Is there a Bethesda games-like mod manager (e.g Nexus) for Civ VI I can use to keep mods up-to-date?


Aug 18, 2008
Alentejo, Portugal
Hi all,

So I was able to get Civ VI plus the two EPs for 13 euros total about 6 months ago or so but now I can see that that comes with a lot of compromises in what modding is concerned.

Now, you can very easily play Steam mods using the Epic Games launcher version but every time an update is released by Firaxis the whole thing falls apart, and I have to manually download and extract all mods again. With NFP that's like every month or so - especially because Epic Games Launcher doesn't let you cancel updates or something.

So yeah, I'm getting very tired of this, as I have about 21 mods running in total.

Does anyone know if there's any solution to this?

Thanks a lot
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