: CS and additional +5% :c5strength: CS when adjacent to friendly units).

    This UU is pretty good in my opinion but not everyone on the forum shares my view. The extra :c5strength: CS makes this unit very dangerous to handle and, with a couple of promotions, it can be a nightmare to fight against. Without walls, cities are basically at the mercy of this UU. In addition, tributes are fairly easy when you have the Hoplite out since they threaten City States more. More Great Generals can be quite useful as well since an extra one can give you options of a Citadel to help make early pushes even more dangerous. Some counterpoints are that UU like Immortals are better (I think this is more situation) and that this unit is unlocked through Bronze Working (this is a better argument). Overall, I think this UU is quite strong and can be used very effectively.

    Tier: A

    India (Naga-Malla)

    +7 :c5strength: CS, +5 :c5rangedstrength: RCS and -1 :c5moves: Movement compared to the Cuirassier it replaces.

    Unlocked at Chemistry instead of Metallurgy. Doesn't require Horses. Start with Feared Elephant promotion (-10% :c5strength: CS for all enemy units adjacent to this unit).

    This UU is played a bit different than your normal mounted archers due to having one less movement. However, its extra RCS can definitely hurt a lot, especially when you take into account the units that exists during this time and their CS. The Feared Elephant promotion isn't that amazing at this stage of the game but it can definitely help putting more hurt on the enemy. Having this unit earlier also means that your enemy have little counter against it, especially with its high CS that makes it sustain damage better, even against Tercio. Overall, this unit can do well but it does depend on where mounted archers are going since they are changed so often that it's hard to gauge their strength before they're changed again.

    Tier: A

    Indonesia (Kris Swordsman)

    No difference compared to the Swordsman it replaces.

    Starts with Mystic Blade promotion. (See link for my review of the promotions)

    This UU is very dependent on the promotion it gets from Mystic Blade. There is a promotion that's actually very much trash making this UU equivalent to the unit it replaces. Some makes it slightly better and a few that are amazing. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing slight CS buff to the unit but, with the upcoming patch buffing Swordsman as a whole, we'll see. However, this UU isn't that much than Swordsman.

    Tier: B

    Japan (Samurai)

    +4 :c5strength: CS compared to the Longswordsman it replaces.

    Starts with Great Generals II promotion (+100% contribution to Great General generation) and Quick Study promotion (+50% experience gained).

    This UU might appear as a unit that's slightly stronger than its replacement with more CS, more Great General generated and more promotion given what's shown above. Just those would make the Samurai an alright unit but the Japanese UB is also unlocked at the same time as this unit. Therefore, the true strength will be discussed when I go over UB.

    Tier: S

    Korea (Hwach'a)

    -1 :c5rangedstrength: RCS compared to the Trebuchet it replaces.

    Starts with Logistics promotion.

    This UU is the only UU expected to start with Logistics at the time of this update due to SotL expecting to lose its promotion in the next patch. The Hwach'a is quite interesting since it can pack quite a punch against enemy units making it more ideal in defending while it had maluses against cities making it not so great at attacking unless you are using it to mow down enemy forces. I personally feel that this UU is alright when it becomes available and really shines when you upgrade it to Field Guns with Range promotion as this is when it truly shines due to it without needing as many promotions to be really powerful.

    Tier: A

    Mongolia (Khan)

    +3 :c5moves: Movement compared to the Great General it replaces.

    Starts with a promotion that heals adjacent units an extra 10 HP.

    This UU is basically a Great General that has more mobility and can help improve survability of fellow units. The extra movement allows it to get around much easier and put down Citadel during more crucial moments when a Great General simply takes too long to get there. The extra healing is quite useful in keeping your units alive and I believe that the effect stacks with Medic promotions so you can heal a lot more. Overall, a solid UU that can be game changing if you know how to position your Khans well.

    Tier: A

    Morocco (Berber Cavalry)

    +3 :c5strength: CS and +4 :c5rangedstrength: RCS compared to the Cavalry it replaces.

    Starts with Homeland Guardian promotion (this Unit receives a +25% :c5strength: Combat boost when fighting in Moroccan Territory) and ignores :c5moves: Movement penalties in rough terrain.

    This UU doesn't let rough terrain slow it down so its mobility is actually quite good. It's better than Cavalry which doesn't say much due to Cavalry being more insignificant as Gatling Guns become far more relevant during the Industrial Era. Defensive wise, this unit isn't that bad due to its ability to chase down wounded enemy units and get to safety. Overall, this is an alright unit that really depend on how useful the Cavalry is.

    Tier: B
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2020

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