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Jan 5, 2015
Apologies if these have been discussed; I did do some digging beforehand which is why the list isn't twice as long as it is...

Just little mechanics things that I never fully understood, most of which are because the wording of many of the descriptions are... we'll say vague to be nice.

-Victoria/England Pax Britannica - late game, when receiving the free units from (land) first city on a new continent and (naval) one for every dockyard:
1.) Do the resource-consuming land units consume a resource, or are they really free?
2.) And the resource-consuming naval units?

Workshop of the World - the wording says, "Iron and coal mines accumulate +2 resources per turn."
3.) Do you not get the extra if you settle on the resources?

Workshop of the World - "Buildings that receive additional yields when powered get +4 of that yield." Straightforward about research labs and stock exchanges; military academies and shipyards aren't powered so they wouldn't apply, but:
4.) Do the English stadiums or water parks get a bonus when powered?

-Kupe/Maori Kupe's Voyage: I've restarted several games because I wasn't 100% sure about this, the first civic is automatically selected, but
5.) Do you lose the +2 science/turn before settling if you forget to select a technology?

-Eleanor of Aquitane/Both Court of Love
6.) Does the 9-tile range emanate from the tile of the great work or the city center?
7a.)The description says "great works cause foreign cities to lose loyalty" Is this just GWAMS, or do artifacts count?
7b.) Relics?
7c.) Void relics?
7d.) Heroic Relics?
7e.) Corporation products?

-Saladin/Arabia Righteousness of the Faith
8.) You don't get any bonus for cities in other civilizations having your worship building, right? (it seems to clearly state that it's +10% to three diffierent yields if you have it, there's no overlapping, but it just seems weird that his agenda is to have his worship buildings in other civs...)

World Wonders:
Biosphere -
9.) Does it just neutralize the -1 appeal from marsh and rainforest, or make them +1?

Colosseum -
10.) Does Mexico city suzereinity extend the Colosseum's range to 9 tiles?

Great Zimbabwe -
11.) +2 gold for each instance of a resource in this city or +2 gold for each type of resource? (i.e. 3 crabs in that city is +2 or +6?)

Natural Wonders:
Giant's Causeway -
12.) Is there any way of knowing which of your units have this bonus and which still need to make the pilgrimage!?!?!

Zhangye Danxia -
13.) If multiple cities each have one of the 3 tiles, can you double or triple the extra GPPs?


14.) Stadiums and Water Parks: they both say "+1 amenity. +2 amenities when powered." Does the +1 upgrade to the +2 level, or do they add to a total +3 when powered?

15.) Electronics Factory (Japan) - do all cities within 6 tiles get +4 culture after electricity or just the parent city?

Thanks guys!
5.) Do you lose the +2 science/turn before settling if you forget to select a technology?

This is the only one I have an immediate answer to.

For almost every resource in the game that doesn't stockpile like Gold does (This means Science, Culture, Food, Production, etc.), they are never lost under any circumstances. If you harvest a resource or chop woods to gain a burst of Production when you have nothing selected in your Production que, that Production is actually stored for the next thing you start producing. Same with if the burst of Production is greater than the Production cost of the thing you're producing- that overflow Production will stay around until you invest it into something else.

The same principle applies to both Science and Culture. If you choose not to research anything (i.e. force-end the turn without having selected a technology), the unused Science will build up until you invest it into something.

You can actually force-end your turns repeatedly and none of your per-turn yields will go anywhere. I know there's a limit of how long a city can go without spending its Production, but I don't think there's one for Science and Culture. The advantage of letting your yields build up like this is that the stockpile will mean you can complete techs and civics much shorter than usual (sometimes only taking a single turn!).
3.) Just play tested, and you do get the extra +2 iron/turn when settling on iron. As such, I think it's a safe bet that you get the coal as well.

So as England, feel free to settle on these resources and don't fret when you hit industrialization and find that you've settled multiple coal.
I have a modern England game currently and I can confirm for #4 you do not get bonus amenities with England when a Stadium is powered. For #14 the Stadium gets 3 amenities total when powered.
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The answer I am sure, I will put them in Green, and Yellow if I am unsure or I am just assuming.

Victoria and Pax Britannica(1) (2
): The free units are not totally free. You still need to pay its Gold maintenance and its Strategic Maintenance. This is true for both Melee and Naval units. My free Infantry and Ironclad needs its Gold and Oil/Coal to thrive. Too bad I don't Oil for the Infantry, but it should be fine.

England and Workshop of the World (3) (4): Yes. Somehow you don't need to put a Mine on it, settling over it do the trick. Now I guess I need to test with Strategic Resource under district, but it should behave the same.
I believe that powered Stadium doesn't gain additional Amenity. I will test that. But from intuition, going from 3 to 7 Amenities per powered Stadium seems a little too potent for me.

Kype and... Kupe's Voyage (5): Your Science will stockpile, and not be wasted. If you need 13 turns to unlock one Tech, didn't choose the Tech until turn 12, then you will see that you only need 1 or 2 turns to unlock the Technology. It seems that Eureka doesn't reset the stockpiled Science. So you are safe to explore the world, meet other civilizations, discovers wonders and encounter Tribal Village.

Eleanor and Court of Love (6) (7): It is in fact 10 tiles from the City Center even if it says 9 in the ability. All the Great Works are working, including Heroic Relics, Cultist Relics, and Products. Yeah Products works too.

Saladin and Righteousness of the Faith (8): I need testing for this. Every civilizations can enjoy your Worship building at 90% discount but do not enjoy the the +10% modifier. I will try to know if "Arabian" city means "native-arabian" or "under arabian rule". For example, the British Museum in Standard rule only work with native-english city, even if the owner is not England anymore.

Biosphère (9): It gives +1 Appeal to Marsh and Rainforest, so they neutralize the -1 Appeal to make them neutral at 0 Appeal. If you play as Brazil, Rainforest has +1 Appeal, therefore +2 with the Biosphère.

Colosseum (10): Not, it doesn't work with range extenders ability. Well it was that way the last time I tested it... and it has been years... I hope it didn't change since.

Great Zimbabwe (11): Yes, it is all Bonus resources in the city within 3 tiles. They do not need to be improved, and duplicates do work. I remember that my almost exclusive Fish Coastal gain +14 Gold from its 7 Fish resources within 3 tiles in its border.

Giant's Causeway (12): If you locate your pointer over the unit icon next to its combat strength and movement, a tooltip will show up with its name, health and abilities. If your unit enjoys from it, it would be written on the Abilities.

Spoiler Here where it is shown :

Zhangye Danxia (13): Yes, I believe so.

Stadium and Aquatics Center (14): Their Amenity bonuses go from +1 to +3 in area of effect. The +2 is added on top of the initial +1.

Electronics Factory (15): No, it is only the city itself.

I hope I did answer your questions, and answered them right.
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that overflow Production will stay around until you invest it into something else.
This is not strictly true. If you have a production bonus card inplace for what you are building you will lose the overflow.
There are also other losses, for example Gorgo killing a unit without a civic slotted will not get the culture bonus. I believe science pillaging on the turn of overflow removes that overflow but they may have fixed this at the same time they resolved some other overflow issues.
Zhangye Danxia -
13.) If multiple cities each have one of the 3 tiles, can you double or triple the extra GPPs?
Sorry for the necroposting, but I wanted to rectify this. Contrary to what I once believed, we can only get +2 Great General and Merchant points from it, even if the Natural Wonder is shared by 3 cities.

I just discovered this when starting next to the Wonder, planned my cities around, spend my early Gold for the tiles only to found out I still only get +2 no matter what. I was quite disappointed. I would have loved to deny many Great Generals and Merchants in that game.
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