Lowering Culture


Jan 11, 2002
Is there a way to reduce your culture without sending your cities into disorder?

I want to play around in the late game but I am afraid I will get
a culture win.
You can't have a negative input in culture, except if you toy with the editor and flag some building with a negative culture value.
YOu can limit your culture GROWTH in a number of ways... selling universities, giving cities away, etc. But the current culture score remains, and other cities add to it. My score stands at 107,000, but China is more than half that... I could limit my growth--I am growing slightly faster than her -- or just push for the culture victory. At 2001, dont havemuch time left. I could just take Rome, and end it all..
You can use a save game editor (see civ3 customisatiopn utilities) to edit a saved games victory conditions...thus you could turn off cultural victory in your game and then continue!

Now why didn't any of the whiners suggest that...oh cos they are useless...:rolleyes:
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