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Jan 25, 2002
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Limiting Units:

Is it possible, using the editor, or hacked editor, to limit the number of any particular unit that a Civ may have at one time?

I ask because I have seen lots of people talk about Super Units like giant battleships that a Civ could maybe have one of at a time. I think that would be a very cool addition to the game, so, umm, is unit limiting possible?

(Only other way to encourage small numbers of super units to be built is to make them cost as much as the most costly Wonders).

A second reason I would like to know about Unit Limiting is for Special Forces. These units have again been talked about a lot already, but how about you make them pretty darn powerful, give them a lot of abilities, BUT limit them to a certain number based on the size of the Civ builing them?

The SAS for example are damn tough and capable of causing a LOT of damage to more than one enemy unit at a time, but the British Army can't be nothing BUT the SAS now can it ;)

If the editor doesnt allow you to limit unit numbers, can someone find a way? I'm no mod maker, but I have oodles of respect for you guys who can tinker away and extend the playability of games like this! :goodjob:

"Army" is an attribute of the army unit. It's this attribute that puts the limit on how many of the unit you can have. What I don't know is what happens if another unit also has the "Army" attribute. Would it apply the limit per unit type or for all units with the attribute?

I'll test this out tomorrow if nobody else does it first.
Cheers Shaitan, I'll be interested to know what effect it has

Can you have more than one unit type marked as an army then?

If you can, can you then disable or enable the army characteristics with the editor (like load unit)?

So what would we do:

- Create a new unit type, Special Forces
- Identify it as an army in the editor
- Set the limit to X per Y cities
- Disable the ability to load units into it (Because it IS the unit)
- Give it the ability to attack / defend / pillage etc, because armies without a unit 'loaded' can't attack can they??

Any body know if this would work? Is this roughly what you are thinking of trying for me Shaitan?

Somewhat comfusing because the name of the generic attribute and the unit are both "Army". There's also a third use where the Army unit is designated as the unit created by the Create Army unit ability (posessed by leaders and military academy). The only characteristic of the army attribute is to limit the number of units with the attribute based on the number of cities in the civilization (default is 4).

Yup, you can have multiple units with the army attribute and it's configurable in the editor just like unit abilities.

What I'll do to test is give the Army attribute to workers and warriors and see how many of each I can build in a new game. If the limit is for all units with the army attribute then I should be able to build just one or the other. If it's per unit then I should be able to build one of each. Hopefully it will be the latter.

Once we know we can use the attribute like we want, it can be added to any unit to limit production of that unit. You wouldn't have to go from the army unit to what you want, just add the army attribute to whatever unit you want to be build limited.
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Jim, I would love to find a place here in the midwest US with good curry. There is nothing like a good plate of mutton vindaloo or some other curry dish. Got hooked on curry in Switzerland, and really got the hook in deep when I became a fanatical fan of Red Dwarf. That is the best television show ever made!!!:D

There is an excelent place in Bloomington IN
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Jim, fortunately they did only a pilot for Red Dwarf. The regular cast, with the exception of Kryten, would not have been in it. It just wouldn't be the same without the rest of the Red Dwarf Posse. For those of you who do not know what Red Dwarf is, check out the videos or check PBS as they sometimes show it. It is truly hilarious and not at all like the tripe that is so prevalant on prime time now.
Doesn't work. The limit is applied for all units with the "army" attribute so for each 4 cities you can build one or the other. Turns out there's another function of the army attribute as well. You need the military academy in order to build any unit with that attribute.

So unfortunately this idea isn't going to cut it.
Army wouldn't do. If you set unit Army flag it's attack/defence set to zero. There is some way around it - make SMAK-type of unit.
Make immobile attack/defence blocks with tactical missile and footsoldier flags, give platform army flag "can carry tacktical missile & footsoldiers only" and you have composite unit - army with attack&defence blocks loaded into it (and normal units can not be loaded because of tacktical missile&footsoldier flag). Not sure if AI could handle that kinde of units though, and it can not be transported by sea units.
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