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Longer pop ups. Runnng AVIs.


Mar 9, 2001
Apologies if this is the wrong thread.

These are a couple of things I would like. Has anyone some hints on how to go about them.

1. Longer tiny pop ups like We love the Ruler Day Has Ended, or This Tile Has Been Pillaged, or whatever they say, I can't read the damn things. In my version they only last for half a second. I would like about three seconds.
2. More complex. I would like to run some AVIs at appropriate moments. For example after taking an enemy city the simple pop up containing text of the Military Advisor's message is not good enough for me. Even Civ1 did better.

I suppose the trick is finding the Event the appropriate Trigger sets off and changing it. Are there any helpful tools around for this and if necessary changing AVI files to the correct format? (There are plenty of suitable AVI files about.)
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