Iroquois or aztecs game on Carla Singer's map


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Nov 11, 2001
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I will try to wipe the americans and aztecs on a huge Carla Singer's map. (regent)

Should I play as the Iroquois or the Aztecs?

Will I be disturb by europeans and Asians civs before arrival of the caravels?

Tips and strategies are welcome to wipe out all civs on this world!
Tip: if you want to wipe out the aztecs you shouldn't be the aztecs.
And yes there is a posibility that the chinese/japanese will be in america quite fast, but then you should just wipe them out.
Marla Singer's map!

I've played the map 3 times with very different results. First of all, the Aztecs are the prime civilization in the America's if you expand SOUTH to South America you will see virtually no competition to building up a GIANT military and rolling over the continent. Dominating the Western hemisphere is not that difficult; trick one of the Civs into fighting against the other, then backstab them before the time is right.

As far as European or Eastern inteference, it is very unlikely. Even if they do discover you early, they won't be able to muster a force to that side of the world until late in the game... traveling the oceans takes too long (I'd recommend increasing the speed of ships so it doesn't take 20 years to cross the Atlantic in modern times).

My first game the new world was discovered shortly after Jesus was born... in my current game it is 1200AD and we've still had no American contact, so it varies.
I found the Aztecs good for this map. South America is yours, as long as you keep the americans from sailing there with settlers. Expand first northward. Once you control a portion of north america, the Iroquois and Americans will race to settle the tundra and rocky mountains. :lol: Key is still to keep those galleys from going to the caribbean... I had already settled the entirety of south america before anybody showed up from overseas.

I haven't played as the Americans or Iroquois on the marla map yet.
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