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Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
Here are my proposed selections:
Pangaea - I don't want to deal with shipping troops. There will probably be 1 or 2 islands, but we can make them last when we have overwhelming unit types.
80% water - I want to limit the total amount of cities to deal with.
Map size is normally 250x250. Each smaller map size will reduce the total number of civs. 226x226 is the second largest. I am proposing the midway point of 180x180. With high water, I hope it won't be to overwhelming.
I don't want to push this anywhere close to accidental domination. We may not capture or plant cities (including combat settlers) if we own more than 45% of the total land.

Confirmed already - Jersey Joe
Waiting on two to confirm.
Do we finally upgrade to Flintlock patch?
Yes = LKendter
Yes to Flintlock. Thanks @Civinator for mentioning the GOG sale :)

Agreed on these settings. Can we bump the domination % to 66 for this game? IIRC it's 50% in CCM normally...
Do we finally upgrade to Flintlock patch?
Yes = LKendter
I vote yes change to the Flintlock patch. Also, I agree with your game settings.

So we could agree on Flinlock settings, I upload a copy of the Flintlock patch I have been using. I had to change ".ini" to ".txt" to get it to upload.

Included in the file are 4 comments I made about either changes I made or items I think we might want to discuss (all start with with "Joe's comment:").

Yes to Flintlock. Thanks @Civinator for mentioning the GOG sale :)

Agreed on these settings. Can we bump the domination % to 66 for this game? IIRC it's 50% in CCM normally...
If we change the domination % for this game why not change it to 99%?

However, why make it easy? I vote we play with the rules as is and use the normal domination percent.

EDIT (4, August): Owing to having used an out of date copy o fthe Flintlock pact I have deleted the attachment and struck out the above comment about the patch.
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Ha, fair question! To me, the line is that 66% is the "normal" domination threshold, but we moved it to 50% for CCM for convenience.

I don't think I've ever seen a "runaway AI" civ in CCM where it was threatening a domination loss -- not like the normal epic game, so the exact percentage doesn't seem terribly important -- just that it be in a "reasonable" range (say, between 50 and 75%). Above 80%, we might as well just turn off Domination as a victory condition entirely.
Confirmed already -
Jersey Joe
Waiting on one to confirm.

Do we finally upgrade to Flintlock patch?
LKendter = yes
Elephantium = yes
Jersey Joe = yes

Domination = 58% with the version of CCM we are playing.
If you want to play with offensive real land artillery enabled, you should wait for a special biq I can finish in about two weeks with the necessary needed new civilopedia entries. The same can be said for the armies. Such a biq is in my test since a longer time.

Jersey Joe, your config file is for an earlier version of the Flintlock mod. This file is not harmonizing with the current version of the Flintlock mod R 11. In general, enabling offensive AI land artillery without changed settings for those units in the CCM biq is no good idea. The same is true for the changed settings in your config file for border trespassing in CCM. Do you really want to have less fun in your next CCM game by less victims for your lawyers and holy men ?

In my current test-biq there are also some changes in the religious settings for CCM (religious communities, don´t longer provide additional happiness, that can be doubled by religious art, religious level 1 buildings which now can reenter CCM 2 as they were set as basilicas, mosques and so in CCM 1 with doubled happiness by religious Art GWs) that also need additional work in the civilopedia.

The biq that I can offer to you in about two weeks with a matching Flintlock config file will not be the final biq for CCM 2.6 as here with the new options, that are offered with R11 since some days, a massive reworking in the building structures of CCM is needed, to free buildings for those new Flintlock options.

If you don´t wait for that changed biq and textfiles, you should at least disable the land artillery settings in the config file, as the current CCM 2.50 biq doesn´t hold settings for offensive bombardment of land artillery units, the same should be done for the armies and you must all use the same version of the Flintlock mod and the config file, that is connected to this version. Attention! The config files for the different versions of the Flintlock mod are different, too !
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Thanks for the feedback Civinator. :thumbsup:

I just ignored the Artillery settings since it can only be produced by the Siege Workshop, owing to our winning at about the time Hoover dam is built.

Guess we should all update to Flintlockmod R 11.
Step 1:
Link to Flintlock Mod R11
I meant to type get link to Flintlock...
Below confirmed. All for Flintlock patch. No objections to settings. Will work on getting Flintlock installed, and testing. When I looked before, there was some time of skew.
Jersey Joe
You need a copy of Civ3Conquests.exe from the base game to install the Flintlock patch. The .exe that came with CCM won't work.

If using the Steam version you will need the labels.txt fix.

To test that Flintlock install worked: Start a game a deity, and play until size 2. If the game lets the city riot, you have a bad install.
To verify CCM is still in control, verify domination percentage is still 58%.

NOTE: You go back to the default game screen.
80% water looks like we will have lots of civs close by. This will play different than we are used to
To start, I am not changing any options for Flintlock.
As far as I know, CCM and RARR were the first Civ 3 mods at CFC that have a labels-Steam CivComplete Patch in their textfolders. I don´t know if playing a succession game on mixed steam and GOG Civ 3 Complete installations will trigger some problems during such a succession game. I recommended the GOG version that frequently is on sale for € 1,29 as Flintlock made his original work with the GOG version and than transferred it to the steam version, so the original work is the boosted GOG exe.

It is true, that the Flintlock mod needs the GOG or steam version of Civ 3 Complete for boosting up the exe. If such a boosted GOG exe exists, this exe also can be copied to the Civ 3 Complete version of the Civ Chronicles Compilation, as this version has no securom-protection. I don´t know, if this is also working for a boosted steam exe.
80% water looks VERY difficult. I haven't complete 50 turns yet, but I have already met 14 civs. All are ahead by 5 techs now. The 50-turn run failed. 80% water caused to much quick AI to AI trading locking us out of the trading game. It already feels like it may be a hopeless tech hole with no backwards civs to help us out.

Do we want to continue with 80% water, or drop to 70% water? Let me know so I can figure out what to post tomorrow. I thought I had a decent start, but it already feels hopeless. We have to get very lucky with iron.
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