Pre-hispanic Mesoamerica (leaders, civs, maps, scenarios, mods)

uriel Deveaud

Dec 26, 2023
Hi players. this thread is dedicated to the pre-hispanic mesoamerican games in Civ 6. i wanted to collect here the list (and link if possible) of contents related to this particular part of the world.
!!! Important !!! This collection must be playable on Steam AND Epic games (as i do myself and many players).

You need to get first these official extensions to civ 6:

What Civilizations can we play:
- Leader: Moctezuma
Mayas - Leader: Lady Six Sky
Toltecs - Leader: Sr Flint Cloud Serpent ?
Teotihuacanos - Leader: Sr Spearthrower Owl ?
Olmecs - Leader: Sr Tu ?

What Maps can we play:
At this time i didnt find a good map for this type of games... anyone?
At best, the map would include an area covering the golf of mexico and the caraiban zone... ?

What Mods are available:
I am looking here for mods that add more civs and leaders, or any mods that offers more caracteristics to thoses civs...


How to contribute:
Please, add any interesting content to this list by adding a comment down this topic, add links to downloads (please check the link) and details about it. thx

i present myself briefly:
i played Civ for about 20 years /started on civ3/4, i am working in mexico on archeological sites and i love to play the Mayas or the Aztecs in Civilization 6 :) (por supuesto!)
I am a senior dev/coder, graphic designer and AI programmer too. if anyone is interested to collaborate on this project, please contact me. the main goal here is to offer to all players a collection of contents regarding pre columbian civilizations (eaders, civs, maps, scenarios, mods...)

I am available this year to work on such project, on my free time, if you are modder, dev or content creator, you are welcome :)
have a beautiful day!
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