Internal reorganization: Notify us about unexpected changes


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Oct 22, 2008
Hi everyone,

right now we're cleaning out a bit old stuff, which isn't really necessary anymore, including leftovers from the vbulletin times (so before 2016...).
We don't think this should have an impact on anyone. But if you notice that something suddenly changes, then please let us know.

What are we doing?
We are re-organizing the internal user groups right now.
e.g. as you might remember from the vbulletin times, you would get the permission for a bigger avatar when you were registered longer. This would put you into the new user group for bigger avatars.
This distinction does not exist anymore in Xenforo, yet, we still had the user group for bigger avatars (effectively doing nothing).
We have deleted some (including this user group), and we will delete some more. None of these should have an actual effect, since we expect most to be defunct, but we have around 50 user groups, and not necessarily a good idea if some are still in use or not. We'll do our best to check beforehand, but you never know.

So... if suddenly something changes, please let us know :).
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