Manual Improvement Mod

Fanatic Demon

Student in Wizardry
Aug 6, 2004
The Netherlands
Ever been annoyed when you entered a new age, and suddenly all tile improvement of a certain type changed to a more modern version of the original version. Shouldn’t they be manually upgraded by your workers like in CTP?

Well, I think it should, and therefore I’m currently trying to create a mod which requires your workers to build more modern versions of a tile improvement. This way, you will see you country gradually change from old the more modern tile improvements.

Every new tile improvement allows for better output en requires a technology to be available.
For example, modern mines requires Steam engines technology to drain water and allow for much deeper mines (en therefore hammer output). It receives bonuses with Railroad(transport) , Electricity, Explosives, and Robotics.

Some tile improvement like Farm even allow more versions:
Medieval Farm will be available with Crop rotation tech and offer an additional food.
Modern Farm will be available with Mechanization tech and offer addition food

I hope people will be intrested.
What are you going to do about the art work for all these new improvements?

BTW, it's not just CTP that did things like that; it goes back to, at least, Civ2.
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