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IndieStone - Visual Tech Tree Editor

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Utility Programs' started by lemmy101, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. nudden

    nudden Prince

    Jun 9, 2008
    here is my mods file:

    Spoiler :
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Mod id="4c15ef87-2f30-4bea-8f3e-0ad2a034a6dd" version="4">
    <Name>Modern Warfare MOD v 3</Name>
    <Description>[COLOR_RED]Major Changes:[ENDCOLOR]
    - 2 Units per tile allowed
    - city hit points now 30, unit hit points now 15
    For further gameplay changes please see the ChangeLog.txt inside the mods folder (my documents/my games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS/Modern Warfare MOD) or visit the forum on civfanatics.com
    [NEWLINE]Have fun!
    [NEWLINE]Forum: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=390447</Description>
    <SpecialThanks>Kael (Modding Guide), Dark_Jedi06 (Legendary Earth MOD), Gedemon (R.E.D. Mod)</SpecialThanks>
    <Dependencies />
    <References />
    <Blocks />
    <File md5="89D3531C54693066201ADDE9D21D36F7">Art/Icon Atlases/2ndIconsMWM128.dds</File>
    <File md5="E031B30F44AC2C39B9A1751C4DF3D296">Art/Icon Atlases/2ndIconsMWM214.dds</File>
    <File md5="DC949539DFC58B339D2044837F7B51AF">Art/Icon Atlases/2ndIconsMWM256.dds</File>
    <File md5="1A3988136413DD7AA2173D750B6D083B">Art/Icon Atlases/2ndIconsMWM32.dds</File>
    <File md5="DB8C2F4D62E486D8017868EC162CF9A9">Art/Icon Atlases/2ndIconsMWM45.dds</File>
    <File md5="0ED9CF1EEECC6F82D90C9A01A7656D04">Art/Icon Atlases/2ndIconsMWM64.dds</File>
    <File md5="A1192BA58AF7E55D1143B7062A187926">Art/Icon Atlases/2ndIconsMWM80.dds</File>
    <File md5="9271355F2521336EDC5CB2EF0F3E33BD">Art/Icon Atlases/3rdIconsMWM128.dds</File>
    <File md5="FF69A3211A2F5E06DE9606A1A09CADB9">Art/Icon Atlases/3rdIconsMWM214.dds</File>
    <File md5="B40E4845406AB9DDA9D1E7B68DFFF805">Art/Icon Atlases/3rdIconsMWM256.dds</File>
    <File md5="4D60579CCB41AE7A1F62950559E38025">Art/Icon Atlases/3rdIconsMWM32.dds</File>
    <File md5="89AC263B0BE8332A0CF5506958CB4D9E">Art/Icon Atlases/3rdIconsMWM45.dds</File>
    <File md5="4705B3BE4B0FD1D0FF1BEC020CC0B72F">Art/Icon Atlases/3rdIconsMWM64.dds</File>
    <File md5="B378E0BD4CBBB15D37FE74EBB85D9B61">Art/Icon Atlases/3rdIconsMWM80.dds</File>
    <File md5="028A17091EA1FCBCEE55F02AA581B273">Art/Icon Atlases/UnitIconsMWM128.dds</File>
    <File md5="1A2F104D6EA87CE44EE28F288127C342">Art/Icon Atlases/UnitIconsMWM214.dds</File>
    <File md5="A7519801705679298E503B6BB9D72B09">Art/Icon Atlases/UnitIconsMWM256.dds</File>
    <File md5="5601F3E1B774C461243F84B9DB5B70AB">Art/Icon Atlases/UnitIconsMWM32.dds</File>
    <File md5="267C8C6AA7283E8EDDACB8842C8E721E">Art/Icon Atlases/UnitIconsMWM45.dds</File>
    <File md5="8E5D301EC6F368F13137C0BA89533BD2">Art/Icon Atlases/UnitIconsMWM64.dds</File>
    <File md5="56B5F3D551589C4776779B0CB98648F9">Art/Icon Atlases/UnitIconsMWM80.dds</File>
    <File md5="C010D42E3B4003209E64BF35972D1738">Art/Units/marine/diea.gr2</File>
    <File md5="099B4856A4FB485206FC10D50C73DD7F">Art/Units/marine/diefadea.gr2</File>
    <File md5="04C4FB8C221A8F67736D024421F67376">Art/Units/marine/fortf.gr2</File>
    <File md5="DB38614B7C65411803A2EEE23ABC6A8A">Art/Units/marine/fortidlea.gr2</File>
    <File md5="EB67305441EE88654B49B85D1440C0AA">Art/Units/marine/hurta.gr2</File>
    <File md5="B3F929825025E658C67438AE771E15B7">Art/Units/marine/marine.fxsxml</File>
    <File md5="ABF8EADEC384D9B491C8CA245C080F62">Art/Units/marine/marine.gr2</File>
    <File md5="AB5F065B5978AC219D220C9D1D418A1B">Art/Units/marine/marineIdle.gr2</File>
    <File md5="8D169EE0641467BC594929FA3667C49D">Art/Units/marine/marine_128.dds</File>
    <File md5="009863D72249DF0C97EF7D7C1ADB9E42">Art/Units/marine/runr.gr2</File>
    <File md5="45610501DFD8EF406A7AF01FCF18CF47">Art/Units/marine/shoota.gr2</File>
    <File md5="82920CF3007B93F55B7A5118E3E884AC">Art/Units/rifleman_eng+us/continental_inf.fxsxml</File>
    <File md5="0B2744C1C63A16EEFCD5BB5C108F164F">Art/Units/rifleman_eng+us/continental_infantry.dds</File>
    <File md5="97EFEA6184A7088B5DC07E29045D9CEA">Art/Units/rifleman_eng+us/continental_infantry.gr2</File>
    <File md5="C26356343E4C23A6A195991ADE398F61">Art/Units/rifleman_eng+us/redcoat.dds</File>
    <File md5="566F1E5BC946324DD54E2B12CA2F1940">Art/Units/rifleman_eng+us/redcoat.fxsxml</File>
    <File md5="012DA73CD6E0B56CD252C8AAC16DE6C5">Art/Units/rifleman_eng+us/redcoat.gr2</File>
    <File md5="CF217E101010D4D34A06E80F11C3AF3F">Art/Units/rifleman_eng+us/redcoat_sref.dds</File>
    <File md5="26D5DD775CE0FCD44231DDA6240381F9">ChangeLog.txt</File>
    <File md5="95FEC49A08B85281E54705E4D8EE4E21">crashfix.sql</File>
    <File md5="3B44D76650F95ACB6D5934E2AE67F95E">Maps/MWM Huge Earth v 1.Civ5Map</File>
    <File md5="6749A78BB71757503D1DD8D8BE741660">unitformations.xml</File>
    <File md5="C04FE0A357B8C4BF33ED119B36BE8789">XML/Art/civ5artdefines_unitmembers.xml</File>
    <File md5="CFB03FF5570D62CB151CEC3E42FC9A0B">XML/Art/civ5artdefines_units.xml</File>
    <File md5="1C11669486F542A4B481614B575DC967">XML/BasicInfos/CIV5InvisibleInfos.xml</File>
    <File md5="612696CB0494065E19CB6D1DD03E9E22">XML/Buildings/CIV5Buildings.xml</File>
    <File md5="110E4DD220F1FD87C0E986F69CBB7070">XML/Buildings/CIV5BuildingClasses.xml</File>
    <File md5="885F19784AEF57D307DBAAEAE5A6EFDA">XML/Civilizations/CIV5Civilizations.xml</File>
    <File md5="276A91D30A9ACEF305402B83606684DC">XML/Civilizations/CIV5MinorCivilizations.xml</File>
    <File md5="548076CB3CCDDEA7ED7C76970E25C4F2">XML/Civilizations/CIV5Traits.xml</File>
    <File md5="16840787665208F523EC0E2BE0E823D7">XML/GameInfo/CIV5Projects.xml</File>
    <File md5="014A14F3C9D601A3896449DE3E6DF20F">XML/GameInfo/CIV5Policies.xml</File>
    <File md5="73A624C4020FC45C1211200FAF751901">XML/GlobalDefines.xml</File>
    <File md5="65CD9D27C8D3995A0DD68F60264E3EC8">XML/GameInfo/CIV5IconTextureAtlases.xml</File>
    <File md5="E129920DCAB60954C99F5B91C39F5A00">XML/Leaders/CIV5Leaders.xml</File>
    <File md5="5AF0AD35FF6AFBDB9A409602FB788490">XML/NewText/EN_US/NuDDen_TextInfos_Misc.xml</File>
    <File md5="B72E5A36FA6BE2A1C98652C07248F6A1">XML/NewText/EN_US/NuDDen_TextInfos_Buildings.xml</File>
    <File md5="8A9A9A0BE56146AA261523D5DA06FCB8">XML/NewText/EN_US/NuDDen_TextInfos_Units.xml</File>
    <File md5="1683A99C99B0A3A7759248BAD1E3B925">XML/NewText/EN_US/NuDDen_TextInfos_Leaders.xml</File>
    <File md5="6E1FF0F45D5BCD90FA5CDDF55D21F48E">XML/Technologies/CIV5Technologies.xml</File>
    <File md5="E8780CA17D85DC552984586BC62D893F">XML/Terrain/CIV5Resources.xml</File>
    <File md5="7C7030E19ADE3020962F60A01F5F542C">XML/Terrain/CIV5Improvements.xml</File>
    <File md5="204B225C0ADDB782D475BBADDF82C8FC">XML/Terrain/CIV5Terrains.xml</File>
    <File md5="7787175D9A505416D93DC801A977DBB4">XML/Terrain/CIV5Features.xml</File>
    <File md5="FCE50790AFCF037D66A282713AD0FB33">XML/Units/CIV5Units.xml</File>
    <File md5="CA09B09FAB20B49E0FEE78BA6E33F503">XML/Units/CIV5UnitClasses.xml</File>
    <File md5="214D9A03430EC95D9E207D5F9F99BFE7">XML/Units/CIV5UnitPromotions.xml</File>
    <File md5="510163AE37E804C422D704795667E065">XML/Units/CIV5SpecialUnits.xml</File>
    <File md5="6EB72A74914BC6B49D16C3C3F3E89B90">XML/Units/CIV5Builds.xml</File>
    <EntryPoint type="Map" file="Maps/MWM Huge Earth v 1.Civ5Map">
    <Name>MWM Huge Earth v 1</Name>
    <Description>Huge Earth Map (18 Civs)</Description>
  2. lemmy101

    lemmy101 Emperor

    Apr 10, 2006
    Hm yeah I think that's probably the problem, I'll need to get it to check such things on load. I think it's trying to draw the units it loads before it gets to the atlas. Try moving the atlases up in the XML to the top of the UpdateDatabase list. :)

    EDIT: Actually, forget it. It's not reading in the paths of the mod files yet. SILLY ME! But the thing I said above still applies, I think...
  3. nudden

    nudden Prince

    Jun 9, 2008
    whoo...that worked...still the new icons are not there but the modfile itself loaded correctly...i'll have a look if there are other problems.
    you are a nice guy:)
  4. lemmy101

    lemmy101 Emperor

    Apr 10, 2006
    New version!

    * Fixed loading of custom art atlases in modinfo files. (it doesn't matter about the atlas ordering now as it refreshes the icons after the load anyway)
    * Added remaining builds (chop jungle etc) and improved icons.
  5. lemmy101

    lemmy101 Emperor

    Apr 10, 2006
  6. Mynex

    Mynex Warlord

    Sep 30, 2010
    Lemmy - Thanks for so many quick updates!

    (I like the 'DLC' tag on the DLC content, very spiffy!)

    Here's what I've got so far for you still;
    1. Scroll wheel doesn't work on 'unassigned' or the info window below it

    After Deleting all Techs - No Icons for;
    1. Buildings: Walls of Babylon (Which is duplicated)

    2. Units: SS Stasis Chamber, SS Engine, Keshik, Bowman (Which is duplicated)

    1. on the info panel can you make the following a drop down select list;

    2. On the above 3, would it be possible to add a 'play it' option to AudioIntro and a 'Preview' of the images for the other 2?

    Reasoning: Sounds and images may be reused, header to make sure custom created headers are working (when we can get to that point) and hearing/seeing them, rather than adding them blind, would make life easier. :)

    3. On user created items added to the game can you add the tag 'custom' or somewhat like that? (akin to the DLC tag you've got).

    Reasoning: The DLC tag and 'Custom' (or whatever) would remind modders that something needs to be checked to see if it can be distro'd (DLC) or to get permission if something isn't theirs.

    Can't say it enough, you rock man!
  7. Fariic

    Fariic Chieftain

    Apr 13, 2010
    Would it be possible to get an option to load all techs without prereqs.

    Is there a way to delete prereq. pipes in the visualizer?

    Edit: Nvm.
    LC pipe. Green box appears were it starts and ends. Just click delete.

    Just did a /delete on all prereqstechs.
  8. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    I have this weird issue where I go to right click a wonder/building such as M Theory, and instead of "Edit DB for M Theory", it is "Edit DB for Spices" or sugar, or other resources.

    Actually it does it on units and other things too. It seems to correspond to the unassigned items, because some things pop up as Settler, or Jaguar, etc.

    Usually if I right click it a few times it seems to show what I am really clicking.

    Also, duplicating buildings/units seems to work sporadically at best. This may be related to my other problem. Sometimes I have to right click and duplicate it a dozen times before it actually works.

    And lastly, deleting buildings/units/duplicates/unassigned items seems to be nonexistent.
  9. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Can we get the ability to right click unassigned items so that we can manipulate their DB? It seems like you have to move them on to a tech before you can do that.
  10. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Oh god it crashed... I accidentally clicked the quit on an exception. One of the techs I had place before that I wanted to delete wouldn't let me move it, delete it, or anything.

    Lets see if I can remember where those ~25 techs went... lol
  11. lemmy101

    lemmy101 Emperor

    Apr 10, 2006
    gah sorry to hear that :(

    see if you can remember to click details next time too post the call stack and I'll try get rid of the crash/bug.

    Will look into the other issues tonight, too. :)
  12. lemmy101

    lemmy101 Emperor

    Apr 10, 2006
    New version.

    * Added right click menu to unassigned panel.
    * Fixed bug with unit/building click detection.
    * Added 'delete' right click menu option.
    * Added autosave, will cycle three filenames in your app's directory to output all XML to in case of a crash. XML may need editing to order language in this version to display in editor, will improve the autosave output in time.
  13. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    I managed to remember most of them. :)

    I exported it, created a test mod project and dumped it all in there. Opened it up in the game and it seems to mostly have taken. :)

    There is a weird text bug though.

    30% of my new techs didn't get updated with a name. If you look at them, their text string reflects what would be correct tag, but the problem is that is what you see.

    And actually, one of my old tech's tag also seems to be broken in a similar manner. They all show fine in the editor, but the game doesn't like them for some reason.

    Though, the one old tech that is messed up also happens to be the tech that I used to duplicate all my new techs, so it might be related.
  14. lemmy101

    lemmy101 Emperor

    Apr 10, 2006
    Interesting. You could look at the edit the xml to see what the issue is to fix it and let me know?
  15. Garett20

    Garett20 Prince

    Aug 10, 2010
    nvr mind.
  16. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    It seems like the missing tags don't have rows in the Text XML at all.

    Not sure why.
  17. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    Found this.

    There are a few that do this, but they don't have the other problem.

    Most of them take the <Text> row of some other tech that is nearby.

    Actually this is a problem that I can see in the Editor.

    It seems like sometimes when you update the name of your duplicate tech that it doesn't also update the rest of the tags in that duplicate.
  18. Decimatus

    Decimatus King

    Oct 22, 2005
    It's possible that this is related to something the conflict finder found when I was exporting.

    If I had changed the name of one of the techs after setting the prerequisite pipes, the conflict finder seemed to think that they still had the old name and had me choose the correct tech from the list.

    So perhaps I moved or modified those techs at some point, or perhaps I duplicated them in a way that confused it?

    Also, every tech that has a working title is listed in the tech xml one after the other. And then after those, the broken techs begin. So normally it goes top to bottom, but in this case it lists the working techs first, and then broken, regardless of top to bottom order.
  19. lemmy101

    lemmy101 Emperor

    Apr 10, 2006
  20. lemmy101

    lemmy101 Emperor

    Apr 10, 2006

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