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Aug 29, 2004
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Download here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=7788

This is simply GRM7584's Earth2.py script (a modified Terra script that randomly creates a somewhat Earth-like world,) with the script forcing civs to start in the Old World removed and replaced instead with the civ placement script from LDiCesare's Tectonics.py script. As a result, starting civs will be placed either in the Eastern or Western Hemispheres. The Tectonics placement script, however, should eliminate the chance that they will start on a one or two tile island (which was a problem if you just removed the original script without any replacement.) The Tectonics placement script is also biased toward starting two civs on the same continent, reducing the danger that one civ will have free run of the New World, while the others knock their heads against each other in the East.

Since these Terra-style maps are larger than the default maps, and since the whole map is now open up to settlement at the game start, it is probably best to use more than the default number of civs when playing on this map. For a standard-sized map (default = 7), I'd suggest at least 9, maybe up to 11-12 civs.

Sample pics of a STANDARD-sized Earth3 map with eleven (11) civs:


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Awsome script - i like it much :)
version 1.5

The placement script was throwing an error, and so it had to be reworked. Incredibly huge thanks to Sto -- he pretty much rewrote the whole code on his own initiative, while I was still scratching my head!


See link in original post to download the latest version.
I'd love to try this script out, but the download link redirects to filefront, which says that it doesn't have the file. Could jkp1187 please fix this, or if they are unavailable can someone who has already downloaded it make it available or send it to me?
I have recreated jkp1187's earth3.py, by merging Tectonics civ placement script with earth2, as he said.

The new file is attached to this reply.

If someone wants to post this in the downloads section feel free; I don't know how.
are the plain frequency based on earth plain freq too? i see lots of plains and few grasses :/
I've just released an updated version of this map-script. It's one of the scripts included in my MapScriptTools and as such dependent on them.

Earth3_162_mst.py - Version History
Version 1.62 - edited by Temudjin - 15.Jul.2010
- NOW DEPENDS ON MapScriptTools.py

Allow more world sizes, if supported by mod
Add Deep Ocean terrain, if supported by mod
Add Map Features ( Kelp, HauntedLands, CrystalPlains )
Compatibility with 'Mars Now!'

Version 1.61 - edited by Temudjin - 15.Sep.2009
- NOW DEPENDS ON MapScriptTools.py

Change Japan
Add New Zealand, Madagascar
Add Himalayas (single BigDent at special place)
Add rivers from lakes, on islands

Version 1.60 - edited by Temudjin - 10.Aug.2009
- NOW DEPENDS ON MapScriptTools.py

Compatibility with 'Planetfall'
Add Map Options: MapRegion, BalancedResources, TeamStart
Create Special Regions (Bogs, Dents, Elemental Quarter, Lost Isle)
Place Kelp, Haunted Lands and Crystal Plains if mod allows for them
Add Marsh terrain, if supported by mod

Version 1.52 - edited by Temudjin - 15.Jun.2008
- NOW DEPENDS ON Ringworld2.py

Check for Temudjin's Cool Starting Plots
Print stats of mod and map
Thank you jkp1187 for the excellent map and also GRM7584 on who's Earth2.py this map was based.
Anyone know of an earth map where the AI will be forced to name cities after their RL location? I'd like to play a normal earth map game, but it's pointless if Sparta is founded in Anatolia and Damascus in the Yemen.
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