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Installation woes


May 11, 2002
Hi everyone,

I've had ten years with Civ I & II and recently bought Civ III.
Unfortunately, there was some problem during installation so I
uninstalled ready to install again. Now it won't let me reinstall,
it just keeps trying to uninstall again. I tried using Norton works
to remove the all the bits of the old program to no avail. Every
time I turn on the computer the program is back. I'm currently
working in Thailand, where I bought the game, and the US service site
told me I have to contact the Korean or Taiwanese service center.
Unfortunately these people never respond to my pleas for assistance.
It's a Thai-language box and manual so I don't know if that makes a
difference, but I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any

Thanks a lot,
If you have any expertise with computers, I'd recommend that you edit the windows registry manually to get rid of any references to the original program. But only if you have any expertise. Otherwise, get an expert to help you.
I went into the registry and removed everything possibly connected to Civ III that I knew wouldn't cause a disaster elsewhere. Unfortunately, while Civ III disappears from the computer, it reappears after startup. I've got no idea how to make it go away.

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