Intelligence on Enemy Civs?


Nov 7, 2001
Is there any screen where you can get a quick rundown of everything you know about another enemy civ? There was a screen in Civ2 where you could see this, where you could see what they were currently researching, what techs they had, etc. Is there anything like that in Civ3? I am assuming there is and I just havent found it yet?

Thanks in advance guys. :)
this is one of the things that civ2 beats civ3. if you have installed a spy in other civ's capital, you can see the civ's military forces in F3 screen. But you can't pin down their locations unless you run a successful spy mission.

I don't think you can find out what other civs are researching, at least I still don't know. But you can know what techs other civs have in the tech trading dialogue.

Then of course you can always use spy to learn the information.
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