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Map and Game Settings: Results

Discussion in 'Team Kazakhstan' started by Sullla, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Sullla

    Sullla Patrician Roman Dictator

    Feb 9, 2002
    Baltimore MD
    Reposted from the general forum (for those who may have missed it):

    With Wednesday here, I can now report the results of the team voting on map and game settings. First the map settings:

    Map Vote

    Team 1
    1) Islands
    2) Wheel or Mapmaker's choice

    Team 2
    1) Global Highlands
    2) Mystery Map from Sullla

    So I guess the general consensus is that most of us don't mind too much, but are leaning towards a continental-style map, with a decent amount of highlands. - Lord Parkin

    Team 3
    You should probably consider Team 3 a vote for the "Map by Sulla." - General W

    Team 4
    Custom mystery map, possibly along Snaky Continents lines

    Team 5
    Custom interesting mystery map within the following parameters:
    1. tactically and strategically challenging terrain, preferring water barriers to mountain barriers, or a combination thereof.
    2. roughly equal starts, but not a formally balanced map.
    3. contact between all teams should be possible without Optics
    4. Mundus planus non est.
    - peter grimes

    Based on these results, I will be designing a custom mystery map for the Demogame. :) I already have several ideas about what to do, thanks to great suggestions from several of the teams. Without giving too much away, here are a few basic principles that will be included in the map:

    - No isolated island starts. All teams will be able to contact at least one other team by land.
    - All teams will be able to contact all other teams using land units and/or galleys. No waiting for Optics for full contact.
    - Most of the map will be left alone, and therefore random, but there will be an effort to ensure roughly equal/fair starts.
    - I guarantee that there will be one or two surprises that you'll have to figure out by playing. :lol:

    Now, for the Game Settings:


    Team 1: Off
    Team 2: On
    Team 3: Off
    Team 4: Off
    Team 5: On

    Huts Off narrowly wins, by a 3-2 vote.


    Team 1: On
    Team 2: On
    Team 3: Off
    Team 4: On
    Team 5: On

    Events On wins with a 4-1 vote. No thanks to oddball Team 3. :p

    Vassal States

    Team 1: Off
    Team 2: Off
    Team 3: Off
    Team 4: Off
    Team 5: Off

    Vassal States will be Off, with a clean sweep of the vote.


    Team 1: Normal
    Team 2: Normal
    Team 3: Normal
    Team 4: None
    Team 5: Normal

    Normal Barbarians for this game; Team 4 the dissenting minority this time.

    Tech Trading

    Team 1: Normal
    Team 2: Normal
    Team 3: Normal
    Team 4: Normal
    Team 5: Normal

    Clear agreement on having unrestricted tech trading.

    Difficulty Level

    Team 1: Medium
    Team 2: Monarch
    Team 3: Medium
    Team 4: Medium
    Team 5: Low/Medium

    Based on the voting, we will be using Monarch as the default difficulty. I think this will make most teams pretty happy.

    * * * * *

    With these settings in place, your team should now be able to finalize your choice of leader. We will be using Lord Parkin's suggestion of how to deal with duplicate leaders:

    Thus, your team will need to decide on two things: your leader pick(s), and are you OK with having duplicate leaders? If you are OK with having duplicate leaders, then you will simply get your first choice. No further discussion needed. If your team would prefer not to be playing a duplicate leader, you will need to come up with a top five list. Then, if a duplicate arises, you have the option of swapping to the next leader on your list. I hope that makes sense. :)

    The deadline for picking your leader(s) will be Monday, November 24. Please also finalize your team name and any other appropriate nicknames/description by that date. Once I have all of that information, I will create the map and we will get started, hopefully around the end of next week.

    Good luck!
    - Sullla :king:

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