Mature/Fun playrs wanted 4 ongoing C3C games

I might be interested in this

As you may notice I'm from Sweden, have broadband and are not ashamed to be a civplayer :D

Ok, what type of games are we talking about???
I'm also interested, give me more details please
56k'r after games, Im currently at Regent game level

icq - 99177963
aim - farske

ta ta for now
This sounds like it could be a good idea. I haven't done much MP beyond playing with a couple friends of mine, but I've been meaning to try some more.

icq is 275887569 and it's bradius caesar on most of the other IM servies
I'm in too!

I have Conquests v1.0 (can upgrade if needed)
Lots of time on my hands
Usually play Regent or Monarch levels
Cable internet (640 +/-)

ICQ: 320236054
Yahoo Messenger: sourboy26
Email: skaellawag @
This place is a bit too crowded...
My connection is good though:rolleyes:

Anyways I'm also from Sweden. I'm 26 so that makes me pretty mature I guess. I'd like to save the game from time to time. I also want to discuss when we can play...

I've got time almost any day, if you tell me one day before we start playing. One thing though, I don't really have time after six most days. Before six is fine but not after, unless you're aiming at games played after nine in the evening or in the middle of the night.
Games after nine in the evening(21:00) is fine with me too, since by then I'm to tired to do any studying. Before six is necessary since I do most of my studying between the hours six and nine. I can't break my timetable very easily, since I usually study together with some friends at these hours. If I don't study with my friends it will affect my results. Bad results means less money to study for.
I'm interested in it too.
I have a 3Mbps broadband.
I'm GMT+8

I would like to play a classic Civ.
Level: Can win at Regent. Start playing Emperor Level.
Conquest v1.22
I'm not a fast player, so I prefer slow/normal speed.
I'm not sure if I'm free, so please give me the time beforehand.

I have subscribed this thread, so I will keep an eye on your reply :p
I'm very interested.

My MSN: and ICQ:173036499

ADSL 0.5Mbit

GMT +1.... Don't want to play during the nigth.....

I enjoy to talk with other players and like the social part of the game....

Thougth i warn you to not build so damn close!!:)
I'd be happy to play an MP game with you. I also have fast broadband (8 Mbps down) and live near Toronto. You should also consider joining the ladder
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