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I've found a way to [Unload] ARMIES!

Grey Fox

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Dec 19, 2001
I don't know yet if this was a one time thing, or if it's a feature of the game. But I think I know how to unload units from an Army.

I had an army of 3 Riders, on the same tile as the army was about 5 other Riders, so I press 'J' to move all of the Riders, and as a Result all my Riders were moved, even those in the Army, but not the Army unit itself, so next turn I could load the Army with new units!

I will post again when I have tested this some more!

It works! You can unload armies!

When using the 'J'- key moving a unit on the same tile as the army, all units of that Type even those in the army will be moved!!!

EXAMPLE: You have an army with 1 Pikeman, 1 Horseman and 1 Swordman. Then if you move a Horseman to this tile, and press the 'J' key and move all Horsemen on that tile, the horseman inside the army will also be moved!
This sounds like a bug to me.
cool :) .... but i think ARMYs should be able to unload, perhaps not leaders(because u could then go and rush a wonder after using it to form an army and crush the opposition) but definatly armys!!

but then .... historically ... leaders FORMED nations .... led armys and created nations .... so it would be fair and historical that leaders should unload also (but gameplay dictates everything ... at least it should)
Seems you didn´t read loki´s post too well. THIS IS A BUG!

Try what happens after you´ve moved the units out of the army and put new ones in it. Strange things, and this time it´s not because of that funny stuff you can smoke. :vampire:
Originally posted by loki
yes. It's a bug. It's already known by firaxis :whipped: and will be fixed with the next patch.

Yeah, I reported this one several weeks ago in the "1.17f bug reports' section.

For all of you who think this one is fun, good luck. I thought it might be fun too, but after the units got pulled out of my army, they wouldn't go back in, and the army was useless. Then the game crashed.:eek:
Yeah. I tried it last night and it seemed to work. Except when I put a tank in the now empty army, no hit points showed up. I disbanded it to rush a colleseum in newly conquered Athens to avoid the forthcoming crash.
It was fun to test, but the only problems I have encountered is Graphical.

This should be considered a bug, and if used an exploit, it should never be used in the GOTM,s of HOF games...
The problem is how to reload an amry. I really hate it cuz if I don't pay attention I lose an amry.
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