LK167, Spain, CCM, Conquest victory

Early turn comment: Despite the small map, these are going to be LONG turns. Lots of time played, and haven't finish T1.
That tracks with how my turnset went. Late-game CCM is a big time sink, especially with war. Personally, I cycle through all the units, moving everyone near the capital: Workers fortify in a few stacks, full-strength units muster in stacks, and anyone wounded goes in one of two barracks cities: One gets units that moved by rail, the other gets units that needed to move at least 1 road segment.

It's super time-consuming, but once I have everyone fortified by the capital, I'm very well-organized to continue whatever campaigns are going, whether that's combat settlers + rails to hit a continental rival or pile units into ships to send 'em at an island. Whatever workers are left over after combat railing get sent to improve cities.
First round teaser:
Number of cities to raze: 5
Number of civs to kill: 2

Next session tomorrow...
1230 AD (0)
We have way too many cities. 40% land is WAY too high. I am going to start settler abandon some cities ASAP.

While I understand hitting multiple islands at once to wrap it up, it is confusing. I really want a lot of those troops on conquered islands heading toward another land mass. The Turkish front is a mess, and I would love more troops heading there.

The game claims that Maghreb still has a city. I finally find it. It is near Turkey. This one may be a pain to get rid of.

I wake up a dreadnought to kill a Maghreb destroyer, but it fails. (0-1)
The next ship sinks it. (1-1)

I trip a scientific age. No reason to have a leader sitting around doing nothing.

Looking at the Turkish homeland in detail, I see why they are so backwards. Really dry land, no rivers, and too few cities.

Number of cities to raze: 13.
Number of civs to kill: 4

Maghreb tries and amphibious city attack and lost a rifle. (2-1)
Turkey lost: 7 mounted units, 1 enslaver, and 5 swords. (15-1)
A conquest game is the only time you hate seeing the border expansion message.

Elche and Foothold are settler abandoned.
1240 AD (1)
Despite abandoning 2 cities the land percentage is up to 41%. :mad:

Theveste will take forever to settler abandon. It is only a couple of tiles, but I still abandon it. I want that percentage going down.
The assault on Iznik begins: I kill 2 spears. (17-1)
I keep the city for the moment.

I decide to fortify the workers on the mainland. At this point, I don't think we can squeeze out more production anywhere. I want to wrap this up with the least amount of time player.
The workers on the islands will keep plugging away. If the AI lands anything on them, I want maximum mobility.

The assault on Almalik begins. I kill: 2 musketeers and 1 pike. (20-1)
The city is razed to the ground. I gained 6 workers.

The assault on Karakorum begins. I killed 4 musketeers, 1 siege crossbow, 1 crossbow and 1 lawyer. I lost 2 Renault.
I gained 1 partisan. (27-3)
The city is razed to the ground. I gained 6 workers.

I abandon Teotihuacan and Daidu.

I kill Turkey: 18 chariots, 5 swords, 5 spears, 1 catapult, 2 enslaver and 15 camels. I lost 1 partisan. (73-4)
I gained 4 partisans.

Number of cities to raze: 10.
Number of civs to kill: 4

(IT) I kill Turkey: 2 swords. (75-4)
I kill Maghreb: 2 mounted units. (77-4)

North Shipping, Lom and Alcorcon are settler abandoned.
I can tell it is late game. I didn't even catch we were building Battlefield Medicine until I just got the popup that it is completed.
1250 AD (2)
The city abandoning has gotten the land percentage down to 39%. :)

I abandon Norrkoping and Ulaanbaatar.

The assault of Kazan begins: I killed nothing. I lost 3 partisans. (77-7)
I stop at this point. I'll wait another turn for the tanks to arrive. The city is on a hill, so a lot more units are needed.

No action on the Turkish front due to lack of rails. Units move up to next to Istanbul.

I kill Turkey: 2 spears. I lost 1 partisan. (79-8)

Number of cities to raze: 10.
Number of civs to kill: 4
This turn was a dud for city reduction.

Burgos and Wine Not are settler abandoned.
1255 AD (3)
The assault of Istanbul begins. I kill 2 spears, 1 camel and 2 enslavers. (84-8)
The city is razed giving us 5 workers.
Useless Hotchkiss arrives. There is nothing worth rushing in Turkey. The leader begins the trek back to the mainland.

I start another assault on Kazan. I kill 4 muskets and 1 pike. I lost 2 Renault. (88-9)
I raze the city. I gained 7 workers.

That cleared Mongolia off that land mass. The final war against Brazil is declared.

I abandon Stockholm.

The assault on Sao Paulo begins. I kill 3 muskets and 1 dragoon. I lost 1 Hotchkiss. (92-9)
The city is razed. I gain $87 and 8 workers.

The biggest delay dealing with Brazil is lack of workers / steamrollers. I am inching forward, but don't have the movement to hit the next city.

I kill Brazil: 3 horse artillery, 1 Caballero and 1 camel. I lost 1 partisan, 1 missionary, 1 lawyer and 1 Renault. (97-12)

Number of cities to raze: 7.
Number of civs to kill: 4
(IT) I killed Brazil: 1 camel and 1 mounted unit. (99-12)
I lost: 1 infantry and 1 Hotchkiss. (101-12)
I think I saw Brazil moving some settlers.
I'm going to start playing some more now. I just wanted to clear the log out.
1255 AD (4)

The assault on Fortaleza (Mongolian) begins. I kill 2 muskets and 1 crossbow. (104-12)
I raze the city. I get 3 workers.
Mongolia has left the game. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

The assault on Fez begins. I kill 4 rifles. (108-12)
I destroy ships in port. I gain $4358.
Maghreb has left the game. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
I get ripped off as no workers were gained.

The troops are finally in range of what I hope is the last Turkish city.

The assault begins on Rio de Janeiro. I kill 2 muskets. (110-12)
Silly Renault FT 17 arrives.
The city is razed. I gain $75. I am ripped off again with no workers.

I kill Maghreb: 2 ships. (112-12)
I kill Brazil: 1 grenadier, 1 camel and 1 dragoon.

Number of cities to raze: 5.
Number of civs to kill: 2

[End of session 1]

I killed Brazil: 1 infantry and 1 camel. (114-12)
I lost: 2 infantry and 1 ship. (114-15)
I just saw Brazil plant a new city.

I think we have more than enough troops to kill what is left, so I start switching cities to wealth.
I settler abandon Edrine.
1260 AD (5)
The assault on Bursa begins. I kill 2 spears. I lost 1 Hotchkiss. (116-16)
The city is razed to the ground for $5 and 3 workers.
Turkey has left the game. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

The assault on Brasilia begins. I killed 4 muskets and 2 grenadiers. I lost 1 Renault. (124-17)
The city is razed to the ground for $117 and 8 workers.

The assault on newly build Recife begins. I kill 1 grenadier. (126-17)
The city is auto-razed. I gained $84 and 1 worker.

The assault on Belo Horizonte begins. I kill 3 muskets.
The city is razed. I gain $159 and 6 workers.

I am glad I have a ton of combat settlers. I had to drop multiple combat cities to get to the last cities of Brazil.

The assault on Salvador begins. I kill 2 muskets. I lost 1 Hotchkiss.
It is razed for $266. No workers were gained.
Some ships were destroyed in port.

I killed Brazil: 4 camels, 1 grenadier, 1 musket, 1 dragoon and 1 ship of the line.
I captured a worker from a dead settler.
I lost: 1 ship.

Nobody is left in the game except us. :) :) :) :)

No photos, as nothing to show.

[End of session 2]


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Time to start talking about the next one.

:goodjob: This is our fasted victory in the CCM series :thumbsup:
August fourth to October eleventh = 69 days to Victory on turn 244. Could it be the fastest completion time of the history LK series ever?

The above has given me an idea for the next game. See LK168 planning thread
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