Keeping granary improvements after pyramids

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Jan 30, 2002
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Hi everyone, first posting and a bit of a newbie question - please be gentle :)

I've got a granary in a few cities and succeeded in building the Great Pyramid wonder. Now is it worth getting rid of the granaries in my cities and saving the upkeep costs or do they have any cultural antiquity value (or any other value) that makes it worth keeping them on. I guess the same question applies to barracks and the Sun Tzu wonder?
Neither gain you any culture points and they both cost one gold per turn to upkeep so I'd probably say sell 'em (unless they are on another continent - remember you don't get the benefit of these Wonders there). If the city with Pyramids in is in danger of being captured perhaps keep them (although you really should ensure that this is not the case), otherwise I say sell (although unfortunately you don't get much for them - its more to save on upkeep costs).
You don't have to sell granaries after building the Great Pyramid. Granaries comes free when wonder is built. Some applies with barracks and hydro plants, but only in one continental. so if you build Great Pyramid to one continental and you set up a city in another continental, you will have to build granary and barrack to it even you got Great pyramid and Sun Tzu's War Academy. Hope this makes some thing clear.;)

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You might also want to wait until there's only 1 turn left on the Pyramids before selling your granaries. It'd be a shame if you sold all your granaries just to find out that some other civ beat you to the Wonder.
1) how long did it take you to build the great pyramid?

2) if you are on a large eurasian continent anthere is even a small land bridge to another large landmass, will and continental wonder still have the same effect?

TIP: this has saved me many times in my game. build a circle of fortresses around your city and fortify many units there if the city has a wonder or great wonder.
Can't remember exactly how long it took but I beat everyone else to it although I was playing at cheiftan, I've not bothered to try and build it at the couple of games at higher levels as I've got involved in early wars and the other civs kick off building it first and I've never bothered.

However in my "test" chieftan game I can confirm that even if there is a single tile landbridge both sides count as "single continent" for such wonders.
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